The Unknown Shiranui Arc (不知火不知編, Shiranui Shirazu Hen)[1][2] is the sixth story arc of the Medaka Box series.

Arc Outline

Now formally engaged to Zenkichi Hitoyoshi, Medaka Kurokami intends to take a more traditional approach to their relationship. However, she soon discovers that Hansode Shiranui has disappeared from both the school and everyone's memories. A meeting with Najimi Ajimu reveals what has happened, and along with Zenkichi (the only other student who still remembers Shiranui), Medaka sets out to find her erstwhile double. Medaka and Zenkichi discover she is to become the next host for Iihiko Shishime, a 5000 year old being, and set out to defeat him. After learning the truth behind the styles and Medaka's other father, Fukurou Tsurubami, Iihiko is defeated and Shiranui is saved. However, Fukurou's final trump card brings the moon plummeting towards Earth. Medaka stops the moon and disappears, but returns in time for the academy graduation ceremony.

Sea Lights in the Dark

Medaka vs Akune and Nabeshima

Medaka vs Akune and Nabeshima.

Walking to school with Kei Munakata, Zenkichi informs him of the events of the Jet Black Wedding Feast. Hearing that he and Medaka are now engaged, Munakata advises Zenkichi talk to Medaka and sort things out properly. Spotting Medaka, Zenkichi approaches her, but his advances are rebuffed. In the Student Council office, Youka Naze explains to him that Medaka wants a classical romance, and probably thinks its taboo to go out before marriage. Zenkichi worries that Medaka only accepted his proposal in the heat of the moment. Shori Wanizuka consoles him by saying that she saw Medaka in the hallways, and thought she looked very excited. At the Judo Club, Medaka faces Kouki Akune and Nekomi Nabeshima to a two-on-one Judo match. The match ends in a tie, and as the three towel off, Medaka expresses her excitement at marrying Zenkichi after graduation. Medaka asks Akune if he heard about Zenkichi's proposal from Shiranui; however, he does not know who she is talking about. Nabeshima tells him Medaka must be talking about the chairman. When Medaka insists she is referring to his granddaughter though, both Nabeshima and Akune claim not to know who she is talking about. Medaka speaks to several students, to find none of them remember Shiranui, though Royal Hirado directs her to visit Ajimu in the Tea Room.

Ajimu in the Tea Room

Ajimu in the Tea Room.

Ajimu still remembers Shiranui, and she and Medaka discuss why no one else does. Ajimu reveals that Misogi Kumagawa has used his All Fiction, and has already tracked him down and forced him to talk. Kumagawa questions why Medaka cares about Shiranui, who tells him she has begun to like Shiranui and would hate it if she disappeared. Kumagawa tells Medaka he used his All Fiction to erase all memories and records of Shiranui at her own request. Ajimu then explains to Medaka how Shiranui was actually Medaka's double, assigned to Hakoniwa Academy to support Medaka from the shadows. After the Jet Black Wedding Feast ended, Shiranui told Kumagawa that Medaka didn't need her anymore, and that her job was done. Kajiki Kurokami ordered to her leave Hakoniwa Academy, as her assignment was finished. Ajimu asks Kumagawa why Medaka still remembers Shiranui, who replies it is most likely because Medaka was so closely tied to Shiranui. Hearing that her own father withdrew Shiranui from the school, Medaka becomes more and more upset, worrying about seeing Zenkichi's face when he tells her that he does not know who Shiranui is. Zenkichi arrives at the Tea Room looking for Shiranui, and a relieved Medaka tearfully hugs him. Ajimu explains that she intends to meet with Shiranui, and offers to bring Medaka and Zenkichi with her.

Kairai draws his revolver

Kairai draws his revolver.

Ajimu drives Medaka, Zenkichi, and Kumagawa to meet Shiranui in a jeep, prompting Kumagawa to question why she doesn't use one of her skills to transport them. Ajimu laughs off Kumagawa's and Medaka's questions, before making an emergency stop to avoid Kairai Kugurugi, who expresses his disappointment at not being run over. At Kumagawa's comment that he has recovered well from Ajimu's beating, Kairai reveals his true weapon is a revolver…only to be defeated by Ajimu once again, this time with a hundred gun skills. At Ajimu's order to heal Kairai, Kumagawa expresses his distaste at healing a man's injuries, appalling Zenkichi. Bloodied, Kairai rises to his feet, explaining that he was sent to act as a guide, and welcomes the group to the Shiranui Village.

Reserved Shiranui

Shiranui's reserved nature.

At the village proper, Shiranui eats little and asks Shinkirou Kotobuki to take the food back; explaining she only ate lots of food before because of Medaka's previous restriction on eating meat. Genjitsu Momozono informs Shiranui that Medaka and the others from the academy are at the entrance of the village. Shiranui drinks her tea, voicing her surprise that All Fiction failed. When Shinkirou points out how useless Zenkichi was during the Jet Black Wedding Feast and that Shiranui was the true supporter of Medaka, Shiranui splashes her tea on Shinkirou. Emotionless, Shiranui apologizes, saying that she seems to be still in character. She excuses herself to cool off. As Shiranui stares out into a garden, Obi comes up and congratulates her on a job well done. Shiranui is surprised that Obi has not retired yet. Obi gives Shiranui her next assignment, from their master Kajiki. Shiranui states no job could be more difficult than shadowing Medaka, but is completely shocked and amused upon reading her orders.

Gate Guardians Doppelgangers

The Gate Guardians "Doppelgangers".

Due to the terrain, the group abandons the jeep and advances on foot. Medaka asks after her suitors; hearing that Momo Momozono is still depressed concerning her loss, Medaka asks Kairai to tell her that she will take Momozono on at any time. Zenkichi asks Kairai if he is happy as a double. Karai can only answer yes, as he is still fulfilling his role. He suggests Zenkichi ask Shiranui, who has already finished her assignment. The group eventually comes to a three way branch in the path. Kairai explain the group has to choose the correct route on their own, explaining that his purpose as a guide was to guide them back. As Medaka ponders which route choose, Kumagawa questions what she plans to do about Shiranui. Medaka asks him if he has given up on defeating her; Kumagawa declares (without brackets) that he still intends to defeat her before he graduates. Hearing his answer, she smiles and proceeds down the correct path. Kairai comments that he can see why his lady lost to Medaka. Ajimu tells him Medaka grew stronger because of the Jet Black Wedding Feast. Kairai mentions the problem is not bringing Shiranui back to Hakoniwa Academy, but whether she wants to return. Meanwhile, Obi asks Shiranui what to do concerning Medaka and the others. Shiranui doubts Medaka will be fooled by the notice board, but doubts she will be able to reach the village, as the path is blocked by the Gate Guardians "Doppelgangers". Describing Medaka's group, Shiranui labels one as strong, one as weak, and one that lives too long. She begins to say the fourth is kind, but instead changes the description to too optimistic. She adds further that the Shiranui Village is a nest of doubles, and that the ones stalling the group from the academy will be themselves. The Doppelgangers intercept Medaka, Zenkichi, Kumagawa, and Ajimu as they approach the Shiranui Village. Assuming the appearances of the four, each Doppelganger introduces them self in the style of the person they are copying.

Medaka punches Obi

Medaka punches Obi.

In preparation for her new role, Shiranui's clothes are changed by several maids. Shiranui nonchalantly states that, even for Medaka, fighting your doppelganger is like trying to catch sea lights on the open seas. Meanwhile, each member of the group fights their doppelganger. Tired, Zenkichi falls back with Kumagawa. They both are surprised that Ajimu and Medaka are having problems against their doppelgangers as well (though both appear excited by the prospect). Kumagawa asks for a plan of action from Zenkichi; Zenkich claps for everyone's attention. Zenkichi tells Medaka not to forget her objective and expresses his happiness that Ajimu is really their ally. He also notes that none of them is the best at Hakoniwa Academy. At Zenkichi's prompting, the members of the group switch opponents; Medaka defeats Zenkichi's doppelganger, Kumagawa defeats Ajimu's, Zenkichi defeats Kumagawa's, and Ajimu defeats Medaka's. Medaka is surprised to see that the doppelgangers were just illusions and clothes. Obi arrives to congratulate the group and introduce herself. She asks how Medaka solved the earlier puzzle. After Medaka explains her solution, Obi bows in respect. Obi introduces the next game - tag. She starts counting down but Medaka punches her instead, saying that there is no need to play the game if the demon is defeated. Obi acknowledges Medaka's answer as correct and lets the group inside the village.

