The Student Council Executive Arc (生徒会執行 編, Seitokai Shikkou Hen) is the first story arc of the Medaka Box series.

Arc Outline

The series begins with the announcement of Medaka Kurokami's election as Student Council President. She promptly strong-arms her childhood friend Zenkichi Hitoyoshi into helping her as the Student Council's General Affairs Manager. Together, the pair answers numerous requests, from finding lost dogs to cleaning up club buildings and even fixing personalities. Shortly, they are joined by Kouki Akune, formerly of the Judo Club, who becomes the Student Council Secretary and Zenkichi's rival for Medaka's affections, and later Mogana Kikaijima, a member of the Swimming Club who becomes the Student Council Treasurer. It is not long before the Student Council's unorthodox methods begin to garner the wrong kind of attention: that of the Public Morals Committee, and their leader, Myouri Unzen; considered a superhuman on the same level as Medaka.

Hyūga and the Kendo Club

Zenkichi declares he will not join the Student Council

Zenkichi declares he will not join the Student Council.

The series begins with Medaka addressing the student body as the newly elected Student Council president, asking all students to hand any of their problems into the suggestion box, the titular "Medaka Box". In Class 1, Zenkichi discusses Medaka's recent election with Hansode Shiranui, with the former commenting that Medaka is used to standing above people. The two discuss Medaka's numerous achievements, before Shiranui asks Zenkichi if he plans the join the Student Council. Zenkichi adamantly insists that he won't, only for Medaka to appear behind him and drag him off. When Habataki Hyūga questions Zenkichi's whereabouts, Shiranui tells him that he was already caught by the president, and goes on to describe Medaka and Zenkichi's relationship to Hyūga.

Medaka's Speed

Medaka confiscating the cigarettes.

In the Student Council room, Zenkichi complains to Medaka about her treatment of him, only to be shocked when he finds she has been undressing behind him. While he insists she have some shame, Medaka only responds that it's fine because they are childhood friends. She tells him that while she has never found a job challenging, she wants Zenkichi to stay by her side. She then reads the suggestion box's first request: that the kendo hall be cleared of delinquents. Medaka and Zenkichi head over to the kendo hall (Medaka having changed into a kendo uniform), where they confront Mahibi Moji, the delinquents' leader who took the remaining 2% of the votes that Medaka didn't receive. After Medaka easily disarms Moji, she hands his sword over to Zenkichi as she confiscates all of the delinquents' cigarettes when they try to surround the pair of them. She then preaches to the Kendo Club, believing them all to have suffered some great tragedy to have become the delinquents they were, before promising that she will drill the way of the sword into them, so that they will never be led astray again. Watching, Zenkichi's inner thoughts explain to the reader how Medaka manages to pull of these incredible feats. He continues to narrate as Medaka preaches to the Kendo Club, and is apparently pulled into their reeducation, as he is seen quite worn out the next day.

Kendo Club (minus Hyuga)

The Kendo Club returns.

Having lunch with Zenkichi, Shiranui comments on how only he is dragged along with Medaka on her tasks. Zenkichi goes on to explain more about Medaka's personality; how Medaka is unaware how much greater she is than other people, and that she can't understand the feelings of those who try hard and don't succeed. When he declares that the job is finished, Shiranui comments that he doesn't really understand Medaka, as she won't stop until she reforms the Kendo Club. When Zenkichi hears complaining about the club from behind him, he turns around only to find no one there. Shiranui tells him Hyūga was just sitting there. She also tells him that after the recruitment meeting later in the day, Zenkichi won't have to worry as the Student Council positions will be filled. Despite the reassurance, Zenkichi is left uneasy, but forgets his worries when he arrives at the kendo hall, finding the once filthy building to have been cleaned. He is told off by Medaka for coming late, as she had cleaned the entire hall by herself. Zenkichi chastises her for doing all this for complete strangers, to which Medaka responds she only feels happy when she is helping others. Zenkichi makes to leave, but is shocked to find that all the members of the Kendo Club have returned despite Medaka's harsh treatment. The delinquents, now in full kendo regalia, declare that they will not give up the hall to Medaka, a challenge she readily accepts. Zenkichi leaves the hall, and decides that he was in the wrong, only to be attacked from behind by a shadowed figure, revealed to be Hyūga.

Zenkichi defeats Hyuga

Zenkichi defeats Hyūga.

Shiranui approaches Medaka and tells her that the one who left the request to clear the kendo hall was Hyūga, who possesses national level kendo skills, but has a bad personality and was violent all throughout middle school. Medaka tells her that it doesn't matter to her who sent in the request, to which Shiranui replies that she has a request of her own that she would like fulfilled. At the kendo hall, Hyūga has already reduced the members of the Kendo Club to a bloody mess. When Moji demands answers, Hyūga flippantly tells him that he wanted to practice kendo by himself, but hadn't counted on delinquents frequenting the hall, which is why he made the request that it be cleared out. Moji remembers his training with Medaka, and that he himself used to be passionate about kendo as well, and rises to his feet. The other members of the group also being to get back up, much to Hyūga's consternation, and he begins to attack them in a rage. He is stopped by Zenkichi however, who tells Hyūga that he came back because the members of kendo club got back up. Hyūga demands to know why Zenkichi is protecting a bunch of thugs, to which Zenkichi replies that while he agrees with Hyūga, he agrees with Medaka more, and that he won't forgive anyone who tries to go against Medaka's justice. Hyūga angrily attacks him, only to be defeated with one punch to the face from Zenkichi.

Medaka appears behind Hyuga

Medaka appears behind Hyūga.

Hyūga gets away, promising to crush Zenkichi one day, but is caught by Medaka. She reveals that Shiranui is taking care of the recruitment meeting, as the other girl requested that Medaka: "Please fix Hyūga's bad personality." Medaka then promises Hyūga that she will see to it that he never wants to do evil again. What she actually does is not shown, though Hyūga's scream is heard across campus, and he later takes over the Kendo Club and shares the hall with the other members, though he sometimes butts heads with Moji. A few days later, Zenkichi is told by Medaka that her dream is to fill the school with flowers, one for each request she completes. Moved, Zenkichi finally agrees to join the Student Council and demands an armband; an overjoyed Medaka hugs him. Zenkichi realizes this ending was inevitable, as he has always been in love with Medaka. Medaka assigns him the position of General Affairs Manager, and tells him to work his way up.

Ariake, Isahaya, and the Athletics Club

Letter and Ariake's Spikes

The letter and Ariake's shoes.

One week after agreeing to join the Student Council, Zenkichi (sporting his new look) and Medaka attend to the request of Aria Ariake: her shoes have been vandalized, and a note saying "Quit the Athletics Club" was left in her locker. Understandably upset, Ariake asks the pair to find the culprit. While Medaka promises to expose the culprit in one day, Zenkichi is more skeptical, citing their lack of evidence. However, using her incredible abilities of deductive reasoning, Medaka managers to narrow down the range of suspects considerably. It is Shiranui's information though that allows Zenkichi to track down Isagi Isahaya as the most likely suspect in the attack on Ariake. Medaka confronts the older girl directly about whether or not she vandalized Airake's shoes, causing Zenkichi to topple over in incredulity, and Shiranui to fall to the ground laughing. When Isahaya flees with Medaka in pursuit, Zenkichi makes to follow, but not before Shiranui tells him his new look is weird. Medaka manages to keep up with Isahaya, and ultimately overtakes her by jumping over her head and landing in front. Medaka then asks her once again whether she is the culprit. When Isahaya rather poorly denies it, Medaka takes her word for it, much to the runner's surprise. She then leaves, also complimenting Isahaya on her running. After Medaka leaves, Zenkichi tells Isahaya that while Medaka knows how to doubt, she trusts people first. After Isahaya also tells him he looks weird, he takes his jersey off, and tells Isahaya that he'll follow Medaka's lead, and believe that she'll never do something like this again. After he leaves, Isahaya begins crying. The next day, while wondering why no one appreciates his style, Zenkichi is approached by Ariake, who tells him that the sneakers she was using to train with were replaced with new running shoes and a note saying "Sorry". Medaka misinterprets the action and believes the criminal has stolen Ariake's sneakers this time.

Akizuki and the Lost Puppy

Looking at the dog

Zenkichi and Shiranui looking at the dog.

When the Student Council receives a request to find a lost puppy, Medaka orders Zenkichi to take care of it while she handles two other requests. When Zenkichi asks if it's okay for him to be working by himself, Medaka sadly reminds him that she has never been good with animals. Zenkichi brings Shiranui along with his as he goes to find the lost pet. Shiranui expresses her surprise that even the "invincible" Medaka has a weak point; Zenkichi tells her that she had a rather traumatic incident in the past with the primary school class pet. When Shiranui asks if that could undermine Medaka's presidency, Zenkichi reminds her that that is where he comes in. He then tells her to lead the way. Shiranui tells him she heard about a dog living on campus, and leads him to a fully grown canine, which closely resembles a wolf. When Zenkichi tries to insist it can't be the dog they're looking for, Shiranui tells him it is an adult Borzoi, also known as the Russian Wolf-Hound. A horrified Zenkichi asks if she is going to help him, only to be told by Shiranui that she just came to watch him get mauled. She then hands him sausages to use in an "internal organs" joke; which Zenkichi unfortunately fulfills when he tries to unsuccessfully capture the dog.

The dog runs away from Medaka

The dog runs away from Medaka.

