Zenkichi Hitoyoshi (人吉 善吉, Hitoyoshi Zenkichi) is the male protagonist of the series Medaka Box. He is a freshman and later junior of Class 1, and a childhood friend of Medaka Kurokami, who strong-arms him into joining the Student Council as the general affairs manager. He later becomes the 100th Student Council president. He is the son of Hitomi Hitoyoshi.


Zenkichi is very observant, and his inner monologues provide much of the narration for the series. Zenkichi has been friends with Medaka since they were two, though they apparently grew apart during middle school. Zenkichi is deeply in love with Medaka, though the dynamics of their relationship is different between the pilot and the actual series. In the pilot, Zenkichi is unable to admit his feelings (though Medaka is aware of them), while in the main series he openly admits to his friends that he follows Medaka around because he's in love with her. Zenkichi is highly determined; despite being only a Normal, he can keep up with Specials and even Abnormals.


Zenkichi is left handed.[1] He is of average height and build for a fifteen-year-old, with strawberry-blond hair and blue eyes. He initially wore the standard men's uniform of Hakoniwa Academy, though after joining the Student Council, he changes to the Student Council uniform, black as opposed to the usual white. He sometimes wears his jersey underneath his jacket, though only rarely. The green armband signifying him as the general affairs manager is worn around his left arm. During the battle to decide the academy's new Student Council, Zenkichi wears the Student Council's Battle Attire Red Model. After becoming President, Zenkichi replaces his green armband with the Medaka's red one. He also begins wearing a pair of glasses. Zenkichi has an odd fashion sense, which he seems to have inherited from his mother.[2] He claims black doesn't suit him, and that he came to Hakoniwa Academy because there was some white in the uniform. At Medaka's suggestion, he begins wearing his jersey under his uniform, a style he believes makes him look cool (in contrast, everyone else thinks it looks stupid).[3] Ten years later, Zenkichi wears a black suit and tie similar in appearance to his academy uniform.

At age two, Zenkichi wore a yellow lined, orange hoodie with green shorts. When he was a middle school student, Zenkichi wore the uniform of Hakobune Middle School. For a time, he also had his hair dyed brown and slicked back, before Medaka convinced him to change it back.


Zenkichi gives Medaka her purpose

Zenkichi gives Medaka her purpose.

Zenkichi first met Medaka when they were both two years old. Left inside the Hakoniwa General Hospital nursery while his mother worked, Zenkichi was struggling with a toy puzzle. Medaka, trying to hide from the hospital staff, introduced herself by taking the toy away from him and easily solving it herself. An impressed Zenkichi asked her to solve the rest of the puzzles in the room, which she accomplished without trouble, much to Zenkichi's delight. Medaka brushed him off, insisting that life has no meaning. When Zenkichi refuted her, she asked him to tell her then for what reason she was born. He then pointed out how happy she had made him, and told her she was obviously born to bring happiness to the people around her. Medaka took these kind words to heart, and the two of them became friends from that point onwards.[4] Medaka was in fact so smitten with Zenkichi for saving her, that she immediately asked him to marry her, though having just met her, Zenkichi refused her just as quickly.[5] Zenkichi does not remember this conversation.[6] After the rejection, Medaka took Zenkichi hostage in the hospital nursery so that she could play with him. Hitomi tried to talk Medaka out of the "hostage" situation, but Medaka held her off with the promise of violence, while Zenkichi looked on in confusion. For half a day, Medaka and Zenkichi played, but Zenkichi soon fell ill to high fever from exhaustion. At his bedside, Medaka tearfully apologized for forcing Zenkichi to go beyond his limits; even though she felt that their friendship was fate, still no one could keep up with her. Zenkichi took her hands and told her to stop crying. With a cheery smile, Zenkichi promised to catch up to Medaka even if they became separated or lost.[7] Zenkichi never knew his father; he was a mediocre man, who fell in love with Hitomi because she was so extraordinary, and left her for the same reason. After meeting Medaka, Zenkichi never held a grudge against his father. However, he resolved that he would never run away from extraordinary people, or his own mediocrity.[8]

Zenkichi while in Middle School

Zenkichi confronts Akune (check out the hair).

In primary school, Medaka took the first kiss of all her classmates, but when she and Zenkichi got to elementary school, he had her stop.[9] While at Hakobune Middle School, after Kouki Akune's repeated failed attempts to destroy Medaka, Zenkichi gathered together the other "Anti-Akune" students to make his debut as a big shot. The group ganged up on Akune, but their efforts were cut short by Medaka, who kicked Zenkichi away, and admonished him for trying to bully someone weaker than him, as well as telling him to switch back to his old hair-style.[10] Zenkichi was left in a daze as Akune was converted by Medaka.[11] Later, after Medaka's devastating encounter with Misogi Kumagawa, Zenkichi resolved to protect her so that he would never have to see her cry again.[12] After the situation with Kumagawa was resolved, Zenkichi and Akune became bitter rivals for Medaka's affections.[13] It was also at some point during his middle school years that Zenkichi was told by Maguro Kurokami that he was too weak to remain by Medaka's side.[14] When Medaka applied for Hakoniwa Academy, Zenkichi asked her why she did so. Medaka told him she wanted to learn what one plus one is.[15]

Zenkichi and Shiranui become friends

Zenkichi and Shiranui become friends.

Zenkichi first met Hansode Shiranui at Hakoniwa Academy, when she dropped her eraser in front of him.[16] Zenkichi noticed Shiranui after seeing her eat out of a boxed lunch since first period;[17] upon finishing that one, she took out another, and would have another five or six before an onigiri for dessert. Zenkichi was astonished by her gluttony, comparing her to Medaka.[18] Because he was watching her, Shiranui paused in her eating. She then dropped her eraser while having a rice ball.[19] Seeing this as a challenge, he introduced himself as the man who mastered the skill of the silent eraser in middle school, and asked for her name. Shiranui first dropped her rice ball in surprise, then burst out laughing. Telling "Erase Man" he was funny, she introduced herself.[20]


Student Council Executive Arc

Zenkichi declares he will not join the Student Council

Zenkichi declares he will not join the Student Council.

Zenkichi is present at Medaka's inauguration ceremony.[21] He is later seen discussing Medaka's recent election with Shiranui, with the former commenting that Medaka is used to standing above people. The two discuss Medaka's numerous achievements, before Shiranui asks Zenkichi if he plans the join the Student Council. Zenkichi adamantly insists that he won't, only for Medaka to appear behind him and drag him off. In the Student Council room, Zenkichi complains to Medaka about her treatment of him, only to be shocked when he finds she has been undressing behind him. While he insists she have some shame, Medaka only responds that it's fine because they are childhood friends. She tells him that while she has never found a job challenging, she wants Zenkichi to stay by her side. She then reads the suggestion box's first request: that the kendo hall be cleared of delinquents. Medaka and Zenkichi head over to the kendo hall (Medaka having changed into a kendo uniform), where they confront Mahibi Moji, the delinquents' leader who took the remaining 2% of the votes that Medaka didn't receive. After Medaka easily disarms Moji, she hands his sword over to Zenkichi as she confiscates all of the delinquents' cigarettes when they try to surround the pair of them. Watching, Zenkichi's inner thoughts explain to the reader how Medaka manages to pull of these incredible feats. He continues to narrate as Medaka preaches to the Kendo Club, and is apparently pulled into their reeducation, as he is seen quite worn out the next day.

A worn Zenkichi

A worn Zenkichi.

While having lunch with Shiranui, he continues to explain how Medaka is unaware how much greater she is than other people, and that she can't understand the feelings of those who try hard and don't succeed. When he declares that the job is finished though, Shiranui comments that he doesn't really understand Medaka either, as she won't stop until she reforms the Kendo Club. When Zenkichi hears complaining about the club from behind him, he turns around only to find no one there. Shiranui tells him Habataki Hyūga was just sitting there. She also tells him that after the recruitment meeting later in the day, Zenkichi won't have to worry as the Studen Council positions will be filled. Despite the reassurance, Zenkichi is left uneasy, but forgets his worries when he arrives at the kendo hall, finding the once filthy building to have been cleaned. He is told off by Medaka for coming late, as she had cleaned the entire hall by herself. Zenkichi chastises her for doing all this for complete strangers, to which Medaka responds she only feels happy when she is helping others. Zenkichi makes to leave, but is shocked to find that all the members of the Kendo Club have returned despite Medaka's harsh treatment. Zenkichi leaves the hall, and decides that he was in the wrong, only to be attacked from behind by a shadowed figure, revealed to be Hyūga.[22]

Zenkichi defeats Hyuga

Zenkichi defeats Hyūga.

Zenkichi manages to recover however, and reappears at the kendo hall to protect the beaten Kendo Club from Hyūga. Hyūga demands to know why Zenkichi is protecting a bunch of thugs, to which Zenkichi replies that while he agrees with Hyūga, he agrees with Medaka more, and that he won't forgive anyone who tries to go against Medaka's justice. Hyūga angrily attacks him, only to be defeated with one punch to the face from Zenkichi.[23] A few days later, Zenkichi is told by Medaka that her dream is to fill the school with flowers, one for each request she completes. Moved, Zenkichi finally agrees to join the Student Council and demands an armband; an overjoyed Medaka hugs him. Zenkichi realizes this ending was inevitable, as he has always been in love with Medaka. Medaka assigns him the position of general affairs manager, and tells him to work his way up.[24]

Zenkichi's style

"The Look."

One week later, Zenkichi (sporting his new look) and Medaka attend to the request of Aria Ariake: her shoes have been vandalized, and a note saying "Quit the Athletics Club." was left in her locker. Understandably upset, Ariake asks the pair to find the cluprit. While Medaka promises to expose the culprit in one day, Zenkichi is more skeptical, citing their lack of evidence. However, using her incredible abilities of deductive reasoning, Medaka managers to narrow down the range of suspects considerably. It is Shiranui's information though that allows Zenkichi to track down Isagi Isahaya as the most likely suspect in the attack on Ariake. When Medaka confronts Isahaya directly, Zenkichi is stunned. When Isahaya flees, Zenkichi makes to follow, but not before Shiranui tells him his new look is weird.[25] After Medaka leaves, Zenkichi tells Isahaya that while Medaka knows how to doubt, she trusts people first. After Isahaya also tells him he looks weird, he takes his jersey off, and tells Isahaya that he'll follow Medaka's lead, and believe that she'll never do something like this again. The next day, while wondering why no one appreciates his style, Zenkichi is approached by Ariake, who tells him that the sneakers she was using to train with were replaced with new running shoes and a note saying "Sorry."[26]

Zenkichi loses to the Borzoi

Zenkichi loses to the Borzoi.

When the Student Council receives a request to find a lost puppy, Medaka orders Zenkichi to take care of it while she handles two other requests. When Zenkichi asks if it's okay for him to be working by himself, Medaka sadly reminds him that she has never been good with animals. Zenkichi brings Shiranui along with his as he goes to find the lost pet. Shiranui expresses her surpise that even the "invincible" Medaka has a weak point, Zenkichi tells her that she had a rather traumatic incident in the past with the primary school class pet. When Shiranui asks if that could undermine Medaka's presidency, Zenkichi reminds her that that is where he comes in.He then tells her to lead the way. Shiranui tells him she heard about a dog living on campus, and leads him to a fully grown canine, which closely resembles a wolf. When Zenkichi tries to insist it can't be the dog they're looking for, Shiranui tells him it is an adult Borzoi, also known as the Russian Wolf-Hound. A horrified Zenkichi asks if she is going to help him, only to be told by Shiranui that she just came to watch him get mauled.She then hands him sausages to use in an "internal organs" joke; which Zenkichi unfortunately fulfills when he tries to unsuccessfully capture the dog.

Zenkichi and a depressed Medaka

Zenkichi and a depressed Medaka.

The next day, a worn Zenkichi reports in to Medakai that the puppy has grown up, and that he and Shiranui were unable to capture it, and that he had a hard time telling their client Urushi Akizuki what happened. Medaka express her annoyance in seeing Zenkichi and Shiranui get along so well, and when Zenkichi tells her not to worry and just leave things to him and Shiranui, she becomes quite disturbed. After Zenkichi compliments Shiranui a bit more, Medaka decides to handle the request herself after all. To deal with her animal problem, Medaka dresses up in a dog outfit from the Drama Club, much to Zenkichi's chagrin. Shiranui and Zenkichi both agree that though her logic is sound, her method is ridiculous. When he insists that he and Shiranui can handle the request, Medaka becomes more annoyed than ever, and goes forward anyway. As Medaka approaches the dog, Shiranui remarks that Medaka is much more human than she expected, getting jealous, acting stupid, and having a problem with animals. Zenkichi corrects her, telling her that it's actually the animals that have a problem with Medaka: because of her overwhelming presence, all animals are terrified of her. When Medaka reaches the dog, it becomes so terrified that it runs away and hides behind Zenkichi. Later, Medaka becomes depressed that she couldn't get the dog to like her. Zenkichi tiredly consoles her, noting that at least Akizuki was pleased.[27]

Zenkichi vs Kanoya

Zenkichi vs Kanoya.

Zenkichi begins systematically visiting different clubs, starting with the competitive fighting and moving on to competitive team sports games. When questioned by Hyūga during lunch why he would do such a thing, he replies that it is his policy to sweat five liters a day. Shiranui agrees with him, stating that it is her policy to drink five liters of ramen a day. Hyūga tells Zenkichi that he has earned himself a name as the Student Council's "Club Typhoon" (部活荒らし, Bukatsu Arashi), and that he should probably stop as he still hasn't joined one. Zenkichi replies that is fine, as he intended to make a name for himself anyway. Hearing this, Hisshuu Kanoya approaches him and asks to talk.[28] Kanoya tells Zenkichi about his plan to attack Medaka. When Zenkichi questions why he would tell the general affairs manager, Kanoya points out that Medaka is fully capable of running the Student Council by herself, and that Zenkichi is just getting dragged around. He surmises that Zenkichi is feeling irrated as well, and that he is visiting all the clubs to work of his stress. He then offers that Zenkichi join up with him, as he doesn't want to see an impressive guy like Zenkichi to go to waste. He tells Zenkichi that his forces will be having a meeting after school, and tells him to come if he is interested. After Kanoya leaves, Medaka shows herself, revealing that she heard everything. While Zenkichi expresses his worry, Medaka tells him that she never expected to be loved by the people; as long as she loves people, that is enough. She then tells him not to do anything, as stomping down rebellions is the king's job. Zenkichi thinks to himself that Medaka even loves her enemies, and that while she has a 98% approval rating, she only cares about the remaining 2%. He later comes to Kanoya's meeting. Kanoya is initally delighted when Zenkichi arrives, though his mood quickly sours when Zenkichi kicks over his weapon cache. Zenkichi tells Kanoya that he wants to be the person who protects the invincible Medaka. A confused and angry Kanoya attacks him, only to be defeated with a single kick. Zenkichi tells him he doesn't deserve to be reformed, and then takes out the rest of his gang.[29]

Nabeshima approaches Zenkichi

Nabeshima approaches Zenkichi.