Medaka's feelings of gra-tits-tude

Medaka's feelings of gra-tits-tude.

Walking through, Zenkichi notes that the place looks like an ordinary village. Obi replies that it is nice to hear so, as it means their disguise is working. Obi tells Medaka's group that if they really want to know what the village's true goal is, they should take the middle path. Ajimu asks if they are not protecting the Kurokami family; Obi turns back and states the Shiranui Village is protecting the world. Despite having the power to foresee the future, Ajimu chooses to be fair to any possible twists in the plot. Arriving at the gate of the mansion, Obi gives Medaka the final test: predict what the final question is, in ten seconds. Zenkichi is outraged by the demand, and even Kumagawa thinks such a test is impossible. Medaka thinks for a moment, then explains out how Shiranui would not use a cheap trick, but would try to make fun out of Medaka's predicament. Medaka believes there is no question, and her answer is for Obi not to screw with her. Obi reveals that Medaka is correct, and questions whether or not Medaka is human. As they approach Shiranui's room, Obi informs them that the Shiranui they knew no long exists, as she has a new mission. The group finds an expressionless Shiranui in a dress, who greets them apathetically. Shiranui pretends not to remember her visitors, claiming she forgets quickly about unimportant things. Obi is pleased with Shiranui's response to her friends, noting that the girl is the embodiment of the Shiranui Village. In response to Shiranui's cold greeting, Medaka makes a dirty joke, and demands refreshments, surprising Zenkichi. At Medaka's refusal to leave, Obi orders Kairai to bring them tea, while she goes to check on Iihiko. Ajimu notices when Obi leaves.

Iihiko attacks

Iihiko attacks.

Seated and with tea, Shiranui drops her earlier act. Listening to Shiranui, Zenkichi demands to know if all she did was simply part of her job. He is visibly hurt when she responds in the positive, and tells him that she only became his friend to get close to Medaka. Shiranui goes on to question Kumagawa as to why Zenkichi still has his memories, but then dismisses him before he can answer. Medaka asks the other girl why she tried to erase everyone's memories before leaving. Medaka goes on to say that if Shiranui's true feelings are that she desired to be pursued, then they will work towards that. Shiranui laughs, before revealing that she always hated everything about Hakoniwa Academy. After expressing her true feelings, Shiranui tearfully begs Kumagawa to erase her memories, only to become more distraught after he tells her he cannot. In the face of Shiranui's plea, Kumagawa admits it is impossible. Offhandedly mentioning that his current fetish is an open-front hooded sweatshirt, he goes on to explain that his All Fiction has deteriorated to the point he cannot erase things that hold a strong emotional attachment. Because Shiranui's feelings are still with Hakoniwa Academy and Zenkichi, he cannot erase them. Zenkichi asks if she cannot return at least for the third semester, so that she can say a proper farewell. Shiranui smiles sadly and tells him she has to stay in the village. She begins to explain about the darkness sealed away, before being interrupted by Iihiko. The giant (using Obi as a club) breaks through the wall behind Shiranui, sending her flying into another wall, where she drops to the floor unmoving. Zenkichi is horrified to see what the giant has done to Obi and Shiranui. Though bloodied and being dragged around by her leg, Obi smilingly tells Iihiko to entertain their guests. Ajimu tells the others to run, revealing that she can only hold Iihiko off for fifteen seconds.

The Monster From 5000 Years Ago

Iihiko defeats Ajimu

Iihiko defeats Ajimu.

Iihiko cackles in delight at seeing Ajimu again after five thousand years. Ajimu responds in kind, telling him she does not want to be called Anshin'in by him. In a rage, Zenkichi attacks Iihiko. He shocked is to find his attack completely ineffective. Mistaking Zenkichi for a mosquito, Iihiko crushes Zenkichi with his palm. Zenkichi survives the attack, but is left severely injured as a result. Seeing Zenkichi has survived, Iihiko realizes Zenkichi is a human being, and lauds his "strategy" of pretending to be a mosquito. He then swings Obi's body around again, knocking aside Kumagawa before the boy can attack him with his screws. Noticing Medaka is the only one not to attack mindlessly, Iihiko asks Ajimu if the other girl is her favorite. Ajimu once again tells Medaka to run. At Medaka's insistence and Obi's pushing, Ajimu reveals her history with Iihiko. Five thousand years ago, Iihiko became the first man Ajimu could not win against. In trying to attain a certain goal, Ajimu fought and lost against Iihiko at least one hundred million times, despite using all her skills and being aided by other Not Equals she had created. Eventually, Ajimu achieved her goal by simply avoiding him. Medaka acquiesces to Ajimu's order to flee, and creates four clones of herself to evacuate everyone in the room, promising Ajimu that she will come back to help her. After Medaka escapes, Ajimu notes that the other girl still rescued her enemies as well as her friends. As Iihiko taunts her with his "weapon" (a rubber band), Ajimu notes that he has not changed, and makes her distaste clear. Changing his tone, Iihiko tells Ajimu he has grown bored with fighting her, and offers to let her live if she captures the group that has just escaped. Ajimu refuses without hesitation, and activates several of her skills. In response, Iihiko uses the rubber band to blow her body in half. As Medaka hurries to the jeep, Shiranui regains consciousness, and tells her that as long as she is with the group, Iihiko will continue to come after them. Medaka does not understand her, but reassures her that Ajimu is buying them time…only to find Iihiko waiting for them in the jeep, who taunts Medaka with Ajimu's severed hair.

Medaka vs. Iihiko

Medaka vs. Iihiko.

Iihiko tells Medaka that, rather than trying to use automobiles, running would have been faster. Ignoring Shiranui's pleas to run, Medaka enters Altered God Mode, and attempts to use Kurokami Phantom on Iihiko, only for him to easily bypass her. As Iihiko reaches for Zenkichi, Medaka demands to know if he means to use Zenkichi's body as a weapon; Iihiko reveals he intends to use Zenkichi's glasses instead, and bends the frame to fit around his fist. Kairai notes that Iihiko is starting his game. Medaka furiously tells Iihiko not to mess with her, only for Iihiko to deliver a crippling blow to arm. Medaka uses the opportunity to lock herself around Iihiko's arm, but drops off in surprise when she finds her arm has not healed immediately as it should have. Shiranui explains to Medaka that things damaged by Iihiko do not heal, and that her wounded arm will never recover. Medaka attacks with her wounded arm anyway, spinning her body to use it. Hearing that there is someone else at Hakoniwa Academy who specializes in destruction, Iihiko expresses his desire to someday fight such a person. He then retaliates by breaking Medaka's torso, and begins brutally beating her. Kairai states that the fight and Medaka's fighting career are both over. Shiranui begs Iihiko to stop beating Medaka, only for Obi to remind her that all that has happened is her fault, as she still holds attachments to Hakoniwa Academy. Shiranui asks Obi to stop Iihiko, promising to remain in the village forever. Medaka stops his attack with her good arm, and thanks Shiranui for all that she has done for her, stunning Shiranui to silence. Hearing Medaka's declaration to defeat him, Iihiko demands to know how, and prepares to finish her. He is interrupted however by a wave of electricity, and Obi demands that the culprit reveal himself. Medaka is surprised to find her savior is Oudo Miyakonojou, who withholds his name and claims he is just passing by.

Iihiko vs. an armored truck

Iihiko vs. an armored truck.