The next day, a worn Zenkichi reports in to Medakai that the puppy has grown up, and that he and Shiranui were unable to capture it, and that he had a hard time telling their client Urushi Akizuki what happened. Medaka express her annoyance in seeing Zenkichi and Shiranui get along so well, and when Zenkichi tells her not to worry and just leave things to him and Shiranui, she becomes quite disturbed. After Zenkichi compliments Shiranui a bit more, Medaka decides to handle the request herself after all. To deal with her animal problem, Medaka dresses up in a dog outfit from the Drama Club, much to Zenkichi's chagrin. Shiranui and Zenkichi both agree that though her logic is sound, her method is ridiculous. When he insists that he and Shiranui can handle the request, Medaka becomes more annoyed than ever, and goes forward anyway. As Medaka approaches the dog, Shiranui remarks that Medaka is much more human than she expected, getting jealous, acting stupid, and having a problem with animals. Zenkichi corrects her, telling her that it's actually the animals that have a problem with Medaka: because of her overwhelming presence, all animals are terrified of her. When Medaka reaches the dog, it becomes so terrified that it runs away and hides behind Zenkichi. Later, Medaka becomes depressed that she couldn't get the dog to like her. Zenkichi tiredly consoles her, noting that at least Akizuki was pleased.

Kanoya and Medaka's Guard Dog

Hyuga having lunch with Zenkichi and Shiranui

Hyūga having lunch with Zenkichi and Shiranui.

Zenkichi is seen practicing in the Boxing Club. An upperclassman chastises him, telling him to put some gloves on before he hurts himself. Impressed with Zenkichi's skills, he wonders if Zenkichi would consider joining, but another member tells him that Zenkichi is a member of the Student Council, and that he will stay with Medaka even if everyone on the planet is gunning for him. At lunch the next day, Zenkichi works his way through the list of clubs he has visited, starting with the competitive fighting and moving on to competitive team sports games. When questioned by Hyūga why he would do such a thing, he replies that it is his policy to sweat five liters a day. Shiranui agrees with him, stating that it is her policy to drink five liters of ramen a day. Hyūga tells Zenkichi that he has earned himself a name as the Student Council's "Club Typhoon", and that he should probably stop as he still hasn't joined one. Zenkichi replies that is fine, as he intended to make a name for himself anyway. Hearing this, Hisshuu Kanoya approaches him and asks to talk. When Hyūga asks Shiranui if it was alright to let Zenkichi leave with such a scary person, Shiranui replies that it is fine, and that she is only an acquaintance of Zenkichi. Hyūga comments that while he is quite scary himself, Shiranui is definitely the worst of all of them. Shiranui then tells him that Kanoya was a former candidate to be president, but was beaten to a pulp by Medaka when he started using vicious methods to get votes. She notes that he probably has some plan for revenge, and is then to find that Zenkichi has not yet visited the Judo Club, despite claiming to have visited all of them.

Kanoya defeated

Kanoya defeated.

Kanoya tells Zenkichi about his plan to attack Medaka. When Zenkichi questions why he would tell the General Affairs Manager, Kanoya points out that Medaka is fully capable of running the Student Council by herself, and that Zenkichi is just getting dragged around. He surmises that Zenkichi is feeling irritated as well, and that he is visiting all the clubs to work of his stress. He then offers that Zenkichi join up with him, as he doesn't want to see an impressive guy like Zenkichi to go to waste. He tells Zenkichi that his forces will be having a meeting after school, and tells him to come if he is interested. After Kanoya leaves, Medaka shows herself, revealing that she heard everything. While Zenkichi expresses his worry, Medaka tells him that she never expected to be loved by the people; as long as she loves people, that is enough. She then tells him not to do anything, as stomping down rebellions is the king's job. Zenkichi thinks to himself that Medaka even loves her enemies, and that while she has a 98% approval rating, she only cares about the remaining 2%. He later comes to Kanoya's meeting. Kanoya is initially delighted when Zenkichi arrives, though his mood quickly sours when Zenkichi kicks over his weapon cache. Zenkichi tells Kanoya that he wants to be the person who protects the invincible Medaka. A confused and angry Kanoya attacks him, only to be defeated with a single kick. Zenkichi tells him he doesn't deserve to be reformed, and then takes out the rest of his gang.

Medaka awaiting her opponents

Medaka awaiting her opponents.

At the Judo Club, Nekomi Nabeshima is sparring with Betsuhei Jounan. When she express her disappointment that the "Club Typhoon" Zenkichi is not coming, Jounan claims it must be because he is afraid, as their club did make it to nationals. Nabeshima chides him, reminding him that was only in singles matches. When she wonders why Zenkichi is going around to all the different clubs, Akune claims that Zenkichi is only trying to show off his strength, as the only one suitable to be beside Medaka is he. When Nabeshim asks if he knows Zenkichi, Akune replies that Zenkichi is an insect, while Medaka is his flower. At the same time, Medaka holds a party in the Student Council room for her opponents, though she becomes annoyed when no one shows up (unaware that Zenkichi has already taken care of them).

Akune, Nabeshima, and the Judo Club

Isahaya with Ariake

Isahaya with Ariake.

Isahaya is seen running with Ariake. Isahaya scolds her for taking too long to get changed, and if they don't hurry they will miss morning practice. Ariake apologizes, but questions why Isahaya waited for her, commenting that she has been a lot nicer to her lately. Isahaya insists she hasn't, and not paying attention, crashes into someone, though she is caught and dropped gently on the ground. An embarrassed Isahaya apologizes, to which the other party tells her to be more careful, as he would hate to see her get hurt. When Ariake asks if she is all right, a flustered Isahaya asks who that was. Ariake identifies him as Kouki Akune, known as the prince of the Judo Club.

Medaka challenges the Judo Club

Medaka challenges the Judo Club.

After partially changing into a judo uniform, Medaka tells Zenkichi that they will be going to the Judo Club today. After Zenkich locks the door, closes the shades, and turns off the lights, he criticizes her for her lack of shame. She replies by asking how she can show off her body then, which only upsets Zenkichi more. She then tells him that they have received a request from Nabeshima, the Judo Club's captain, to help her pick a successor. At the club, they are greeted by Nabeshima and Akune, with the latter kneeling before to Medaka to show his gratitude for what she did for him in the past. Medaka pulls him to his feet, telling him that if he wants to express his gratitude, he shouldn't bow to her to show it. Akune and Zenkichi aggressively greet each other, while an amused Nabeshima looks on. Medaka challenges all the members of the Judo Club to show her their skills so she can determine who is worthy to take over. Akune tells Nabeshima that Medaka is wasting her breath, as the two of them are the only ones who could fight Medaka on even footing. The first to accept the challenge is Jounan, who charges forward, only to be defeated instantly by Medaka. Nabeshima acknowledges that Akune's earlier comment was correct, and questions Zenkichi on what he thinks. When he replies he has always seen Medaka as a monster who can do everything, Nabeshima agrees with him, then flirtatiously says she finds Zenkichi, who can keep up with Medaka, much more interesting. Zenkichi replies he is just being dragged around, at which Akune loses his temper. He demands to take over Zenkichi's position, and Nabeshima proposes they settle the argument with judo: if Akune beats Zenkichi, he will join the Student Council and Zenkichi will join the Judo Club. When Zenkichi disbelievingly asks Nabeshima if this was her plan all along, she admits it was, claiming she loves "go-getters" like Zenkichi. As Nabeshima flirts with Zenkichi, Medaka is seen looking annoyed.

Zenkichi defeats Akune

Zenkichi defeats Akune.

Nabeshima sets the rules for the match: Akune wins when he scores ten points; Zenkichi wins if he can score one. Zenkichi questions why he has to fight in the first place. Medaka tells him that she won't tell him not to lose, but there's no way she will let him run away from a fight. Deciding that Akune is stronger than him, Zenkichi attacks first, hoping for a quick win. However, Akune easily scores his first point, and tells Zenkichi to get back up, as he will defeat him in the most unsightly manner possible in front of Medaka. As the match begins Nabeshima comments on Akune's genius, and Medaka guesses that Nabeshima hates geniuses. Nabeshima admits to it, and claims it is her mission to defeat geniuses with her hard work. Medaka wonders if this is why she became the foul king, to which Nabeshima only laughs. Nabeshima tells Medaka that she thinks the geniuses should be with the geniuses: she can have Akune and the Judo Club will take Zenkichi. Medaka tells her not to worry, as there is no such thing as a genius. Nabeshima brushes her off, thinking to herself that there is a genius right in front of her. Still thinking to herself, she tells Zenkichi it is fine to lose now, as in six months she will make him stronger Akune. In a short time, Akune reaches nine points, leaving a battered Zenkichi barely standing. As Akune moves to finish him, Zenkichi contemplates losing, and decides that maybe its fine to let Akune join the Student Council. However, Medaka calls out to him, and with a cute face, tells him to win, otherwise she will cry. Zenkichi proclaims he never wants to hear about her crying, let alone see it, and surprises Akune with a two-handed topple, scoring a point off him and winning the match. Nabeshima is shocked along with the rest of the Judo Club when Zenkichi manages to win by using a two-handed topple to score a point off of Akune. As Nabeshima expresses her surprise, Medaka tells her that all there is people trying hard, and that the two of them are no different. Nabeshima then tells Medaka that while Akune's judo looks very pretty, he has very nice handwriting as well. After his match with Akune, Zenkichi tells Shiranui about what happened at the Judo Club. She tells him he should have come to her for help, though he questions what she could have done. When the two enter the Student Council room, they find a nearly naked Akune changing, much to Shiranui's delight and Zenkichi's displeasure. Akune tells Zenkichi that while he may have given up on driving Zenkichi out, he hasn't given up on Medaka, and has left the Judo Club to become the Secretary of the Student Council. He also tells Zenkichi that Nabeshima hasn't given up on him. Zenkichi angrily insists that he will not let Akune have Medaka. While the two have this argument, Medaka is seen picking up garbage outside of the school.

