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Misogi Kumagawa (球磨川 禊, Kumagawa Misogi) is a senior of Class -13 and its first student. An executive member of Class -13, he is the center of the new Flask Plan, as well as the leader of the new Student Council created to oppose Medaka Kurokami. Kumagawa is the chief antagonist of the Kumagawa Incident Arc. After being defeated and reformed by Medaka, he joins her Student Council as its vice-president. Kumagawa is the protagonist of the Medaka Box sub-series, Good Loser Kumagawa Gaiden.


Described as a "Born Loser" who failed at everything, who lost to everyone at everything, which in turn made him stronger than everyone. He was always negative, and could hurt people as easily as you and I breathe. His need to destroy was as strong as one's need to eat. He was the type that seriously contemplated killing every human on the face of the planet, himself included. Medaka didn't see that as an obstacle, so she tried to talk to him, to sympathize with him. She never once thought that she'd lose, but she couldn't defeat Kumagawa, which led her to using Perses Mode for the first time. She attacked him and forced him to leave the school, but she still felt crushed by the fact that she couldn't do anything positive for him. To this day, she still berates herself for not being able to help Kumagawa.

Kumagawa then transfered into Hakoniwa Academy and Class -13. He doesn't understand or try to understand others, ignoring their feelings all together. For example, he healed Maguro Kurokami's internal wounds, the wounds that were important to Maguro himself. He doesn't mind killing people and he does it with a smiling face. Medaka describes him as a compulsive liar who doesn't ever say anything truthful. He apparently does have other emotions as he was very angry when Zenkichi Hitoyoshi regained his sight after he had turned it to nothingness with his minus. He also dislikes Najimi Ajimu, whom he sees when he "dies". After being reformed and becoming a member of the Student Council however, Kumagawa's ability to break other people's hearts is shown in a more comedic light; simply announcing to all the potential freshman by calling them "minor characters" comically causes them to collapse from heartbreak (though this was done to weed out all the unsuitable candidates for the next Student Council). Kumagawa is also shown to have a somewhat perverted personality, having a preference for girls dressed in naked aprons (resulting in the Candidate Student Council labeling him as "Naked-Apron Senpai"), later hand bra jeans, and most recently open-front hooded sweatshirts.


Kumagawa is a young man of average height and an average build, with blue eyes and black hair. As a transfer student, he still wears the standard men's uniform of Suisou Academy; a black jacket with a white collar and five yellow buttons, and matching pants. After joining the Student Council, Kumagawa gains his own version of the uniform, made by Hitomi. Kumagawa's version includes a collar similar to that of his old uniform. He wears the blue armband signifying his position as Vice-President on his left arm. Kumagawa quickly sheds the Student Council uniform in favor of his orignal style of dress (though Medaka does not mind, as his old uniform is still black), keeping only the vice-president's armband. Kumagawa gives up his armband after leaving the Student Council.

At age four, Kumagawa wore a white jacket and black pants, and had messy, light gray hair. When he was a middle school student, Kumagawa wore the uniform of Hakobune Middle School, and had shorter hair than he does in high school. While Student Council president of Suisou Academy, Kumagawa wore the armband of the Student Council president around his left arm.


Kumagawa at age four.

As a child, Kumagawa went to Hakoniwa General Hospital to test for Abnormalities, and ended up sitting next to Medaka while waiting to get checked. He was sorely unimpressed by what was going on, telling Medaka that people are born for no reason. As he was called in, Kumagawa left Medaka with the parting words that there was no point in being alive.[1] He then met with and was examined by Hitomi Hitoyoshi.[2] Hitomi put on a smile and introduced herself, asking him if there was anything she could do for him. Kumagawa asked her to mark him down as a Normal, so as not to worry his parents.[3] Kumagawa attempted to bribe her with information about two thousand Abnormals, though Hitomi refused even so, declaring it was her duty to make children like him happy. In face of Hitomi's constant refusal, Kumagawa instead revealed that he knew about her son, and asked if he could be his "friend" should he have to be hospitalized. Hitomi recognized the threat, but was left with no choice but to mark Kumagawa as having no problems.[4]

Kumagawa after attacking Ajimu.

While Student Council president at Hakobune Middle School, Kumagawa used Kouki Akune to get rid of students he didn't like. One of his targets was Medaka; he told Akune that a tomboy like her was not necessary in their little paradise.[5] Medaka's subsequent conversion of Akune would be the spark that led to her fight with Kumagawa.[6] The situation between Kumagawa and Medaka came to a head when he viciously attacked his vice-president Ajimu (the one responsible for making him president), ostensibly to confirm his feelings for her. Worried that he loved her only for her good looks, Kumagawa ripped off her face.[7] This drove Medaka into a rage, and into War God Mode for the first time.[8][9] Losing herself in anger, she beat Kumagawa until he begged her to stop. He left the school afterwards.[10][11][12]

Good Loser Kumagawa

Kumagawa introduces himself to his Suisou classmates.

Two months prior to his arrival at Hakoniwa Academy, Kumagawa transfers into Suisou Academy.[13] When the other students laugh at his joke of having transferred from Weekly Shōnen Jump, he attacks the entire class with his screws, only to undo the damage an instant later. This terrifies the whole class. Kumagawa is later approached by Saki Sukinasaki; that she would start a conversation with him makes him happy enough to start crying. He listens as Sukinasaki describes the school's Student Council president and Monarch, Aki Jakago. After hearing of her Abnormality, Kumagawa agrees to meet with her, commenting that it might be just the skill he is looking for.[14] Upon meeting Jakago, Kumagawa mentions what he has heard of her, claiming to have respected her for ten years. When Jakago begins to suffocate Sukinasaki, Kumagawa panics, crying out that his childhood friend from age two is going to die (parodying the relationship between Medaka and Zenkichi). He begs Jakago to stop, who compiles. She then offers him her hand, only to withdraw it before Kumagawa can shake hands with her. He asks her if anything is wrong, and after she replies in the negative, dismisses him.[15]

Kumagawa defeats the Suisou Student Council.

Kumagawa is later surrounded by the Student Council in an empty classroom. He easily sees that they are being controlled, and expresses his derision of Jakago's ability, calling it a skill that can be defeated simply by holding one's breath. Kumagawa is shocked however, when his screws crumble. Jakago reveals that she has oxidized both his weapons and his body, and Kumagawa collapses. He quickly returns to his feet though, and tells Jakago that while her skill is enough to control humans, it is not enough to control non-humans; she won't be able to defeat Anshin'in. When the Student Council asks who Anshin'in is, he tells them that she is a what, not a who. Kumagawa then orders them to show their skills, though he does not expect much as he has already overcome their leader. He defeats all four in an instant, then explains his Minus to Jakago, claiming that they are the ones at fault for being controlled. Kumagawa goes on to tell Jakago that even his Minus is not enough to defeat Anshin'in, and he is looking for other skill holders for just that purpose. He then tells her to leave, giving her five seconds before he changes his mind. He attacks after one second anyway, claiming that he changed his mind about the time limit. As Jakago calls him a liar before collapsing, Kumagawa agrees with her, telling her to remember the name of his Minus, All Fiction. The next day, Kumagawa is approached by Sukinasaki, who recommends he become Student Council president, as Jakago has been hospitalized. When Kumagawa tries to turn her down, Sukinasaki reveals that she has taken control of all their classmates. Giving in, Kumagawa admits that he has lost to her. One month later, Suisou Academy is shut down, due to the conclusion of the battle between Kumagawa and Sukinasaki, a battle with no winner.[16]

Kumagawa bruised and defeated.