Oudo introduces the rest of the Thirteen Party's Front Six, surprising Medaka. Shiranui explains who they are to Obi and Kairai; hearing Shiranui identify the members of the Thirteen Party, Obi dismisses them as worthless small fries. Iihiko is initially unimpressed by the arrival of Oudo, but laughs out loud when he sees Oudo has brought others with him. His laughter is interrupted however by a knee to the face from Shigusa Takachiho. Before Iihiko can respond, he is cut by several of Kei Munakata's blades, who states he does not need a reason to kill him. As each Abnormal attacks Iihiko, Shiranui explains their abilities to the evermore amazed pair behind her. Youka Naze watches on as a laughing Itami Koga kicks Iihiko. After the others make their attacks, Mizou Yukuhashi and Oudo use their Abnormalities in tandem to fire of a massive wave of electricity at Iihiko, dropping him. After Iihiko is knocked down, Medaka begins to question Oudo, only to be cut off as Iihiko rises to his feet. Despite his jocular attitude in brushing off their assault, Iihiko is genuinely annoyed by the frontal attacks; Oudo offers an attack from the side, and Iihiko is knocked off the mountain by a stealth armored truck. With Iihiko temporarily dealt with, Medaka and her allies make their escape, carrying Zenkichi and Kumagawa on board. Smiling, Shiranui chooses to jump off however to prevent Iihiko from following. She tells Medaka that they could have been best friends, if they each had been different people. Medaka is horrified, and calls out to her as the truck leaves her behind.

Hanten's face revealed

Hanten's face revealed.

After Medaka and company escape, Kairai and Obi climb back to solid ground, Kairai wondering who could have been driving the truck. Iihiko catches Shiranui as she falls, reminding her that her body is precious to him as well. Iihiko catches Shiranui as she falls, reminding her that her body is precious to him as well. He then asks for Medaka's name, expressing his belief that the two of them will cross paths once again. As Medaka demands they let her go back for Shiranui and Ajimu, Hanten Shiranui reveals Ajimu is dead, which is why he has taken action. He promises to explain everything, and tells Medaka to call him Hanten'in.

Hero Iihiko

The original Iihiko.

Back at the academy, Aoki Aka tries to treat Zenkichi and Kumagawa. She is able to stop their hemorrhaging, but cannot close their wounds or restore them to consciousness. She asks Oudo why neither Medaka nor Ajimu can treat the boys; Oudo explains to her that Ajimu is dead, and that Medaka is currently conversing with Hanten. In the clock tower, Hanten offers Medaka a drink from the bar she gave him after the Jet Black Wedding Feast. Medaka does not reply, but instead hypothesizes that, as Ajimu's double, Hanten is not a real Not Equal at all. He confirms Medaka's analysis of his relationship with Ajimu, then asks what he can do to make Medaka give up. In the face of Hanten's nonchalance, Medaka loses her temper, confronting him on knowing Iihiko was in the village, but not warning Ajimu. Hanten changes the subject, and tells Medaka she should first thank him for bringing the Front Six to help her. Medaka apologizes and thanks him. Hanten continues his story, saying that, as Ajimu's shadow, he never hindered her actions, but admits he did not expect Ajimu to die, as she had faced Iihiko more than a hundred million times without dying. Hanten explains that Ajimu fought Iihiko to the death to allow Medaka to escape, and while he cannot forgive Medaka, he will succeed Ajimu's will and keep her alive. At Medaka's questioning, Hanten explains that Iihiko was originally a hero that lived five thousand years ago; Ajimu's image of a perfect human was likely influenced by Iihiko. Hanten continues, saying that the times have changed and the current Iihiko is the result of the Shiranui Village that has passed down his legend over the past five thousand years. The Shiranui Household were created to serve as Hanten's "backups"; after he died, one of them could replace him as Ajimu's double. However, like Hanten himself, the Shiranui preserve unusual things. Listening to Hanten, Medaka correctly deduces that Iihiko has survived for five thousand years through a line of Shiranui doubles. Hanten confirms this, adding that they began serving as doubles for the Kurokami as a side job to fund their main project. And the next double for Iihiko is none other than Shiranui herself, whose very existence will cease to be after training to become him. As Iihiko's purpose to live now is just living, his goals line up with those of the Shiranui Village, and so he will not leave the village as long as Shiranui is there. His explanation finished, Hanten declares that he will definitely force Medaka to give up on Shiranui.

Hanten hits Medaka

Hanten hitting Medaka.

At the Shiranui Village, Shiranui and Obi are redressed, Obi commenting that they will need to use makeup to cover Shiranui's wounds. She tells Shiranui not to blame her, as releasing Iihiko was the only way to stop Ajimu and Medaka. A blank eyed Shiranui apologizes to Obi for forcing her to use Iihiko, even though Zenkichi and Kumagawa most likely will not recover. At Shiranui's response, Obi grins, saying that even Medaka would give up if she were see Shiranui's eyes. Despite all of Hanten's pessimism however, Medaka declares that she will never give up. She states that if she can beat Iihiko before the day is over, she can relieve Shiranui of her job. Hanten punches her on the head in response. Hanten believes Medaka stands no chance against Iihiko and would just be wasting Ajimu's death. Medaka counters that Ajimu fought against "impossibility" all her life - Ajimu died so that she could stand back up and defeat Iihiko. Hanten insists it's impossible, pointing out that her wounds won't heal, and even Abnormal or Minus skills cannot defeat him. They are both surprised by the sudden appearance of Kamome Tsurubami and Namanie Nienami. Tsurubami posits that, were Medaka to learn a style, she might stand a chance against Iihiko. He also reveals he still remembers Shiranui; from outside the academy. Tsurubami then offers to take Medaka to the creator of the styles: his father Fukurou. At the same time, Kairai and Shinkirou transport Shiranui to her next workplace. Shiranui assures Shinkirou that she will do her job, to keep herself distracted from her injuries. Shiranui opens up the scroll detailing her mission, the contents of which include the name Fukurou Tsurubami.

The Search for Fukurou Tsurubami

Kurokami Mansion

Kurokami Mansion.

Taking a train and then renting bikes, Medaka, Tsurubami, and Nienami travel towards Medaka's home. Tsurubami comments that, compared to the Jet Black Wedding Feast, their mode of transportation is far more normal for high school students. Nienami comments that Medaka is probably the only one who would consider such means of transportation fast. Medaka reveals to the others that her father owns the entire town, and that the family has a total of five hundred such homes throughout the world; Nienami and Tsurubami think that Medaka could move on a daily basis with the number of houses her family owns. Making their way through the garden, Nienami questions how Medaka can be sure Kajiki will be present. Kajiki greets Medaka and her friends from the rooftop with a pun (causing an embarrassed Medaka to try and pass him off as merely a resident). He then jumps from the roof while singing a fanfare, only to hit the ground and remain motionless.

Nienami excited, Tsurubami dismayed

Nienami excited, Tsurubami dismayed.

Inside, Kajiki (now with a bandage on his forehead) apologizes for his excitement, and for making his guests change their clothes, explain that the house's dress code requires that their apparel cost at least ten million yen (which Tsurubami finds materialistic). He tells them they can take the clothes home with as a present, and offers them a small platinum mine as well. Tsurubami wonders how they are supposed to "take it home", and is exasperated by Nienami's easy acceptance. Medaka changes into a kimono, complaining that she would rather wear western clothing. She immediately confronts her father concerning the whereabouts of Fukurou; at his request, she explains the situation with Iihiko. After Medaka introduces Tsurubami as Fukurou's son, Kajiki admits that the two resemble one another. Tsurubami admits he is using Medaka's friendship with Shiranui to try and find his father, and Nienami admits she only came to ask for money. As the conversation continues, Nienami wonders just where Fukurou is, annoying Tsurubami. Pressed by Medaka, Kajiki admits that he does know Fukurou's whereabouts, and had Shiranui assigned to be his double at the other man's request. Hearing that Shiranui will become Fukurou's double, Nienami declares it a good opportunity to outwit the Shiranui Village, though Tsurubami cannot take her suggestion seriously. However, Kajiki refuses to tell Medaka where she can find Fukurou.

Medaka in her mother's kimono

Medaka in her mother's kimono.

Nashi Kurokami interrupts Kajiki and Medaka's argument, and tells Kajiki he should just give in. She comments on Medaka's resemblance to Hato Tsurubami, and chides Kajiki for making her wear a memento kimono. She then tells him to tell Medaka where Fukurou is, as Medaka will find out eventually anyway, and in the meantime, something irreparable could happen. Kajiki remains staunch however, insisting that Fukurou is even more dangerous than Iihiko. When her father remains uncooperative, Medaka declares her intent to take over the Kurokami Group, surprising her friends and amusing Nashi. When Kajiki points out she will lose the freedom she obtained by winning the Jet Black Wedding Feast, Medaka replies that she is free to throw away her freedom if she wants to.