After walking in on a Medaka changing into a judo uniform, Zenkich locks the door, closes the shades, and turns off the lights, he criticizes her for her lack of shame. She replies by asking how she can show off her body then, which only upsets Zenkichi more. She then tells him that they have received a request from Nekomi Nabeshima, the Judo Club's captain, to help her pick a successor. At the club, they are greeted by Nabeshima and Akune, with the latter kneeling before to Medaka to show his gratitude for what she did for him in the past. Medaka pulls him to his feet, telling him that if he wants to express his gratitude, he shouldn't bow to her to show it. She then sends him to Zenkichi, as she challenges all the members of the Judo Club to show her their skills so she can determine who is worthy to take over. Akune and Zenkichi aggressively greet each other, while an amused Nabeshima looks on.[30] After Betsuhei Jounan is defeated in an instant by Medaka, Nabeshima questions Zenkichi on what he thinks. When he replies he has always seen Medaka as a monster who can do everything, Nabeshima agrees with him, then flirtatiously says she finds Zenkichi, who can keep up with Medaka, much more interesting. Zenkichi replies he is just being dragged around, at which Akune loses his temper, asks to take over Zenkichi's position, Nabeshima proposes they settle the argument with judo: if Akune beats Zenkichi, he will join the Student Council and Zenkichi will join the Judo Club. When Zenkichi disbelievingly asks Nabeshima if this was her plan all along, she admits it was, claiming she loves "go-getters" like Zenkichi.[31]

Zenkichi defeats Akune

Zenkichi defeats Akune.

As Zenkichi and Akune ready themselves for the match, Zenkichi questions why he has to fight in the first place. Medaka tells him that she won't tell him not to lose, but there's no way she will let him run away from a fight. Deciding that Akune is stronger than him, Zenkichi attacks first, hoping for a quick win. However, Akune easily scores his first point, and tells Zenkichi to get back up, as he will defeat him in the most unsightly manner possible in front of Medaka.[32] In a short time, Akune reaches nine points, leaving a battered Zenkichi barely standing. As Akune moves to finish him, Zenkichi contemplates losing, and decides that maybe its fine to let Akune join the Student Council. However, Medaka calls out to him, and with a cute face, tells him to win, otherwise she will cry. Zenkichi proclaims he never wants to hear about her crying, let alone see it, and surprises Akune with a two-handed topple, scoring a point off him and winning the match.[33] He later discusses what happened with Shiranui, but when the two enter the Student Council room, they find a nearly naked Akune changing, much to Zenkichi's displeasure. Akune tells Zenkichi that while he may have given up on driving Zenkichi out, he hasn't given up on Medaka, and has left the Judo Club to become the secretary of the Student Council. He also tells Zenkichi that Nabeshima hasn't given up on him. Zenkichi angrily insists that he will not let Akune have Medaka.[34]

Zenkichi watering the flowers

Zenkichi watering the flowers.

A month after Medaka's inauguration, Zenkichi is seen watering a room full of flowers. Akune walks in in his new uniform, and the two trade veiled insults with each other, before heading off to attend to the next request. After Medaka interviews Kenna Yatsushiro on the nature of her request, she assigns Akune to take care of it. Zenkichi thinks she made a good call, stating that Akune should have no problem with the request. Medaka agrees with him, and states that itself is the biggest problem, leaving Zenkichi perplexed.[35] While discussing Yatsushiro with Shiranui at lunch, Shrianui questions why Medaka would hand the task over to Akune, when she could do it better herself. Zenkichi tells her that it is both to get Akune experience, as well as determine wether or not Yatsushiro deserves help.[36] After watching Akune get scolded by Medaka, Zenkichi offers him some words of consolment, but Akune rebukes him, tearing up the letter and decalring he won't give up.[37] A week later, Yatsushiro gives her own letter to her crush, and Medaka congratulates Akune on a job well done, much to Zenkichi's chagrin.[38]

The guys modeling

The guys modeling.

When Kizashi Yuubaru asks Medaka to model for him, Zenkichi is mortified at the actions of his fellow members of the Student Council; Medaka agreeing readily to the reques, and Akune reduced to a druling idiot upon seeing Medaka in a bikini. After Yuubaru decides that he can't use Medaka as a model, Zenkichi tells him he is being ridiculous, especially as he was the one who requested help. Yuubaru replies that being an artist means being ridiculous, a statement Zenkichi finds so stupid he can't reply to it. Zenkichi approaches Isahaya as a replacement model, and manages to get her to agree. When he gets back to find Akune has brought Nabeshima, the two argue over who brought the better girl.[39] After both are rejected by Yuubaru, Akune and Zenkichi find themselves at a loss for what to do. However, they remember Akizuki and Yatsushiro. Zenkichi goes to ask Akizuki, but is rejected and attacked by her dog. After seeing them struggle to find new models, Medaka suggests that the two of them try. While Yuubaru at first seems satisfied, he gives up when he realizes that the men don't match the theme of "Beach Goddess". After Yuubaru picks Shiranui as his model, Zenkichi tries to console Medaka, with little success.[40]

An exhausted Zenkichi and Akune

An exhausted Zenkichi and Akune.

Exhausted with the constant demands of the Student Council, Zenkichi is not amused by Akune's attempts at humor. When Medaka insists that even she is starting to feel worn down by all the paperwork, Zenkichi comments that she doesn't look it. He notes that Vice-President aside, not having a treasurer is really hurting them now. He also makes mention of how many clubs the school actually has. When Medaka tries to offer her own money, Zenkichi shoots her down. He remembers that Medaka lives alone, having earned a great deal of money by solving the juggling theorem when she was in middle school. After hearing Akune's idea to turn the inter-club relay race into a competition to decide which clubs should get funding, Zenkichi thinks to himself that Akune is only trying to lessen his own work load. He then suggests that they hold the competition in the the school's new pool. At lunch, he discusses with Shiranui how it has been decided to a club battle swim meet on Sunday in the new pool. When Shiranui points out that such an event seems to be in the Swimming Club's favor, he replies the events will not be water-based, despite taking place in a pool. Shiranui starts acting smug, and tells him that any event in the water can't be called fair, because there are three members of the Swimming Club who are very pushy when it comes to money. When he presses her to tell him what she means, Shiranui coolly tells him to ask her in a more polite manner. When he asks her while bowing, other members of their class comment that the pair have a sick way of getting along.[41]

Zenkichi explaining the rules of the meet

Zenkichi explaining the rules of the meet.

Come Sunday, Zenkichi is amazed to see how many people have come to the swim meet. As he talks with Akune, he takes note of the people he recognizes, and wonders where the Swimming Club is.[42] After Medaka welcomes the participants, Zenkichi explains the rules of the swim meet. After Medaka announces that the Student Council will be taking part as well, and that anyone who can score higher than them will receive funding directly from Medaka's own pocket, three times the normal amount, no questions asked, he and Akune are seen kneeling on the ground, thinking that they begged her not to do this. Zenkichi thinks to himself that this was supposed to be a peaceful event, and after what Shiranui said, he is getting a bad feeling.[43]

20 Point High-Five

The twenty point...fist bump.

Waiting for the first event to start, Zenkichi becomes annoyed as he overhears Shiranui describing their first meeting to Tanzaku Aso. He later thinks that Nabeshima is very bold about being cheap.[44] When the first event begins, he and Akune get out of the water straight away. When Nabeshima asks where Medaka has gone, Zenkichi tells her that if her intention is to be cheap, then Medaka's is pomp and circumstance. After Medaka scores, he high-fives Akune.[45] After the first event ends, Zenkichi is pleased with the scores, seeing that the Student Council is not too far ahead the other clubs, despite Medaka, and claims that he will need to thank Shiranui for explaining the proper technique. He isn't surprised when Medaka appears behind him, mimicking his pose. When Medaka points out the Swimming Club, he thinks to himself that they were the ones Shiranui was talking about, but he is amazed that they were faster than Medaka.[46]

Zenkichi's and Akune's poor teamwork

Zenkichi's and Akune's poor teamwork.

Zenkichi and Akune take part in the second event, the three legged race.[47] Before the race begins, Akune tells Zenkichi that even if they are the event's organizers, that is no excuse to hold back. Zenkichi says he understands, and will match his pace to Akune's. Akune expresses his pleasure at having such a good underclassman, and the two shake hands. When Aso starts the race, Akune and Zenkichi both begin struggling with one another to get ahead, but manage to move into the lead despite this.[48] When Umumichi Yakushima and Sotsu Tanegashima swim the race with their legs tied together, Zenkichi is stunned along with everyone else. Because they both finished at different times, he and Akune take third place. Zenkichi thinks to himself how dangerous the Swimming Club's strategy was. He then narrates the third event, eel catching. At the end of the third event, the Student Council is in seventh place overall. Zenkichi notes that the Swimming Club is going to win, just as Shiranui predicted, before asking Akune what the last event will be. When Tanegashima aggressively reminds them that the Swimming Club will be earning three times the regular funds, Zenkichi asks him if he could at least pretend to have fun. When Medaka appears behind Tanegashima and preaches to the Swimming Club that something horrible must have happened to them to turn them into such gold diggers, Zenkichi notes that it has been awhile since they have seen Medaka's Proof of One's Worth #1.[49]

The Student Council's horse

The Student Council's horse.

As the fourth event starts, the cavalry battle, Zenkichi and Akune are seen as the horse supporting Medaka, with Zenkichi in the front. When Akune questions this set up, Zenkichi reminds him that he lost the game of rock paper scissors. After hearing Shiranui's explanation of the final event, Zenkichi proudly states that his best friend doesn't think like everyone else, and shouts up to her: "I love you Shiranui!" to which Shiranui replies "Yay! I love me some me too!", as onlookers think that it's disgusting how well the two of them get along. Medaka then punches him on the head, causing him to question why she had to get violent.[50] After hearing about the reasons behind the Swimming Club's obsession with money, Zenkichi thinks to himself that while Medaka was right about the members having tragic pasts, hearing just how horrible they actually were isn't even funny. When Medaka falls, Zenkichi throws one of his floaters into the water.[51] Zenkichi declares he does not care about the outcome of the match, but what the Swimming Club are saying really pissed him off. He tells Medaka to go get Mogana Kikaijima; he isn't sure about water, but in midair, Medaka is the best.[52] When Medaka knocks Kikaijima off balance and kisses her, Zenkichi thinks to himself that this is Medaka's third ability, the rare Overflowing Love.[53] He is shocked with everyone else when Nabeshima and the Judo Club are revealed to have won the competition, and thinks that Nabeshima was surprisingly cool about being cheap. Zenkichi narrates the ending events, explaining that the Judo Club got the funding, but that Nabeshima gave some of the money to other clubs anyway. Zenkichi thinks to himself that Nabeshima makes no sense to him. He is later seen in the Student Council room, when Medaka introduces Kikajima as the Student Council's new treasurer. They are both stunned to see her again, and when Medaka explains that they are renting her out from the Swimming Club for $3.00 a day, they both think that is surprisingly cheap.[54]

Kikaijima demands payment

Kikaijima demands payment.

Zenkichi walks down the hallways of the Academy, thinking to himself about the Student Council's new treasurer, Kikaijima. Though he thinks that this should be a good thing, with the budget now finally in order, he feels as though all the people who came after him have better positions then he does. He remembers Medaka telling him to work his way up, but it still doesn't sit right with him. He then enters the Council's room, to find a changing Kikaijima in her underwear. [55] When she demands that he pay for the show he got, Zenkichi is incredulous that she wants him to pay her money after already beating him up. He angrily tells her she was at fault for changing in a unisex room without locking the door, and that he should be asking her for money, as she showed him something he didn't want to see. Kikaijima starts crying, and angrily cries that he pay her while calling him a meanie, now telling him to pay for the mean things he said as well. Zenkichi relents, and he pays her $4.50 for the peep show, and $3.00 for being mean. With Kikaijima's mood improved, he thinks to himself that it was cheaper than he expected. Kikaijima asks him where the computer is, to which he replies that they don't have one and hands her an abacus, much to her surprise. Zenkichi goes on to say that they don't need a computer with Medaka, as she can do any kind of arithmetic in her head. When Kikaijima begins working, Zenkichi starts reading manga. He thinks to himself that the room got really quiet after they stopped talking, and that Kikaijima makes him feel like he shouldn't be there. He thinks on that he knows nothing about her; she has a "to each their own" attitude of working, and that once he paid her, she was done with him. Feeling awkward, he wonders why neither Medaka nor Akune are in today. When Kikaijima comments that they have nice weather today, Zenkichi replies that it is raining. Afterwards, he realizes that Kikaijima was trying to start a conversation with him, and that he should have answered: "Yeah, even rainy days are good." He continues to think that while Kikaijima is higher ranked than him (because she is a scholarship student), he is still her senior in the Student Council, and that he should try and break the ice, deciding he should first change the mood into a better one. Remembering that Medaka told him Kikaijima trains her body, and thinking that there is not a person who doesn't like being complimented, he tells her that she has a great body. A horrified Kikaijima throws her abacus at his head, and charges him $0.50 for sexual harassment; bringing the total amount of money she has taken from him $8.00. Zenkichi thinks to himself that he has just made things worse, and that he has no sense when talking to a girl. He silently begs for somebody to help out, not caring who. Shiranui barges into the Student Council room, telling Zenkichi she felt as if he was calling for her, and asking if he has something good for her to eat. A horrified Zenkichi and Kikaijima both think that the number one person who can't take a hint just came.

Akune finds Zenkichi and Kikaijima in a compromising position

Akune finds Zenkichi and Kikaijima in a compromising position.

When Shiranui starts upsetting Kikaijima with a photo of her kiss with Medaka, Zenkichi interrupts her, asking her not to tease the new member so much; he promises to buy her something good to eat later, and asks her to leave. Shiranui agrees, and leaves with an empty apology to Kikaijima and a farewell to Zenkichi. Zenkichi apologizes to Kikaijima on his friend's behalf. When Kikaijima asks him what Shiranui is like, he tells her he doesn't really know. When Kikaijima asks him if it is alright to be that easy going about, Zenkichi replies in the affirmative, telling her that Shiranui is his friend, and that he doesn't need to know any more than that. Kikaijima then asks about Medaka, and Zenkichi bashfully admits that in the past, all their classmates' first kiss was with Medaka, though he put a stop to that when they got to elementary school. He goes on to say that Overflowing Love is one of Medaka's trump cards now; she doesn't use it very often, and Kikaijima is one of the rare cases where she did use it. Zenkichi begins to mention Medaka's fourth trump card, but then decides to keep that information to himself. After Kikaijima claims that if anyone starts to like her, they won't get anything in return, Zenkichi asks if she can say the same thing to the other members of the Swimming Club. Kikaijima replies that those two are different, as the three of them are like family. Zenkichi tells her that Medaka is the same way, only she sees all of humanity as her family, and that she likes Kikaijima so much, she doesn't know what to do about it. Zenkichi continues to talk about Medaka, when Kikaijima interrupts him, claiming that she has fallen for him, and is going to kiss him. Medaka and Akune later find Kikaijima on top of Zenkichi in the Student Council room, with Zenkichi trying to force her off of him. Both of the newcomers misunderstand what they are seeing and chastise him, to which a frustrated Zenkichi replies that while they are not wrong, they are not right either.[56]

Zenkichi with a school appropriate uniform

Zenkichi with a school appropriate uniform.

Zenkichi is spotted walking with the rest of the Student Council by Harigane Onigase of the Public Morals Committee, who confronts the Student Council in their office. Onigase calls Zenkichi out on wearing his jersey under his jacket, to which he admits he was trying to get others to copy him. After Onigase reveals that Kikaijima has been wearing her swimsuit beneath her uniform, Zenkichi wonders if Onigase has x-ray vision. When Medaka claims that she has never been embarrassed about her splendid body, the other members of the Student Council are at a loss for words. Zenkichi worries that Medaka is going to lose the argument to Onigase, though Akune tells him there is no need, as Medaka will say something that even Onigase won't be able to argue with. When Medaka finally declares that she just doesn't want to change her clothing, the other members of the Student Council are appalled.[57]

Zenkichi asks Onigase to cut Medaka some slack

Zenkichi asks Onigase to cut Medaka some slack.