Yatsushiro and the Love Letter

Medaka congratulates Akune

Medaka congratulates Akune.

A month after Medaka's inauguration, Zenkichi is seen watering a room full of flowers. Akune walks in his new uniform, and the two trade veiled insults with each other, before heading off to attend to the next request. Kenna Yatsushiro requests that that the Student Council write a letter for her, having seen Medaka's impressive penmanship. Medaka assigns Akune to take care of it. Zenkichi thinks she made a good call, stating that Akune should have no problem with the request. Medaka agrees with him, and states that itself is the biggest problem, leaving Zenkichi perplexed. Yatsushiro admits to Akune that she wants him to write a love letter for her. Recognizing her feelings due to his own love for Medaka, he promises to write a letter that will cause any man to fall for her. Shiranui and Zenkichi discuss Yatsushiro at lunch. Shiranui describes her as rougher than the guys, and that she excels at everything she does, though Zenkichi thinks it sounds more like she excels at her own stupidity. Shrianui questions why Medaka would hand the request over to Akune, when she could do it better herself. Zenkichi tells her that it is both to get Akune experience, as well as determine whether or not Yatsushiro deserves help. Akune presents the letter he wrote for Yatsushiro to Medaka. She questions what he is trying to say with his nice handwriting and fancy words. When Akune finds himself at a loss for words, she tells him that he has only created problems. She finishes by declaring he has disappointed her and that his work is over. Zenkichi offers him some words of concealment, but Akune rebukes him, tearing up the letter and declaring he won't give up. He returns to Yatsushiro and works with her on improving her penmanship so that she can write the letter herself. A week later, Yatsushiro gives her own letter to her crush, and Medaka congratulates Akune on a job well done, much to Zenkichi's chagrin. With this, Medaka's flower garden begins to extend outside of the Student Council room.

Yuubaru and the Perfect Model

Medaka modeling

Medaka modeling.

Kizashi Yuubaru requests that Medaka model for him, wanting to use her in a contest of which the theme is "Beach Goddess". Medaka jumps at the chance to show off her body, and tells Yuubaru to draw to his heart's content. Akune is thrilled to see Medaka in a bikini, and compares her to a goddess, while Zenkichi is mortified at the actions of his fellow members of the Student Council. Zenkichi thinks to himself how this should be an easy request, as Medaka has no qualms with showing off her body; however, Yuubaru is not satisfied with his painting of Medaka. He finally decides that Medaka is too perfect, and that she has no merits towards the fine arts, causing her to become depressed. Zenkichi tells him he is being ridiculous, especially as he was the one who requested help. Yuubaru replies that being an artist means being ridiculous, a statement Zenkichi finds so stupid he can't reply to it. Akune declares that they need to find a new model, and the two leave and split up.

Yuubaru's portrait of his models

Yuubaru's portrait of his models.

Zenkichi approaches Isahaya, who he convices to come with him through a combination of blackmai and flattery. Back at the Art room, Akune has brought Nabeshima in as a replacement model, though he and Zenkichi begin arguing over who brought the better girl. The two each change and strike a pose; Yuubaru rejects both of them. Akune and Zenkichi find themselves at a loss for what to do. However, they remember Akizuki and Yatsushiro. Zenkichi goes to ask Akizuki, but is rejected and attacked by her dog. Akune goes to ask Yatsushiro, but is rejected with a slap to the face. After seeing them struggle to find new models, Medaka suggests that the two of them try. While Yuubaru at first seems satisfied, he gives up when he realizes that the men don't match the theme of "Beach Goddess". After Yuubaru rejects Zenkichi and Akune, Isahaya accuses him of being too picky. Nabeshima agrees with Isahaya, pointing out to Yuubaru that there are three beauties right in front of him. Yuubaru refutes them, saying he won't paint something he doesn't want to. Shiranui arrrives at the Art Club room looking for Zenkichi. Yuubaru is awestruck, and decides that she is the perfect model he has been looking for, much to everyone's shock. After he explains that Shiranui is perfect because her body is underdeveloped, the other three girls get depressed. Shiranui doesn't understand what is going on, but is happy that she "won", though Zenkichi tells her that she actually lost on all accounts. Back at the Student Council room, Zenkichi tells Medaka that Yuubaru made in time for his competition, adn Shiranui got paid five dollars for being Yuubaru's model. He tries to console a still upset Medaka by showing her the portrait Yuubaru painted of all six of his models, though Medaka rather pettily claims that Shiranui stands out more than she does.

The Club Battle Swim Meet

An exhausted Zenkichi and Akune

An exhausted Zenkichi and Akune.

Exhausted with the constant demands of the Student Council, Akune jokingly asks Zenkichi if he can quit the Student Council. Exhausted himself, Zenkichi is not amused by Akune's attempts at humor. When Medaka insists that even she is starting to feel worn down by all the paperwork, Zenkichi comments that she doesn't look it. Medaka complains that there are too many requests by clubs for funds, and that there is no fair way they can give money: if it were split up among all the clubs, there would be too little to do anything. Zenkichi notes that Vice-President aside, not having a Treasurer is really hurting them now. Akune mentions that he can understand; as a former member of the Judo Club, he knows that every extra dollar helps. Zenkichi makes mention of how many clubs the school actually has. When Medaka tries to offer her own money, Zenkichi shoots her down. He remembers that Medaka lives alone, having earned a great deal of money by solving the juggling theorem when she was in middle school. While trying to decide how to give finds, he suggests that they give the most money to the most deserving club. He offers that they turn the inter-club relay race into a competition to decide which clubs should get funding. Medaka decides that it is a good idea, but that it would be unfairly in the Athletics Club's favor. Zenkichi then suggests that they hold the competition in the school's new pool.

Swimming Club

The Swimming Club.

At lunch, Zenkichi discusses with Shiranui how it has been decided to hold a club battle swim meet on Sunday in the new pool. When Shiranui points out that such an event seems to be in the Swimming Club's favor, he replies the events will not be water-based, despite taking place in a pool. Shiranui starts acting smug, and tells him that any event in the water can't be called fair, because there are three members of the Swimming Club who are very pushy when it comes to money. When he presses her to tell him what she means, Shiranui coolly tells him to ask her in a more polite manner. When he asks her while bowing, other members of their class comment that the pair have a sick way of getting along. Shiranui then tells him about how the members in particular will do anything for money; in fact, will only do something if it is for money. She then warns Zenkichi to be careful, as even if Medaka is invincible, it doesn't mean she can't lose. In an undisclosed location, the Swimming Club discusses the upcoming club battle swim meet. Sotsu Tanegashima calls it a retarded event, though Umumichi Yakushima tells him not to be that way. Yakushima calls it an event made just for them, and encourages the others to enter. Kikaijima insists that they will get money if they win, so there is nothing to complain about. As a group, they decide that when they win, they will be one step closer to reaching their dream of filling a pool with money.

Zenkichi explaining the rules of the meet

Zenkichi explaining the rules of the meet.

Come Sunday, Zenkichi is amazed to see how many people have come to the swim meet. Akune tells Zenkichi that fifteen clubs have come, a surprising amount. As they talk, Zenkichi takes note of the people he recognizes, and wonders where the Swimming Club is. Medaka greets all of the assembled clubs, giving a somewhat Darwinist pep talk to inspire them to compete hard. Zenkichi goes on to explain the rules of the swim meet. Before he finishes, Medaka interupts him, wanting announce the last part herself. She the reveals that the Student Council will be taking part as well, and that anyone who can score higher than them will receive funding directly from Medaka's own pocket, three times the normal amount, no questions asked. The members of the Swimming Club look pleased, Nabeshima thinks to herself that she will get to challenge Medaka, and Zenkichi and Akune are seen kneeling on the ground, thinking that they begged Medaka not to do this. Medaka then declares the meet will begin, with the first event, water basketball. Zenkichi thinks to himself that this was supposed to be a peaceful event, and after what Shiranui said, he is getting a bad feeling. Kikaijima asks the others what they should do after Medaka makes her announcement. Tanegashima alleviates Kikaijima's worries, insisting that in the water, they are better than the beast Medaka, and Yakushima tells the group that anything other than first place is out of the question.

The First Event: Water Basketball

Nabeshima's team

Nabeshima's team.

Shiranui is revealed to be hosting the swim meet along with Tanzaku Aso. Aso describes the meet's first event, water basketball, before attempting to introduce herself, only to get cut off by Shiranui. Aso asks Shiranui if she is really friends with the Student Council's Zenkichi, and after receiving the affirmative, asks how the two met. Shiranui tells her that they went to different middle schools, and met for the first time in April, when Zenkichi picked up an eraser she dropped. Aso is unimpressed, and Zenkichi's thoughts upon hearing the story imply it to be, if not a lie, then only half the truth. Waiting for the first event to begin, Nabeshima approaches Zenkichi and Akune and asks if they didn't make a mistake with the rules, handicapping the boys by making them wear flotation devices, as the first event requires that participants dive down beneath the water. When the boys point out that she is taking advantage of the rules by having only girls on her team, she openly admits it. Overhearing Nabeshima talking to Zenkichi and Akune, Medaka approaches her and tells Nabeshima that she hopes the two of them can have a good fight. Nabeshima grudgingly agrees, thinking to herself that the handicap doesn't apply to Medaka. Shiranui and Aso discuss the first event, with Shiranui deciding that the Basketball Club has the advantage. Aso is surprised by Shiranui's logical analysis, and Shiranui tells the older girl that she is here to work, as she is getting paid in food. She goes on to say that there is a certain technique required for water basketball, though not too many people know it, and that this is why she warned the participants that the problem isn't just with getting the ball in the basket. Aso becomes unnerved by the younger girl's dark expression, and begins to ask what she means, before noticing that the event is about to begin. As the participants struggle to score points, Aso asks Shiranui what she thinks of the situation, only to find her laughing.