Kumagawa hugged by Ajimu

Kumagawa hugged by Ajimu.

Still comatose, Zenkichi dreams about his first meeting with Shiranui, while Kumagawa meets Ajimu in the dream world classroom. In the real world, Aka explains Zenkichi's and Kumagawa's conditions to Hitomi, who responds that their spirits are resting, not broken. She draws her needles and declares this a job for a psychosomatic surgeon. As the dream continues, Zenkichi realizes that he is remembering the day he first met Shiranui in April. Seeing the day in a new light with his knowledge of Shiranui's true intentions, Zenkichi tries to match the Shiranui he knew with the Shiranui he met in the Shiranui Village. When Shiranui drops her eraser, Zenkichi wonders what would happen if he didn't pick it up. Despite knowing that it is just a ploy, Zenkichi picks up the eraser again, and makes the same introduction he did the first time. As their go through their introductions once again, Zenkichi thinks how he already knows who Shiranui is, and that they will be friends from then on. Ajimu explains that what Kumagawa is seeing is just a recording; he lifts up her skirt. Having predicted what he would, the recording kicks Kumagawa in the head. She goes on to say that she does not regret dying and, bringing out two parcels, tells Kumagawa she has left him an inheritance. Ajimu claims she wanted to give Kumagawa all her, skills, but that there are only two he can use. Hundred Gauntlets, which will stop the deterioration of his All Fiction, and the second, which is to be a surprise. She tells Kumagawa that she is rooting for him, and that this is the only biased action she has ever done as a Not Equal. Kumagawa insists that wanting to win and being able to win are different things, though the recording insists that she cannot hear him. Getting up, Ajimu goes to the window and looks for the loser star Kumagawa was born under. After Kumagawa picks one out, Ajimu destroys it, shocking Kumagawa. He is further surprised when she hugs him, telling him he is a star of hope for the weak, and that he was like a cute little brother to her. Both boys regain consciousness shortly after.

Zenkichi and Kumagawa recover

Zenkichi and Kumagawa recover.

Hitomi explains she stimulated their cerebral nerves with her needles. Smiling, she asks each if they had good dreams. Zenkichi thanks his mother, while thanks Aka, causing her to blush and look away, telling him there is no need to thank her. Medaka arrvies to collect Zenkichi and Kumagawa. Zenkichi states that the only things that scare him are her exhibitionism and Shiranui's appetite, while Kumagawa tells her that one loss is not enough to break his will. Back in uniform, Kumagawa asks Medaka for their plan as the group makes their way out of the academy. Medaka explains the plan: they will find Fukurou, take custody of Shiranui, learn a style, and defeat Iihiko when he comes. Hearing that they will be going after Fukurou, Zenkichi expresses his worry at chasing after the dead man behind the Jet Black Wedding Feast. Nienami asks where Fukurou is hiding, which prompts Zenkichi to ask whether she was with Medaka, and then to ask why she is with Medaka in the first place. Having not forgotten his bite, Nienami tells him to shut up. Medaka reveals that Fukurou is hiding out at the ruins of Hakoniwa General Hospital, still conducting his research.

Nienami's Ajimu impression

Nienami's Ajimu impression.

The group boards a train to reach Hakoniwa General Hospital. Wearing a white wig, Nienami imitates Ajimu, a tasteless joke that causes the others to collapse. After dealing with Nienami (courtesy of Kumagawa and his screws), the remaining four sit down to discuss how to counter Iihiko. Zenkichi suggests non-recovery skills, particularly the Minuses. Medaka reveals that none of the skills she mastered with The End were effective against Iihiko; Kumagawa tries to explain Iihiko's resistance to skills with a Dragon Ball reference, and comments on the level of Medaka's Abnormality. Tsurubami comments that Ajimu's simulated reality complex may have been exacerbated by Iihiko's strength from another dimension. Zenkichi is surprised to hear that skills will not work, but wonders why Medaka is so sure styles will. She states that a style will work because words can reach Iihiko. Zenkichi expresses his discomfort that they need to rely on Fukurou, who caused all the fuss of the Jet Black Wedding Feast, and questions how the man could have survived. Medaka reiterates that she was the one who killed Fukurou. Kumagawa tells Medaka to stop insisting that she killed Fukurou, commenting that they all heard Momozono's story. Hearing Momozono's name, Nienami claims she might know the girl, and is told to shut up. Medaka asks the others why they believe Momozono's story from the Jet Black Wedding Feast. Tsurubami questions if Momozono's story from the Jet Black Wedding Feast was a lie, and thinks to himself that the impression he got from Ajimu was different from what he heard later. Medaka questions why Fukurou developed the styles in the first place: an ability that could possibly defeat Iihiko, and then request the next Iihiko (Shiranui) as his double.

The Shiranui doubles captured

The Shiranui doubles captured.

Shiranui, Kairai, and Shinkirou arrive at the ruins of Hakoniwa General Hospital to meet Fukurou. Kairai questions whether Fukurou will really be waiting for them, though Shiranui quiets his concerns. She goes on to explain the history of the hospital and the Tsurubami family. Listening to Shiranui, Shinkirou is surprised to hear that Hato was a nurse, and Kairai asks about her. As they proceed through the ruins, Shiranui explains the details of Hato's career as a nurse. After hearing Shiranui's explanation, Kairai questions why Kajiki would marry such an unsociable person, while Shinkirou wonders how much of Hato's marriage was decided by the Ge'hyoukai, or if she was simply after the Kurokami's money. Arriving at the director's office, Shiranui tells her escorts they can leave her. However both Kairai and Shinkirou insist on staying; Shiranui comments that they are nice guys. Upon entering however, all three are trapped in a cage. Fukurou (with Kotobuki and Yuzuriha) greets Shiranui, complaining about how long he has had to wait for her. Shiranui calls him a dandy, and notes he seems too alive to be dead.

Sing, Sing, Sing (With a Swing)

Fukurou proposes to Shiranui

Fukurou proposes to Shiranui.

Outraged at their imprisonment, Shinkirou demands that Fukurou release them. However, Fukurou's response is to kill Shinkirou with his styles, then seal him in a name card. Fukurou hands the card to Kotobuki, telling her to revive Shinkirou when he cools off. Kotobuki tucks the card between her breasts. Shiranui explains her research to Fukurou as his double, though is quieted when he points out she missed his sister complex. Impressed by the extent of Shiranui's research, Fukurou offers her her favorite candy, having researched her himself. He then proposes to Shiranui, listing his failings, but insisting he will make her happy regardless. In the face of their disgust, Fukurou explains his history to Shiranui and Kairai. He always loved his sister, but because of her attitude, he instinctively rejected her, and wished she was nicer. Fukurou introduced Kajiki to Hato in the hopes that their child would possess both Hato's willpower and Kajiki's love. However, Fukurou was disappointed in Medaka, who was even more zealous than her mother, and decided to pursue someone similar instead of the genuine article. Shiranui is horrified to realize Fukurou is only pursuing her because she was Medaka's double. Fukurou insists that life is compromise, and that he will love Shiranui in place of Hato and Medaka. He reveals that he arranged for Medaka to meet Momozono so that she would grow as a person and no longer require her double, and that Kotobuki and Yuzuriha were the only suitors who knew of his true plans. Overwhelmed, Shiranui wonders why her life is turning her into a Minus; even in this situation, she can still manage to smile. Kairai reminds Fukurou of the threat presented by Iihiko, though Fukurou responds that he has developed a style to deal with Iihiko. Fukurou and Shiranui both are surprised when Kotobuki alerts them that Medaka and her friends have arrived at the hospital ruins. Shiranui correctly deduces why the other girl has come. Fukurou orders Kotobuki to greet Medaka, promising a grand welcome. Kairai is surprised to hear that Medaka has come to the hospital, but realizes that it is an excellent opportunity for himself and Shiranui to escape. She asks that Fukurou keep Medaka away however, not wanting a repeat of the previous day with Iihiko. Fukurou agrees to Shiranui's request, and instead orders Kotobuki to chase Medaka off. Kairai is shocked by Shiranui's decision, and asks her if she still intends to act as Medaka's double. Shiranui gives a melancholic answer however, and tries to sort out her feelings towards Medaka, realizing that she has lied so much, even she is not sure just what the truth is.