Zenkichi follows Onigase after she leaves, promising to get Medaka to do something about her uniform, and asking Onigase to let the matter slide. He goes on to state Medaka has a small habit of exposing herself, which Onigase insists is exactly what she is trying to prevent. Zenkichi tries a different tactic, pointing out Medaka's numerous accomplishments; including taking back the Kendo Hall from the seniors, as that was a job for the Public Morals Committee. Onigase refuses, and Zenkichi decides that there the Student Council was doomed to butt heads with the Public Morals Committee eventually. He is later seen at the outdoor pool with Medaka, both having been called out by Onigase. Zenkichi easily recognizes Onigase's request as a lie. After Medaka jumps into the water, Zenkichi thinks that no matter what, Medaka will stay true to herself, as what makes a person who they are is not their clothing. The next day, Onigase is forced to wear one of Medaka's uniforms (which does not fit her at all), Shiranui asks Zenkichi how bad someone needs to be before retribution hits them like that. Zenkichi simply tells her that she tried to fool Medaka into changing her uniform the day before.[58]

Onigase and Zenkichi handcuffed together

Zenkichi and Onigase handcuffed together.

The next day, Zenkichi is seen walking around school with Shiranui, bags of food in her hands. While the two debate what to eat after school, they run into Onigase, who chastises Shiranui for eating in the halls. When Onigase goes after Shiranui, Shiranui pushes Zenkichi on top of her, before giving the other girl a brief warning and running off. Onigase tries to give chase, only for Zenkichi to warn her that Shiranui is more untouchable than Medaka. Onigase ignores him, only to discover that they have been handcuffed together. When Zenkichi presses her for the key, she tries unsuccessfully to change the topic, giving away that she actually doesn't have one. After Zenkichi upsets her with the implications of their situation however, Onigase decides to lead him to the Public Morals Committee's office, where the key is kept. Trying to distract himself from the awkwardness of the situation, Zenkichi question Onigase as to whether there are really people after her. The pair run into Medaka, who misinterprets their situation as the two of them working together to form a bond between the Student Council and the Public Morals Committee. Zenkichi asks Medaka if she can pick the handcuff lock, which she agrees to. Medaka first handcuffs herself to Zenkichi, so as to see how the locking mechanism works. When she cannot undo the lock, both Zenkichi and Onigase are notable displeased. She then tries to pick the handcuffs, only to find the lock beyond her. As all three head to the Public Morals Committee's office, Medaka stops them several times to help other students. Onigase quickly gets annoyed with Medaka's multiple stops, prompting Zenkichi to point out how much different things are now that they are with Medaka. After Onigase admits that she has lost all of her friends, Zenkichi tries to comfort her, only to be angrily rebuked. When Medaka calls them out, the Mokkin Team reveals themselves. The pair attack Onigase, believing her movements sealed due to the handcuffs. Zenkichi smashes the Mokkin Team's wooden bat, telling Onigase that there is no one she needs to protect. After Medaka reveals she could have broken the handcuffs, but didn't want to, both Zenkichi and Onigase to slump in defeat.[59]

The Student Council at work

The Student Council at work.

While Medaka visits the music room, Zenkichi is busy performing repairs.[60] He is unaware as Fue Yobuko sneaks up behind him, weapon drawn.[61][62] Yobuko makes herself known to Zenkichi, asking him to carry some boxes for her, and comments that he seems used to hard work. Zenkichi answers that he has heard the same about her, and remains unaware as she prepares to attack him. He is saved by Medaka's intervention, who catches Yobuko's chains before they can reach him.[63] After Medaka leaves, Zenkichi tells Yobuko that the ones protected were the Enforcers, as he and Akune can both defend themselves, and Kikaijima is under the protection of the Swimming Club.[64]

The Student Council after Unzen's attack

The Student Council after Unzen's attack.

In the Student Council office, Zenkichi and the others listen to Medaka's explanation of Myouri Unzen's weapon: the super ball. Zenkichi finds this information hard to believe, but is quickly convinced after seeing the super ball in action. When Unzen shows up at the office, Zenkichi expresses his concern at seeing the Head Enforcer.[65] Listening to Unzen speak, Zenkichi admits that he can't agree nor deny the younger boy's claims, while thinking to himself that he can't figure out what Unzen is trying to do. He notices when Unzen locks the windows, and thinking back to how he locked the door earlier, wonders why Unzen is trying to lock them in. When Medaka cries out that the super balls he dropped earlier were actually filled with gunpowder, Zenkichi is stunned.[66] When the smoke clears, Zenkichi and the other members of the Student Council are revealed to be fine. Unzen realizes that Medaka, in the short time she had, threw water on some of the bombs, kicked some out the window, and then sheltered her fellow members in lockers.[67] As Medaka enters War God Mode, Zenkichi and the others can only watch. Akune asks Zenkichi when the last time Medaka entered such a state was, who answers that it was in the summer of seventh grade, three years previous. Zenkichi labels it as Medaka's fourth trump card, and tells Unzen that he is finished.[68]

The Student Council stops Medaka's rampage

The Student Council stops Medaka's rampage.

Zenkichi remembers the first time Medaka entered War God Mode, during her time at Hakobune Middle School, after witnessing Kumagawa attack Najimi Ajimu. He thinks about how Medaka is a saint for strangers, but for the sake of her friends will become a beast.[69] When Medaka sends Unzen flying into the Student Council office, Zenkichi and the others are shocked. When Medaka makes to follow, Zenkichi calls out to her, and is horrified when she apologizes and tells him he and the others can quit the Student Council after she has finished.[70] Watching Medaka, Kikaijima asks what is going on. Zenkichi explains Medaka's behavior to her, then tells her and Akune that if they want to leave the Student Council, now is the time, surprising them both.[71] As Medaka moves to make her last attack on Unzen, Zenkichi and the rest of the Student Council grab on to her, stopping her before she can finish. She tells them to let go of her if they don't want to get dragged into her problems, but they all refuse. All three are shocked when Medaka asks Unzen to become her Vice-President, Zenkichi in particular amazed that she has returned to normal so quickly. Zenkichi talks with Unzen after the others have left, pointing out that he thinks Unzen and Medaka are both too perfect, and that he just likes Medaka more than Unzen.[72] Zenkichi covers Medaka in his jacket and gives her a piggyback as the Student Council walks off into the sunset.[73]

Zenkichi sets up a shogi board

Zenkichi sets up a shogi board.

In the (temporary) Student Council office, Zenkichi and the others work to manage the academy in without the hospitalized Medaka. All three enjoy the quiet, though only Zenkichi remains relaxed as Akune and Kikaijima become distressed by Medaka's absence. At Kikaijima's urging, Zenkichi checks the suggestion box, only to find Sasae Mochibaru outside the door. Mochibaru leads them to the Shogi Club, and asks them to help her find a missing piece of a shogi set – the king. Zenkichi and Akune are notably put out by the messy state of the club room. The three change in to more appropriate clothing, and set about cleaning up the club room in search of the missing game piece. A mishap with a table leads to a sizable on each forehead, and the three reminisce on how Medaka has affected their lives as they clean. The Student Council are exhausted by the time they finish, but still have been unable to locate the missing king. Akune discovers that the king is missing from every shogi set in the room, and leads the Student Council to the prime suspect, Miri Natayama. The three confront Natayama on the roof, who all but outright confesses to the crime. Akune suggests they go to the teachers and leave the matter up to them, but is stopped by Zenkichi, who decides they should do things Medaka's way. Taking the boxwood set out his pocket, he challenges Natayama to a match: if she wins, they will let her go. If he wins, she returns the shogi pieces. Natayama angrily agrees, and Zenkichi sets up the board for a game of mawari shogi, infuriating Natayama further. Zenkichi loses his cool as well, and chastises her for stealing the kings, as well as her dismissal of the Shogi Club's feelings. Both he and Akune are aghast by Kikaijima's attempt at helping. Afterwards, Zenkichi narrates, explaining that the missing pieces were "found" in one of the lockers in the club room, and that Natayama returned to the Shogi Club. Afterwards, each member of the Student Council arrives at the temporary office with a flower pot, prompting all three to start laughing.[74]

Thirteen Party Arc

Zenkichi approaches Unzen

Zenkichi approaches Unzen.

After overhearing him discuss the Flask Plan, Shiranui approaches Unzen with Zenkichi.[75] As Unzen describes his sister, Myouga Unzen, Shiranui looks oblivious.[76] Zenkichi listens as Unzen continues to describe his sister, claiming that he and Medaka are the only normal people in Class 13, while his sister is a total nonconformist who speaks a math language. When Zenkichi asks if Myouga is the fighting type, Unzen states that she is, though she has never once been able to beat him in a fight.[77] Having learned all he can from Unzen, Zenkichi seeks out Medaka to warn her about Myouga. Zenkichi asks Shiranui if she knows anything about the Flask Plan, but she reminds him that she is just one of the chairman's many grandchildren, and that he should be more concerned about Medaka. As the pair searches, they are spotted by Oudo Miyakonojou, who orders them to tell him where he can find the suggestion box.[78]

Zenkichi forced to kneel

Zenkichi forced to kneel.

Zenkichi is overawed by Oudo, recognizing how dangerous a situation he is in just by the fact that Shiranui has run away without trying to make things any worse for him. [79] When Oudo's Weighted Words force Zenkichi to his knees, he is stunned to find that he can't move. Mizou Yukuhashi steps out from behind a tree and explains Oudo's Abnormality to Zenkichi, causing Zenkichi to wonder where all the weirdoes have come from. When Medaka arrives, Zenkichi is at first relived, [80] though his relief quickly turns to horror when Oudo forces her to prostrate herself. Concerned, Zenkichi wonders what Oudo has planned.[81] When Oudo tires to kiss Medaka, an outraged Zenkichi lunges at him, only to be caught by Yukuhashi before his attack can connect.[82] As Yukuhashi leaves, Zenkichi thanks him for stopping his attack. Yukuhashi remarks that Zenkichi is strange, before telling him that whether or not they get involved in the Flask Plan, they won't be able to have a normal high school life anymore now that Oudo has set his eyes on them. Afterwards, Medaka and Zenkichi discuss what they each have learnt. Medaka thanks Zenkichi for helping her out, then declares she will reform Oudo with a smile on her face. When Zenkichi points out that she is smiling, she is surprised, having not realized she was doing so. Zenkichi realizes that Medaka must be happy to have met others who are on the same level as her, and that he was only getting in her way. Deciding that he needs to get stronger as well, Zenkichi asks Medaka how she plans to train, and is surprised to learn she intends to visit her brother.[83]

Medaka and Zenkichi ready to train

Medaka and Zenkichi ready to train.

Zenkichi and Medaka arrive at the Ghost Babel to meet Maguro.[84] Zenkichi reminds Medaka that she needs to smile.[85] He is amazed when Maguro's hug sends Medaka into War God Mode, and when she punches him into a wall. He reminds her that they are there to ask for help. He is more amazed by Medaka's attempts to ask her brother for help. When Maguro analyzes Medaka's current physical state, Zenkichi is reminded of how Maguro came to be recognized as such a skilled trainer. He is taken aback when Maguro compliments him, but reminds himself that he cannot take those compliments seriously. He watches without comment as Medaka grills her brother about the Flask Plan. Zenkichi is stunned when he sees Maguro's scars. He thinks to himself that he had not realized there were such deep reasons for Maguro dropping out of school and stopping being consultant.[86] Watching Maguro and Medaka, Zenkichi thinks to himself that he cannot really ask Maguro to train him as well. He questions Medaka how she plans to get ready by tomorrow, only for Maguro to ask him to keep protecting his sister, and inviting him to train as well. Moved, Zenkichi can only embarrassedly consent. Maguro offers the pair two training courses. Option A will be hell, and won't guarantee that they will get any stronger. Option B will put them to sleep, and then they will wake up stronger. Both pick Option A without hesitation. Twelve hours later, it is six in the morning on July 15th.[87]

Zenkichi defends Medaka

Zenkichi defends Medaka.

Zenkichi arrives with Medaka to confront Oudo on the top of the clock tower.[88] Both he and Medaka are able to resist when Oudo orders them to kneel, and continue to do so when he orders them to prostrate themselves. As Oudo prepares to use physical force, Zenkichi jumps between him and Medaka. Oudo expresses his annoyance, and moves to get rid of Zenkichi (misremembering his name as "Hitokichi"). Furious, Zenkichi kicks Oudo off the clock tower. Realizing what he has done, he runs to the edge and calls out to Oudo. He and Medaka are stunned to see Oudo standing on the side of the tower. He and Medaka listen with steadily growing horror as Oudo describes the Flask Plan, and how the entire student body will be turned into guinea pigs once the process is complete. After Oudo leaves, Zenkichi asks Medaka what she intends to do, who answers that the two of them are going to destroy the Flask Plan that day.[89]

Zenkichi and Akune pass through the Door of Rejection

Zenkichi and Akune pass through the Door of Rejection.

At the Student Council office, Zenkichi and Medaka find the suggestion box overflowing with complaints about Class 13. The two discuss how Class 13 is disrupting the school for the other students, and Zenkichi mentions that even the Public Morals Committee are having problems. When Medaka tells Zenkichi that they are heading to the Flask Plan labs now, he questions whether they should get Akune and Kikaijima. Medaka replies in the negative, stating that those two won't be good for a physical fight, to which Zenkichi agrees. Zenkichi and Medaka arrive at the entrance to the Flask Plan labs, the Door of Rejection, guarded by Sanou Tsushima and Unou Tsushima. The twins inform them about the rules of the door, amazing Zenkichi that the members of the Thirteen Party do this sort of thing every day. After Medaka moves on, Zenkichi wonders how he can possibly get through the door. He is surprised to find that Akune and Kikaijima have come, and is more surprised when he is told it was Shiranui who explained to them what was going on. Zenkichi tries to convince them to turn back, only to be amazed when Kikaijima passes through the door. Akune explains to Zenkichi that Medaka told them what number code to enter next if they wanted to get through (Zenkichi's birth date). As Akune begins tearing down the door with force, Zenkichi thinks to himself that he had forgotten Akune's middle school title: Destroyer. After one hundred and fifty-two strikes, the door crumbles, and Zenkichi and Akune move on into the labs.[90]

Zenkichi and Akune unsuccessfully try to attack Takachiho

Zenkichi and Akune unsuccessfully try to attack Takachiho.

The Student Council comes to another door, which the Tsushima twins identify as an elevator. However, Zenkichi and the others follow Medaka, who chooses to forego the elevator in favor of the stairs.[91] Zenkichi and Akune discuss what they intend to do as they encounter members of the Thirteen Party. Zenkichi expresses his surprise at Akune's resolve, but assures the older boy that he doesn't need to look out for him. They are both told off by Medaka the next moment however, who points out that they have been walking in circles. When the Tsushima brothers reveal the first floor is a maze, Zenkichi questions why they are following them. When he hears that Medaka and Kikaijima went to an amusement park together, he is very upset that he wasn't invited.[92] Zenkichi and Akune both complain about their eardrums after Kikaijima's shout, though they are silenced when the Tsushima twins explains what she has done. When Shigusa Takachiho appears, Zenkichi and Akune both attack him, only to be effortlessly avoided, though Zenkichi thinks to himself it felt more like they avoided him.[93]

The Student Council takes cover

The Student Council takes cover.

