The Public Morals Committee (風紀委員会, Fuuki Iinkai) is one of Hakoniwa Academy's several student organizations.


Also known as Hakoniwa Academy's Rule Enforcers and the School Police, the Public Morals Committee is a group of students who put school rules as the top priority. They operate as a stand alone unit thanks to permission granted by the board of directors.[1] Enforcers have even been given permission by the academy chairman to use weapons when the situation calls for it.[2] Their policy, decreed by Myouri Unzen, is that justice means nothing unless you go overboard. It was after Unzen became the head of the Enforcers that the organization became much more violent.[3] Because of their draconian methods with handling rule breakers, the Enforcers are generally disliked by other students.[4] The Public Morales Committee is divided up into squads, of which there are at least three.[5]


Members of the Public Morals Committee all wear modified uniforms. Their jackets are made out of a highly protective but heavy material called Snow White, created by scientists who sewed in anti-heat materials. Snow White can stand up to high levels of heat and heavy impact, and is even used by deep sea divers. However, its great weight makes it somewhat hard to move in.[6] Enforcers also wear armbands to signify themselves as members of the Public Morals Committee, and are allowed to carry a variety of weapons to enforce the rules.


Public Morals Committee Office

The Public Morals Committee Office.

The Public Morals Committee has their own office within the academy just as the Student Council does.[7]

Notable Members



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