Medaka's group realize they have turned into children

Medaka's group realize they have turned into children.

Making their way through the hospital ruins, Zenkichi remarks that the place is more like a maze. Medaka tells Zenkichi not to call the hospital eerie, as it is the place where they first met. Kumagawa remarks that this was the place he first kissed Hitomi, upsetting Zenkichi. Medaka leads the way; having only come for a day, Kumagawa wonders if they should have asked Shibushi for help. Tsurubami remarks that something feels strange, but shrugs it off as merely nerves at finally meeting his father. Medaka tells Tsurubami not to worry about meeting his father, and Tsurubami tells a little of his history before meeting Ajimu, explaining why he cannot teach Medaka a style himself. Zenkichi wonders why Medaka cannot simply learn a style with her The End, pointing out that Fukurou has not taught his styles to very many. Medaka states that while she cannot learn a style with her The End, she will do whatever necessary to defeat Iihiko. Nienami assures Medaka she should be able to learn a style, as Nienami was able to do so. They all shocked however, to discover they have turned into children. Zenkichi realizes it was after they entered the corridor, as that was when their flashlights disappeared. Kumagawa points out that even their childhood possessions have returned, as his stuffed rabbit is back in his hands. Arranging her hair back into her present style, Medaka explains that they have gotten younger as they have been walking, and also points out that their injuries from Iihiko have healed. Hearing Medaka's explanation, Tsurubami suggests turning back as a possible method to restore themselves. Medaka decides that whatever this new style is, it could hold a clue to defeating Iihiko. Zenkichi asks Nienami if she knows anything, who reveals it is Kotobuki's style while making a strange pose. She warns Medaka not to underestimate Kotobuki, who is a Nursery Rhyme User. Kotobuki sits at the bottom of a staircase, singing the Edo Lullaby.

Kotobuki and her victims

Kotobuki and her victims.

Nienami continues her explanation, stating that whoever hears Kotobuki sing turns younger. Zenkichi states that he can't hear anything. Nienami is upset by Zenkichi's seeming doubt, and tells him he shouldn't doubt his friends, especially ones that lend him money. Zenkichi snaps at her, and even asks Medaka why Nienami is with them, who is unable to give him an answer. Medaka starts to review what has happened. Tsurubami theorizes each step has made them younger, though Medaka believes that their age is reversing geometrically. Zenkichi again states that he cannot hear anything. Tsurubami fears that Kotobuki's song is on an infrasonic sound level, and can therefore affect them even if they cannot hear anything from their position. Kumagawa, fed up with the talking, rips his stuffed toy apart to get a screw; even if people get younger, screws shouldn't. Kumagawa tries to throw the screw all the way across the hallway, but it drops a short distance away due to Kumagawa's four year old strength. When Zenkichi asks if he could use All Fiction, Kumagawa tells him he cannot, as he got it from Ajimu in middle school after he was four. Medaka notes that she cannot use the skills she gained in Hakoniwa Academy because her child body hasn't reached that point yet. However, she can still use Altered God Mode. Eased that she still has some power, Medaka tells everyone to wait while she takes a few steps forward. Zenkichi protests, but Medaka says that standing around won't accomplish anything. As Medaka advances, Nienami stops Zenkichi from following her, and tells him to trust in Medaka. Kumagawa remembers what Mogana Kikaijima (whom he refers by her first name) told him about Iizuka's sound cancelling during the Treasure Hunt. Medaka makes her way forward, becoming almost zero years old, before using her Echo Counter Cannon. As Medaka collapses due to her child body, she returns to her age from middle school. Medaka runs to the end of the hallway, telling everyone to follow. When she reaches the end of the hallway, she finds a cellphone. Medaka is horrified to find Kotobuki has snuck up behind the others, reducing them to babies. Medaka starts to charge in anger, but Zenkichi stops her with his baby sounds. Kotobuki scoops up Zenkichi, remarking that babies are cute because they are easy to kill. She is surprised when Zenkichi hits her, and tells him to settle down. While Kotobuki is busy with Zenkichi, Medaka escapes into an air vent, knowing that Kotobuki cannot chase her, since leaving the babies would return them to normal. Noticing that Medaka has escaped, Kotobuki remains unruffled, confident that the younger woman will not stray far from her friends. Medaka, in the vent, is surprised that Kotobuki's cellphone transferred infrasonic sounds, which breaks the law of physics. She curses Kotobuki for making her retreat, but promises to defeat Kotobuki and make it look like taking candy from a baby.

Kotobuki shoots at the vent

Kotobuki guesses Medaka's position.

Kotobuki playfully asks the babies where Medaka is. Of course, the babies do not have a coherent answer. Seeing that Zenkichi looked away from the vent when she asked, Kotobuki pulls out a submachine gun and blows out the vent. Expecting Medaka's dead body to pop out, Kotobuki is surprised to see the vent appears empty. Inside the vent, Medaka breathes a sigh of relief as Kotobuki's gunfire ends, having learnt to catch bullets in her mouth from Shoko Kamimine. Out of weapons and ideas, Medaka prepares to fire a rubber band at Kotobuki, but her age suddenly drops as Kotobuki starts singing again. Medaka backs farther into the vent to prevent further reverse aging. Zenkichi notices that they won't become any younger than toddlers. Kumagawa believes Medaka cannot come out with Kotobuki still singing, though Tsurubami says Medaka can cancel styles using her War God Mode because she loses the ability to hear words. Medaka goes into War God Mode and returns to her normal age, though she is frustrated that she had to use this mode even when she came to learn a style.

Medaka and Kikaijima with Kiyoterae

Medaka and Kikaijima with Kiyoterae.

A flashback: sometime after the school festival, Saki Sukinasaki (topless) and the rest of Kiyoterae perform their song "Toy-Box" at a concert. Afterwards, the trio meet up with Medaka and Kikaijima in their dressing room. Sukinasaki tells the pair that, since Hakoniwa, Kiyoterae have always performed together. Medaka asks Kiyoterae what a song is. Sukinasaki thinks hard about it, then smiles, saying Medaka thinks about some good things. As Medaka questions why her singing lacks passion, Kikaijima also wonders why Medaka's singing is like that, since she usually influences people around her all the time. Jyuujika Hachiningatake proposes that it might not be because Medaka is bad at the arts that she lacks ability in music, but because Medaka might lack in communication skills. Zomeki Furousan believes Medaka to be a truth-seeker type, a type that strives to reach perfection and goals. She adds that this is a good thing though, since Medaka is able to do things others cannot. Sukinasaki adds that a song, whether imperfect or not, is like a style to convey feelings between one's self and everyone else.

Medaka defeats Kotobuki

Medaka defeats Kotobuki.

Not seeing any trace of Medaka, Kotobuki gives up the search. She smiles, thinking that Medaka went ahead alone, which would give Yuzuriha, an easier job. In the middle of Kotobuki's monologue, Medaka punches through the floor and jumps out behind her, having moved through the ventilation system. As Medaka is about to attack Kotobuki, she finds the babies are strapped to Kotobuki like a suit of armor. Medaka pulls back, cursing Kotobuki. Kotobuki challenges Medaka to attack her and harm her friends. Nienami knows full well that Medaka would never take a chance to harm her friends, while an aggravated Zenkichi tells Nienami that she talks like she knows everything about Medaka. Kotobuki accepts her victory, and thinks back on how the other suitors relied too heavily on their styles, or not enough. Medaka relaxes, and starts to sing the song she heard at Kiyoterae's concert. Kotobuki loses her cool, and attempts to shoot Medaka. With her eyes closed, Medaka gracefully dodges the bullets and slides closer to Kotobuki. When Medaka finally reaches contact distance, she kicks Kotobuki, sending a vibration that only harms her target and not the babies. As Kotobuki drops, Medaka tells her to sleep.

Friends and Liars

Yuzuriha stops Medaka's attacks

Yuzuriha stops Medaka's attacks.