Kumagawa does become the Student Council president shortly after, with Sukinasaki as his general affairs manager. On a Monday during first period, Sukinasaki bursts into the council room, crying about her unnaturally blonde hair, interrupting Kumagawa as he reads Weekly Shōnen Jump. Kumagawa stops reading, and asks her if her hair is such a problem that she had to interrupt his reading time. When he notices her hair color, he smiles and assures her that she will not be fired for it. After hearing that student Fude Ezumachi is most likely the culprit, Kumagawa states he has not heard of such a person. Sukinasaki explains that Jakago made Ezumachi leave before Kumagawa's enrollment, who adds that he does not remember Jakago either. When Sukinasaki tells him that Ezumachi can control colors, Kumagawa is not surprised, since his Jump magazine is fully colored. Kumagawa believes this and Sukinasaki's hair are just a form of greeting from the returned Ezumachi. Kumagawa gets up and tells Sukinasaki that they will meet with Ezumachi, not to fix her hair, but to educate him that, besides the recycled paper, only popular or new series are allowed to be colored in Weekly Shōnen Jump. Kumagawa and Sukinasaki find Ezumachi painting a portrait of Jakago. Kumagawa asks him who is in the portrait. Both Ezumachi and Sukinasaki clarify it is the previous president that Kumagawa himself took down. Kumagawa laughs, saying she must have suffered terribly by his hands, and throws a screw at the painting. Kumagawa justifies himself by stating Ezumachi ruined her hair, which in turn is Kumagawa's hair, though Sukinasaki says her hair is not Kumagawa's property. In anger, Ezumachi throws a wave of palette knives at Kumagawa, piercing him throughout his body. Kumagawa rises, stating that Ezumachi's attack was no good as he did not aim for the vitals. Ezumachi turns Kumagawa's uniform pink, claiming that Kumagawa can never look intimidating in that color. Kumagawa smiles, accepting the attack on his dignity, but arguing it will not work if he has no clothes. Kumagawa takes off his shirt and lunges at Ezumachi with his screws. Ezumachi counters using the color blue, causing bruises to appear all over Kumagawa's skin. Kumagawa collapses in pain.

Kumagawa defeats Ezumachi.

In the dream classroom, Kumagawa meets Ajimu, who asks him how he died; Kumagawa does not respond to her prodding however. Kumagawa tells her that All Fiction is nothing more than a magic trick, just like Ezumachi's skill. Kumagawa apologizes to Ajimu, saying the skill is still beneath her. Kumagawa bleakly accepts her encouragement, saying he might try fighting her sometime. As Kumagawa leaves, he addresses her as Vice-President Ajimu; Ajimu tells him to call her Anshin'in. Kumagawa wakes up in the Student Council room to find the school day has ended, having been brought there by Sukinasaki. Kumagawa grabs his jacket, and, questioned by Sakinasaki, tells her that he will go meet Ezumachi again. Kumagawa explains that his reason for fighting is to defend the color of girls' panties. As Kumagawa and Sukinasaki walk through the school, they find Ezumachi has changed the colors of the entire building. Kumagawa asks Sukinasaki why she did not defect to Ezumachi's side since he would make a better president. Sukinasaki's answer is that no one would make a good president. Kumagawa and Sukinasaki find Ezumachi on the soccer field. Kumagawa says he cannot abide by Ezumachi defacing the school but offers a deal: he will ignore Ezumachi's actions if he gives Kumagawa the power to choose the colors of panties everywhere in the world. Ezumachi turns Kumagawa's shirt gray and destroys it to reveal Kumagawa's skin. Kumagawa pierces Ezumachi's shoulder with a screw however, revealing that he has erased blue from the world. As Ezumachi tries to grab the red paint, Kumagawa erases the existence of red as well. Ezumachi goes mad, begging Kumagawa to stop erasing colors. Kumagawa tells him that he only planned to get rid of the twelve basic colors, but since Ezumachi expects him to get rid of all colors, he must comply. Using All Fiction, Kumagawa changes the world to only black and white. Kumagawa assures Ezumachi that, while his power over color is gone, the colors of panties are eternal. Ezumachi lunges at Kumagawa, only to be pierced by several of Kumagawa's screws from beneath. Restating his childhood motto, Kumagawa congratulates Ezumachi on hitting a vital spot (Kumagawa's eye). Sukinasaki asks Kumagawa if he has finally earned a victory. Kumagawa denies it because the world is white, and states he has lost again. Later, he remembers he did not erase the color black, and uses All Fiction to erase that as well.[17]

Kumagawa defeats the Suisou students.

After one month of Kumagawa's term as Student Council president, Sukinasaki controls the former Student Council and several other students to surround Kumagawa,[18] with the intention of returning the recovered Jakago to power as her puppet ruler. Kumagawa questions why Sukinasaki does not simply take over herself.[19] Hearing her motivation however, leaves Kumagawa unimpressed, as he compares her goals to those of a Not Equal. As Sukinasaki prepares to leave, he wonders how she plans to contain him when he can revive himself. Sukinasaki tells Kumagawa her plan: to have the ten students surrounding him keep killing him everytime he dies, trapping his in a loop of perpetual death and resurrection.[20] The moment Sukinasaki turns her back, Kumagawa instantly defeats her puppets. He explains to a stunned Sukinasaki that he invited her to join his Student Council so that they would grow close to one another; subconsciously, Sukinasaki did not want to kill Kumagawa, so her puppets did not try to kill him. A trembling Sukinasaki accepts her loss, just before Kumagawa puts a screw through her head. Suisou Academy collapsed without its puppet master, and Kumagawa erased Sukinasaki's memories as a matter of course.[21]


Thirteen Party Arc

Kumagawa returns.

Kumagawa arrives at the Flask Plan labs, where he encounters the Loser Team and the Plus Six, who he summarily defeats. When the Student Council, Maguro, and the remaining four members of the Thirteen Party arrive on the first floor, Kumagawa calls out to them, claiming what has happened is not his fault. He then greets Medaka.[22]

Kumagawa Incident Arc

Kumagawa gropes Kikaijima.

Kumagawa repeats that he is not sorry,[23] and denies his name, claiming he is actually his younger twin brother, Yuki Kumagawa. He then laughs, claiming it was just a lie. He uses a cloth to wipe off some of the blood on his face.[24] Kumagawa gets in Zenkichi's face, sneering at him for their impossibly different personalities. He then shifts his attention to Akune, cheerily reminding his former subordinate of his time as the Destroyer, before groping Mogana Kikaijima. She knocks his hand away, but Kumagawa has healed her injuries, and repaired her clothes. He asks her if her loved ones are safe. When she questions him about Umumichi Yakushima and Sotsu Tanegashima, he replies that he doesn't even know who she is, but that he will remember the names of those who are close to her. Kumagawa moves on to Maguro, pulling up his shirt to reveal his scars. Maguro declines Kumagawa's offer to heal his scars, but Kumagawa heals them anyway, ignoring Maguro's protests. When Medaka asks if he has anything to say to her, he says he doesn't but then asks her the way to the chairman's office, explaining that he just transferred to Hakoniwa Academy today, and is lost. When Oudo Miyakonojou approaches him, Kumagawa apologizes that he cannot understand his feelings, but tries to make up for it by stabbing himself in the head with one of his screws. He then makes his own way to the chairman's office, but not before wishing Medaka luck as a former Student Council president.[25]

Kumagawa attacks Hakama.