Medaka scores 20 points

Medaka scores twenty points.

Nabeshima finds herself and her team struggling, and though she cheerfully tells her fellow teammates to stop calling her captain, she worries to herself that the game is much harder than she imagined. She wonders how the Student Council are doing, and is shocked when she sees Zenkichi and Akune getting out of the water. When she demands to know why, Akune tells her they would just be getting in Medaka's way. When Nabeshima asks where Medaka has gone, Zenkichi tells her that if her intention is to be cheap, then Medaka's is pomp and circumstance. Medaka then bursts out from underwater, startling Nabeshima. Medaka scores twenty points almost immediately by gathering all of the balls and throwing them in the basket together. After Medaka scores, Akune and Zenkichi high-five. Aso is amazed to announce that the Student Council just scored twenty points in one shot. Shiranui corrects her, explaining that that is actually the right way to do it. In the water. Medaka thinks to herself that because the throw was a three pointer, she should have gotten sixty points. Aso agrees with Shiranui and says she understands, but tells Shiranui that because she announced it over the microphone, everyone heard it, and all the students have begun to frantically try to mimic Medaka's technique. Aso later declares that the time is up.

The Swimming Club after the first event

The Swimming Club after the first event.

After the first event ends, Akune asks Zenkichi if they should have given extra points for finishing places. Zenkichi is pleased with the scores, seeing that the Student Council is not too far ahead the other clubs, despite Medaka, and claims that he will need to thank Shiranui for explaining the proper technique. He isn't surprised when Medaka appears behind him, mimicking his pose. She tells Zenkichi there is no need to thank Shiranui, as the Swimming Club finished even before the Student Council did. Other onlookers discuss the Swimming Club, one claiming he saw the guys swim to the pool's bottom, even with floaters on their arms. Zenkichi thinks to himself that they were the ones Shiranui was talking about, but he is amazed that they were faster than Medaka. Medaka confronts the club, indentifying the technique they used as compulsed expiry diving: if they had made a single mistake, they could have drowned. She asks them if they value their lives, a question Tanegashima answers on the rest of the club's behalf: they value money more than their lives. Aside, Nabeshima angrily tells herself that she won't lose to Medaka, while her teammates look on.

The Second Event: A Three-Legged Race

Zenkichi's and Akune's poor teamwork

Zenkichi's and Akune's poor teamwork.

Zenkichi explains Hakoniwa Academy's policy on scholarships and scholarship students, and notes how scholarship students teaming up (like in the case of the Swimming Club) are quite a rarity. Aso announces the second event of the competition to be a three-legged race in the pool. She goes on to announce the scoring, with first place winning fifteen points, second place thirteen points, and so on. Last place gets no points. She then asks Shiranui what she thinks. Shiranui replies it's so stupid it's great. She then gets serious and recognizes that logically, the Track Team should win. Even so, she's going to put her money on the Swimming Club and the Student Council. Waiting for the second event to start, Medaka is approached by Nabeshima, which asks why she isn't participating. Medaka responds that doing so wouldn't make it much of a team competition, and points out that Nabeshima is doing the same. Nabeshima goes on to talk about the Swimming Club, mentioning that they will do anything even for only a penny. She talks about Yakushima in particular, claiming that she admires his raw talent, but that she can never tell what he is thinking. Kikaijima approaches them from behind and tells the pair that she never expected them to understand what the Swimming Club are thinking. She does tell Medeka and Nabeshima what the Swimming Club wants is a pool full of money: their dream is to spend a full day swimming in it. Nabeshima appears somewhat startled, while Medaka makes no comment.

Tanegashima and Yakushima swim with their legs tied together

Tanegashima and Yakushima swim with their legs tied together.

Before the race begins, Akune tells Zenkichi that even if they are the event's organizers, that is no excuse to hold back. Zenkichi says he understands, and will match his pace to Akune's. Akune expresses his pleasure at having such a good underclassman, and the two shake hands. Aso declares the start of the second event, and Akune and Zenkichi both begin struggling with one another to get ahead, but manage to move into the lead despite this, much to Aso's shock, Shiranui's amusement, and the Track Team's chagrin. Isagi Isahaya and Aso are both surprised to find the Swimming Club in last place. Aso questions Shiranui as to why, and the other girl explains that even an all rounder like Yakushima would need about twenty-five meters to match Tanegashima's speed. With the preparation complete, Yakushima apologizes to Tanegashima for making him wait, who tells him it's not a problem. The two then begin swimming with their legs tied together, shocking everyone with the exception of Shiranui, who explains that Tanegashima is the fastest in the swimming world, and that Yakushima should be praised for keeping up with him. The pair easily takes first place, with Aso announcing as such, as well as that the Track Team came in second, and the Student Council came in third because both members did not finish at the same time. Zenkichi thinks to himself how dangerous the Swimming Club's strategy was.

The Third Event: Eel Catching

Kikaijima wins the eel catching contest

Kikaijima wins the eel catching contest.

Zenkichi narrates the third event, eel catching, in which Nabeshima manages to capture nine eels, Kikaijima manages to capture thirteen eels (maintaining the Swimming Club's position in first place), and Medaka fails to catch a single eel because of her intimidator skill; the event was designed to give the Student Council a loss. At the end of the third event, the Student Council is in seventh place overall. Zenkichi notes that the Swimming Club is going to win, just as Shiranui predicted, before asking Akune what the last event will be. Akune tells him that Aso will be deciding it, so as not to give the Student Council an unfair advantage. The Swimming Club confronts Zenkichi and Akune, with Tanegashima aggressively reminding them that the Swimming Club's funds will be increased by three times for outscoring the Student Council. When Zenkichi asks him if he could at least pretend to have fun, Tanegashima brushes him off, insisting that money makes the world go round. Medaka appears behind Tanegashima and preaches to the Swimming Club that something horrible must have happened to them to turn them into such gold diggers. Zenkichi notes that it has been awhile since they have seen Medaka's Proof of One's Worth #1, while Akune is seen swooning. Medaka promises to reform the Swimming Club to the point that they will give all of their money to charity, to which Tanegashima haughtily dares her to go ahead and try. Meanwhile, Aso cannot decide what the final event should be, she asks for Shiranui's input, who decides on the final event herself.

The Battle of Wills: I Like You More Than Money

Shiranui explains the rules of the cavalry battle

Shiranui explains the rules of the cavalry battle.

Waiting for the fourth event to start, Zenkichi and Akune are seen as the horse supporting Medaka, with Zenkichi in the front and Akune in the back. When Akune questions this set up, Zenkichi reminds him that he lost the game of rock paper scissors. The Swimming Club's horse is comprised of Kikaijima as the lancer, Yakushima in the front, and Tanegashima in the back. Aso addresses the assembled clubs, before turning the explanation of the challenge over to Shiranui. Shiranui explains that the challenge is a regular cavalry battle: two team members hold up the third, who is wearing a headband. If the headband is taken or the person wearing it falls in the water, then the team losses. However, to give the teams with fewer points a chance, Shiranui throws in an extra rule: points are given out based on the quality of headband stolen. The first place team's head band is worth sixteen points; second place's is worth fifteen, and so on. After hearing Shiranui's explanation, Aso exclaims that the higher ranking teams will be targeted by everyone else, to which Shiranui agrees. Zenkichi, proud of how his friend Shiranui is stirring the competition up, shouts "I love you Shiranui!" to which Shiranui replies "Yay! I love me some me too!", as onlookers think that it's disgusting how well the two of them get along. Medaka punches him on the top of the head, telling him that she doesn't care who he says he loves, but he better not lose sight of his purpose as a member of the Student Council. Zenkichi questions why she had to get violent, as Akune looks on in wonder.

Kikaijima enraged by Medaka

Kikaijima enraged by Medaka.

Tanegashima asks Yakushima what they should do. Yakushima tells him that they have forty-eight points and the Student Council has thirty-three: if the Student Council gets their headband, they will be in first place. However, if the Swimming Club takes the Student Council's headband, they will have a fifteen pint lead on the Track Team, who are in second place. Even if the Track Team gets the headband of the Orchestra Club, who are in third place, the Swimming Club will still be fine. Yakushima deduces that the rules were not made to give the lower ranked teams a chance; they were made to force a dual between the Swimming Club and the Student Council. Kikaijima declares that they have no reason to face the Student Council head on, and suggests instead that they take the headband of seventh place, thus gaining an extra point on their lead. Yakushima agrees with Kikaijima when she states they have no reason to fight, and he suggests they get going. Overhearing the Swimming Club's discussion, Medaka challenges them to fight head on, promising that she will teach them that there is something more important than money. Tanegashima thinks to himself that she better stop talking, as saying there is something more important than money is taboo to Kikaijima. Kikaijima loses her temper, and tells the other two she will take that "stupid girl" down. Yakushima can only timidly agree with her, while Tanegashima has nothing to say. Aso counts down to the event's start, before declaring it begun.