With Kotobuki defeated, the members of the group are restored to their normal ages, including their wounds. Nienami ties up Kotobuki. Zenkichi and Kumagawa are glad that Medaka beat the suitor. They also note that Medaka used weaving motions to defeat Kotobuki, which is abnormal since Medaka always uses direct attacks and motions. Because of this and her indirectness during the final battle of the Jet Black Wedding Feast, Zenkichi thinks she might have a style. Yuzuriha appears behind the group, expressing her slight surprise that Kotobuki lost. She introduces herself with a smile and a peace sign. Medaka tells everyone else to go on ahead while she stays to fight her former suitor. Zenkichi objects, but Medaka reminds him that their goal is to save Shiranui first and foremost. Reluctantly, Zenkichi and the others leave. Yuzuriha is amused that Medaka used her friends' mentality to push them away so that she can fight without hindrance. As Yuzuriha walks past Medaka, she tells her that the fight has already begun. Medaka turns around to head butt Yuzuriha, but is stopped when Yuzuriha predicts her movement. Medaka raises her leg to kick her, but is stopped again. Medaka is awestruck, remembering that Tsurubami also used this technique against Zenkichi and herself as well. Trying to distract Yuzuriha with that speech, Medaka tries to advance again, but is stopped before she can move. Medaka backs off, but Yuzuriha attacks and uses Medaka's momentum to push her through the wall. Medaka says that Yuzuriha might be even stronger than her number one suitor Mogura Kugurugi. Yuzuriha laughs, saying that she herself is the number zero suitor. Medaka pauses, and asks Yuzuriha if she was the one who lost at the Jet Black Wedding Feast without doing anything, trying to provoke her. Yuzuriha laughs and tries to attack, but Medaka appears under her legs, trips her, and sits on top of her to prevent her movements. Medaka acknowledges Yuzuriha as stronger than the strongest suitor, but questions if not using her style is a good fighting strategy. Yuzuriha says her job is not to defeat Medaka, but to restrain her. Yuzuriha uses her legs and chokes Medaka, revealing the character on her tongue has changed.

Kumagawa erases Zenkichi

Kumagawa erases Zenkichi's existence.

In some hallway, Zenkichi and the others get lost, but find Shiranui waiting for them. Shiranui notices Medaka is not present, and is glad that Yuzuriha restrained Medaka. Zenkichi is shocked, asking if Shiranui was the one who sent Yuzuriha after them. Shiranui tells Zenkichi to be quiet, since she is trying to speak with Kumagawa. Shiranui asks Kumagawa to betray Medaka and side with herself to end the situation. She also adds open front hooded-sweatshirts, and asks him to get along with her, as a fellow Minus. Kumagawa stares blankly, and remembers that Shiranui also behaved like this during the Student Council election. Kumagawa grabs Zenkichi's shoulder, and uses All Fiction to make him disappear. Nienami is shocked that All Fiction is not in its deteriorated state, while Tsurubami is shocked that Nienami knows this. Kumagawa reveals that Ajimu's gift of Hundred Gauntlets has restored All Fiction's power to ignore the strength of feelings. He offers to even erase Shiranui's memories, if she presents the open front hooded-sweatshirt now. An outraged Shiranui furiously demands what he has done. Shiranui notices her feelings, and covers her mouth in surprise. Kumagawa nods, as he already noticed that Shiranui became friends with Zenkichi, yet denied this. Kumagawa says that he hates lies, and so will decline Shiranui's offer. Kumagawa adds that it is Shiranui's fault that she left Zenkichi with a person like Kumagawa anyway. Shiranui pulls out her eating utensils, and reveals her Real Eater, asking Kumagawa if he really thought he could win. She states that this is the first time she has realized there are some people not worth talking to in this world. Kumagawa tells Tsurubami and Nienami to go on ahead. Tsurubami warns Kumagawa about Real Eater, but Kumagawa tells him not to worry, as he knows that he cannot win by underestimating her. Pulling out flat-end screws, he readies his new Minus, April Fiction.

Yuzuriha's copies surround the hospital

Yuzuriha's copies surround the hospital.

Running away with Tsurubami, Nienami throws her hands up and shakes her head at how unpredictable Kumagawa is; they were supposed to save Shiranui, not fight her. Tsurubami agrees with Kumagawa however, stating that Shiranui can only be brought back with force. Tsurubami still cannot comprehend why Kumagawa erased Zenkichi, but Nienami believes Kumagawa is not a person that goes in without a plan. Tsurubami thinks that the one without thinking is Nienami. Meanwhile, Kumagawa decides to make the fight more Shōnen Jump like by replacing the floor with screws. He jokes that the bottom is sulfuric acid, but adds that just falling on the screws alone would pierce a body. Shiranui thinks over Kumagawa's likely strategy - not fighting seriously and getting Shiranui herself to use Real Eater on his All Fiction to reverse Zenkichi's disappearance. She also knows that reversing All Fiction will allow Kumagawa to bring back the Hakoniwa Academy students' memories of Shiranui. Believing herself to have figured out Kumagawa's scheme, Shiranui lunges at Kumagawa. Kumagawa dodges, but is surprised, stating his belief that she was supposed to be weak Shiranui readies her utensils and sends them at Kumagawa, stating that she is weak, but that she can eat strong ones - giant eating. Meanwhile, Medaka, still being strangled with Yuzuriha's legs, jokes about people being able to see Yuzuriha's exposed panties if they came in. Yuzuriha laughs, pointing out that the Kurokamis are all perverts. Medaka smashes Yuzuriha's face with her hips, seemingly knocking the other girl out. Thinking she has won, Medaka rises and prepares to head for Fukurou. However, another Yuzuriha appears at the doorway, telling her not to be hasty after only beating her once. Yuzuriha reveals her style as the Eight Hundred Lies User, and states that Medaka must defeat all of her copies to get to Fukurou. Medaka laughs and says that she has defeated 1,500 people at tug-of-war already. Yuzuriha agrees, and reveals she has added "a lie to a lie", for a grand total of 640,000 copies, each waiting in and around the hospital. Medaka begins to say she once fought a force equivalent to 700 million people, before trailing off bleakly.

Zenkichi comes to Shiranui's rescue

Zenkichi comes to Shiranui's rescue.

Despite many attacks by Shiranui, Kumagawa has dodged everything by a hair's width and looks almost fine. Regretful of this wide difference in combat experience, Shiranui tells Kumagawa to stand still, since he wants her to use Real Eater on him. Kumagawa rubs his chin in thought, and says that the plan is trivial now because he is happy to just battle Shiranui fair and square. Shiranui clenches her teeth in annoyance at his response, but calms herself down. She tells him that she will add rules to his All Fiction to prevent him from reversing the memories at Hakoniwa and she will use his actions as an excuse to drive away Medaka and Zenkichi. Ending the conversation, Shiranui jumps at Kumagawa. Kumagawa steps back and smiles as he knows where she will land, and strikes at the landing place. Shiranui, however, screws herself to the roof with a corkscrew, and drops down to elbow Kumagawa in the face. Shocked, Kumagawa falls backwards and is pierced by his own screws. Shiranui takes Kumagawa's head and prepares to use her Real Eater on him. Before Shiranui can use Real Eater, the screw piercing Kumagawa grows and stabs Shiranui as well. Stunned, Shiranui realizes all the screws on the floor are Book Maker screws. Kumagawa confirms he analysis; he hid the tops of the screws from her so she would not realize. The other screws disappear as the screw in Shiranui transforms into a full Book Maker screw. Kumagawa states that she was already in the palm of his hand since the beginning and that he is ahead of her when it comes to making fools out of others. Shiranui, still shaken by Book Maker, says that Kumagawa cannot reverse Zenkichi's disappearance if he keeps Book Maker on her. Kumagawa states he never intended to save Zenkichi, and even adds he doesn't know him. Kumagawa asks Shiranui to come with him back to Hakoniwa Academy and rebuild the memories lost. Shiranui tells herself that Kumagawa is bluffing and is just waiting for her to beg him. Despite knowing this, Shiranui still tearfully pleads for Zenkichi's revival. Kumagawa stops her, saying that begging is useless, thinking she is lying. Accepting her just desserts and apologizing to Zenkichi, Shiranui prepares for Kumagawa's attack. Before Kumagawa can finish Shiranui off with his Book Maker, Zenkichi appears and stops Kumagawa's screws. Zenkichi says he knows what Kumagawa was trying to do, but asks to hit him once. Kumagawa smiles and says that he wants to say once again he could not win, but Zenkichi punches him to the ground before he finishes. Zenkichi explains to Shiranui how he returned, and asks if she is alright. Shiranui throws herself on him and tearfully apologizes for everything that has happened, asking to be saved. Zenkichi smiles and hugs her back. Kumagawa gets back up and wipes a tear form his eye, complimenting the heartwarming moment between friends, and asks to join in the group hug. Shiranui and Zenkichi prepare to beat up Kumagawa instead, but are interrupted by his cell phone. The caller is Obi. Shiranui tries to explain to Obi that Fukurou did not want her as a double, but Obi is already aware. In the midst of beaten doubles, a bloodied Obi warns her that Iihiko is coming for her and to run for it.

