The Perfect Melancholy (完全神経衰弱, Pāfekuto Merankorī) is a variation of the card game Concentration, created by Aoki Aka,[1] as part of her trial "The Palace of Pain" (痛の殿堂, Ita no Dendou).[2]

Game Play

As a variation of Concentration, the game has the same rules, though with some modifications. Two decks are used, for a total of one hundred and six cards. Because of this, players are required to match both number and suit. Players compete for the number value of cards, rather than the most cards. Kings are worth thirteen points, while Aces are worth fourteen; the value of cards extend from two points to fourteen points, for a total of four hundred and sixteen points. The games also follows the rule of completed turn; a player can only flip two cards per turn, even if they correctly match a pair. If one joker is drawn, then the cards on the table will be rearranged. If both jokers are drawn together, then the scores of the respective players will be switched.[3]


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