Medaka vs. Kikaijima

Medaka vs. Kikaijima.

As the Swimming Club and the Student Council clash, Aso asks Shiranui whether the two factions are evenly matched. Shiranui replies that while Medaka is stronger than Kikaijima, Tanegashima and Yakushima have better teamwork than Zenkichi and Akune. Locked together with Kikaijima, Medaka tells the Swimming Club that they really are something else, and that she really likes people like that. Kikaijima angrily reminds her that she called them money zombies. Medaka explains that she called them money zombies because they have so little respect for their own lives. She begins to bear down on Kikaijimia, telling the other girl that she is not letting them off the hook for saying that money is more important than their lives. Kikaijima tells her to shut up, and explains the horrid pasts of her and her teammates, and goes on to say that she would gladly give up her life for money: anyone would be sad if they were to lose their wallet or purse, but on one would care if they died. Hearing the reasons behind the Swimming Club's obsession with money, Zenkichi thinks to himself that while Medaka was right about the members having tragic pasts, hearing just how horrible they actually were isn't even funny. With a sudden burst of strength, Kikaijima manages to push Medaka off balance.

Medaka kisses Kikaijima

Medaka kisses Kikaijima.

As Medaka falls, Zenkichi throws one of his floaters into the water. Yakushima thinks to himself that it is a shame they weren't able to get the headband, but that with the Student Council out of the way, the other teams won't pose a threat to them. Kikaijima is shocked to find however, that Medaka is somehow standing on the water. Medaka chastises Kikaijima, telling her that even if their luck hits the depths of hell, that is still no reason to throw their lives away. She goes on to say they have just earned something very expensive: her wrath. Aso expresses her amazement at seeing Medaka seemingly stand on water, while Shiranui is seen eating without expression. Aso is still more amazed when she realizes that Medaka is actually standing on Zenkichi's floater. Zenkichi declares he does not care about the outcome of the match, but what the Swimming Club are saying really pissed him off. He tells Medaka to go get Kikaijima; he isn't sure about water, but in midair, Medaka is the best. Medaka leaps at Kikaijima, knocking her off balance. As the pair fall, she tells Kikaijima that a wallet can be picked up, but a lost life can never be replaced. She goes on to say with a cute face that, if they died, she would be sad, before kissing Kikaijima to prove that she loves her. As everyone else stares on in shock, Zenkichi thinks to himself that this is Medaka's third ability, the rare Overflowing Love. As both girls land in the water, Aso declares the Swimming Club disqualified as well. Shiranui tells Aso after both Medaka and Kikaijima go into the water, that because Medaka technically did not fall into the water before taking Kikaijima's headband, the Student Council just scored sixteen points. After this clarification from Shiranui, Aso also announces that the Student Council is now in first place.

I like you more than money

"I like you more than money."

Medaka gets out of the water carrying Kikaijima, telling the Swimming Club that that match was something money can't buy, before handing Kikaijima off to Yakushima. Tanegashima accuses her of being crazier than they are, and that even if they lost, they are not going to change the way they live their lives. Medaka tells him they don't need to change their lives, as long as they pursue money like normal people and without throwing their lives away, then that is enough. In fact, she thinks their dream of filling a pool with money is grand, and when they do it, call her so she can join them in swimming in it. She tells them that dead trees bear no fruit, and to take care of their precious teammate's life. She then walks away to join Zenkichi and Akune. As Kikaijma regains consciousness, she asks her teammates which is more important, her or money. Tanegashima adamantly insists that money is, to which Yakushima agrees, reminding her not to be led astray by Medaka's influence. Kikaijima then asks which they like more, her or money. Yakushima and Tanegashima share a look, before both tell her that they like her more, at which she tearfully tells them that she likes them more than money to.

The Judo Club wins the swim meet

The Judo Club wins the swim meet.

Aso announces the end of the swim meet, and that the winners are Nabeshima and the Judo Club, much to everyone's surprise. Aso goes on to reveal that while the Student Council and the Swimming Club were caught up in their soap opera, the Judo Club managed to stead all the other teams' headbands, racking up a total of a hundred and three points. Nabeshima confronts Medaka, telling the younger girl that using dirty methods to win against clean opponents is how she always wins, but that she will be waiting for Medaka so that she can beat her head on. Medaka admits that Nabeshima's ploy was nicely done, while everyone else thinks that Nabeshima was surprisingly cool about being cheap. Zenkichi narrates the ending events, explaining that the Judo Club got the funding, but that Nabeshima gave some of the money to other clubs anyway. Zenkichi thinks to himself that Nabeshima makes no sense to him. In the Student Council room, Medaka decides that the event was a success, though the upperclassmen were not pleased about the use of personal funds for a school function. She goes on to say that she has gotten a Treasurer to prevent such a thing from happening again, and introduces Kikajima as the Student Council's new treasurer to Zenkichi and Akune. Kikajima tells Zenkichi and Akune that if they waste money, they will feel her wrath. The boys are both stunned to see her again, and when Medaka explains that they are renting her out from the Swimming Club for $3.00 a day, they both think that is surprisingly cheap.

Zenkichi and Kikaijima in the Office

Kikaijima demands payment

Kikaijima demands payment.

Zenkichi walks down the hallways of the Academy, thinking to himself about the Student Council's new treasurer, Kikaijima. Though he thinks that this should be a good thing, with the budget now finally in order, he feels as though all the people who came after him have better positions then he does. He remembers Medaka telling him to work his way up, but it still doesn't sit right with him. He then enters the Council's room, to find a changing Kikaijima in her underwear. When Kikaijima demands that he pay for the show he got, Zenkichi is incredulous that she wants him to pay her money after already beating him up. He angrily tells her she was at fault for changing in a unisex room without locking the door, and that he should be asking her for money, as she showed him something he didn't want to see. Kikaijima starts crying, and angrily cries that he pay her while calling him a meanie, now telling him to pay for the mean things he said as well. Zenkichi relents, and he pays her $4.50 for the peep show, and $3.00 for being mean. With Kikaijima's mood improved, he thinks to himself that it was cheaper than he expected. Kikaijima asks him where the computer is, to which he replies that they don't have one and hands her an abacus, much to her surprise. Zenkichi goes on to say that they don't need a computer with Medaka, as she can do any kind of arithmetic in her head, to which Kikaijima questions whether Medaka has intel inside. She then claims that it is a waste to buy something that isn't needed, and that an abacus is also pretty useful. Kikaijima begins working while Zenkichi starts reading manga.

Yakushima and Tanegashima advising Kikaijima

Kikaijima remembers advice from Yakushima and Tanegashima.

Zenkichi thinks to himself that the room got really quiet after they stopped talking, and that Kikaijima makes him feel like he shouldn't be there. He thinks on that he knows nothing about her; she has a "to each their own" attitude of working, and that once he paid her, she was done with him. Feeling awkward, he wonders why neither Medaka nor Akune are in today. Meanwhile, Kikaijima thinks to herself that it has gotten really quite, and that it was a bad idea to show how serious she was by working. She thinks on how Zenkichi is reading manga, and it doesn't look like he is interested in her at all. She worries that she will lose face to Yakushima and Tanegashima, and resolves to make friends. Flustered, she then comments to Zenkichi that they have nice weather today. After he points out that it is raining, the atmosphere becomes even more tense, with Kikaijima thinking that she read in a book somewhere that you can strike up a conversation with just about anyone when you talk about the weather. She wonders if Zenkichi hates her or something. However, Zenkichi has realized that Kikaijima was trying to start a conversation with him, and that he should have answered "Yeah, even rainy days are good". He continues to think that while Kikaijima is higher ranked than him (because she is a scholarship student), he is still her senior in the Student Council, and that he should try and break the ice, deciding he should first change the mood into a better one. Remembering that Medaka told him Kikaijima trains her body, and thinking that there is not a person who doesn't like being complimented, he tells her that she has a great body. A horrified Kikaijima throws her abacus at his head, and charges him $0.50 for sexual harassment; bringing the total amount of money she has taken from him $8.00. Zenkichi thinks to himself that he has just made things worse, and that he has no sense when talking to a girl. Kikaijima thinks to herself that Zenkichi must hate her now, and that she wants to apologize for getting violent and give him his money back. Both silently beg for somebody to help out, not caring who. Shiranui barges into the Student Council room, telling Zenkichi she felt as if he was calling for her, and asking if he has something good for her to eat. A horrified Zenkichi and Kikaijima both think that the number one person who can't take a hint just came.

Shiranui's photograph of Medaka kissing Kikaijima

Shiranui's photograph of Medaka kissing Kikaijima.

Shiranui greets Kikaijima, introducing herself to the Student Council's new member. Kikaijima thinks to herself that the other girl is a mystery: during the swim meet, it was like she was pulling the strings behind the scenes, and wonders how she can enter the Student Council room when she is not a member. Shiranui then offers Kikaijima a photo of her kiss with Medaka, breaking the forth wall to mention that it took up a whole panel the week prior, much to Kikaijima's dismay. As Kikaijima ties to take it, Shiranui offers it her, explaining that she actually took it for the school newspaper, but if Kikaijima asks, Shiranui will give it to her. She then maliciously reveals that she took three hundred photos, all from different angles, and asks Kikaijima which one she would like. Zenkichi stops Shiranui however, asking her not to tease the new member so much; he promises to buy her something good to eat later, and asks her to leave. Shiranui agrees, and leaves with an empty apology to Kikaijima and a farewell to Zenkichi.

Kikaijima tells Zenkichi she is going to kiss him

Kikaijima tells Zenkichi she is going to kiss him.