Iihiko inadvertently kills Fukurou

Iihiko inadvertently kills Fukurou.

Tsurubami and Nienami eventually manage to arrive at Fukurou's office. Fukurou asks his son why he has come, who asks his father if he needs a reason to see him. Fukurou greets his son, making jokes concerning the relationship, and congratulates Nienami on bringing Medaka to the hospital. Tsurubami does not respond to his father, but quickly becomes exasperated once more with Nienami's behavior. Fukurou laughs his congratulations off as another joke. Tsurubami attacks his father, only to be quickly defeated despite using the Kamome System. Nienami is amazed to see the Kamome System fail, prompting Tsurubami to ask how she even knows about his Kamome System. Her verbal exchange with Fukurou only annoys Tsurubami further. Fukurou decides that the style Contradictory Conjunction User is best suited to defeat Iihiko. He reveals to Tsurubami that he is just another of Fukurou's failed attempts to create a gentler Hato, abandoned when he turned out to be a boy. Kairai loses his temper and calls out Fukurou on his behavior. In response to Kairai's anger, Fukurou insists that he is just acting in accordance with modern society. Zenkichi arrives at Fukurou's office with Shiranui and Kumagawa. Though he can understand Fukurou's rationale, he refuses to hand Shiranui over to him. Nienami is surprised by the arrival of Zenkichi, not recognizing him. Fukurou greets the boy, and begins to explain how he arranged his meeting with Medaka fourteen years prior. Before he can finish however, the right side of his body is destroyed by the arrival of Iihiko, killing him. After calling out for his enemy, Iihiko only just notices that he has landed on someone. Shiranui takes this as proof that even styles will not work on Iihiko, but Tsurubami explains to Shiranui that Fukurou's style did not affect Iihiko because Iihiko was in a frenzy. Because Fukurou himself had never felt anger, he did not understand the anger of others, and was blind to the weak point of his own styles. With Tsurubami's explanation, Kairai remembers Fukurou's behavior towards Shinkirou. Tsurubami realizes that he was not that angry at his father, and that he has grown aloof to the world. Not finding anyone challenging him, Iihiko tells Shiranui they are going back to the village. He is amused when Zenkichi, Kumagawa, and Nienami move to protect her, but is stopped from attacking by the arrival of Medaka. Medaka climbs in through the window and challenges him to a rematch, having just defeated the 640,000 Yuzuriha copies.

The Last Battle Between Heroes

  • Kurokami Phantom vs. Iihiko
  • Kurokami Phantom vs. Iihiko
  • Kurokami Phantom vs. Iihiko
  • Kurokami Phantom vs. Iihiko

Everyone is surprised by Medaka's appearance. Zenkichi tries to explain Fukurou's corpse, but is cut off by Tsurubami. Tsurubami hurriedly tries to explain his father's corpse, setting up Fukurou as a good person, though he becomes annoyed when Nienami backs him up. Medaka cuts him off, explaining that she was already aware of Fukurou's true nature, and laments that she could not save him. Nienami's response to Medaka's feelings annoys Tsurubami further. Iihiko grows impatient as Medaka talks to her friends, and moves forward, only for Medaka to punch him before he can make his own attack, surprising everyone. Nienami thinks to herself that Medaka may have grasped the basics of styles from fighting Yuzuriha. Shiranui explains that even attacks are broken when they are used against Iihiko. Iihiko notes that Medaka has improved; as he recognizes her punch however, the attack "breaks" as Iihiko defends himself, and Medaka's knuckles are destroyed. Zenkichi is shocked to realize both his and the Thirteen Party's earlier attacks were not even recognized as such by Iihiko. Accepting that attacking in anger will not work, Medaka demand that Iihiko give up on Shiranui if her next attack is successful. Iihiko asks if she will give up on Shiranui if she fails, to which Medaka answers in the negative. Kumagawa recognizes Medaka's choice of a one hit battle, stating that she is creating the same situation as when she fought him in the President's battle. Zenkichi is confused by Medaka's choice, while Shiranui recognizes Medaka's preparation for her strongest Kurokami Phantom. Tsurubami mentions that the attack might actually work if she has understood the rhythm of styles. As Medaka prepares to use Kurokami Phantom however, Nienami suddenly cries out to her that she is not using styles correctly. Medaka charges forward with her Kurokami Phantom; however, the attack fails, and Medaka collapses, much to the onlookers' horror. Iihiko explains that he reflected her strongest attack back on her; Medaka's heart will never beat again. Zenkichi He refuses to believe Medaka is dead, even as his face crumples in despair. Iihiko expresses his disappointment that Medaka was merely a modern girl after all.

Medaka rises from death

Medaka rises from death.

As the others form a circle around Medaka's corpse, Zenkichi begs Medaka to wake up, but is told to stop by Iihiko. He recognizes that Medaka fought well, and insists she be left to rest in peace. Medaka finds herself in her middle school classroom, much to her confusion. Hato greets the deceased Medaka, and explains she is in the classroom created in her heart by Ajimu. Hato offers her daughter a bouquet of flowers, and tells her she does not need to fight anymore. Medaka refuses her bouquet, and makes to leave and return to her friends. Sitting down, Hato stops her, explaining how her attempts to help in life only pushed people away, reminding Medaka of when she lost the election. Hato explains to her daughter how her own life went, and how her worldview was shaped by the realization that acts of cruelty could do more good than acts of kindness. She suggests that Medaka give up and accept her death. Though Medaka admits she does not know much of the world, she is certain of one thing: she loves people. She states that, as long as he has that feeling, she will not stop questioning the world. Hato tells her that she will really die the next time. Medaka leaves, saying she wants to die as a human rather than as a monster, and, if possible, with a cute smile on her face. After Medaka leaves, Hato states that the one thing she never doubted or regretted was giving birth to her daughter, and she was so happy to have done so. Back in the real world, Medaka rises to her feet, despite the severe injuries to her body, shocking her companions, and even Iihiko, sure that her heart had stopped beating. Though Zenkichi tries to stop Medaka from continuing the fight, her vibrating body pushes him back. Yuzuriha arrives in Fukurou's office, carrying an unconscious Kotobuki. She explains how Medaka is forcing her body to move without a heartbeat, but states that the measure is only temporary, and a last resort. Kairai is amazed to hear Medaka is using the same method Fukurou used to survive after being stabbed in the heart three years earlier. Medaka apologizes to Iihiko for falling asleep, and assumes a forward posture as she prepares her final attack. Assuring Shiranui she wants to be friends with her, she tells Iihiko to accept her all as she enters End God Mode.

Iihiko stops Medaka with his new body

Iihiko stops Medaka with his new body.

With Nienami's encouragement, the Hakoniwa students cheer on Medaka as she launches herself at Iihiko. Iihiko however is not impressed by Medaka's charge. Though he recognizes it is both stronger and faster than her previous attack, that is all that has changed. As Medaka approaches, Iihiko regrets that this girl will perish just like the many strong foes he fought before. He is startled however to find that the Medaka he was watching was just a clone, and that the real Medaka was behind, a tactic that has created a slipstream, taking the restraints off the power of her Kurokami Phantom. All of the onlookers are surprised by Medaka's clone gambit; however Iihiko dodges Medaka's charge. Kumagawa is the only onlooker not appalled by this action. Iihiko laughs, assured of his victory, but is hit by Medaka from behind. Medaka explains her attack, and Iihiko smiles, commending her on her freshness as he falls. Medaka declares the battle a draw, only for Shiranui to hug her. Zenkichi is embarrassed Shiranui got ahead of him, while Kumagawa suggests the others let the girls have their moment. Before Medaka can return the gesture though, Shiranui stabs her through the stomach, revealing she has been possessed by Iihiko. Laughing, Iihiko decides to test out his new body, destroying the hospital. Medaka manages to protect her friends, surprising Iihiko. In fury, she tries to use Kurokami Final again, only to be stopped by Iihiko. Congratulating her on her performance, Iihiko makes to leave, but is stopped by Medaka, who latches on to him. Deciding to break her spirit, he attacks her friends. Medaka still refuses to let him go however, and a furious Iihiko begins beating her. Yuzuriha watches on, having protected herself and Kotobuki with her style. The two discuss Medaka's behavior, neither of them able to understand why she is going to such lengths for a single friend, as all the rest of her friends are now dead. Nienami explains they lost because they could not understand. Finally forcing Medaka off, Iihiko makes to leave, only to be stopped once more. Iihiko angrily demands to know who his new opponent is. Drawing her sword, Nienami confronts Iihiko.