Zenkichi watches on as Takachiho confronts Medaka.[94][95] He expresses his surprise when Medaka takes a stance He is horrified when Takachiho knees Medaka in the face, and calls him a cheater.[96] He and the others run to Medaka's side when she is dropped by Takachiho's kick.[97] Like the rest of the Student Council, he is unable to react when Takachiho takes back his flash drive. He is surprised to see Medaka use Unzen's super balls.[98] He is shocked when Takachiho manages to dodge all of the super balls. Zenkichi is amazed when Medaka explains Takachiho's Abnormality.[99] Zenkichi worries at seeing what Takachiho is capable of. Struck with inspiration, he suggests Medaka use her Bunshin technique. He expresses his confidence at seeing Medaka's clones in action.[100] He is horrified when Takachiho breaks Medaka's arm. He tries to run to her side, but Medaka orders him not to interfere.[101] Hearing Takachiho's assessment of Medaka's lack of reflexes, Zenkichi is unimpressed, thinking to himself how Medaka never tried to keep that a secret. He worries though that Medaka is having too much trouble for the opponent on only the first floor. He continues to think to himself that the Thirteen Party are like the missing parts of Medaka's personality. When Medaka removes her shoes, he immediately orders Akune, Kikaijima, and the Tsushima twins to back up.[102] He and the others are amazed by Medaka's Kurokami Phantom.[103]

Zenkichi and a wounded Medaka

Zenkichi and a wounded Medaka.

As Medaka collapses, Zenkichi runs to her side. He wonders why she would use such a dangerous move, remembering her behavior in middle school. He is horrified when Takachiho rises to his feet.[104] Stunned that Takachiho has gotten back up, Zenkichi is yet more shocked when Medaka regains consciousness as well. The group makes to leave, but Takachiho demands that Medaka wait. He tells Medaka to ignore him, but relents after realizing that Medaka wants to fight someone on equal footing as well.[105] They are all three surprised when the two simply start punching one another.[106] Zenkichi is visibly unsettled when Takachiho starts laughing. After Takachiho manages to dodge one of Medaka's attacks, Zenkichi sees that he dodged with both a combination of reflexes and judgment.[107] After Medaka defeats Takachiho, Zenkichi thinks to himself that Medaka only just learned how to turn her reflexes on, and that by entering the Flask Plan labs, she is becoming an experiment for the project all the same.[108] The Student Council then head down to the next floor.[109]

Zenkichi versus Munakata

Zenkichi versus Munakata.

Zenkichi is surprised when the Student Council reaches the second floor, a large biotope, and is further surprised when Kei Munakata tells them he will not try to stop them.[110] He is shocked when Munakata tries to cut Medaka's head off. He is further shocked to hear that Munakata is on the nation's most wanted list, and is a serial killer of international reputation.[111] Zenkichi looks concerned when Medaka declares she will fight Munakata.[112] When Akune mistakes Maguro for a member of the Thirteen Party, Zenkichi corrects him.[113] When Maguro decides Zenkichi will be the one to fight Munakata, Zenkichi agrees. He removes his jacket and takes a stance, telling Munakata he won't die even if he is killed.[114] Zenkichi thinks back to middle school and Kumagawa, and decides he will fight Munakata to protect Medaka. Munakata offers Zenkichi a sword, though Zenkichi does not take the bait.[115] Munakata attacks, only for Zenkichi to knock his sword out of his hands. As Munakata draws multiple swords and attacks again, Zenkichi methodically disarms him. When Munakata draws a pair of sledgehammers, Zenkichi asks him if he is City Hunter's partner.[116] Zenkichi manages to physically overpower Munakata and knock the sledgehammers away, forcing Munakata to jump back.[117]

Zenkichi impaled

Zenkichi impaled.

After Munakata reveals a spiked staff, a shocked Zenkichi asks if he can borrow it. Despite Munakata's claims that the staff cannot be blocked, Zenkichi manages to redirect it with his shirt, and knee Munakata in the chest, knocking him to the ground. Munakata then takes out two guns, a Smith & Wesson 44 Magnum, and a Desert Eagle, giving Zenkichi pause.[118] Zenkichi kicks away Munakata's guns before he can use them. He disassembles them immediately, saying that he read up on guns in case something like this ever happened. Munakata pulls out a large a large number of guns, but Zenkichi kicks them away before he can use them. He and Munakata begin rapidly struggling in close quarters.[119] Munakata tosses a pair of grenades at Zenkichi, who kicks them into a pond.[120] Munakata pulls out a rocket launcher, but Zenkichi kicks even this weapon away, avoiding both the trigger and the gun powder. Munakata attacks Zenkichi from behind with his bare hands, but Zenkichi kicks him in the head, knocking him to the ground. After putting his shirt back on, Zenkichi makes to put his jacket on as well, only to be impaled in the back by five swords. Behind him, Munakata rises to his feet, and chides Zenkichi for dropping his guard. Spitting up blood, Zenkichi flippantly remarks that he knew he forgot something, and collapses.[121] He lies unmoving after being impaled.[122][123]

Zenkichi's mighty stomp

Zenkichi's mighty stomp.

Zenkichi rises to his feet after Medaka starts crying, and angrily tells Munakata he will make him pay. Munakata tells Zenkichi to give up, but Zenkichi jocularly accuses the killer of not wanting to kill, infuriating him. He asks Medaka for some encouragement, and after she does so, stomps on the ground with great force. Munakata wonders what Zenkichi is doing; Zenkichi claims that the kick will be enough to defeat him.[124] After the blades fall from the ceiling, Zenkichi reveals he had planned to drop them from the very beginning. As Zenkichi begins to fall, Maguro catches him, and congratulates him on a job well done. When Akune recommends they turn Munakata over to the authorities, Zenkichi reveals Munakata has never killed anyone.[125] Zenkichi declares that Munakata is not a killer, pointing out that with all his injuries, he would be dead if Munakata was seriously trying to kill him. He listens as Munakata explains his Abnormality, and his actions to control it. Munakata then tells Zenkichi he feels he could get along with him, and asks the younger boy if he wants to be friends with him. Zenkichi states that, after risking their lives in battle, they are already friends. Zenkichi offers Munakata his hand, who takes it. Zenkichi is bandaged by Maguro.[126]

Kikaijima and Medaka search through the Flask Plan

Zenkichi and the girls search through the Flask Plan.

The Student Council heads down to the third floor, a zoo. He is surprised to see that none of the animals are frightened of Medaka.[127] After hearing that Kikaijima hates animals, he wonders if she even knows what "cute" means. He and Maguro discuss this animal's strange behavior.[128] Zenkichi kicks at the shutters sealing the rest of the Student Council off from Akune. Zenkichi expresses his frustration that Akune got separated while Medaka and Kikaijima were quarreling. Medaka tells him not to worry about Akune however, and suggests they worry about themselves instead.[129] While Medaka and Kikaijima form one search group, Zenkichi and the Tsushima twins form another, though they quickly start arguing.[130]

Zenkichi and Akune argue

Zenkichi and Akune argue.

After suggesting they regroup above ground, Zenkichi is slammed up against the wall by a furious Akune. He insists that the Student Council is completely outnumbered, and that they have to think about the entire student body, not just Medaka. He is shocked by the arrival of the Loser Team.[131] Zenkichi expresses his amazement at the gathered members of the Loser Team, having thought they all died after their battles. He is touched when he hears Shiranui called them, though is less impressed when he hears she just made a Twitter post. He worries that the 98% approval rating of the Student Council has fallen. Though he is grateful to the Loser Team for coming, he points out that all most all of them are injured. As Unzen tries to ignore his protests, Zenkichi become insistent; if Medaka hears people got hurt trying to save her, she will definitely cry, something Zenkichi never wants to see again. Everyone is put out when Nabeshima suggests they use the elevator.[132] The Student Council and the Loser Team gather outside the elevator.[133] With the arrival of the Plus Six, Unzen orders the Student Council to take the stairs. Zenkichi tries to refuse, but Unzen demands they save Medaka, as they won't survive the Plus Six otherwise. Zenkichi and the others run for the stairs, Zenkichi promising that they will be back as soon as possible.[134]

Yukuhashi knocks out the Student Council

Yukuhashi knocks out the Student Council.

The Student Council arrives at the twelfth floor. They are all surprised to see that the level appears to be an arcade, but Zenkichi suggests they ignore their surroundings in favor of finding the stairs to floor thirteen. He is shocked when he finds an unconscious Medaka on the ground. He runs to her side, and asks how she escaped. After listening to her story, Zenkich urges that hey hurry back to the first floor to aid Unzen. After "Medaka" asks to borrow his jacket however, Zenkichi realizes that the person in front of him cannot be the exhibitionist Medaka. He demands to know the imposter's identity, but upon seeing the mask recognizes Yukuhashi. Zenkichi and the others are shocked when Yukuhashi admits to being uninterested in the Flask Plan, and is only participating to observe Oudo. [135] After listening to Yukuhashi, Zenkichi moves to attack, but collapses due to Yukuhashi's knockout gas.[136][137][138][139][140]

Zenkichi defends Kikaijima

Zenkichi defends Kikaijima.

Zenkichi regains consciousness in time to protect Kikaijima from Oudo.[141] After seeing Akune repelled, Zenkichi declares that he has already overcome Oudo's Abnormality, and won't fall as easily as the others. He is horrified however to find his has been strangling Kikaijima without realizing it. He is shocked when Maguro reveals that Oudo's Abnormality allows him to control minds. Despite this, Zenkichi physically rips his hands away from Kikaijima, and confronts Oudo on brainwashing Medaka. Oudo asks the Student Council if any of them have ever wanted Medaka to change, citing that Medaka changes, or "brainwashes", people all the time. Though Zenkichi tries to argue, his efforts are undermined by Yukuhashi, who points out that Zenkichi is the one who opposes what Medaka does the most. Before Zenkichi can retort, he is interrupted by the arrival of Medaka.[142] Zenkichi is shocked by the arrival of Medaka, now going by the moniker Medaka II. He demands that Oudo explain what he has done.[143] He is horrified when Medaka II tells the Student Council that from now on, they will support the Flask Plan, and she will be joining the Thirteen Party. Zenkichi and the others try and make her see reason; when they refuse to go along with her, she dismisses all three of them. They are not disheartened however, and instead decide that they will go along with the wishes of the old Medaka.[144] Zenkichi and the others are driven to their knees when Medaka II use Oudo's Weighted Words on them.[145] While Medaka II is distracted by Maguro, Zenkichi manages to regain control of himself and attack her. He declares he will defeat Medaka II and release the original Medaka.[146]

Zenkichi takes Medaka II's hands

Zenkichi takes Medaka II's hands.

Zenkichi engages in a ferocious battle of kicks with Medaka II. He is attacked relentlessly, first with a kick to the throat, and then with a barrage of syringes. He shrugs off the attacks however, and angrily demands the Medaka II get serious with him.[147] He manages to land a clean hit on Medaka II, though he becomes frustrated as her movements grow dull.[148][149] He eventually runs out of patience, stopping himself in mid-kick, and questioning why she has stopped dodging. Zenkichi is surprised when Medaka II smiles at him.[150] Zenkichi is confused by Medaka II's smile.[151] He is caught off guard, and takes a punch to the throat, knocking him to the ground. Medaka II straddles him, and wraps her hands around his throat. Zenkichi tells her to kill him, as he can't stand the sight of her. When she asks him if he remembers what he told her thirteen years ago, he replies that he doesn't, but that she is probably talking about when he told her she was born to bring happiness to others. He reiterates that he doesn't remember, but that he has always believed Medaka was that kind of person. Zenkichi is shocked when Medaka II begins trying to brainwash herself. He grabs her hands and tells her to stop, stating that he doesn't want her to destroy herself trying to go back to normal. Zenkichi then pulls her into a hug, telling her that if she wants to make others happy, she needs to be sure to make herself happy first. He is startled when Medaka II abruptly leaves his embrace and rises to her feet. He addresses her as Medaka II, and she tells him to call her Medaka.[152] Zenkichi tells her that he always gets into trouble when he's with her, and then asks her why she was born.[153]

The Student Council and the Thirteen Party in the elevator

The Student Council and the Thirteen Party in the elevator.

Zenkichi listens on as Medaka declares her intent to rid the school of the Flask Plan.[154] He follows the others down to the thirteenth floor.[155] Upon reaching the final floor, Zenkichi hugs himself for warmth, and asks why it is so cold.[156] Zenkichi listens on as Oudo describes the merits of the Flask Plan.[157] Hearing Medaka describe the "nightmare" of a complete person she has met before, Zenkichi recognizes that she is talking about Kumagawa.[158] He is surprised when Oudo attacks Itami Koga.[159] Zenkichi is alarmed when Oudo sends Medaka flying.[160] He is disturbed to hear Oudo brush off Yukuhashi's collapse as no big loss.[161] Zenkichi is confused, recognizing that Medaka has entered War God Mode, but that it is a little different.[162] Zenkichi is surprised by Maguro's description of Medaka's Abnormality, having believed that Medaka's Abnormality was a high level modeling ability or something similar.[163] Zenkichi is silent as he listens to Maguro speak.[164] Zenkichi is horrified when Medaka does not resist Oudo's Unreasonable Taxation, but is stopped from running to her by Maguro.[165] Zenkichi looks on as Oudo tries to take Medaka's Abnormality.[166] He is surprised to see Oudo bow to Medaka.[167] Zenkichi inner thoughts narrate as the Student Council and the Thirteen Party prepare to leave, Zenkichi feeling somewhat uncomfortable that Medaka decided to let Oudo off the hook in the end. Zenkichi stands by Maguro when they all gather in the elevator. Seeing his troubled look, Maguro asks Zenkichi if anything is wrong, who claims he is just hungry.[168] He is horrified to find the defeated Loser Team and Plus Six. When someone calls out to the group, Zenkichi demands to know who is there.[169]

Kumagawa Incident Arc

Zenkichi terrified

Zenkichi terrified.

Seeing Kumagawa, Zenkichi starts shaking uncontrollably. Though disgusted by his own fear, he finds himself unable to regain his composure until Medaka wraps an arm around his shoulders. Kumagawa gets in Zenkichi's face, sneering at him for their impossibly different personalities, before shifting away his attention to Akune.[170] Zenkichi stands by as Kumagawa addresses the group, but is horrified to hear that Kumagawa has transferred to Hakoniwa Academy.[171] Zenkichi tells Nabeshima that trying to figure out Kumagawa is pointless, but that whatever his reason for transferring, Hakoniwa Academy is no longer the site for the Flask Plan.[172] After leaving the underground, Zenkichi phones Shiranui to warn her about Kumagawa. He also thanks her for getting the Loser Team together. She laughs at his thanks, and hangs up on him. Questioned by Medaka, he tells her Shiranui seems to be in a bad mood. Zenkichi remarks that Medaka does not hold back when it comes to Shiranui.[173]

Hitomi reveals herself as Zenkichi's mother

Hitomi introduces herself as Zenkichi's mom.