Kumagawa eventually reaches the chairman's office, where he tells Hakama Shiranui that he is transferring solely for the Flask Plan.[26] Kumagawa orders Hakama to make him some tea.[27] Drinking, Kumagawa remarks that the tea is delicious. Kumagawa remarks that creating a peaceful world full of perfect humans is a noble goal, one he fully supports, but notes that it is much easier to destroy something then to create it. Kumagawa puts forth the suggestion that all the elites be destroyed, creating a peaceful world of fools satisfied with just eating and sleeping. He states that this has been his goal for a long time, and that both the Loser Team and the Plus Six were just the beginning. When asked why he is doing this by Hakama, Kumagawa puts forth several reasons, none of which apply to him. As Hakama rises from his chair, Kumagawa attacks him with his screws, telling Hakama that he was naive to think he was safe just because he was an old man. He then drives a screw into Hakama's forehead. With All Fiction however, all of Hakama's wounds are erased, and Kumagawa tells the stunned Hakama that he doesn't dislike such naivety. Kumagawa promises the chairman that he will destroy all of the elites Hakama has gathered at the academy, and makes to leave the office. Hakama questions what Kumagawa intends to do about Medaka; Kumagawa replies that he will settle his score, but that he has no intention of fighting her. Outside the office, Kumagawa meets Hansode Shiranui. He remarks that he has seen her before; in the mirror when brushing his teeth. He then comments that there is a third person similar to both of them. Laughing off her threats, Kumagawa asks Shiranui if she is also in Class -13, to which she answers in the negative. Still chuckling, Kumagawa makes his exit, telling Shiranui that he would like to speak with her more later.[28]

Kumagawa takes Emukae's hand.

The day after he transfers in, Kumagawa sends Mukae Emukae to the Ghost Babel to acquire it for Class -13 as their new classroom.[29] When he first meets Emukae, he tells her not to fight Medaka, Maguro, or Akune, but tells her that Zenkichi is just a Normal, and if she meets him, getting along with him should be fine.[30] Walking around campus, Kumagawa runs into Hitomi, who he immediately recognizes as his first love. He tells her he was going to buy some porn magazines on his way home, and, drawing out his screws, invites her to come with him.[31] Shortly after, Hitomi escapes Kumagawa, who laments that he has been dumped. Surveying the battlefield, he remarks that it is a pain to be disliked by the person he loves.[32] Kumagawa approaches the defeated Emukae, surprised to hear that Zenkichi gave her his hand. He tells her that everyone makes mistakes, and takes her hand despite her protests. As the side of his face rots away, Kumagawa promises her that he will make all the terrible things she does nothing. As Emukae begins to cry, Kumagawa comforts her, and tells her to forget about Zenkichi.[33]

Hinokage confronts Kumagawa.

In Class 13's junior classroom (Class -13's temporary headquarters), Kumagawa starts his meeting with the other students through cellphones. He forgives Emukae for her earlier failure, and thanks Shiranui for suggesting their current classroom. He listens on as she describes the two students of Class 13 attending the school.[34] Kuudou Hinokage appears behind Kumagawa, and drives his head into a desk.[35] Hinokage proceeds to pound Kumagawa through the wall, telling him to bear with his punches.[36] Kumagawa tearfully apologizes, stating he will attack the next person he sees. He dispels his injuries, then lunges at Hinokage. He is stopped by the appearance of Shibuki Shibushi and Gagamaru Chougasaki however.[37] They each break one of his arms, an act Kumagawa thanks them for. Rising, he asks Hinokage if he wants to continue now that it is three versus one.[38] The three put some desks together and get out their food to have an executives' meeting. Kumagawa convinces the other two to follow his plans. He welcomes Shiranui when she arrives.[39] He later chastises the others for disturbing her meal, and asks her to explain her plan to them.[40] Hearing Shiranui's plan, Kumagawa thinks it is splendid.[41] One week later, at the end of the semester, Kumagawa interrupts Medaka's speech. He begins by introducing himself as Medaka's ex, then calls for her impeachment, on the grounds that she does not have a vice-president. He reveals his "majority" of student signatures are from Class -13. Stating that the rules now make him Student Council president, he introduces his own council, and states the new rules he will be putting into effect. Medaka turns the situation around however, by forcing Kumagawa to try and overthrow her with a Student Council battle.[42] After Medaka declares a Student Council battle with Kumagawa, the students of Class -13 decide on who will fight first. They are surprised that Kumagawa wants to fight in the General Affairs Manager's Battle. Kumagawa states it does not matter whether he is the president, but that he will destroy the Student Council's morale with the first match.[43]

Kumagawa thrashed by Zenkichi.

On July twenty-fifth, Kumagawa waits alone for the Student Council. He immediately accosts Hitomi, admitting he was so excited to see her he arrived five hours early. He is pulled away by an angry Medaka, who is further incensed by Kumagawa's attitude. With the arrival of Tokemichi Choujabaru, Kumagawa attacks him, after which he decides the junior is fit to referee the battle.[44] Zenkichi tells Kumagawa that one's life is a plus. Told by Choujabaru to select the match, Kumagawa picks the snake; Choujabaru explains the fight will be "Viper's Den".[45] Kumagawa and the Student Council are led to the Viper's Den by Choujabaru, revealed to be a pit on the school grounds.[46] He listens on as Choujabaru explains the nature of the battlefield and the rules of the match.[47] Kumagawa tells Zenkichi he will throw the match to spare Zenkichi's dignity. Telling Zenkichi how he can become a Minus himself, Kumagawa steps onto the netting covering the pit without hesitation.[48] Drawing his screws, Kumagawa makes the first move, only to be knocked back by Zenkichi. He rises and tries again, only to be knocked back down.[49] Zenkichi continues to attack Kumagawa.[50] Bloodied, Kumagawa states this bullying should be regulated.[51]

Kumagawa furious.

Kumagawa rises once more, insisting that his voice alone will be enough to horrify Zenkichi. He is once again knocked back.[52] Zenkichi continues to beat on Kumagawa relentlessly.[53] Kumagawa surrenders, then goads Zenkichi with the reason why he came to the academy. Zenkichi takes the bait, and Kumgawa uses the opening to attack Zenkichi successfully. Kumgawa insists that the fight must continue; now that the match is over, the Election Management Committee has no authority to stop him. He addresses Myouri Unzen and Nekomi Nabeshima (watching from a nearby rooftop), refuting their analysis of his Minus. Kumagawa reveals the true nature of his All Fiction: to make reality nothing. Kumagawa then steals Zenkichi's vision, blinding him, but promises to show him hell.[54] As Zenkichi trembles before him, Kumgawa asks him how he could believe closing his eyes would make him stronger. As Zenkichi flails about, Kumagawa admits that he cannot use All Fiction freely, or risk erasing the entire world. He then offers to restore Zenkichi's eyesight if Zenkichi becomes his friend. He is surprised when Zenkichi rejects him.[55] Kumagawa attacks, only to be repelled. He is confused when Zenkichi stomps, but realizes the younger boy is sending the netting to the bottom of the pit. Kumagawa recoils as the snakes attach themselves to his body, but prepares to use All Fiction to save himself. Zenkichi stops him however, and Kumagawa can only tearfully beg Zenkichi to spare him as the snakes envelope them both.[56] The Election Management Committee try to revive both Kumagawa and Zenkichi.[57] Kumagawa regains consciousness, revealing that All Fiction even undoes his own death. He then mocks Medaka's anger.[58] When Zenkichi comes to, Kumgawa drops his smile for the first time. He explains that his anger is due to Zenkichi regaining his sight, as that is something even Kumagawa could not have done. Regaining his composure, Kumagawa reveals that the other Minuses are attacking the rest of the Student Council during their training.[59] The Minuses reconvene; Kumagawa reveals he has decided on a new candidate for Class -13: Youka Naze.[60] Walking through the hallways, Naze and Itami Koga are intercepted by Kumagawa. In Class -13's classroom, Kumagawa invites Naze to join him. Naze initially refuses, but changes her mind after Kumagawa promises to make her the most unfortunate person in the world.[61][62] Kumagawa shows her Class -13's roster and invites her to be his vice-president. After Naze has a change of heart however, Kumagawa and Shibushi reveal that they have sent attackers after Koga. Naze begs to Kumagawa to stop, but he hands her his cellphone.[63] His plan foiled, Kumagawa asks Naze to tell Medaka to leave his people alone. He is unfazed by her anger.[64]

Medaka smashes a window with Kumagawa's head.