Zenkichi apologizes to Kikaijima on his friend's behalf. Gathering up the photos, Kikaijima thanks Zenkichi and asks him what Shiranui is like, to which he replies that he doesn't really know. When Kikaijima asks him if it is alright to be that easy going about, Zenkichi replies in the affirmative, telling her that Shiranui is his friend, and that he doesn't need to know any more than that. Kikaijima then asks about Medaka, wanting to know if she does that (kissing) with everyone. Zenkichi bashfully admits that in the past, all their classmates' first kiss was with Medaka, though he put a stop to that when they got to elementary school. He goes on to say that Overflowing Love is one of Medaka's trump cards now; she doesn't use it very often, and Kikaijima is one of the rare cases where she did use it. Zenkichi begins to mention Medaka's fourth trump card, but then decides to keep that information to himself. Kikaijima asks how she Medaka can claim she was born for others, as that line of thinking is incomprehensible to Kikaijima herself. She goes on to say that when she ran out of money, all the people who she thought were her friends left her; she doesn't hate or blame anyone because she thought that was how the word worked: a give and take world. She claims that if anyone starts to like her, they won't get anything in return. Zenkichi asks if she can say the same thing to the other members of the Swimming Club. Kikaijima replies that those two are different, as the three of them are like family. Zenkichi tells her that Medaka is the same way, only she sees all of humanity as her family, and that she likes Kikaijima so much, she doesn't know what to do about it. Kikaijima remembers pacing outside the suggestion box, when Medaka approaches her from behind and asks her what she is doing. While Kikaijima tries to answer, Medaka tells her that she was looking for her anyway: after knocking her into the pool, Medaka couldn't get her mind off of Kikaijima, and claims that she has fallen for her. Medaka then tells Kikaijima that the Student Council needs a Treasurer, and asks her to help out. Kikaijima remembers that that was the first time she was asked to help someone. Kikaijima suddenly realizes that she has been having a normal conversation with Zenkichi, and that this is her chance to make a new friend. She worries that if she starts thinking about it, she might fail again, when she decides to do the same thing Medaka did. She then interrupts the still talking Zenkichi, claiming that she has fallen for him, and is going to kiss him.

Akune finds Zenkichi and Kikaijima in a compromising position

Akune finds Zenkichi and Kikaijima in a compromising position.

Walking in the halls are Medaka and Akune, with the latter mentioning that today's request was pretty difficult, and that he never thought something like that could happen in the Acadmy. Medaka agrees with Akune, telling him that you would never think that disasters of that level would happen so frequently; now, whatever happens, the Student Council will not be shocked. She admits though that the reason they could focus on what was going on around them was because they have people they can rely on to take care of the work while they were gone, and that they need to thank Zenkichi and Kikaijima. Akune agrees with her, stating that while Zenkichi is a worm, he does come in handy sometimes. Medaka and Akune walk in to find Kikaijima on top of Zenkichi in the Student Council room, with Zenkichi trying to force her off of him. Both of them misunderstand what they are seeing and chastise him: Medaka tells him that when young, you tend to try things out, but he could at least pick the place he is going to do it; if he is going to do it in the Student Council room, he could at least lock the door. Akune sides with Medaka, asking Zenkichi whether he thinks the Student Council room is his own personal area or something. A frustrated Zenkichi replies that he doesn't want to hear that from either of them, and while they are not wrong, they are not right either.

Onigase and the Public Morals Committee

The problem children

The problem children.

Harigane Onigase is chastising Kanoya, Yatsushiro, Moji, and members of the Kendo Club for their improper clothing, refusing to let them into the school building. Moji and his friends brush her off, much to her ire. Yatsushiro goes on to point out the Student Council, whose flagrant disregard for the school's dress code horrifies Onigase. She confronts the Student Council in their office, calling out all of the members on the problems with their uniforms: Zenkichi on wearing his jersey under his jacket (to which he admits he was trying to get others to copy him) and Akune on wearing his uniform in a manner akin to Elvis Presley (he remarks that he can't retaliate if she gets angry like that). After Onigase calls out Zenkichi and Akune on their uniforms, she turns to Kikaijima. While Kikaijima initially denies having made an alterations to her uniform, Onigase successfully reveals that she has been wearing her swimsuit beneath her uniform. Zenkichi wonders if Onigase has x-ray vision, while Akune can only wonder why Kikaijima was wearing her swimsuit. An embarrassed Kikaijima tries to claim she was testing Onigase, prompting Zenkichi to ask her why she is trying to act high and mighty now.

Onigase confronts Medaka

Onigase confronts Medaka.

After Zenkichi, Akune, and Kikaijima have all had their uniforms corrected (but not before Kikaijim asks Onigase whether it would be alright for her to wear only her swimsuit, a suggestion Onigase immediately shoots down), Medaka asks Onigase to leave, citing that none of them had any bad intentions. Onigase initially complies, before quickly returning, furiously exclaiming that Medaka's embarrassing uniform is the worst of them all. Medaka claims that her uniform isn't embarrassing at all, and that she has never been embarrassed about her splendid body, a statement that leaves the other members of the Student Council at a loss for words. Onigase retorts that she should at least be embarrassed by her uniform, and that exposing her breasts like that is indecent. As the two continue to argue, Zenkichi worries that Medaka is going to lose the argument to Onigase, though Akune tells him there is no need, as Medaka will say something that even Onigase won't be able to argue with. Medaka finally declares that she just doesn't want to change her clothing, much to Onigase's shock and the Student Council's exasperation. After Onigase leaves, Kikaijima sets about cleaning up the office, while Akune asks Medaka if it is alright to make an enemy of the Public Morals Committee, especially Onigase. He goes on to mention that she was especially scouted to be an Enforcer, and that people who break the rules have been steadily decreasing since she came to the school. Medaka tells Akune that while she doesn't approve of Onigase's use of physical force, she has no intention of going against her. She does claim that she doesn't think she is wrong though, stating that people aren't meant to protect rules; rules are meant to protect people.

Zenkichi asks Onigase to cut Medaka some slack

Zenkichi asks Onigase to cut Medaka some slack.

After leaving the Student Council room, Onigase rages in the hallways, annoyed that Medaka has an approval rating of 98%, while the Public Morals Committee are generally disliked. Zenkichi calls out to her, promising to get Medaka to do something about her uniform, and asking Onigase to let the matter slide. When Onigase asks if he can really do anything, Zenkichi sheepishly admits he can't. He goes on to state Medaka has a small habit of exposing herself, which Onigase insists is exactly what she is trying to prevent. Zenkichi tries a different tactic, pointing out Medaka's numerous accomplishments; including taking back the Kendo Hall from the seniors, as that was a job for the Public Morals Committee. Onigase asks him if he thinks she should let Medaka go just because she has been doing some good. She insists that when it comes to rules, everyone is on the same level, and that the Public Morals Committee must always stay neutral. Zenkichi thinks to himself that the Student Council was doomed to butt heads with the Public Morals Committee eventually. Onigase does admit that Medaka has fulfilled her duties as president though, a line of thought that leads her to decide to use the suggestion box to get Medaka to change her uniform.

Medaka jumps into the pool fully dressed

Medaka jumps into the pool fully dressed.

Onigase later calls Medaka and Zenkichi to the outdoor pool. Medaka laments the condition of the pool, before asking Onigase why she called them. Onigase claims to have received a request: an anonymous individual lost something in the pool, and wants it retrieved quickly before the water damages it. Zenkichi easily recognizes Onigase's request as a lie, while Onigase thinks to herself that while Medaka is in the pool looking for the object, she will modify her uniform to meet school regulations. Medaka jumps into pool with her clothes still on however, much to Onigase's shock. When Onigase questions why, Medaka tells her that even if it gets destroyed, it's just clothing. Zenkichi thinks to himself that no matter what, Medaka will stay true to herself, as what makes a person who they are is not their clothing. Medaka asks Onigase what she should be looking for, only for Onigase to jump in the water herself, answering: "My good conscience. And thanks to you, I've found it." After they get out of the water, Medaka reveals she had seven spare sets of uniforms, much to Onigase's surprise. As Onigase worries what she will wear to school tomorrow with no spare uniform of her own, Medaka tells her not to worry, as she won't abandon a person in need of help.

Onigase in one of Medaka's uniforms

Onigase in one of Medaka's uniforms.

The next day, Onigase is seen wearing one of Medaka's uniforms (which does not fit her at all), much to the amusement of the student body. Shiranui asks Zenkichi how bad someone needs to be before retribution hits them like that. Zenkichi simply tells her that she tried to fool Medaka into changing her uniform the day before. A humiliated Onigase promises Medaka that she will get her for this.

Onigase, Zenkichi, and Medaka handcuffed together

Onigase, Zenkichi, and Medaka handcuffed together.

Shiranui is seen walking around school with Zenkichi, bags of food in her hands. While the two debate what to eat after school, they run into Onigase, who chastises Shiranui for eating in the halls. Shiranui swallows all of the food, much to Onigase's ire. When Onigase goes after Shiranui, Shiranui pushes Zenkichi on top of her, before giving the other girl a brief warning and running off. Onigase tries to give chase, only for Zenkichi to warn her that Shiranui is more untouchable than Medaka. Onigase ignores him, only to discover that they have been handcuffed together. When Zenkichi presses her for the key, she tries unsuccessfully to change the topic, before angrily admitting that she doesn't have one. After Zenkichi upsets her with the implications of their situation however, Onigase decides to lead him to the Public Morals Committee's office, where the key is kept. Trying to distract himself from the awkwardness of the situation, Zenkichi question Onigase as to whether there are really people after her. Onigase admits that she is being targeted by the Mokkin Team, a pair of delinquents each wielding a baseball bat. The pair run into Medaka, who misinterprets their situation as the two of them working together to form a bond between the Student Council and the Public Morals Committee. Zenkichi asks Medaka if she can pick the handcuff lock, which she agrees to. Medaka first handcuffs herself to Zenkichi, so as to see how the locking mechanism works. She then tries to pick the handcuffs, only to find the lock beyond her, much to Zenkichi's and Onigase's displeasure.