Zenkichi participates in the dismantling of the Flask Plan Labs.[174] He is later seen watering the flowers in the Student Council's office. He remarks that it is rare for Medaka to make the first move; they only ran into Kumagawa the day before, but she is already researching him. When Akune arrives with Hitomi, Zenkichi is very uncomfortable. He admits that though he and Hitomi look alike, they are not siblings; Hitomi is his mother. Zenkichi faces away from the others as they talk with Hitomi.[175] Zenkichi finally loses his cool and demands Hitomi tell him what she is doing at school, asking if she has any idea how embarrassed he is. Akune suggests he stop, worried about how Medaka or Kikaijima might react. Hitomi further admonishes him, fussing over his appearance. Zenkichi finds he can't argue with her when she reminds him he came home with his back full of holes.[176] Zenkichi asks Hitomi if she intends to come to school every day, and hearing that she is, asks if she intends to enter as an infirmary doctor. He is appalled to find she joined as a student in his own class. He gets annoyed as Hitomi teases him, and tells her not to sit in Shiranui's seat, even if his best friend is absent.[177] After school ends, Zenkichi runs to try and get away from his mother, having been embarrassed by her throughout the day. He is thankful Shiranui was absent, thinking that she would have laughed at his troubles. Remembering that Shiranui seemed strange the previous day, Zenkichi decides to visit her on his way home. Distracted, he runs into Mukae Emukae, and knocks her down. Knowing nothing about her, he innocently offers her his hand.[178]

Zenkichi runs up a wall with Emukae

Zenkichi runs up a wall with Emukae.

Watching Emukae, Zenkichi wonders if he hit her head in a bad spot. When his mother shows up, Zenkichi is exasperated, and decides to escape. Deciding that he can't leave Emukae behind, he picks her up bridal style and runs up the side of a building to its roof.[179] Exhausted afterwards, he remarks that running up a wall is hard, and asks Emukae if she is alright. After she introduces herself and goes off on a tangent about their future together, a stunned Zenkichi agrees with her. To himself, he is horrified by what she has heard, and after noticing her uniform, hopes she is somehow linked to Kumagawa, as he does not want to think a normal person could be like this. He tries to leave, but is stabbed in the foot by Emukae, who demands he stays. Zenkichi kicks her, knocking her back, but asks if she is alright once he has composed himself somewhat. He asks her if she feels pain, but is unnerved to hear that her love is greater than any pain.[180] Zenkichi is relieved when his mother arrives.[181] Zenkichi tells Hitomi to go easy on Emukae, as he has already injured her himself. He is horrified when Hitomi uses a fully powered kick on Emukae, telling her that no one should ever go all out on a girl aside from Medaka.[182] When Hitomi collapses, Zenkichi makes to run to her side, but is stopped by Hitomi, who tells him the wind is blowing from that direction. Zenkichi is horrified to hear that the Minuses intend to kill all the elites. He is rendered speechless as Emukae insists they get married, even going so far as to threaten his other relatives.[183] After Hitomi restrains Emukae, Zenkichi notices that she is rotting though the building's roof. As an entire side of the structure collapses, Zenkichi manages to catch Hitomi. He tells her that no students should have been in the building, but wonders what will happen to the academy now that the Minuses have arrived.[184] From the top of the building, Zenkichi watches as Kumagawa comforts Emukae. Zenkichi later joins with the Student Council, Youka Naze, and Koga to discuss how they should handle the Minuses. He suggests they team up with the Public Morals Committee, but that idea is shot down by Naze. When Medaka recommends seeking help from Kuudou Hinokage, Zenkichi explains to everyone else that Hinokage was the Student Council president preceding Medaka; the man who, despite never being remembered, protected the school. Zenkichi goes on to remark that Hinokage wasn't called Mister Unknown, because no one could remember him.[185] When Medaka and Naze return, Zenkichi has already forgotten about Hinokage. He is surprised by Hinokage's sudden appearance. He fails Hinokage's examination.[186] He and Akune are upset to be labeled as unqualified to fight Class -13. The two are horrified when Kikaijima slaps Hinokage.[187] Zenkichi agrees to Hinokage's Devilize Training camp.[188]

Student Council's Battle Attire Red Model

The Student Council's Battle Attire Red Model.

One week later, at the end of the semester, Zenkichi is present for Medaka's speech. He is surprised by Kumagawa's sudden entrance.[189][190] Zenkichi asks Akune about the rules Kumagawa is bringing up.[191] He is horrified to realize Kumagawa is aiming to become Student Council president.[192] He is shocked to see Shiranui among Kumagawa's forces.[193] Zenkichi is relieved when Medaka manages to turn the situation around.[194] After Medaka declares a Student Council battle with Kumagawa, Zenkichi heads to the cafeteria to confront Shiranui. Upon learning she is acting of her own free will, he expresses his relief, having been worried she was being forced. Zenkichi assures Shiranui that they are still friends, and leaves after promising to have barbecue after the conflict is over.[195] He later shows up at the Ghost Babel with the suggestion box, to convince the others that they cannot use sly tactics such as throwing the General Affairs Manager's Battle.[196] On July twenty-fifth, Zenkichi arrives at the Student Council office ready to fight, only to embarrassed as he finds the ladies changing. Arriving at the meeting place, they are surprised to find Kumagawa is the only one present.[197] Naze explains who Tokemichi Choujabaru is. Zenkichi tells Medaka not to worry, and tells Kumagawa that one's life is a plus.[198] After Kumagawa selects the match, Choujabaru explains the fight will be "Viper's Den".[199] Choujabaru leads the Student Council and Kumagawa to the Viper's Den, a pit on the school grounds.[200][201] Zenkichi hesitates at the edge of the netting covering the pit, and is stopped by Kumagawa's taunting.[202] Koga tells Zenkichi there is no shame in backing out; Zenkichi thanks her for the advice, but steps out onto the netting.[203] As Kumagawa lunges, Zenkichi makes the first move, striking his collarbone.[204] Zenkichi repels Kumagawa's second attack as well. It is revealed the one Zenkichi was training under was Naze, who threatened him to accept her help.[205] Zenkichi continues to strike Kumagawa, keeping his eyes closed to manage his fear.[206]

Zenkichi stomps down on the netting

Zenkichi stomps down on the netting.

Zenkichi continues to beat on Kumagawa relentlessly, using his voice, and later his aura, to locate him.[207] Zenkichi tells Kumagawa to surrender. Kumagawa does so, much to Zenkichi's shock. He drops his guard, and Kumagawa uses the opportunity to attack Zenkichi successfully.[208] He is horrified to see Kumagawa's injuries recover.[209] Kumagwa explains his Minus, then uses All Fiction to blind Zenkichi.[210] Zenkichi tries to regain his composure after being blinded, but finds he cannot stop shaking.[211] His attempts to resume his offensive end in failure, and though Naze's encouragement helps, Zenkichi is horrified to learn the potential of Kumagawa's All Fiction. At Kumagawa's offer to restore his eyesight in return for his friendship, Zenkichi thinks to himself that he should agree, having already won the match. Zenkichi rejects Kumagawa however, resolving to defeat him now. He confesses his love to Medaka, then knocks Kumagawa back before stomping down to send the netting to the bottom of the pit.[212] Kumagawa tries to save himself with All Fiction, but Zenkichi interrupts him, stating they can die together even as Kumagawa pleas for mercy.[213]

Ajimu and Zenkichi in the classroom

Zenkichi and Ajimu in the classroom.

The Election Management Committee try to revive both Zenkichi and Kumagawa.[214] However, Zenkichi's heart stops. Zenkichi finds himself in a classroom he is familiar with, but does not recognize, not of Hakoniwa Academy, and wearing his middle school uniform. While he wonders whether he is in hell, a voice calls out from behind him, telling him there is no life after death. He turns around to find a girl sitting behind him, whose shoes are labeled with "Ajimu". Zenkichi wonders if she is the great king Yama, but she once again reminds him that he is not in hell. She then tells he didn't kill Kumagawa either, though he shouldn't be surprised.[215] Ajimu goes on to explain that Kumagawa's All Fiction interacts with the law of causality, and that he cannot die because of it. She tells Zenkichi he is lucky that he didn't become a murderer. When Zenkichi laments that he himself died, Ajimu corrects him; his heart stopped due to the shock from his injuries, so she took his consciousness away. When Zenkichi asks who she is, she tells him if he can't remember, then she is no one. She then goes on to tell him that Kumagawa met her to, and that he meets the "her" inside of his heart every-time he dies. Ajimu tells Zenkichi that she has restored his eyesight, and to come back once the competition is over. Her parting words to him are the order not to make Medaka cry anymore. Zenkichi awakens to find his sight restored.[216] He is confused by Kumagawa's taunting, but horrified to learn that the other Minuses are attacking the rest of the Student Council during their training.[217] The Student Council arrive in the parking lot head to the parking lot to help their allies. They find them with worse injuries than Zenkichi's; they treat the others at Naze's lab before sending them to the hospital. Afterward, Medaka, Zenkichi, Hitomi, Naze, and Koga meet to decide what they will do next.[218] Still in the meeting room, Zenkichi and Hitomi are surprised to find Medaka can use a cellphone. Zenkichi tells Medaka he wants Naze to stay their ally.[219] He and the others defend Koga from an attack by Class -13.[220]

Spectators caught up in Scar Dead

Spectators caught up in Scar Dead.

On the first of August, the opposing Student Councils meet for the Secretary's Battle.[221] Hearing that the battle will involve snakes again, Zenkichi wonders what Choujabaru is playing at. The group moves to the stage of the battle, a freezer in the school's canteen.[222] He is surprised by Kumagawa's offer of Class -13's surrender if Shibuki Shibushi loses,[223] Zenkichi is concerned to see Shibushi make the first move.[224] Zenkichi is amazed by both Naze's improvised mace,[225] and her needles.[226] He comments that Naze is surprisingly serious about winning.[227] Zenkichi is surprised by Kumagawa's crocodile tears.[228] He worries about Shibushi's Minus,[229] but is impressed to see Naze prepared her Normalize Liquid beforehand.[230] He is shocked to learn the true nature of Scar Dead,[231] and worries when Naze falls to her knees.[232] Zenkichi watches on as Naze breaks down.[233][234] He is relieved to see it was just an act.[235] Zenkichi is surprised when Medaka uses Kumagawa's head to break open the freezer's window.[236] Zenkichi is amazed by Naze's Minus.[237][238] He is shocked as Shibushi's fully powered Scar Dead damages even the spectators.[239] Zenkichi thinks to himself that Naze is obviously enjoying her victory.[240] Zenkichi is worried when Naze turns her back on Shibushi, and is unsurprised when Shibushi tries a sneak attack.[241] He is amazed to see Naze defeat (and strip) Shibushi with a blast of fire.[242] Zenkichi runs to congratulate Naze as she steps out of the freezer.[243] As the Minuses prepare to leave, Zenkichi has a bad feeling, but comments that this is good for their side.[244] He is confused by Koga's questioning of Medaka.[245][246] He is shocked to realize Kumagawa's true aim was to break Medaka's will,[247] and is further surprised to see Emukae's Minus has evolved.[248]

Type Mandragora

Zenkichi fights Emukae's plants.

On August eighth, the opposing Student Councils meet at the academy's botanical garden for the Treasurer's Battle. Zenkichi is annoyed by Kumagawa's lack of enthusiasm. He decides to be the sub-player for the match. He calls Emukae on Kumagawa's behavior, but is rebuffed.[249] He is surprised by Kumagawa's sudden change in attitude.[250] He puts his faith in him mother's abilities. As the match starts, Zenkichi and Hitomi enter the garden, only to be quickly attacked by the plants.[251] Pulling out a pair of pruning shears,[252] Hitomi easily cuts her son and herself free.[253] Hitomi cuts her way through the plants, guided by Zenkichi. He reminds her that the main opponent is Emukae, not Kumagawa.[254] Finding Kumagawa and Emuake, Hitomi attacks what she thinks is Kumagawa. It is however only a dummy, and Kumagawa attacks Zenkichi from behind. He then orders Emukae to separate them, Emuake and Zenkichi ending up together.[255] Zenkichi tells Emukae to surrender, noting that the color of his eyes is different today.[256] With his enhanced sight, Zenkichi dodges Emuake's attacks with minimal effort.[257] In retaliation, Emukae summons several plants in the shape of humans to attack Zenkichi. However, these prove ineffective as well, Zenkichi explaining that what he is seeing is Emukae's own vision.[258] Zenkichi uses his knowledge of Emukae's sight to direct her to destroy her own plant barrier. Zenkichi decides to call his new ability Devil Eyes, but Kumagawa corrects him to the proper name.[259]

Zenkichi takes Emukae's hands

Zenkichi takes Emukae's hands.

Zenkichi grows increasingly angry with with Kumagawa's behavior. He explains to his mother that Emukae already sees the whole world as rotting.[260] He is shocked by the giant plant Emukae summons to fight. He asks Hitomi to keep it distracted so that he can talk to Emukae, wanting to make her happy.[261] Confronting Emukae, he tells her about the dead sakura tree at his home, and states that with her Minus, Emukae could probably restore it. He offers Emukae his hand, and as she insists that Kumagawa would make her cruel acts nothing, Zenkichi takes both her hands, promising he will not make her actions nothing. As Emukae calms down, Zenkichi tells her to entrust her worries to the suggestion box. Both he and Emukae are struck down by an irate Kumagawa however, who reveals he has removed the keyholes from the bracelets, just as the clocks run down.[262] Hitomi sees to Zenkichi after Emukae covers the explosion with her body.[263] As Kumagawa breaks down over Emukae's behavior, Zenkichi notes that Kumagawa's desire for clean and beautiful things is like a disease.[264] As he staggers off, Kumagawa tells both Hitomi and Zenkichi to take care of Emukae.[265] As Emukae is wheeled into an ambulance, Zenkichi tells her he wants to eat her miso soup every day.[266] At the Ghost Babel, the Student Council brings Maguro up to speed with the election battles.[267][268] Zenkichi asks after Akune and Kikaijima, to hear they are both out of the hospital.[269]

The results of Encounter

The results of Encounter.

On August fifteenth, Zenkichi voices his concerns about having Medaka participate in the Vice-President's Battle.[270] Zenkichi notes that Hinokage seems different.[271] The group moves to an under construction building for the Vice-President's Battle, "Dropping Mad Dog". Zenkichi is confident in Hinokage's victory, but Shibushi and Naze point out the stage's disadvantages for Hinokage.[272] He is awed by Hinokage's speed, comparing it to Medaka's Kurokami Phantom.[273] Watching, all members of the Student Council think Hinokage's victory is assured.[274][275] At Naze's order, Zenkichi uses Parasite Seeing on Gagamaru Chougasaki, to find Chougasaki is not focusing on Hinokage, but on the support beams.[276] Zenkichi is horrified to see the building collapse, as well as to learn the exact nature of Chougasaki's Encounter.[277] Zenkichi is amazed as Hinokage makes several copies of himself to rush Chougasaki.[278] He is horrified as Chougasaki redirects the damage from Hinokage's attacks to Medaka.[279] He supports the injured Medaka.[280] Zenkichi is surprised as the student body arrive to cheer for Hinokage.[281] He continues to support Medaka as they approach the victorious Hinokage.[282] Zenkichi stands back as his mother tends to Hinokage.[283] He worries that Medaka's motivation might fall as she watches Class -13 get booed in front of her.[284] He is surprised by Kumagawa's arrival.[285]

Shiranui and Zenkichi exchange grins

Zenkichi and Shiranui exchange grins.