After their failure to recruit Naze, Kumagawa and Chougasaki discuss the upcoming Secretary's Battle. One week later, on the first of August, the opposing Student Councils meet for the Secretary's Battle. He is surprised when Choujabaru insists that he and Medaka be handcuffed together to keep either of them from causing trouble.[65] Kumagawa is upset when Choujabaru announces the Secretary's Battle will be a match to strip the opponent. The group moves to the stage of the battle, a freezer in the school's canteen.[66] Kumagawa offers Class -13's surrender if Shibushi loses, and asks Shibushi to win.[67] Kumagawa sobs at the sight of two girls beating each other up, but quickly drops the charade. He tells Medaka he is fully confident in Shibushi's ability to win.[68] He is amused by Naze's attempts to seal Shibushi's Minus.[69][70][71] Kumagawa voices his surprise that Naze's mind has not broken yet.[72] Medaka uses Kumagawa's head to break open the freezer's window, stunning him.[73] Kumagawa is impressed by Naze's Minus.[74] Seeing it in action, he comments that Naze is definitely a Plus.[75] Kumagawa tells Shibushi it is okay to lose, so long as she does so in a flashy way.[76] He is surprised by the range of Ice Fire.[77][78] Kumagawa enters the freezer to restore Shibushi. He decides to keep his promise, and he and the other Minuses make to leave.[79] Medaka stops Kumagawa, declaring that she will make him happy. Kumagawa reveals his true aim was to break Medaka's will. As he insists he will keep his promise, Naze offers to make her battle a loss.[80]

Kumagawa cries bloody tears.

On August eighth, the opposing Student Councils meet at the academy's botanical garden for the Treasurer's Battle. Kumagawa is completely unmotivated, complaining about being forced to continue the election battles. He agrees to be Emukae's sub-player.[81][82] Upon learning that both he and Zenkichi could potentially die, he energizes. He tells Emukae to end the fight in a draw, assuring her she will be fine with his support. Hitomi makes a bet with Kumagawa; if she wins, he must answer one question honestly. In return, Kumagawa tells her to go on a date with him if Emukae wins.[83] The match begins.[84] With Kumagawa's instruction, Emukae uses her Minus to take control of the garden's plants and attack Hitomi and Zenkichi.[85][86][87] As Hitomi and Zenkichi find Kumagawa and Emuake, Hitomi attacks what she thinks is Kumagawa. It is however only a dummy, and Kumagawa attacks Zenkichi from behind. He then orders Emukae to separate them, Kumagawa and Hitomi ending up together. Kumagawa reveals he erased his aura to confound Zenkichi's senses. When Hitomi questions how he can treat his life so easily, Kumagawa just laughs.[88] Kumagawa thanks Hitomi for leaving him alone as a child, and asks her if she would like him to save Zenkichi.[89] Kumagawa is confused as Hitomi sets up a picnic, but her behavior eventually drives him to cry bloody tears. At Hitomi's prompting, he begins talking about his most recent love, Ajimu. He explains the circumstances behind his expulsion from Hakobune Middle School, and criticizes Medaka for getting in the way of his love.[90] Kumagawa goes on to talk about Ajimu's numerous skills, admitting that his All Fiction was born from what she gave him, and focusing on her Parasite Seeing in particular.[91] As Emukae breaks through the plant barrier, bringing Zenkichi with her, Kumagawa is furious to see that Zenkichi now possess Parasite Seeing.[92]

Chougasaki stops Kumagawa with Encounter.

Kumgawa brushes off Emukae's apology, stating that he has defeated Parasite Seeing's user before. [93] Taking Emukae's hand, he forces her to create a giant plant monster to fight. Kumagawa stands back to watch after doing so.[94][95] After Zenkichi reforms Emukae, an irate Kumagawa attacks them both, erasing Emukae's Minus. He tells Hitomi he still fully intends to end the match with a draw, revealing he has removed the keyholes from the bracelets, just as the clocks run down.[96] Kumagawa is horrified to see Emukae protected both him and Zenkichi at great injury to herself. He is deeply disturbed that Emukae protected him despite knowing that he could revive himself with All Fiction. He grows steadily more unhinged as Emukae refuses his offer to erase her injuries. He finally breaks and demands Choujabaru end the match.[97] As he staggers off, Kumagawa tells both Hitomi and Zenkichi to take care of Emukae.[98] Chougasaki and Shibushi run up to Kumagawa, telling him to pull himself together. Kumagawa tells Chougasaki to take over Class -13, as he will need to retrieve his original Minus.[99] The two help Kumagawa leave.[100] In their classroom, Kumagawa asks Chougasaki to kill him so that he can retrieve his original Minus. After Chougasaki refuses, Kumagawa provokes him into a rage. He then attacks with a screw, only to stopped in his tracks. Kumagawa is defeated by Chougasaki, who crushes his head.[101]

Medaka and Kumagawa battle above the academy.

In the dream classroom, a beaten and bloodied Kumagawa is seen asking Ajimu for his original Minus back.[102] As Ajimu taunts him, Kumagawa compares her to a Shōnen Jump battle manga. He seemingly gives up, and makes to leave the classroom. Ajimu stops him, demanding that he express himself honestly. Speaking without brackets, Kumagawa claims he wants to win. Ajimu kisses him, giving back his original Minus in return for Hundred Gauntlets (and by extension, All Fiction). Kumagawa is annoyed by her insistence that his loss to Medaka is inevitable. Turning to leave, he expresses his gratitude, declaring he will win.[103] An expressionless Kumagawa arrives at the site of the Vice-President's Battle, ordering the student body out of his way. Confronting Medaka, he greets her as if for the first time.[104] On August twenty-second, the Student Council and Class -13 gather for the final battle.[105] Kumagawa is surprised when Shiranui declares that he will be the one to represent Class -13.[106] Kumagawa agrees to Shiranui's proposal, and selects the Human card. He is unfazed by the conditions Medaka sets for the match, and when she offers him her hand, uses the opportunity to attack her. In the face of Medaka's enthusiasm, Kumagawa readies his original Minus, Book Maker.[107] Kumagawa's and Medaka's frantic battle carries them outside and up the clock tower, where Medaka knocks Kumagawa back down with a punch to the face. Crash landing on a rooftop, Kumagawa lament's Medaka's superiority. As he mulls over Medaka's words, he comes to the realization that he loves her, and wants her to accept his feelings. Kumagawa challenges Medaka to take his Book Maker head on, explaining that doing so will bring her down to the same level as him.[108] Kumagawa spears her through the chest with an elongated screw, and is delighted as she says she gives up using the same speech brackets as Kumagawa. He is horrified however when she rises, proving that she has not broken. A furious Kumagawa demands to know how she can still be talking in such a way.[109]

Kumagawa accepts the vice-president's armband.

