The Shiranui Village (不知火の里, Shiranui no Sato) is a remote place beyond human knowledge, the village that is the Kurokami's reverse shadow.[1] The Shiranui Village exists to seal Iihiko Shishime.[2]


Ten thousand years ago, Hanten Shiranui created the Shiranui Household to serve as his "backups"; after he died, one of them could replace him as Najimi Ajimu's double. Like Hanten himself, the Shiranui preserve unusual things; for the past five thousand years, the Shiranui Village has continued the legend of Iihiko by using doubles to inherit his name and power each generation. The Shiranui Household has only recently taken up serving as doubles for the Kurokami Group as a side job to fund their main enterprise. The current Iihiko is the result of the Shiranui Village that has passed down his legend over the past five thousand years. The next double for Iihiko is Hansode Shiranui, whose very existence will cease to be after training to become him. As Iihiko's reason to live now is just living, his goals line up with those of the Shiranui Village, and so he will not leave the village as long as his next double is there.[3] After Iihiko is defeated, Obi decides to close the village's business down.[4] Ten years later, after Shiranui takes over leadership from Obi, she opens the village to the public as a ninja village.[5]


The Shiranui Village serves as a resting place for members of the Shiranui family between missions. It includes several traditional Japanese buildings, and despite its size, is well hidden within heavily forested mountains.[6]


There are several traps on the route to the village to deter visitors; one is a three-way split in the path with a riddle as the only clue to the correct choice.[7] The sign also serves to warn visitors that the village is filled with liars. Even if the correct choice is made, further down the path is blocked by a gate, overseen by the Gate Guardians "Dopplegängers" (ドッペルゲンガー, Dopperugengā).[8]


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