On August twenty-second, the Student Council and Class -13 gather for the final battle. Questioned by Naze, Zenkichi tells her about Shiranui.[286] He is grudgingly amused by the depths of Shiranui's machinations,[287] and tells Naze that Shiranui is the type who just changes the rules to suit her needs. As Shiranui moves out of the way, she and Zenkichi share a smile.[288] He is stunned by the conditions Medaka sets for the match,[289] and is furious when Kumagawa ambushes Medaka with a sneak attack.[290] Zenkichi is amazed by the intensity of Medaka's and Kumagawa's fighting.[291] He and the others climb onto the rooftop Medaka and Kumagawa are fighting on. He is shocked as Kumagawa reveals his original Minus, Book Maker, and tries to convince Medaka not to accept Kumagawa's proposal.[292] Zenkichi is horrified to see Medaka speared through the chest,[293] but is amazed to see her recover.[294] Zenkichi tells Kumagawa to give up. He is disgusted by Kumagawa's refusal, but is chastised by Medaka.[295] As Medaka and Kumagawa begin a punching fest, Zenkichi cannot understand Medaka's behavior.[296] He tells Shibushi that the crowd cheering for Medaka are all her enemies. He is surprised by the appearance of Akune and Kikaijima.[297] Zenkichi is surprised to see Kumagawa's Book Maker screw crumble away. He worries if Kumagawa will still insist that the fight continue, but is shocked to see a smiling Kumagawa forfeit. He and the others run to congratulate Medaka on her victory.[298] He is stunned when Medaka offers Kumagawa the position of vice-president. Despite his doubts, Zenkichi convinces Kumagawa to accept.[299][300]

Kurokami Medaka's Successor Arc

After Kumagawa's battle with Medaka and his subsequent reformation and inclusion into the Student Council as the vice-president, Zenkichi is seen marveling at the fact that he can now talk in such a carefree manner with Kumagawa. The two are seen bantering in a rather playful manner. When Ajimu appears and makes it evident that her goal is the reformulation of the Flask Plan after Medaka graduates and leaves the school, he agrees with Medaka's plan to train the potential next generation of middle schoolers to join the Student Council. He interviews the prospective student Tsugiha Yojirou, and although he finds her mindset odd, he finds her acceptable and warns her that at Hakoniwa Academy, one's life can be easily overturned.

Later Medaka announces the Treasure Hunt challenge. The 5 candidates as well as the Zenkichi, Akune, Kikajima, and Kumagawa will participate. She mentions that the winner will have his/her request granted. Zenkichi requested that should he win, he'll have Kumagawa's armband. With that the challenge begins with a cryptogram. Though it stumps all of the participants in the beginning, Kikitsu solves it and instantly aligns with the other four candidates as well as Kikajima and Kumagawa. Zenkichi stubbornly refuses to cooperate as well as Akune. Akune eventually solves it but Zenkichi refuses to go with him. By the complete end of the challenge, Zenkichi had not solved the first challenge. Medaka tries to console with him but he refuses to accept that he's last, prompting Medaka to bash him in the head then sentence him to clean up the clock tower.

Ajimu approaches Zenkichi to offer to make him a main character. He realized that he loves her so, he'll become Medaka's enemy. He promply leaves and returns to the Student Council office to report to Medaka that he is now her enemy. To Zenkichi's surprise, Medaka seems happy about the news. Feeling that he did what he had came to do, he promptly turns around to leave but Medaka attacks him and activates her Forsaken God Mode. She quickly defeats Zenkichi and leaves. Naze and Munakata arrive to take Zenkichi to the infirmary. They both mention that while being by Medaka's side, Zenkichi never truly grew.

Zenkichi wakes up and meets Kamome Tsurubami, agitated by him wonders why he is in the infirmary and who Tsurubami is. Zenkichi tries to start a nice conversation about shonen jump, which Tsurubami chides about it. Zenkichi gets annoyed and tries to leave, but Tsurubami challenges Zenkichi to kick him. Zenkichi slightly pulls up his right foot, but got stopped by Tsurubami's foot. Zenkichi is shocked by this and gets a offer from Tsurubami to become the main character. Later, Zenkichi talks with Tsurubami about Kumagawa and Munakata that they would be friendly towards each other. Zenkichi arrives in the Ghost Babel, where Ajimu starts the how to counter Medaka class. He is surprised to see Naze, Maguro, Emukae and Shiranui there. Zenkichi listens to Ajimu's plan and that it became a three way struggle between him, Kumagawa and Medaka. Zenkichi disagrees that it is a three way fight and that Ajimu forgot Akune Kouki is in play. Ajimu tells him that she already handled it.

Ajimu tells Zenkichi that he doesn't need to fight with himself and that he needs a skill. Zenkichi tells her that he is a normal and can't have a skill. Ajimu then introduces Hanten's skill, which can create skills. Ajimu suggests that he chooses one skill to become a main character. Zenkichi requests his skill, which amazes Ajimu. After a while, Ajimu is in silence, worrying Zenkichi which Shiranui made a remark about it. Ajimu is impressed about the skill that Zenkichi thought up and apologizes for underestimating him. Ajimu praises him more, until Zenkichi stopped her and Ajimu apologizes Zenkichi by kissing on his mouth. Zenkichi falls unconscious and enters the dream world with his middle school clothes. He is surprised to see Emukae in her civillian clothes, he then notices Ajimu's appearance from three years ago and remembers her. Ajimu greets Zenkichi and announced the start of the Flask Plan phase 1: "to win against her". Zenkichi is fighting against Ajimu with the help of Emukae and realizes he can not win. Ajimu makes Zenkichi decide what a win for him is and Zenkichi thinks through how he can beat Medaka. He thinks that he should not win by a fight and that he wants to be praised by Medaka when he wins. He wonders why he wants to be close to Medaka and realizises that he wants to go out with her. Zenkichi screams of emberassement, but got cheered up by Emukae. With that Ajimu ends the first phase: realizing your own feelings and declares that a love comedy will begin.

The next day, Zenkichi is doing his work for the Student Council and acts normal even to Medaka. Medaka wonders if Zenkichi does not want to fight anymore, which made the former apologize to her and the rest of the Student Council. Zenkichi then tells Medaka that he hasn't stopped trying to defeat her and leaves with a smirk. Zenkichi is delighted and encounters Tsurubami. He calls Zenkichi by the name ""Heat". Tsuburami tells him that he is disappointed in Zenkichi that he fights for love, which made Zenkichi reply that it is not emberassing. Zenkichi tells him that he can't win Medaka at this state and that the Naked Apron Alliance are at watch. Tsurubami complains that he has to end soon, Zenkichi replies by saying he will end the battle at April on the next Student Council election with a 100% approval rate. Zenkichi explains that everyone can vote and that is the time when Kumagawa graduates and the naked apron alliance disbands. Tsurubami wonders how Zenkichi will get a 100% approval rate, which Zenkichi replies that it will an enamored loss and that Medaka will fall for him and wants Medaka to be as happy as him. Tsurubami finds it an impure motivation, but Zenkichi says that if somebody wants to be happy that he will make them happy, including Tsurubami. Ajimu appears and discusses with Zenkichi that it will be too late in April and is going to change the date and declares that this will end before the anime starts.

The sport's festival started and Zenkichi participated in the "king of tug war" with the entire student body against Medaka. She pulls of a victory with the only holding the rope being Zenkichi. Medaka is delighted to see Zenkichi's effort which made the former replied that she should watch him. Later Zenkichi along with Akune discusses with Kiyoterae about what time each of them goes on stage. After Saki notices a empty spot on the list she requests something from Zenkichi. Zenkichi tells medaka about the request of Saki, which is about a battle of the bands. Medaka make jokes about it and about the event, which makes Zenkichi agitated. Akune calms him down. Zenkichi with Akune and Kikaijima stand in front of Medaka who is with a drum set. Zenkichi gets worried about it. Medaka starts drumming, which makes Kikaijima and Akune amazed. Zenkichi points them out that Medaka's skills are amazing, but there is no emotion behind it. Zenkichi decides that Medaka shouldn't on stage since it will ruin the concert and calls out Medaka to withdraw since she would be in his way. Medaka gets delighted to see Zenkichi to stand up to her and threatens that she will bent all his bones if he loses. Zenkichi is not scared and accepts the challenge saying that all his bones are already bent. Zenkichi decides the positions of the bands and appoints Kikaijima to be the singer.

At the culture festival, before Zenkichi has to come on stage he tries to relax Kikaijima, but she blames what happened between him and Medaka is Zenkichi's fault. Zenkichi tells Kikaijima to shout her feelings to Medaka. Kikaijima hands over the microphone and leaves. Zenkichi watches through how Kikaijima confesses her feelings to Medaka. Zenkichi tells Akune that he wished that he wanted to be a girl at times and that Medaka would become worried for him. Akune tells that Zenkichi is a boy is the reason why he loves her. Zenkichi gets up on stage after Akune with a microphone in his hand. He gets out a harmonica and puts it behind his microphone amplifying the sound and the three of them amazes the crowd. After their concert, a tired Zenkichi is resting until the Kiyoterae visits and combines both bands for a last concert making the both teams winners. Zenkichi hopes that he will win and be alongside Medaka and looks at her.

Zenkichi brings the registration form to the election Management committee room where Kumagawa was talking to Tachiarai. Zenkichi is happy for the naked apron alliance that this fight will be the best. Kumagawa wonders why Zenkichi doesn't confess this instant, which made the former reply that at his current state he can't be alongside her. Kumagawa tells him that there is a chance that Medaka might die and sees a loser in Zenkichi for waiting and welcomes him to Class 13. Zenkichi furiously kicks Kumagawa's head, thanking him for that and leaves.

The election starts and Zenkichi gives his speech after the candidate student council, he calls the academy to be awfull and that the people who made requests to Medaka to be shamefull for themselves for using Medaka to fix their problems. The fights that Medaka had were not the real enemies, but declared the ones who seeked help from her are the real enemies. He tells them that Medaka wanted to be overly perfect. Also that he wanted to change her but the people who needed change where the ones who requested and let Medaka live in peace and declares that they should defeat Medaka. After Medaka's speech, the voting starts and Zenkichi accepts that he will lose. Medaka tells Zenkichi that he can challenge her again, which Zenkichi complies.

The voting has announced and that Zenkichi won with a 62% approval rate, with Medaka having 2% and the candidates 36%. Zenkichi gets shocked by this revalization that he won, he looks towards Medaka who is trembling of defeat. Zenkichi gets worried, Medaka trips over to Zenkichi and shakingly gives off the president armband to Zenkichi. Medaka asks Zenkichi why she born, which made the former to tell his affection for her, but can not do it seeing Medaka trembling of a giant killing defeat. He remembers that he gave her a purpose and wants her to be a normal school girl, but realizes that is not the girl he loves. Zenkichi tells her that she needs to find answer herself and that she was not solely born to help stranger since now everybody around them do not see her as a stranger. At last Medaka gives her final orders as student council president and tells him it is her lose and Zenkichi won. After that Ajimu then prepares to suicide, but got stopped by Medaka. He is shocked to hear about the simulated reality disease of Ajimu and her plans to use the Hakoniwa Academy as guinea pigs, even Zenkichi which Medaka stomps Ajimu on her heard and not to have involved Zenkichi with it which made Zenkichi surprised. After Medaka changes Ajimu's new life, she hands over her armband. He tries to grab it, but got dragged by her and they kiss each other, which Zenkichi got surprised by it.

Jet Black Bride Arc

Zenkichi's new Student Council

Zenkichi's new Student Council.

After the election, Medaka asks Zenkichi to cut her hair. As he does so, Zenkichi asks her what she intends to do from now on.[301] Several students confront Zenkichi in the Student Council office, asking him to do something about Medaka, all the while calling him such things as the "Devil President", the "Jersey President", and the "Harmonica President", a series of titles that lead Zenkichi to believe they hold no respect for him as the Student Council president. With a sigh, Zenkichi promises to talk with Medaka, but tells the students that they should be glad Medaka has finally become a kid like them.[302] One week later, Zenkichi is informed by his new general affairs manager Kudaki Torai that Medaka, Ajimu, Hanten, Shiranui, Kumagawa, and Tsurubami have been missing for the past seven days. Labeling the six as the academy's top troublemakers, Zenkichi decides the Student Council will go find them, despite Torai's protests. When she claims that doing so would be a violation of the students' trust in him, Zenkichi tells her that he will not be violating anyone's expectations: "I am always beside Medaka-chan." has been his manifest all his life.[303]

The Student Council surrounds Namanie

The Student Council surrounds Nienami.

Arriving on the aircraft carrier Black by helicopter, the Student Council discover the ship deserted. Zenkichi asks Naze if she brought them to the right place, and wonders why she is helping him so much. A flashback shows that Naze decided to be the vice-president when Zenkichi approached her about finding new members for the Student Council. Emukae promises Zenkichi they will not abandon Medaka, and he gratefully asks her to be his friend forever. As Wanizuka wonders how she will face the other candidates who helped her in the past, Zenkichi reminds her that they just went back to middle school. As Torai again expresses her unwillingness to leave the school, Zenkichi tells her that while he did come to foil the suitors, he is also concerned about the All Jokers, noting that they all share a weakness that could be used to capture them. He begins to elaborate, but then knocks Torai to the ground, as the helicopter splits in half.[304] As Namanie Nienami steps forward, Zenkichi is surprised to see one of the suitors is a girl. He tells Torai to hide, then orders the others to use formation thirty-two. The Student Council surrounds Nienami, Zenkichi telling her that she is too dangerous for any of them to fight one on one.[305] After Naze dodges Nienami's attack, Zenkichi warns his master that Nienami managed to cut her true target.[306] Zenkichi is horrified when Nienami cuts the entire ship in half, noting that they are sliding towards her. As Nienami approaches, he apologizes to her; she tells him there is no point in trying to save his life. However, he reveals he was apologizing for misleading her about the Student Council's strength.[307] When Nienami asks the Student Council for their names, Zenkichi introduces himself.[308] Zenkichi compliments Torai on her footwork; when Emukae confirms that the ship empty, Zenkichi asks her to help him carry Nienami. Before they can leave however, Nienami rises to her feet. Zenkichi orders the others to retreat, declaring that after giving his name, the President must fight one on one.[309]

Zenkichi bites Namanie

Zenkichi bites Nienami.

As he faces down Nienami, Zenkichi introduces himself again, this time adding that he is Medaka's childhood friend. As Nienami attacks, Zenkichi manages to dodge her initial swings, though he loses his jacket in the process. Seeing what she is capable of, Zenkichi removes his glasses, and states he will defeat her with his special swords, as his hair turns black. Using his arms alone, he cuts through Nienami's top, revealing that he will use a two sword style to defeat her. Zenkichi is surprised when Nienami reveals another six swords hidden beneath her skirt. After she stabs the blades through her arms, Zenkichi questions her sanity, and asks if she can feel pain at all. Questioned by Nienami, Zenkichi states that he will be the one to marry Medaka. He remembers when he cut Medaka's hair, and charges Nienami, declaring that he is fighting for Medaka's tomorrow. Nienami cuts his arms; Zenkichi tells her he will use his legs, only to find they have been slashed as well. In retaliation, Zenkichi bites Nienami's shoulder, declaring his twenty-eight swords (his teeth) will trump her seven. He lets go at Nienami's insistence, and puts his glasses back on as his hair returns to its normal color. He then orders her to tell them where Medaka is, labeling himself as the weakest member of the Student Council. Zenkichi frowns as he hears Nienami's explanation of the Kurokami family.[310]

The Student Council and Nienami in a jet

The Student Council and Nienami in a jet.