Shiranui forces Iihiko to stop

Shiranui forces Iihiko to stop.

As Zenkichi hovers on the brink of death, several voices appear in his mind to encourage him. Zenkichi awakens to find himself restored by Kotobuki's style. He is stunned to see what appears to be Nienami fighting Iihiko, and is further shocked to find Nienami behind him. Nienami reveals that the one fighting is actually Yuzuriha. Nienami takes Zenkichi's hands to pass on her style to him; Zenkichi questions if it would not be better for some else, or Nienami herself, to fight. Kotobuki explains that Zenkichi was the only one she could revive. Nienami tells him he has to be the one to defeat Iihiko. Kotobuki reminds Zenkichi that her style is not permanent, and when it wears off, he will be back to being dead. As Zenkichi wonders at Nienami's behavior, she mimics Ajimu, only to reveal the next second that she is joking. With encouragement from Nienami (and his memories), Zenkichi resolves to fight Iihiko. He catches Yuzuriha as she falls, and reveals he now has Nienami's tattoo on his tongue. A flashback: Zenkichi never knew his father; he was a mediocre man, who fell in love with Hitomi because she was so extraordinary, and left her for the same reason. After meeting Medaka, Zenkichi never held a grudge against his father. However, he resolved that he would never run away from extraordinary people, or his own mediocrity. In the present, Zenkichi faces down the possessed Shiranui, before Iihiko attacks him. Kotobuki discusses Zenkichi's chances of winning with Nienami and Yuzuriha. Nienami explains why she chose to pass her style on to Zenkichi. Zenkichi manages to dodge Iihiko's attacks, much to the former hero's increasing ire. As Zenkichi begins launching kicks, Iihiko dodges, surprising the onlookers. As Iihiko attacks, Zenkichi purposefully sacrifices his arm to deliver a counter blow. Iihiko switches out with Shiranui for a split-second, forcing Zenkichi to stop his attack. Iihiko prepares to finish Zenkichi, but finds himself unable to move. Zenkichi reveals that his plan was always to bring Shiranui back in control. As Iihiko finds his fist pointed at himself, Zenkichi asks the Irreversible Destroyer what will happen if he is hit with his own irreversible damage. A panicked Iihiko tells Shiranui that he is too rare of an existence to destroy. Shiranui pays him no heed however, and punches him in the face, destroying Iihiko's spirit. At Medaka's urging, Zenkichi names himself in the same manner as Iihiko. After Iihiko is defeated, Fukurou's tongue lolls out of his corpse.

Kumagawa incapacitates the others

Kumagawa incapacitates the others.

Shiranui regains consciousness. Believing everyone else to be dead, she begins to cry, but is stopped by the appearance of Medaka, cutting her hair back to its previous length. Nienami lifts her skirt to prove that she and the others are not ghosts (because they have legs). Shiranui is shocked to learn that Iihiko's damage became reversible with his defeat, and that Medaka healed everyone with the Five Forks. Tsurubami wonders if Iihiko just wanted to communicate with people more than anyone else. Shiranui's thank you is interrupted by Kumagawa's phone. Shinkirou wonders if Obi is calling Kumagawa again, while Kairai wonders if it is about Iihiko's defeat. Zenkichi is appalled to hear Kumagawa traded numbers with Bukiko Udou. Kumagawa hands the phone over to Medaka; Udou is calling from Kuromaku Island. Udou explains that the moon is falling towards Earth. She then passes the phone on to Momozono. Seen with Sui Kanaino and Kugurugi, Momozono further explains to Medaka that the moon is falling towards Earth because of Fukurou's last style. Medaka asks her to prepare a rocket, and tells her friends that she will stop the moon. Kumagawa knocks out the others with his screws when they try to stop Medaka from facing the moon by herself. After a brief exchange, Kumagawa and Medaka bid farewell, Kumagawa speaking honestly. After everyone has left, Medaka covers Fukurou's body with a sheet. She begins to tremble violently, but is calmed by Iihiko. Admitting he is merely an echo of his former self, Iihiko advises Medaka to look to the sky and remember her life. Deciding that she lived a full life, Medaka faces the oncoming moon with a smile. Afterward, both Medaka and the moon disappear; Medaka does not return.

Medaka returns to Hakoniwa Academy

Medaka returns to Hakoniwa Academy.

As the academic year ends, Zenkichi speaks at the Hakoniwa Academy graduation ceremony as the Student Council president. Standing to the side, the other members of the Student Council discuss how Zenkichi has changed since the moon disappeared. Zenkichi congratulates the seniors for coming so far, and decides to talk about what everyone wants to hear about, Medaka. Zenkichi points out that the flowers on the graduating students' uniforms are the flowers Medaka raised thanks to the suggestion box. He asks everyone to forgive her absence, and talks about a time when he asked Medaka why she applied for Hakoniwa Academy. Medaka told him she wanted to learn what one plus one is. Zenkichi tells the surprised to students that he also thought it was stupid when he heard it, but he now realizes that Medaka meant two people being together; Medaka was always alone before school, and she came to be with people. Zenkichi smiles, and thanks everyone for being with and teaching Medaka. Zenkichi ends his speech with a deep bow. Momozono congratulates Hitomi on how she raised her son. Crying proudly, Hitomi states Zenkichi still has a long way to go. Wanizuka introduces the speaker for the graduating class, Kumagawa. Hinokage tells some questioners that he isn't good enough to speak himself. When Kumagawa declares he will be making a random joke, Nienami darts out of line (strangely, wearing a flower like the graduating seniors), much to Zenkichi's annoyance. Kumagawa thanks Zenkichi for the speech, and says he has failed all his university exams. He laments graduating, asking sadly why they would want to send him to the real world. He lists all his failures in the past at Hakoniwa, but says he had a great school life. He had always been transferring schools so he never felt this way. He admits he was afraid that, with Ajimu and Medaka gone, he might revert back to his old self, but he did not, proof he could never make interactions with others not exist. Kumagawa assures everyone that, no matter what they are struggling with, they should keep in mind that he is much more unfortunate, yet living a happy life. He ends by saying that he will not be graduating from Shōnen Jump even if he graduates from high school. As everyone claps, the doors to the gymnasium slowly open. Medaka enters, stating that it was a good speech, and apologizing for her lateness. Citing her adventures in the past months, she tells Kumagawa that he won their bet. Hearing that he won their bet, Kumagawa sheds tears at Medaka's return, stating that he has finally won.

One plus one is a smile

One plus one is a smile.

At the same time as the Hakoniwa Academy graduation ceremony, Hanten is seen drinking in the Shiranui Village with Obi and Iihiko. Hanten is revealed to be the one who saved Medaka, having traveled to the moon to do so. Obi voices her surprise that Hanten saved Medaka, since he is supposed to be the non-human who is just there. He states that he was merely following Ajimu's will, and that he now plans to retire, as Medaka and her friends will succeed Ajimu's will. Iihiko notes that Ajimu might sooner or later come back, since his destruction is now reversible. Obi decides to close down Shiranui Village, as the hero they were preserving was defeated by a commoner. Iihiko agrees with the decision, saying that originally, humans did not need a spare to talk, interact, and transmit their words to express their feelings to each other. After the graduation ceremony ends, Hirado takes a group photograph of Medaka and her friends, asking them what one plus one is. They all answer with "Two" (which is written as smile).


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