Despite his Book Maker proving ineffective, Kumagawa refuses to surrender, and punches Medaka. The two begin punching one another, until both fall to their knees.[110] He is confused by the crowd that shows up to cheer for Medaka, and is surprised to hear they are from Class 13.[111] Still on his knees, Kumagawa wonders if he might one day come to Medaka's aid when she is in trouble. Medaka tells him he can, and delivers one last punch to his face.[112] Kumagawa lies before Medaka, as the Book Maker screw in her chest disintegrates. Asked by Choujabaru if he gives up, a smiling Kumagawa accepts his defeat.[113] Hitomi places Kumagawa's head in her lap, and he admits to her that he is satisfied with being able to lose properly, even if he could not win properly. Approached by Chougasaki and Shibushi, Kumagawa promises that he will protect them with his own body if needs be. Shibushi takes his hand, and the pair promise to stick with him. Helping him up on their shoulders, the three prepare to leave, Kumagawa telling Hitomi that they can no longer stay at the academy. Medaka calls out to Kumagawa, asking him to be her vice-president. A shocked Kumagawa refuses, telling her to think about Zenkichi's feelings, but at Zenkichi's prompting, accepts the armband. Maguro tells Kumagawa he has prepared a classroom for Class -13 in Ghost Babel. Kumagawa thanks him, but is shocked to hear that the "Delayed Two" have arrived at the school.[114]

Kurokami Medaka's Successor Arc

Jet Black Bride Arc

Medaka stopped by the All Jokers.

When Medaka gathers teammates with which to fight her suitors, Kumagawa is one of the people she chooses. His promised reward is Medaka naked in just an apron. Later, the All Jokers meet Bukiko Udou on the aircraft carrier Black, the stage for the second Jet Black Wedding Feast. They follow Udou into the ship, with Medaka explaining to her teammates about her situation. Kumagawa notes that Medaka is very popular, though Medaka tells him she would marry him tomorrow if he asked.[115] Kumagawa is less surprised than the others by the appearance of Kairai Kugurugi.[116] Kumagawa notes he sees a resemblance between Medaka, Kamome Tsurubami, and their relatives, though Medaka and Tsurubami both deny it.[117] Kumagawa listens on as Udou explains the rules, and is surprised to find Medaka suspects one of her suitors as being the murderer of Fukurou Tsurubami. As Medaka prepares to fight her suitors herself, she is stopped by Kumagawa and the others, Kumagawa telling her that telling them not to fight won't do any good.[118] Kumagawa is less surprised than the others by Ajimu's easy defeat of the six suitors, having seen what she is capable of fully powered before. He is surprised again by the revelation that the six Ajimu just defeated are actually only doubles.[119] When the real suitors arrive, Kumagawa points out that, with six victories for Tsurubami's team, the Jet Black Wedding Feast is technically already over. He makes no comment as the suitors declare their intent to defeat the doubles as well.[120] Kumagawa actually dissuades a suitor from continuing the fight, a success that surprised Tsurubami.[121] When Medaka accepts on the condition she learn the identity of Fukurou Tsurubami's murderer, Kumagawa supports her decision. Along with the rest of the All Jokers, he is sealed into a card by the smallest suitor.[122]

Kumagawa defeats Kugurugi.

After Mogura Kugurugi fatally injures Emukae, Kumagawa catches her and makes her injuries nothing with All Fiction. He tells Emukae he is disappointed in her – as a Minus – but that he doesn't dislike her naivety.[123] Naze requests Kumagawa's help, promising to wear a naked apron in return; Kumagawa responds by revealing that his new fetish is "hand-bra jeans". Kugurugi outlines the attraction of hand-bra jeans to him, then demands to know why he has not been moved to the third location. Kumagawa blatantly lies, ignoring the question, but is caught off guard as Kugurugi charges. Her attack blows his arm off, but Kumagawa easily recovers and counters, only for his screw to disintegrate. Kumagawa is then forced to the ground by Kugurugi. Pinned, Kumagawa tells Emukae she needs to finish her confession and hear Zenkichi's reply.[124] When Zenkichi stabs himself in the stomach, Kumagawa smiles.[125] From the ground, Kumagawa laments that he has lost again, apparently wanting Emukae to shift her feelings to him after being rejected. Annoyed by his attitude, Kugurugi moves to finish him off, only to be struck in the back by Kumagawa's Book Maker. Kumagawa reveals himself to have been truly angered by her treatment of his underclassman, and refuses Kugurugi mercy even as she collapses in tears.[126]

The Student Council arrives at Kuromaku Island.

After the battle, Kumagawa tends to everyone's injuries using All Fiction, but apologizes to Zenkichi for not being "complete" enough to heal his seppuku wounds. Naze asks him what happened at the aircraft carrier Black, and Kumagawa explains.[127][128] Kumagawa states his belief that Ajimu will escape from her seal soon, as soon as she grows tired of it. He goes on to explain that he escaped from his own seal, and waited for the Student Council as the South Pole so they could all continue delaying the preliminary rounds. Kumagawa tells Zenkichi that he should solve the riddle quickly since the jet repairs will take a while. Zenkichi asks Kumagawa why he was so late to the fight; Kumagawa admits he wanted to hear Emukae's confession first.[129] Kumagawa listens on as Zenkichi explains Medaka's coded message.[130][131] After crashing into Udou's rocket with the Student Council's jet, the group emerge almost entirely unscathed, while Kumagawa is seen standing among the rubble, looking at the burning rocket.[132] Kumagawa and the Student Council confront Udou.[133] Medaka stops them from acting rashly however, an act Kudaki Torai scorns. Kumagawa tells her to think of Medaka's feelings, and reminds her that they can still revive Zenkichi if they can recover his body.[134] Kumagawa listens to Momo Momozono's offer for a release of the hostages, with conditions.[135] He and Naze both recognize a four way battle is unacceptable. Kumagawa is unsurprised when Medaka accepts immediately anyway.[136]

Ajimu and Kumagawa wonder at revival.

The group makes their way to another area to start the final round. Kumagawa makes no comment when Medaka chooses to release Ajimu and Hanten first.[137] In the new area, Naze and the others listen on as the rules of the game are laid out.[138][139] Kumagawa stands by as the game finally gets under way.[140] Kumagawa comments on possible strategies, pointing out that Momozono's position allows her to attack Medaka directly.[141] Kumagawa is surprised when Medaka chooses to leave the room.[142] As Medaka continues to leave each time after her turn, Kumagawa wonders at what her plan is.[143] When Torai confronts Medaka on her behavior, Kumagawa wonders why she is so adamant about challenging Medaka. He is not surprised when Medaka declares that she will not fight a fight that shames her friends.[144] Having heard Momozono's explanation, Kumagawa wonders at how Fukurou could have orchestrated all that has happened after his death.[145] He appears unfazed when Momozono continues with the game mid-explanation.[146] He makes no reaction when Momozono points him out as someone who was able to escape her seal.[147] Kumagawa comments on the nature of Shiritori; what makes the game so hard - the players need to keep every syllable in their head, with the winner being the person with the best memory.[148] As the audience discusses each player's standing, Kumagawa notices that Kousan ends with N, which is illegal in Shiritori.[149] Kumagawa listens on as Momozono reveals Medaka's true plan; to force the suitor to end with "surrender" by manipulating the entire audience not to use the necessary syllables.[150] Explanations finished, Kumagawa asks Torai if she is satisfied with Medaka.[151] Kumagawa is present when Zenkichi is healed. He is surprised by Medaka's reaction to Zenkichi's depression. Together, the Student Council and the All Jokers (and Namanie Nienami) return to Hakoniwa Academy.[152]

Unknown Shiranui Arc

Kumagawa beaten by Ajimu.