The Mokkin Team's bats are destroyed

The Mokkin Team's bats are destroyed.

As all three head to the Public Morals Committee's office, Medaka stops them several times to help other students. Onigase quickly gets annoyed with Medaka's multiple stops, prompting Zenkichi to point out how much different things are now that they are with Medaka. Onigase shamefully admits that since becoming an Enforcer, she has lost all of her friends. Zenkichi tries to comfort her, only to be angrily rebuked. Medaka notices the Mokkin Team in hiding and calls them out. The pair attack Onigase, believing her movements sealed due to the handcuffs. Onigase tells Zenkichi and Medaka to get behind her, as it is her job to protect them. Zenkichi and Medaka instantaneously defeat the Mokkin Team, Zenkichi telling Onigase that there is no one she needs to protect, while Medaka asks Onigase why they need to get behind her, as there is nothing for the enforcer to do. Seeing that Medaka was capable of breaking a metal bat, Onigase asks Medaka why the other girl couldn't just break the handcuffs. Medaka then asks if it was okay to break them, prompting both Zenkichi and Onigase to slump in defeat.

The leader of the Enforcers

The leader of the Enforcers.

In the Public Morals Committee's office, Fue Yobuko reports to Unzen about Onigase's two successive failures. Though she suggests they punish her, Unzen tells her to let it go, and asks after Medaka. Yoboku goes on to describe Medaka as a saint, and notes that her suggestion box is extremely popular. Unzen agrees that he has heard that much himself, but insists that she is still their biggest problem. Punching a hole through his PSP with his finger, he goes on to state that mercy and truth are like oil and water.

The Enforcers' All Out War!

The Orchestra Captain is injured

The Orchestra Club Captain is injured.

Yobuko orders a somewhat flustered Onigase to take a towel to Unzen at the music room, hoping it will improve the younger girl's work ethic. She goes on to describe what Unzen is like. At the music room, Unzen confronts the Orchestra Club. After a bit of stumbling (due to his fear of public speaking), he announces that he is here to purge the club due to the number of complaints received. The Orchestra Club Captain asks the other members who he is. Despite the other members' worries, the captain is nonplussed. He places an arm on Unzen's shoulder and cheerfully asks that he let the Orchestra Club of the hook. He then turns to another member to get some candy for the enforcer, only to start screaming when Unzen snaps his wrist. Unzen scornfully tells him not to make excuses, and announces that he intends to massacre the whole club.

Onigase, Shiranui, and Medaka discover Unzen's massacre

Onigase, Shiranui, and Medaka discover Unzen's massacre.

Shiranui is wandering the halls, when she runs into Medaka dressed in a band uniform, heading to the music room. They discuss the Orchestra Club and its captain, before the conversation turns to the other members of the Student Council. When Shiranui asks who the vice-president will be, Medaka claims she wants Shiranui to take the position. Shiranui laughs at the offer, reminding Medaka that she hates both group activities and Medaka herself. Medaka remains adamant however that she wants a vice-president who can oppose her. The two then meet Onigase, much to Onigase's chagrin. When the three arrive at the music room, they find the members of the Orchestra Club scattered about in a comatose heap, with a bloodied Unzen standing in the center of the carnage. Seeing Onigase, he asks her for the towel. Onigase is appalled at the damage, but still dutifully delivers the towel to Unzen.

Unzen and Medaka meet

Unzen and Medaka meet at last. Size comparison between the two.

As he cleans himself up, Unzen asks Medaka what she is doing there. He compliments her body, and asks if she would like to become his woman. Medaka confronts Unzen about his brutal methods, asking why he had to go so far. Unzen disparages her "gentle" methods, claiming that if wrongdoers aren't punished, they will simply break the rules again. After hearing Unzen's explanation for his brutal tactics, Onigase thinks to herself that this is the policy of the Enforcers that she believes in, but this is going too far even for her. Shiranui tells Medaka how Unzen is a superhuman just like her, and that ever since he took charge of the Public Morals Committee the organization became much more violent. Unzen calls Shiranui out on her whispering to Medaka, before turning his attention to Medaka herself, and attacking her. Onigase is stunned, having been unable to see the strike at all. Seeing his hit connected, Unzen voices his surprise, thinking Medaka would have dodged. When she tells him she had no reason to dodge because he had no reason to attack her, he attacks her again, daring her to repeat herself. Onigase expresses the same amazement at Unzen's second attack, noting that it was even faster than the first. Medaka one again tells Unzen she has no reason to dodge him, but before Unzen can attack Medaka a third time, Onigase intervenes, refusing to allow even Unzen to attack a student who hasn't broken any rules. Unzen is amused, but agrees to back off, before reiterating to Medaka that they can only be enemies. Medaka insists that they can still talk things out. To everyone's amazement however, Unzen then reveals that he has sent three members of the Public Morals Committee to take out the other members of the Strident Council.

Medaka clotheslines Yoshinogari

Medaka clotheslines Yoshinogari.

After hearing Unzen's declaration of war on the Student Council, Medaka is unimpressed, and leaves the situation in Shiranui's hands, before making to leave the music room. Unzen attacks her again, but she dodges by abandoning her band outfit. Starting a three minute countdown, Medaka rushes off to help the other members of the Student Council. Unzen expresses his surprise, wondering whether Medaka is a ninja, and makes to pursue her, but is stopped by Shiranui, who points out that he can't attack her because she hasn't broken any rules. When Onigase confirms this, Unzen decides to wait in the music room and simply observe the situation as if he was watching a movie. As Rankaku Yoshinogari sneaks up on Kikaijima, Medaka clotheslines him, knocking them both out of a window. Despite Yoshinogari's struggling, Medaka manages to land them both safely. Running into Isahaya, she asks the older girl for her cleats, having destroyed her own shoes running at full speed. With the new pair of shoes and Yoshinogari's claws, Medaka scales the outside of the school, aiming for the third floor, though she overshoots it and arrives at the third floor.

Medaka stops Yobuko's chains

Medaka stops Yobuko's chains.

As Kanraku Kunisaki raises his bike to strike Akune with it, Medaka appears on top of it, and chastises the Enforcer for using the bike incorrectly. She then rides away, leaving Kunisaki standing with his hands above his head. When Akune questions what his pose is supposed to be, Kunisaki answers that it is supposed to be the Statue of Liberty. Medaka finds her way blocked by a large group of members of the Public Morals Committee, but she manages to cycle around them, avoiding them all. Yobuko makes herself known to Zenkichi, asking him to carry some boxes for her, and comments that he seems used to hard work. When Zenkichi answers that he has heard the same about her, she acts embarrassed, before agreeing and revealing that she has attacked multiple people on Unzen's orders. She then attacks Zenkichi from behind with several chains hidden in her sleeves, only to be stopped by Medaka, who comments that the Enforcers even had prepared a finishing tape for her. Stunned by the other girl's entrance, Yobuko can only think to herself that Medaka isn't normal.

Unzen destroys a wall

Unzen blows through a wall.

Unzen is contacted by Yobuko, who reports the mission's failure, confirming that both Yoshinogari and Kunisaki were intercepted by Medaka as well. Unzen expresses his amazement, but simply orders Yobuko to hit Medaka three times if she gets hit herself, identifying Medaka as the type to turn the other cheek. Yobuko goes on to tell Unzen what Zenkichi had told her, that the ones protected were the Enforcers, as he and Akune can both defend themselves, and Kikaijima is under the protection of the Swimming Club. She dismisses it as a bluff, but states that the really amazing thing is that Medaka was able to resolve the conflict with no one from either party getting hurt. After hearing this, Unzen loses his temper and crushes his phone. Declaring his intent to destroy Medaka, he blows a hole in the music room's wall, before sarcastically questioning Shiranui as to whether she intends to stop him. Seeing that he is the only Enforcer capable of waging war against Medaka, Unzen tells Onigase to pass on the message that all members of the Public Morals Committee are to leave school immediately.

Unzen vs. Medaka: Monster Child vs. War God

Unzen holding matches

Unzen with matches.

In the Student Council office, Medaka demonstrates Unzen's revealed weapon, the super ball, to the others. Though they are skeptical at first, they are quickly convinced after seeing the super ball in action. Unzen interrupts and commends her for discovering his weapon and copying it so quickly. He discreetly locks the door and drops all his super balls onto the floor, saying that they are mere toys now that they have been discovered. Unzen approaches Medaka with open arms, and tells her that they should get along, as both of them are beasts. Unzen praises Medaka for seeing good in everyone, but states that her view is unfair; if she likes humans then she must like all the bad things about humans as well. If she doesn't like it all, she doesn't like humans totally. Unzen states that he never though justice was greater than evil, and all he is doing is tying people to the rules. Unzen concludes that since he hates the bad side of humans, he also hates the good side as well. Listening to Unzen speak, Zenkichi admits that he can't agree nor deny the younger boy's claims, while thinking to himself that he can't figure out what Unzen is trying to do. Unzen points out that in comparison, Medaka's saintliness is anything but, and proceeds to lock the windows. After he has finished, Medaka claims he is wrong on two points, the first being that she has never thought of herself as a saint. Before she states the second however, Medaka realizes that the super balls Unzen dropped earlier were actually filled with gunpowder, and cries out for everyone to evacuate. Unzen laments that he has been found out, but states that it is too late. Pulling out several boxes of matches, he rebukes Akune and Mogana Kikaijima as they try to convince him to stop, and then asks Medaka what she will do. As Medaka tries to ask him to stop, Unzen cuts her off and detonates his bombs.