An hour away from the Black Bunker, Naze is flying a supersonic jet towards the South Pole. In the back seat, Zenkichi, Nienami, and the rest of the Student Council are cramped together. Zenkichi asks Naze if there is anything she can do about this, who tells him to stop complaining. Wanizuka notices something on the wing, and asks Zenkichi how high and how fast the plane is going. After he answers,[311] Zenkichi is shocked to see Sui Kanaino on the wing. He asks Nienami if she is a suitor. Hearing that she is, he laments that they have no way to fight back, only to be stunned as Naze exits the jet to confront her. He explains to Torai that Naze can manipulate her body temperature. He is horrified when Naze jumps to avoid Kanaino's attack, but is amazed to see Naze is fine. Hearing that Naze cut the engines to avoid the wind pressure, Zenkichi remarks that Naze is as prepared as usual.[312] Torai asks what Kanaino is doing, referring to her as four eyes, prompting Zenkichi to remind her that she is a four eyes as well. Wanizuka reminds him that he is a four eyes himself, and Zenkichi calls her an eye patch. Emukae asks Zenkichi if Naze will be alright; Zenkichi says Naze will be fine, and admits she is more fit to be Student Council President than he is.[313] Zenkichi is surprised when Naze manages to freeze Kanaino to the plane's wing, and even more surprised when Kanaino shatters Naze's armor.[314] He is horrified when wounds erupt over Naze's body.[315] When Naze conjures her Aienkien, Zenkichi believes it can even burn through rocks, but is shocked when Kanaino douses the flames. He watches on as Kanaino insults Naze.[316] Like the others, Zenkichi is appalled by Naze's smile of masochistic pleasure.[317] Zenkichi listens on as Naze explains Kanaino's style.[318] Still watching the fight, Zenkichi worries upon hearing Kanaino is a style user like Tsurubami, and thinks that the scenario is worse than he could have imagined. He is horrified when Kanaino's bucking throws Naze off the plane.[319] When Naze returns, Zenkichi wonders if she flew. Not understanding Torai's explanation, he goes with the simpler version that she flew.[320] Listening to Kanaino, Zenkichi remarks that her abilities are nearly limitless.[321] Zenkichi questions Kanaino about the Jet Black Wedding Feast, and is stunned to hear the feast's true purpose. When Nienami acts surprised as well, Zenkichi calls her out on it.[322] When Naze melts the gasoline on her own, Zenkichi wonders why.[323]

Kugurugi's Kick Sequence

Zenkichi knocked back by Kugurugi.

After crashing landing, the Student Council makes their way towards the Black Bunker. Zenkichi is somewhat put out by how energetic Torai and Wanizuka are. Emukae almost falls due to the blinding snow, but Zenkichi catches her. Zenkichi offers to hold her hand, but Emukae declines the offer. At the Black Bunker, the group finds the suitors' abandoned drinks. As Nienami and Kanaino begin to fight, Zenkichi asks them to get along. Finding a cell, Zenkichi determines Medaka was held there by identifying her scent. Studying the floor, Zenkichi finds a note from Medaka, written in blood. He quickly decodes her riddle, though is disappointed to find how little Wanizuka thinks of his abilities. As they head back to the plane, Zenkichi promises to explain the riddle to Torai en route, only to find the jet disassembled by Mogura Kugurugi.[324] Zenkichi is surprised by Naze's anger, and is unimpressed by Kugurugi's grandstanding. Zenkichi prepares to fight Kugurugi himself, but is knocked out by one of Naze's needles.[325] Zenkichi recovers from Naze's anesthetic,[326] only to find the Student Council reduced to shambles by Kugurugi. Activating Alternate God Mode, Model Zenkichi, he charges Kugurugi, only to be easily repelled.[327] Zenkichi is stunned into silence after Emukae confesses her feelings to him, though calls out to her when he realizes she is making a suicide ploy.[328] He is horrified when Emukae is fatally injured by Kugurugi.[329] Zenkichi expresses his surprise at seeing Kumagawa.[330] As Kumagawa keeps the suitor occupied, Emukae and Zenkichi face one another. Deciding to make a grand gesture, Zenkichi drives one of Nienami's swords into his stomach. Standing tall, he tells Emukae that he will always love Medaka, and cannot reciprocate her feelings.[331]

Zenkichi Confesses

Zenkichi proposing and confessing to Medaka at the same time.

After the battle, Zenkichi's injuries are bandaged, though Kumagawa apologizes for being unable to erase them.[332] Hearing what became of the All Jokers, Zenkichi is not surprised, stating that they all share a bad habit of not dodging their opponent's first attack, and therefore can be subdued with a "One Hit KO" strategy. Kumagawa tells Zenkichi that he should solve the riddle quickly since the jet repairs will take a while. Zenkichi asks Kumagawa why he was so late to the fight; Kumagawa admits he wanted to hear Emukae's confession first, much to Zenkichi's annoyance. He then goes on to explain Medaka's coded message, revealing it secretly contains the names of several students of Hakoniwa Academy. Each name correlates to a day of the week – the only day missing is Monday, indicating that the Student Council needs to head to the moon.[333] After crashing into Bukiko Udou's rocket with the Student Council's jet, Zenkichi and his group emerge almost entirely unscathed. Parodying Buzz Armstrong's famous moon landing quote, Zenkichi smiles and calls this a small step for man, but a giant step for all of them. Zenkichi takes off his winter suit, and cheerful greets Medaka as if they are meeting by coincidence. Zenkichi goes up to Medaka and crosses arms with her, asking if she has found herself yet. Zenkichi agrees to participate in the Jet Black Wedding Feast, if Medaka listens to his request. Zenkichi tells her that she can deny him if she wants, but asks her to marry him after the battle is over.[334] Medaka smiles widely, accepting his proposal. Zenkichi, stunned by this development, begins to say he can die…before Udou runs him through with her spear. Zenkichi, coughing blood, tries to tell Medaka this is not her fault, thanking her for relying on him, and giving her a last message to pass on to Shiranui. Before Medaka can run to him, Momo Momozono seals the dying Zenkichi into a card to prevent any type of revival.[335] Zenkichi is shown still trapped within Momozono's name card during the Jet Black Wedding Feast's final round of "Delete Shiritori".[336] Zenkichi awakens, having been healed by Medaka with the Five Forks. Zenkichi is depressed that he could not be any help to her, only for Medaka to dismiss his depression with a smile. Zenkichi smiles as well, and, together with the Student Council and the All Jokers (and Nienami), returns to Hakoniwa Academy.[337]

Unknown Shiranui Arc

Zenkichi searching for Shiranui

Zenkichi searching for Shiranui.

Walking to school with Munakata, Zenkichi informs him of the events of the Jet Black Wedding Feast. Hearing that he and Medaka are now engaged, Munakata advises Zenkichi talk to Medaka and sort things out properly. Spotting Medaka, Zenkichi approaches her, but his advances are rebuffed. Naze explains to him that Medaka is old fashioned, and probably thinks it's taboo to go out before marriage. Zenkichi worries that Medaka only accepted his proposal in the heat of the moment.[338] Zenkichi arrives at the Tea Room looking for Shiranui, to find Medaka instead. He is surprised when she hugs him, but after hearing the situation, decides to go with her and Ajimu to meet Shiranui.[339]

Kumagawa and Zenkichi back to back

Kumagawa and Zenkichi back to back.

Ajimu drives Medaka, Zenkichi, and Kumagawa to meet Shiranui in a jeep.[340] Zenkichi is surprised by the appearance of Kairai Kugurugi.[341] He is disturbed when Ajimu uses another one hundred skills to defeat Kairai, and is appalled by Kumagawa's reluctance to heal Kairai afterwards.[342] Due to the terrain, the group abandons the jeep and advances on foot. Zenkichi asks Kairai if he is happy as a double. Karai can only answer yes, as he is still fulfilling his role. He suggests Zenkichi ask Shiranui, who has already finished her assignment. The group eventually comes to a three way branch in the path. Zenkichi says nothing as Kumagawa asks Medaka what she intends to do about Shiranui.[343][344] Zenkichi and the others are surprised by the appearance of the Gate Guardians "Doppelgangers".[345] Zenkichi fights his doppelganger.[346] Tired, Zenkichi falls back with Kumagawa. They both are surprised that Ajimu and Medaka are having problems against their doppelgangers as well. Kumagawa asks for a plan of action from Zenkichi; Zenkich claps for everyone's attention. Zenkichi tells Medaka not to forget her objective and expresses his happiness that Ajimu is really their ally. He also notes that none of them is the best at Hakoniwa.[347] At Zenkichi's prompting, the members of the group switch opponents; Zenkichi defeats Kumagawa's doppelganger. Obi arrives to congratulate the group and introduce herself. She then explains the next game - tag. She starts counting down but Medaka punches her instead, an act that horrifies Zenkichi and Kumagawa. Obi acknowledges Medaka's answer as correct and lets the group inside the village. Walking through, Zenkichi notes that the place looks like an ordinary village. Arriving at the gate of the mansion, Obi gives Medaka the final test: predict what the final question is, in ten seconds. Zenkichi is outraged by the demand.[348] After Medaka supplies the right answer, the group enters, to find an expressionless Shiranui in a dress.[349]

Zenkichi after Iihiko's attack

Zenkichi after Iihiko's attack.

Zenkichi is surprised when Medaka makes a dirty joke in response to Shiranui's cold greeting.[350] Listening to Shiranui, Zenkichi demands to know if all she did was simply part of her job. He is visibly hurt when she responds in the positive, and tells him that she only became his friend to get close to Medaka.[351] After Shiranui expresses her true feelings concerning her stay at Hakoniwa Academy, Zenkichi asks if she cannot return at least for the third semester, so that she can say a proper farewell.[352] Zenkichi is surprised by the arrival of Iihiko Shishime, horrified to see what the giant has done to Obi and Shiranui.[353][354] In a rage, Zenkichi attacks Iihiko. He shocked is to find his attack completely ineffective. Mistaking Zenkichi for a mosquito, Iihiko crushes Zenkichi with his palm. Zenkichi survives the attack, but is left severely injured as a result.[355] When Medaka acquiesces to Ajimu's order to flee, she takes everyone else in the room with her, including Zenkichi.[356] Medaka carries the group to Ajimu's jeep.[357] Zenkichi remains unconscious as Medaka faces Iihiko, though Iihiko takes his glasses to use as a weapon against Medaka.[358][359] After the Thirteen Party arrive at the Shiranui Village, Zenkichi and Kumagawa are evacuated on board their armored truck.[360]

Zenkichi unresponsive to treatment

Zenkichi unresponsive to treatment.

Back at the academy, Zenkichi is treated by Aoki Aka, though his wounds refuse to close and he remains unconscious.[361] Still comatose, Zenkichi dreams about his first meeting with Shiranui. As the dream continues, he realizes that he is remembering the day he first met Shiranui in April.[362] Seeing the day in a new light with his knowledge of Shiranui's true intentions, Zenkichi tries to match the Shiranui he knew with the Shiranui he met in the Shiranui Village. When Shiranui drops her eraser, Zenkichi wonders what would happen if he didn't pick it up.[363] However, despite knowing that it is just a ploy, Zenkichi picks up the eraser again, and makes the same introduction he did the first time. As their go through their introductions once again, Zenkichi thinks how he already knows who Shiranui is, and that they will be friends from then on. Zenkichi regains consciousness shortly after, and thanks his mother. With the arrival of Medaka, he states that the only things that scare him are her exhibitionism and Shiranui's appetite. Back in uniform, he asks Medaka for their plan as the group makes their way out of the academy. Hearing that they will be going after Fukurou Tsurubami, Zenkichi expresses his worry at chasing after the dead man behind the Jet Black Wedding Feast. Nienami asks where Fukurou is hiding, which prompts Zenkichi to ask whether she was with Medaka, and then to ask why she is with Medaka in the first place. Having not forgotten his bite, Nienami tells him to shut up.[364]

Medaka's group realize they have turned into children

Medaka's group realize they have turned into children.

The group boards a train to reach Hakoniwa General Hospital. Wearing a white wig, Nienami imitates Ajimu, a tasteless joke that causes the others to collapse. After dealing with Nienami, the remaining four sit down to discuss how to counter Iihiko. Zenkichi suggests non-recovery skills, particularly the Minuses.[365] He is surprised to hear that skills will not work, but wonders why Medaka is so sure styles will.[366] He expresses his discomfort that they need to rely on Fukurou, who caused all the fuss of the Jet Black Wedding Feast, and questions how the man could have survived. Zenkichi is caught off guard when Medaka questions why Fukurou developed the styles in the first place.[367] Using bicycles to complete the journey, the group arrives at the hospital ruins.[368] [369] Making their way through the hospital ruins, Zenkichi remarks that the place is more like a maze. He is upset when Kumagawa states that this was the place he first kissed Hitomi. Zenkichi wonders why Medaka cannot simply learn a style with her The End, pointing out that Fukurou has not taught his styles to very many. Along with the rest, he is shocked to discover they have turned into children. Zenkichi realizes it was after they entered the corridor, as that was when their flashlights disappeared. He is surprised to see that their injuries from Iihiko have disappeared as well. Zenkichi asks Nienami if she knows anything, though is annoyed by her answering pose.[370]

Kotobuki and her victims

Kotobuki and her victims.

As the group discusses their predicament, Zenkichi states that he can't hear anything. Nienami tells him he shouldn't doubt his friends, especially ones that lend him money. Zenkichi snaps at her, and even asks Medaka why Nienami is with them.[371] As the discussion continues, Zenkichi again states that he cannot hear anything. He asks Kumagawa if can use All Fiction to change them back; Kumagawa tells him he cannot. As Medaka advances forward, Zenkichi tries to pull her back, but is stopped by Nienami, though he remains worried as Medaka shrinks further.[372] When Joutou Kotobuki sneaks up behind the group, Zenkichi and the others are reduced to babies. Medaka starts to charge in anger, but Zenkichi stops her with his baby sounds. He is scooped up by Kotobuki, but distracts her from Medaka by slapping her face.[373] Kotobuki playfully asks the babies where Medaka is. Of course, the babies do not have a coherent answer. Seeing that Zenkichi looked away from the vent when she asked, Kotobuki pulls out a submachine gun and blows out the vent.[374] As Kotobuki starts singing again, Zenkichi notices that they won't become any younger than toddlers.[375] As Medaka is about to attack Kotobuki, she finds the babies are strapped to Kotobuki like a suit of armor, forcing her to pull back.[376] Nienami knows full well that Medaka would never take a chance to harm her friends, while an aggravated Zenkichi tells Nienami that she talks like she knows everything about Medaka.[377] Medaka kicks Kotobuki, sending a vibration that only harms her target and not the babies. With Kotobuki defeated, the group returns to their normal age, including their wounds. Zenkichi and Kumagawa are glad that Medaka beat the suitor. They also note that Medaka used weaving motions to defeat Kotobuki, which is abnormal since Medaka always uses direct attacks and motions. Because of this and her indirectness during the final battle of the Jet Black Wedding Feast, Zenkichi thinks she might have a style. Kakegae Yuzuriha appears behind the group, expressing her slight surprise that Kotobuki lost. Medaka tells everyone else to go on ahead while she stays to fight her former suitor. Zenkichi objects, but Medaka reminds him that their goal is to save Shiranui first and foremost. Reluctantly, Zenkichi and the others leave.[378]

Zenkichi comes to Shiranui's rescue

Zenkichi comes to Shiranui's rescue.