Before leaving Hakoniwa Academy, Shiranui asked Kumagawa to use his All Fiction to erase all memories and records of her time there. Kumagawa was later beaten up by Ajimu, who wanted to know why no one remembered Shiranui. After hearing why, she brought him to the Tea Room so he could explain to Medaka as well.[153] After telling Medaka, he informed Ajimu that the reason Medaka still remembered Shiranui was most likely because Medaka was so closely tied to Shiranui.[154] He is not surprised when Medaka decides to pursue Shiranui.[155]

Kumagawa and Zenkichi back to back.

Ajimu drives Medaka, Zenkichi, and Kumagawa to meet Shiranui in a jeep, prompting Kumagawa to question why she doesn't use one of her skills to transport them.[156] Meeting Kairai again, Kumagawa comments that he has recovered well from Ajimu's beating.[157] At Ajimu's order to heal Kairai (having defeated him with a hundred skills again), Kumagawa expresses his distaste at healing a man's injuries.[158] Due to the terrain, the group abandons the jeep and advances on foot.[159] The group eventually comes to a three way branch in the path. As Medaka ponders which route choose, Kumagawa questions what she plans to do about Shiranui. Medaka asks him if he has given up on defeating her; Kumagawa declares (without brackets) that he still intends to defeat her before he graduates.[160] Kumagawa and the others are surprised by the appearance of the Gate Guardians "Doppelgangers".[161] Kumagawa fights his doppelganger. Tired, Kumagawa falls back with Zenkichi. They both are surprised that Ajimu and Medaka are having problems against their doppelgangers as well. Kumagawa asks for a plan of action from Zenkichi; Zenkich claps for everyone's attention. At Zenkichi's prompting, the members of the group switch opponents; Kumagawa defeats Ajimu's doppelganger.[162] Obi arrives to congratulate the group and introduce herself. She then explains the next game - tag. She starts counting down but Medaka punches her instead, an act that horrifies Kumagawa and Zenkichi. Obi acknowledges Medaka's answer as correct and lets the group inside the village.[163] Arriving at the gate of the mansion, Obi gives Medaka the final test: predict what the final question is, in ten seconds; even Kumagawa thinks such a test is impossible. He watches on as Medaka answers the final question.[164] After Medaka supplies the right answer, the group enters the mansion to meet Shiranui.[165]

Iihiko deals with Kumagawa.

The group reunites with Shiranui.[166][167] When Shiranui questions why Zenkichi still has his memories, Kumagawa asks her if she would like for him to explain. Shiranui refuses.[168] After expressing her true feelings concerning her stay at Hakoniwa Academy, Shiranui tearfully begs Kumagawa to erase her memories. In the face of Shiranui's plea, Kumagawa admits it is impossible. Offhandedly mentioning that his current fetish is an open-front hooded sweatshirt, he goes on to explain that his All Fiction has deteriorated to the point he cannot erase things that hold a strong emotional attachment. Because Shiranui's feelings are still with Hakoniwa Academy and Zenkichi, he cannot erase them.[169] Kumagawa is surprised by the arrival of Iihiko Shishime.[170] Kumagawa tries to attack Iihiko, only for Iihiko to use Obi's body to bat Kumagawa aside. Bleeding profusely, Kumagawa tells Medaka to run before losing consciousness.[171] When Medaka acquiesces to Ajimu's order to flee, she takes everyone else in the room with her, including Kumagawa.[172] Medaka carries the group to Ajimu's jeep.[173] Kumagawa remains unconscious as Medaka faces Iihiko.[174][175] After the Thirteen Party arrive at the Shiranui Village, Kumagawa and Zenkichi are evacuated on board their armored truck.[176]

Kumagawa hugged by Ajimu.

Back at the academy, Kumagawa is treated by Aoki Aka, though his wounds refuse to close and he remains unconscious.[177] Kumagawa meets Ajimu in the dream world classroom.[178] Ajimu explains that what he is seeing is just a recording; Kumagawa lifts up her skirt. Having predicted how he would act, the Ajimu recording kicks Kumagawa in the head.[179] Kumagawa accepts Ajimu's inheritance in the form of two parcels, each containing a skill: Hundred Gauntlets, which will stop the deterioration of his All Fiction, and the second, which is a surprise. Kumagawa insists that wanting to win and being able to win are different things, though the recording insists that she cannot hear him. Bothered by Kumagawa's pessimism, Ajimu gets up, goes to the window and looks for the loser star Kumagawa was born under. After Kumagawa picks one out, Ajimu destroys it, shocking Kumagawa. He is further surprised when she hugs him, assuring him that he is a star of hope for the weak, and that he was like a cute little brother to her.[180] Kumagawa regains consciousness shortly after. He thanks Aka, and with the arrival of Medaka, states one loss is not enough to break his will. Back in uniform, he asks Medaka for their plan as the group makes their way out of the academy.[181]

Medaka's group realize they have turned into children.

The group boards a train to reach Hakoniwa General Hospital. Wearing a white wig, Nienami imitates Ajimu, a tasteless joke that causes the others to collapse. After dealing with Nienami (courtesy of Kumagawa and his screws), the remaining four sit down to discuss how to counter Iihiko.[182] Kumagawa tries to explain Iihiko's resistance to skills with a Dragon Ball reference, and comments on the level of Medaka's Abnormality.[183] He tells Medaka to stop insisting that she killed Fukurou, commenting that they all heard Momozono's story.[184] Using bicycles to complete the journey, the group arrives at the hospital ruins. Kumagawa is noticeably winded.[185] [186] Making their way through the hospital ruins, Kumagawa remarks that this was the place he first kissed Hitomi, upsetting Zenkichi. Having only come for a day, Kumagawa wonders if they should have asked Shibushi for help. Along with the rest, he is shocked to discover they have turned into children. He points out that even their childhood possessions have returned, as his stuffed rabbit is back in his hands. He notes that their injuries from Iihiko have recovered as well.[187]

Kotobuki and her victims.

As the group discusses their predicament, Kumagawa, fed up with the talking, rips his stuffed toy apart to get a screw; even if people get younger, screws shouldn't. Kumagawa tries to throw the screw all the way across the hallway, but it drops a short distance away due to Kumagawa's four year old strength. When Zenkichi asks if he could use All Fiction, Kumagawa tells him he cannot, as he got it from Ajimu in middle school after he was four.[188][189] As Medaka advances forward, Kumagawa remembers what Kikaijima (whom he refers to as Mogana) told him about Iizuka's sound cancelling during the Treasure Hunt.[190][191] When Joutou Kotobuki sneaks up behind the group, Kumagawa and the others are reduced to babies.[192][193] Kotobuki playfully asks the babies where Medaka is. Of course, the babies do not have a coherent answer.[194] Kumagawa believes Medaka cannot come out with Kotobuki still singing.[195] As Medaka is about to attack Kotobuki, she finds the babies are strapped to Kotobuki like a suit of armor, forcing her to pull back.[196] Medaka kicks Kotobuki, sending a vibration that only harms her target and not the babies. With Kotobuki defeated, the group returns to their normal age, including their wounds. Kumagawa and Zenkichi are glad that Medaka beat the suitor. They also note that Medaka used weaving motions to defeat Kotobuki, which is abnormal since Medaka always uses direct attacks and motions. Kakegae Yuzuriha appears behind the group, expressing her slight surprise that Kotobuki lost. Kumagawa and the others leave Medaka behind to find Shiranui.[197]

Kumagawa erases Zenkichi.