Medaka attacks Unzen

Medaka attacks Unzen.

After Unzen blows up the Student Council office, Hyūga hears the commotion and questions Moji about it. When they both realize where the noise came from, they both brush it off as Medaka simply being up to her usual antics. Within the rubble of the office, Unzen manages to kick his way out. He dusts off his protective suit and checks the damage, noticing that the explosion was not as big as planned. He realizes that Medaka, in the short time she had, threw water on some of the bombs, kicked some out the window, and then sheltered her fellow members in lockers. Unzen is amazed by Medaka's abilities, but laughs it off and proclaims that they are back to square one as Medaka stated that she did not want to fight. Medaka orders him to shut up, surprising him, as Medaka finally loses her temper and enters War God Mode. Unzen reel back in instinctive fear, and stares in shock as Medaka explains to him that she is no saint. Akune asks Zenkichi when the last time Medaka entered such a state was, who answers that it was in the summer of seventh grade, three years previous. Zenkichi labels it as Medaka's fourth trump card, and tells Unzen that he is finished. Though Unzen begins to look nervous, he still attacks with several of his super balls, only for Medaka to strike him in the chest with enough force to make him cough up blood. Medaka expresses her pleasure that Unzen is wearing protective gear, as it means she can punch him more than once.


Unzen injured by Medaka.

Zenkichi remembers the first time Medaka entered War God Mode, during her time at Hakobune Middle School, after witnessing Misogi Kumagawa attack Najimi Ajimu. He thinks about how Medaka is a saint for strangers, but for the sake of her friends will become a beast. Medaka's punch sends Unzen flying and into a wall. Medaka recommends he give up while she is still willing to let him go. He puts up a front but he realizes that currently his offensive and defensive techniques are useless against her. He considers retreating, but remembers that he is carrying the pride of the Public Morals Committee. Thus resolved, he declares to Medaka that, if she intends to fight as a breast, he will fight as a human. Hearing Unzen's refusal, Medaka declares she will abandon any techniques and attack him like a wild animal, not a human being. Recognizing that he needs to be indoors to fight effectively, Unzen attacks again with the full intention of taking another punch. Medaka strikes him again, sending him flying into the Student Council office. She follows him, though she pauses when Zenkichi calls out to her. She apologizes, and tells the others they can quit the Student Council and hand in their armbands after she has finished.

Medaka's movements sealed

Medaka's movements sealed.

Inside, Unzen attacks her with multiple super balls, though Medaka ignores dodging them in favor of attacking him. However, she finds her movements sealed, and Unzen reveals he actually filled the rooms with balls of steel string, thus tying her up. Unzen gloats, casually groping Medaka, and declaring himself victorious. Internally, he breathes a sigh of relief, recognizing that the fight was a close thing. However, Medaka tells him to shut up, and starts moving again, dragging the strings, and even the parts of the building they are attached to, with her, horrifying Unzen.

The Student Council stops Medaka's rampage

The Student Council stops Medaka's rampage.

Dragging pieces of the building behind her, Medaka advances on Unzen, who realizes that he has made a grave mistake: Medaka is not a saint, she is just a demon. Watching Medaka, Kikaijima asks what is going on. Zenkichi explains to Kikaijima that Medaka is angry; that if you take away the personality, all that is left is a rampaging beast. He then tells her and Akune that if they want to leave the Student Council, now is the time, surprising them both. Collapsed against a wall, Unzen admits defeat to Medaka, but claims that he still won their battle even if he lost the fight, because Medaka hasn't reformed him. Medaka shows no signs of caring, instead drawing back her fist, and ominously telling him he doesn't have to reform, as he won't have a tomorrow. As she moves in for the kill, Unzen thinks to himself that for all her bravo, Medaka is just a lonely girl. Out loud, he tells her that her actions will only bring misery to normal people. Medaka brushes him off, claiming that she won't bring misery to any one, and attacks. Unzen closes his eyes and thinks to himself that he is the one reforming Medaka; by destroying one person to protect others, she is doing the same thing he does. Opening his eyes to watch her, Unzen silently tells her to finish him off, and become him. Before the punch connects though, the rest of the Student Council grab on to her, stopping her before she can finish. She tells them to let go of her if they don't want to get dragged into her problems, but they all refuse. Calmed, Medaka leaves War God Mode.

The Student Council walks off into the sunset

The Student Council walks off into the sunset.

Her senses restored, she asks Unzen if he would like to become her Vice-President, shocking everyone. Unzen vehemently refuses, though Medaka is not put out by this, and instead leaves to visit the hospital, citing that some of her bones are broken, and some of her organs are in the wrong places, amazing Akune and Kikaijima. Zenkichi talks with Unzen after the others have left, pointing out that he thinks Unzen and Medaka are both too perfect, and that he just likes Medaka more than Unzen. Yobuko and Onigase arrive at the Student Council office, both concerned for their leader. Unzen questions what they are doing there, then tells them to forget about the Student Council. He tells the pair that they will have to work harder now that he is going to be out of action while he recovers, and is pleased when they both agree. To himself, he worries about Medaka, thinking that girl probably has no idea the consequences taking him out of commission are going to have. With Unzen out of commission, Hakama Shiranui worries that his plans might fail, and consults Shiranui on what he should do. She recommends he drop a note in the suggestion box, as the Student Council is shown walking off into the sunset together.

Mochibaru, Natayama, and the Missing King

Mochibaru approaches the Student Council

Mochibaru approaches the Student Council.

In the (temporary) Student Council office, Zenkichi and the others work to manage the academy in without the hospitalized Medaka. All three enjoy the quiet, though only Zenkichi remains relaxed as Akune and Kikaijima become distressed by Medaka's absence. At Kikaijima's urging, Zenkichi checks the suggestion box, only to find Sasae Mochibaru outside the door. Akune questions her on the nature of her request, and suggests she return after Medaka comes back if she is uncomfortable. Mochibaru leads them to the Shogi Club, and asks them to help her find a missing piece of a shogi set – the king. Zenkichi and Akune are notably put out by the messy state of the club room, though Kikaijima is more interested in the shogi pieces – a boxwood set – and their monetary value. Mochibaru makes herself scarce, possibly to avoid having to help clean up. The three change in to more appropriate clothing, and set about cleaning up the club room in search of the missing game piece. A mishap with a table leads to a sizable on each forehead, and the three reminisce on how Medaka has affected their lives as they clean. The Student Council are exhausted by the time they finish, but still have been unable to locate the missing king. Mochibaru is asked by Zenkichi if the piece is even in the room, commenting that it just sounds like she hopes it is, though Mochibaru vehemently denies this. Akune suggests they substitute a piece from another set for the time being, but in doing so, he discovers that the king is missing from every set in the room. Realizing that the request has now become a case of theft, he quickly deduces that the culprit is most likely Miri Natayama, a former member of the club, and a Special student. Reluctantly, Mochibaru explains Natayama's history with the Shogi Club to the Student Council.

Natayama and Mochibaru

Natayama forcing Mochibaru's hands off her head.

Natayama is hanging out on the academy roof when she is approached by the Student Council. Akune questions her concerning the missing shogi pieces, which Natayama denies having any knowledge of. As Akune continues to question her, Natayama grows steadily more annoyed, remembering Mochibaru's attitude of valuing fun over improvement. She chastises Akune for calling her out on quitting the Shogi Club, reminding him that he himself quit the Judo Club, but admits that she is not multitalented like he is. She remarks however that it took the club members way too long to realize the pieces were missing, and correctly deduces that they only discovered the piece from the box set had gone, and that it was Akune who noticed all the kings had vanished. Akune suggests they go to the teachers and leave the matter up to them, but is stopped by Zenkichi, who decides they should do things Medaka's way. Taking the boxwood set out his pocket, he challenges Natayama to a match: if she wins, they will let her go. If he wins, she returns the shogi pieces. Natayama angrily agrees, and Zenkichi sets up the board for a game of mawari shogi, infuriating Natayama further. Zenkichi loses his cool as well, and chastises her for stealing the kings, as well as her dismissal of the Shogi Club's feelings. After Zenkichi's outburst, Akune approaches Natayama and compares her situation to that of the jade general in shogi: a piece that is often misnamed as king. He berates her for running away, and defends Mochibaru. After Zenkichi and Akune each say their piece to Natayama, Kikaijima tries to add to the conversation as well, though all she can contribute is trivia. Natayama smiles, and notes that the Student Council delivers even without Medaka. Afterwards, Zenkichi narrates, explaining that the missing pieces were "found" in one of the lockers in the club room, and that Natayama returned to the Shogi Club. Mochibaru and Natayama play a game, though Mochibaru's hesitancy annoys Natayama to the extent that she tries to get her to let go of her head. Mochibaru panics, and the ensuing struggle brings both girls to the floor. Head back in her hands, Mochibaru relaxes, while Natayama ends up smiling despite herself. Afterwards, each member of the Student Council arrives at the temporary office with a flower pot, prompting all three to start laughing.