In some hallway, Zenkichi and the others get lost, but find Shiranui waiting for them. Zenkichi is shocked, asking if Shiranui was the one who sent Yuzuriha after them. Shiranui tells Zenkichi to be quiet, since she is trying to speak with Kumagawa. Kumagawa grabs Zenkichi's shoulder, and uses All Fiction to make him disappear.[379] Before Kumagawa can finish Shiranui off with his Book Maker, Zenkichi appears and stops Kumagawa's screws. Zenkichi says he knows what Kumagawa was trying to do, but asks to hit him once. Kumagawa smiles and says that he wants to say once again he could not win, but Zenkichi punches him to the ground before he finishes. Zenkichi explains to Shiranui how he returned, and asks if she is alright. Shiranui throws herself on him and tearfully apologizes for everything that has happened, asking to be saved. Zenkichi smiles and hugs her back. Zenkichi and Shiranui prepare to beat up Kumagawa, but are interrupted by his cell phone. The caller is Obi, who, after Kumagawa hands the phone over to Shiranui, warns them that Iihiko is on the way.[380][381] Zenkichi arrives at Fukurou's office with Shiranui and Kumagawa. Though he can understand Fukurou's rationale, he refuses to hand Shiranui over to him. He is annoyed by Nienami's behavior,[382] and is shocked to see Fukurou's death with the arrival of Iihiko.[383] When Iihiko turns his attention to Shiranui, Zenkichi moves to defend her.[384] Zenkichi is surprised by Medaka's appearance.[385] He tries to explain Fukurou's corpse, but is cut off by Tsurubami.[386][387] He is amazed when Medaka manages to punch Iihiko. He is shocked to realize both his and the Thirteen Party's earlier attacks were not even recognized as such by Iihiko.[388] He is confused by Medaka's choice of a one hit battle, but recognizes her preparation for the Kurokami Phantom.[389] When Medaka falls, Zenkichi rushes to her side. He refuses to believe Medaka is dead, even as his face crumples in despair.[390]

Shiranui forces Iihiko to stop

Shiranui forces Iihiko to stop.

Zenkichi begs Medaka to wake up, but is told to stop by Iihiko.[391] He is amazed when Medaka regains consciousness and rises to her feet. Though Zenkichi tries to stop Medaka from continuing the fight, her vibrating body pushes him back.[392] Zenkichi and the others cheer on Medaka as she launches herself at Iihiko.[393] He is surprised like everyone else by Medaka's clone gambit.[394][395] When Iihiko dodges, Zenkichi is appalled. He is shocked when Medaka strikes Iihiko from behind.[396] When Shiranui hugs Medaka, Zenkichi is embarrassed she got ahead of him.[397] He is horrified to see Medaka stabbed through the stomach.[398] Zenkichi is horrified further to see Iihiko has possessed Shiranui.[399] Zenkichi and the others are protected by Medaka as Iihiko destroys the hospital. He tries to stop Medaka as attempts to use Kuorkami Final a second time.[400] Zenkichi and the others are attacked by Iihiko;[401] the attack proves fatal.[402][403] As Zenkichi hovers on the brink of death, several voices appear in his mind to encourage him. Zenkichi awakens to find himself restored by Kotobuki's style.[404] He is stunned to see what appears to be Nienami fighting Iihiko, and is further shocked to find Nienami behind him. Nienami reveals that the one fighting is actually Yuzuriha. Nienami takes Zenkichi's hands to pass on her style to him; Zenkichi questions if it would not be better for some else, or Nienami herself, to fight. With some encouragement from Nienami (and his memories), Zenkichi resolves to fight Iihiko. He catches Yuzuriha as she falls, and reveals he now has Nienami's tattoo on his tongue.[405] Zenkichi faces down the possessed Shiranui, before Iihiko attacks him. Zenkichi manages to dodge Iihiko's attacks,[406] much to the former hero's increasing ire. As Zenkichi begins launching kicks, Iihiko dodges. As Iihiko attacks, Zenkichi purposefully sacrifices his arm to deliver a counter blow. He stops himself however, as Iihiko switches out with Shiranui for a split-second. Iihiko prepares to finish Zenkichi, but finds himself unable to move. Zenkichi reveals that his plan was always to bring Shiranui back in control. As Iihiko finds his fist pointed at himself, Zenkichi asks the Irreversible Destroyer what will happen if he is hit with his own irreversible damage. At Medaka's urging, Zenkichi names himself in the same manner as Iihiko.[407] With his defeat, Iihiko's damage becomes reversible, and Zenkichi is healed by Medaka with the Five Forks. Shiranui's thank you is interrupted by Kumagawa's phone, Zenkichi is appalled to hear Kumagawa traded numbers with Udou.[408] Overhearing Medaka's conversation, he is stunned to find out the moon is falling towards Earth. When Medaka declares her intention to stop the moon at the cost of her own life, a distraught Zenkichi tries to stop her, but is knocked out by Kumagawa.[409]

One plus one is a smile

One plus one is a smile.

As the academic year ends, Zenkichi speaks at the Hakoniwa Academy graduation ceremony as the Student Council president. He congratulates the seniors for coming so far, and decides to talk about what everyone wants to hear about, Medaka. Zenkichi points out that the flowers on the graduating students are the flowers Medaka raised thanks to the suggestion box. He asks everyone to forgive her absence, and talks about a time when he asked Medaka why she applied for Hakoniwa Academy. Medaka told him she wanted to learn what one plus one is. Zenkichi tells the surprised to students that he also thought it was stupid when he heard it, but he now realizes that Medaka meant two people being together; Medaka was always alone before school, and she came to be with people. Zenkichi smiles, and thanks everyone for being with and teaching Medaka. Zenkichi ends with a deep bow. Standing aside as Kumagawa speaks, Zenkichi is annoyed by Nienami's behavior.[410][411] He is shocked by Medaka's return.[412] Zenkichi joins his friends for a group photo after the ceremony ends.[413]

Bouquet Toss To The Future Arc

Medaka uppercuts Zenkichi

Medaka uppercuts Zenkichi.

Zenkichi is shocked to hear Medaka is leaving the academy. He worries how Shiranui will react, only to find she has already heard. As the Student Council ponder how to convince Medaka to stay, they are interrupted by their faculty advisor, Messhi Kuguhara. He warns them against trying to force Medaka, which Zenkichi grudgingly accepts.[414] Zenkichi decides to speak with Medaka directly. He finds her cleaning her classroom; he is relieved to see that she is happy with her new future. When Medaka asks him to come with her, Zenkichi is momentarily thrilled, then refuses, citing his responsibilities as Student Council president. After Medaka leaves, Zenkichi orders Nienami out of hiding. He tells her that he has decided to change himself, and for Medaka, they will throw the very send-off party Ajimu once thought up as a joke.[415] Zenkichi sets a series of puzzles for Medaka to solve, and waits for her at the base of the clock tower. When she arrives, he is disappointed by how easily she saw through his motives. Zenkichi explains the nature of Medaka's farewell party: a battle against one hundred of Hakoniwa's strongest, the 100 Flower Run. He is surprised by how excited Medaka becomes at the prospect. After explaining the rules, Zenkichi removes his glasses and approaches Medaka, admitting that there is a part of him that wants her to stay. Raising his fists, he asks her to beat that part out of him. Medaka admits that there is also a part of her that wants to stay, and knocks Zenkichi down with a swift uppercut. As she runs off with his flower, number seventy-three, Zenkichi laments to himself that she has left him behind again. Smiling tearfully, he bids Medaka goodbye.[416] His message to Medaka is to do her best.[417] Come April of the new school year, Zenkichi greets the new students by making a speech at the entrance ceremony. He is shocked to see the academy's new chairwoman is none other than Medaka.[418] When three new freshman approach the stage to attack Medaka, Zenkichi warns them to run.[419] He is unsurprised to see them quickly defeated.[420]

Epilogue Arc

Zenkichi charges Medaka

Zenkichi charges Medaka.

Ten years later, Zenkichi and Tsurubami return to Hakoniwa to reunite with their friends on the tenth anniversary of Ajimu's disappearance. Running late, they barge into the Student Council office, and on the women changing. They are beaten up for their transgression. Chastised by Akune, Zenkichi states he still feels young at twenty-six. At Kikaijima's request, Zenkichi holds her baby, and asks for the child's name. He and the others discuss Nabeshima's Olympic career, the medical advances happening at the rebuilt Hakoniwa General Hospital, and the successes of the committee chairs. He asks Naze what she has been up to, and is surprised to hear from Wanizuka that Munakata is now a demon hunter. He is surprised to see that Shiranui has not changed at all, but is happy to hear what she and Emukae have been up to. Probed by the others, he reveals he has spent the past four years working to join the Kurokami Group. At Akune's urging, he heads to Medaka's office, to find her sleeping with a large group of dogs.[421] Zenkichi greets Medaka, trying tell her how beautiful she has become, but is interrupted by her dogs. He thinks to himself that Medaka has become docile, and that even The End, and all the skills Medaka learned with it, have faded away. Zenkichi thinks that the loss of their skills happened to everyone, and remembers that he did not lose his own skills until he was twenty-two. He is surprised to hear about Medaka's "Moonsault Plan", a project to restore the moon. Hearing that she is restoring the moon in part to show Ajimu and Kumagawa that she is still well, Zenkichi wonders if the two are really still alive. Medaka reassures Zenkichi that both are alive, and shows him their messages from the 100 Flowers Run. Zenkichi is aghast to see she has been storing her hundred messages in the suggestion box, but in a moment of nostalgia notes that everything started with it. Zenkichi reminds Medaka that the reconstruction of the moon will take several years, and challenges her to a duel, with the condition that she marry him if he wins. Medaka accepts, telling him that if she wins, he will have to marry her; Zenkichi thinks to himself that their conditions are the same. Zenkichi notes that this is their first battle with no gimmicks involved, then excitedly charges Medaka.[422]


Zenkichi using Savate against Kumagawa

Zenkichi using Savate against Kumagawa.

Superhuman Physiology: Because Zenkichi has been together with Medaka since they were two, he has trained his body so that he can stay by her side, a course of action prompted by Maguro telling him he was too weak to remain by her side in middle school. Zenkichi is very strong, causing a small earthquake with only a stomp, and was able to survive being skewered by six blades at once.

Combat Expert: Zenkichi is a master of Savate, a French style which focuses mainly on footwork, having honed his skill to such an extent that he possesses an almost impenetrable defense. According to Zenkichi, he learned this style because he fears fighting and uses it to disarm opponents and take away their desire to fight. His mother claims to have taught him the basics of Savate. He is somewhat trained in judo, well enough that he doesn't cheat in matches even though his actual skills are less than those of Medaka and Akune. Zenkichi has also studied on how to disassemble guns (even rocket launchers), just in case something ever happened to Medaka.

  • Devil Climb (デビルクライム, Debiru Kuraimu): After the underground battle with the Flask Plan, Zenkichi learned the technique for walking on walls. Zenkichi uses this skill for escapes, and can run up the side of a building while holding someone in his arms.
  • Tactics of Naze Youka: Minus Nullify System (名瀬夭歌の戦法: マイナス無効化システム, Naze Youka no Takutikusu: Mainasu Mukouka Shisutemu): Zenkichi has been trained by Youka Naze to fight with his eyes closed. She commented that Zenkichi, due to his training, can fight the Boxing Club and walk around Hakoniwa Academy blindfolded. This was done as a countermeasure due to his crippling fear of Kumagawa. Furthermore, Zenkichi was able to utilize his own terror to "feel Kumagawa's disgusting existence" through his skin, even if his opponent kept silent. Without his brain needing to process visual information, Zenkichi can become stronger and faster, which has been referred to as his "Artificial War God Mode." The final part of the Minus Nullify System can only be realized when Zenkichi is so afraid that he begins shaking. Instead of becoming paralyzed, he trembles even more in order to perform a powerful, ground quaking stomp.

Maestro (指揮効果, Maesutoro): Zenkichi possesses the ability to harmonize with and guide others, drawing out 200% of their potential. Ajimu claims this is not a skill, but rather a part of Zenkichi's nature.[423]


Parasite Seeing

Zenkichi with Parasite Seeing activated.

Parasite Seeing (欲視力, Parasaito Shīingu): During his near death, Zenkichi's eyesight was restored (after Kumagawa blinded him with All Fiction) by Ajimu, who passed on her ability Parasite Seeing to him.[424] Zenkichi's now enhanced vision grants him the ability to see what others see through their own eyes. This also allows him to see how others view the world and understand how they think.[425] When he activates Parasite Seeing, Zenkichi's eyes turn red, with glowing pupils. This skill was turned into Model Zenkichi by Shiranui with her Real Eater.[426]

Devil Style (愚行権, Debiru Sutairu): Zenkichi's personal skill, created by Hanten.[427] Devil Style nullifies any coincidence; the skill prevents the whims of fate from interfering with a battle. Ajimu states that this ability is the opposite of a conventional main character; it degrades the hero, as they are usually just really lucky.[428] Ajimu labels Devil Style as an ability that will render all the main characters that came before Zenkichi relics of the past.[429] Because of Devil Style, Zenkichi is classed as neither a Plus nor a Minus, but rather as a Zero.[430]

Altered God Mode, Model Zenkichi

Altered God Mode, Model Zenkichi

Altered God Mode, Model Zenkichi (改神モード 全吉モデル, Kaishin Mōdo, Zenkichi Moderu): Zenkichi's version of Medaka's Altered God Mode, born from his training with Ajimu; more specifically, his exposure to Shiranui's Real Eater. When entering this form, Zenkichi removes his glasses, and his hair turns black.[431] This skill lets Zenkichi perceive his own limits; it was created when Shiranui altered Parasite Seeing with her Real Eater.[426] Because Shiranui created the skill however, Model Zenkichi cannot be used against her.[432]

  • Shutouryuu (手刀流, Hand Sword Style): While in Altered God Mode, Zenkichi's hands somehow become as sharp as blades; Zenkichi refers to them as his "special swords", which he uses with a two sword style.[433] Zenkichi has also implied that he can use his legs in the same manner, for a four sword style, though this has not been demonstrated.[434]


Contradictory Conjunction (Paradox) User (逆接(説)使い, Gyakusetsu(setsu) Tsukai): Because styles are patterns, Nienami is able transfer her style temporarily to Zenkichi using vibrations.[435] Because this transfer relies on vibrations however, the vibrations will weaken as time passes, and the style will ultimately disappear.[436] After receiving Nienami's style, Zenkichi gains her tattoo on his tongue.[437] This is the inverse connection style that specializes in the use of the word "therefore" (だからこそ, dakarakoso). This style makes the impossible possible; it paradoxically materializes the lowest possible outcome of a situation, such as winning against a strong opponent, or cutting a huge, resilient object. As Zenkichi is a normal who is quite adept at communication and understanding, along with his own powerful will and feelings, he's able to fully understand the nature of styles and how they're supposed to be used, making him better suited to Styles than arguably any other character.[438] However, as the style is suited to contrarians, it clashes with Zenkichi's honest personality, who would never do something as utilize it to grant an automatic win in a fight, much like Nienami herself.[439]

Appearances in Other Media

J-Stars Victory VS

Zenkichi appears as a non-playable character in the video game J-Stars Victory VS.


  • When translated from kanji, Parasite Seeing means Greedy Sight.
  • When translated from kanji, Devil Style means The Right to do What is Wrong.
  • The mark on Zenkichi's tongue is 逆, which can mean "Reverse" or "Inverted".
  • Zenkichi was voted the third most popular character in the series in the third popularity poll with 885 votes.
  • Zenkichi was voted the eighth most popular character in the series in the second popularity poll with 672 votes.
  • Zenkichi was voted the second most popular character in the series in the first popularity poll with 554 votes.


  • (To Hansode Shiranui) "Hey, hey! So I take it that this is a challenge, seeing as you dropped an eraser in front of me? Kah! It seems like you don't know about the man who they called "Erase Man", the one who mastered the skill of the silent eraser. Alright then! Challenge accepted! I'll bring my own eraser tomorrow! I'm Hitoyoshi Zenkichi! Who are you!?"[440]
  • (To Iihiko Shishime) "That's right. And I'm Hitoyoshi Zenkichi … a high schooler who couldn't live alone, even for a second, and is as cool as the devil himself."[441]


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