In some hallway, Kumagawa and the others get lost, but find Shiranui waiting for them.[198] Shiranui asks Kumagawa to betray Medaka and side with herself to end the situation. She also adds open front hooded-sweatshirts, and asks him to get along with her, as a fellow Minus. Kumagawa stares blankly, and remembers that Shiranui also behaved like this during the Student Council election. Kumagawa grabs Zenkichi's shoulder, and uses All Fiction to make him disappear. Kumagawa reveals that Ajimu's gift of Hundred Gauntlets has restored All Fiction's power to ignore the strength of feelings. He offers to even erase Shiranui's memories, if she presents the open front hooded-sweatshirt now.[199] Kumagawa nods, as he already noticed that Shiranui became friends with Zenkichi, yet denied this. Kumagawa says that he hates lies, and so will decline Shiranui's offer. Kumagawa adds that it is Shiranui's fault that she left Zenkichi with a person like Kumagawa anyway. Kumagawa tells Tsurubami and Nienami to go on ahead, telling Tsurubami he knows that he cannot win by underestimating her. Pulling out flat-end screws, he readies his new Minus, April Fiction.[200] Kumagawa decides to make the fight more Shōnen Jump like by replacing the floor with screws. He jokes that the bottom is sulfuric acid, but adds that just falling on the screws alone would pierce a body. Kumagawa dodges Shiranui's initial lunge, but is surprised, stating his belief that she was supposed to be weak.[201]

Zenkichi knocks Kumagawa down.

Despite many attacks by Shiranui, Kumagawa has dodged everything by a hair's width and looks almost fine. Shiranui tells Kumagawa to stand still, since he wants her to use Real Eater on him. Kumagawa rubs his chin in thought, and says that the plan is trivial now because he is happy to just battle Shiranui fair and square. Shiranui jumps at Kumagawa. Kumagawa steps back and smiles as he knows where she will land, and strikes at the landing place. Shiranui, however, screws herself to the roof with a corkscrew, and drops down to elbow Kumagawa in the face. Shocked, Kumagawa falls backwards and is pierced by his own screws. Shiranui takes Kumagawa's head and prepares to use her Real Eater on him.[202] Before Shiranui can use Real Eater, the screw piercing Kumagawa grows and stabs Shiranui as well. Kumagawa reveals that all the screws on the floor are Book Maker screws; he hid the tops of the screws from her so she would not realize. Kumagawa states that she was already in the palm of his hand since the beginning and that he is ahead of her when it comes to making fools out of others. Kumagawa states he never intended to save Zenkichi, and even adds he doesn't know him. Kumagawa asks Shiranui to come with him back to Hakoniwa Academy and rebuild the memories lost.[203] Shiranui still tearfully pleads for Zenkichi's revival; Kumagawa stops her, saying that begging is useless, thinking she is lying. Zenkichi appears and stops Kumagawa's screws, before knocking the older boy to the floor.[204] Kumagawa gets back up and wipes a tear form his eye, complimenting the heartwarming moment between friends, and asks to join in the group hug. Shiranui and Zenkichi prepare to beat up Kumagawa instead, but are interrupted by his cell phone. The caller is Obi, who, after Kumagawa hands the phone over to Shiranui, warns them that Iihiko is on the way.[205][206]

Kumagawa incapacitates the others.

Kumagawa arrives at Fukurou's office with Zenkichi and Shiranui.[207] He is shocked to see Fukurou's death with the arrival of Iihiko.[208] When Iihiko turns his attention to Shiranui, Kumagawa moves to defend her.[209] Kumagawa is surprised by Medaka's appearance.[210][211][212] He is amazed when Medaka manages to punch Iihiko.[213] He recognizes Medaka's choice of a one hit battle, stating that she is creating the same situation as when she fought him in the President's battle.[214] Kumagawa is horrified when Medaka falls.[215] Kumagawa and the others form a circle around Medaka's corpse.[216] He is amazed when Medaka regains consciousness and rises to her feet.[217] Kumagawa and the others cheer on Medaka as she launches herself at Iihiko.[218] He is surprised like everyone else by Medaka's clone gambit.[219] When Iihiko dodges, Kumagawa is the only onlooker who is not appalled. He is shocked when Medaka strikes Iihiko from behind.[220] When Shiranui hugs Medaka, Kumagawa suggests the others let the girls have their moment.[221] He is horrified to see Medaka stabbed through the stomach.[222] Kumagawa is horrified further to see Iihiko has possessed Shiranui.[223] Kumagawa and the others are protected by Medaka as Iihiko destroys the hospital.[224] Kumagawa and the others are attacked by Iihiko;[225] the attack proves fatal.[226][227][228] With his defeat, Iihiko's damage becomes reversible, and Kumagawa is healed by Medaka with the Five Forks.[229] His phone interrupts Shiranui's thank you; Udou is calling from Kuromaku Island. Kumagawa hands the phone to Medaka,[230] and overhears that he moon is falling towards Earth.[231] Kumagawa knocks out the others when they try to stop Medaka from facing the moon herself. After a brief exchange, Kumagawa and Medaka bid farewell, Kumagawa speaking honestly.[232]

One plus one is a smile.

At the end of the academic year, Kumagawa is among the graduating students present at the Hakoniwa Academy graduation ceremony.[233] After Zenkichi's speech, Kumagawa is introduced as the speaker for the class. Kumagawa thanks Zenkichi for the speech, and says he has failed all his university exams. He laments graduating, asking sadly why they would want to send him to the real world. He lists all his failures in the past at Hakoniwa, but says he had a great school life. He had always been transferring schools so he never felt this way. He admits he was afraid that, with Ajimu and Medaka gone, he might revert back to his old self, but he did not, proof he could never make interactions with others not exist. Kumagawa assures everyone that, no matter what they are struggling with, they should keep in mind that he is much more unfortunate, yet living a happy life. He ends by saying that he will not be graduating from Shōnen Jump even if he graduates from high school. As everyone claps, the doors to the gymnasium slowly open. Hearing that he won their bet, Kumagawa sheds tears at Medaka's return, stating that he has finally won.[234] Holding a bouquet, Kumagawa joins his friends for a group photo after the ceremony ends.[235]

Bouquet Toss To The Future Arc

Kumagawa is one of the seniors Zenkichi calls to fight Medaka as part of the 100 Flowers Run.[236] Kumagawa waits for Medaka at the top of the clock tower. He explains to Medaka he possess a flower of his own, as well as flower number four, in place of Ajimu, making him her last opponent.[237] He goes on to explain that Ajimu passed him a message for Medaka when she returned Hundred Gauntlets and granted him Unskilled. He then points out to Medaka that the card with each flower she has collected is made of two parts.[238] After Medaka uncovers everyone's messages, Kumagawa tells her just to accept them. Readying his screws, Kumagawa tells Medaka to come at him with all she has, stating he will not be satisfied with just one win.[239]

Epilogue Arc

Kumagawa's bouquet.

