The Swimming Club (競泳部, Kyōei Bu) is one of Hakoniwa Academy's several student organizations.


The Swimming Club is one of the academy's clubs that specializes in water sports and activities.[1] The most well-known members all hold scholarships, and are infamous for being very pushy for money, to the point they will not enter a race unless there is money involved. They will swim as students of other schools if they are paid to do so, will accept bribes, and even hold their own races.[2] Their ultimate goal is to fill a pool with money and spend a whole day swimming in it.[3] After encountering Medaka Kurokami during the Club Battle Swim Meet, they have calmed down somewhat, no longer going to the extent of risking their lives for money. Though they all value money highly, they still consider each other friends and they care for one another.[4]


Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool.

The Swimming Club has no known location all their own, though it can be assumed they have access to most of the academy's pools and other water facilities.

Notable Members



  • The original three members of the Swimming Club have "jima/shima" (島, island) at the end of their names. The islands they are named after are all located south of Kyushu, in southern Japan.


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