Kumagawa attends the afternoon show of the last day of Kiyoterae's cross country tour "Japan Jack". After the show, he meets up with Kiyoterae in the group's breakroom. Though Zomeki Furousan excuses herself, an annoyed Sukinasaki has to tell Jyuujika Hachiningatake to leave so she and Kumagawa can talk privately. Sukinasaki asks why Kumagawa has come to see her, and he explains he has recently gained the ability to restore things erased by All Fiction. He offers to restore her memories from Suisou Academy, but she immediately refuses. Kumagawa is not surprised, mentioning that no one has yet taken him up on his offer to restore their memories.[240] Kumagawa offers to tell Sukinasaki what happened without restoring her memories, but she turns him down. He makes to leave, but Sukinasaki offers him a VIP ticket to the night show. Making his way to his seat, Kumagawa thinks to himself that he would have refused to restore her memories even if she had asked for them back. He recalls that he thought she could have been the one to defeat Ajimu with her unique personality, and that in truth, she did not lose to him.[241] Taking his seat, Kumagawa finds himself next to Oudo. Kumagawa asks him about his skill that lets him control others' hearts, to which Oudo replies that he cannot actually do such a thing, and goes on to explain that even the most incredible people have tasted defeat. Kumagawa asks for Oudo's opinion on a utopia without heart. Oudo answers that such a place would be a world no one would want to live in. Listening as Sukinasaki explains Kiyoterae's newest song to the crowd, Kumagawa realizes the friend she is describing is himself. Sukinasaki congratulates her friend on finally achieved his first victory and warns him to keep pushing forward.[242] After the show, Kumagawa leaves a bouquet of screws and his uniform in Kiyoterae's breakroom. Abandoning all his electronic devices, the closing narration reveals that Kumagawa stopped leaving records after this night, as if to take on a challenge he had no way of winning.[243]

Ten years later, Kumagawa's whereabouts are unknown.[244] His message to Medaka from the 100 Flowers Run is revealed to be that he had fun the past four years.[245]


Kumagawa defeating the Candidate Student Council with his screws, but without All Fiction.

Superhuman Physiology: Kumagawa's most frightening trait is his tenacity; no matter how many times he is beaten down, he always gets back up due largely to his history of losing at everything, meaning he can easily shrug off any kind of beating. It was apparently this aspect of his person that caught Ajimu's attention in the first place. Even without All Fiction, Kumagawa is capable of bouncing back from injuries that would cripple other humans for months.

Combat Expert: Because he considers himself "the weakest person in the whole world", Kumagawa knows everything about the weaknesses of the human body, and can easily defeat multiple opponents by targeting their weak points. However, Kumagawa claims he couldn't defeat Medaka with this method as she has no weak points for him to exploit. Kumagawa's weapons of choice appear to be many large screws that he can make appear in his hands, regardless of what Minus he has. He can throw these screws with great accuracy.

Kumagawa's imaginary sword.

Imagination Manifestation: Kumagawa can use his force of will to impose the image of immaterial objects onto those around him. Akune theorizes that it is this ability that allows Kumagawa to impose the mental image of a screw onto others when using Book Maker. Using his gloomy mindset, Kumagawa can also create a horrific magical sword from his imagination, capable of slaying magical beasts.

Lack of Presence: During the Treasurer's Battle, Kumagawa erases his "aura" with All Fiction. Because of this, people no longer feel his presence, a trait similar to Hinokage's Unknown Hero.


Kumagawa distorting reality with All Fiction.

All Fiction (大嘘憑き, Ōru Fikushon): Kumagawa's Minus allows him to deny aspects of reality; to make anything "nothing". Because of this, he can undo anything that has been damaged, and thus he has no qualms about being destructive. However, he has stated that once he removes something with his Minus, he cannot return it as it has become "fiction". His ability can even reverse his own death as well as the death of others. He admits that he doesn't have full control of his power because, unless he's careful, the entire world would become nothing. It should be noted that All Fiction did not work on Emukae's Minus, Raff-Rafflesia, instead only erasing the unwanted factor that it had no off switch; it appears that All Fiction cannot erase another Minus.[246] Kumagawa acquired All Fiction three years prior to the beginning of the series, when he attacked Ajimu. At that time, he lost his original Minus, but instead gained Ajimu's Hundred Gauntlets, which developed into All Fiction. In preparation for his fight with Medaka, Kumagawa regained his original Minus, but lost All Fiction as Hundred Gauntlets was taken back by Ajimu. After being killed by Munakata, Kumagawa regains All Fiction and can now use both All Fiction and Book Maker. However, after losing Hundred Gauntlets, All Fiction is significantly weaker, in that it can no longer make things with strong emotional value become nothing, such as wounds that one is proud of or thinks they need to keep. Ajimu later restores Hundred Gauntlets to Kumagawa, stopping the deterioration of All Fiction,[247] and restoring it to full potency.[248]

  • April Fiction (安心大嘘憑き, Eipuriru Fikushon): Kumagawa's so-called "new Minus", born from the skill given to him by Ajimu after her death. He labels this skill as his "incomplete complete" Minus. With April Fiction, Kumagawa uses a different set of screws with flat end pattern threads.[249] The label April Fiction is a red herring however;[250] Kumagawa actually mixes his All Fiction with Ajimu's Unskilled, which limits the time an item is erased to three minutes before retuning to normal.[251]
  • Non Fiction (虚数嘘憑き, Non Fikushon): Around the time of the fight with Iihiko, All Fiction was upgraded to undo things that have already been undone. Kumagawa claims that the upgrade has tweaked his personality, hence why he is traveling Japan to return the things he has erased. Because All Fiction was upgraded unnaturally, Kumagawa is unsure of how long Non Fiction will last.[252] However, this is never seen in use, as everyone Kumagawa has offered to bring lost things back for has outright refused him.[253]

Kumagawa using Book Maker on Medaka.

Book Maker (却本作り, Bukku Meika): Kumagawa's original Minus, which he lost to Ajimu after he ripped off her face, and received All Fiction. After confronting Ajimu in a dream, he has lost All Fiction, but regained his original Minus in return. Book Maker requires Kumagawa to use a special screw; a slotted pan head screw (with a - on it), as opposed to the Philips screws (with a + on them) that he usually wields. When Book Maker is activated, the screw stretches to the length of a sword. When he stabs someone with the screw, it turns the target into a Minus by bringing that person to Kumagawa's level: body, spirit, technique, intellect, and talent; all fall to match Kumagawa. Despite the fact that the screw needs to pierce the victim to take effect, the damage done to the body is nearly zero; Kumagawa labels Book Maker as an ability that only soils the heart. As a side effect, the victim's hair also turns white, though the original color is restored once Book Maker's effect wears off and the screw dissolves.

Leg Eating Forest.

  • Leg Eating Forest (足喰の森, Ashikui no Mori): Kumagawa covers the floor with flat end screws, forcing both himself and his opponents to balance on top of them. Though the screws are not sharp, the weight alone can still cause heavy damage should someone fall.[254] However, in truth, all the screws are Book Maker screws; their heads are buried so that his opponent cannot distinguish them from his other screws.[255]

Appearances in Other Media

Jump NEXT!

Kumagawa on the cover of Jump Next.

Kumagawa appeared in his own spin-off chapter of the series, titled Good Loser Kumagawa, which appeared on December 26th in Shueisha's Jump Next. The events of the spin-off take place two months before the beginning of the main series, and chronicles Kumagawa's arrival at Suisou Academy.

A second Jump spin-off chapter, titled Good Loser Kumagawa Final Chapter, was released after the conclusion of the main series. The spin-off serves as a finale to the Good Loser Kumagawa Gaiden sub-series.

J-Stars Victory VS

Kumagawa appears as a support character in the video game J-Stars Victory VS. He makes an appearance in the story mode with his own side quest.

Medaka's Challenge (Before Fight) Medaka's Challenge (After Fight)


  • When translated from kanji, All Fiction means Lying Demon.
  • When translated from kanji, Book Maker means Refusing the Creation of Books.
  • Of the kanji in April Fiction (安心大嘘憑き), the first two (安心) are also the first two kanji in Ajimu's nickname (安心, the Anshin in Anshin'in). Altogether, it means Relief to the Lying Demon.
  • When translated from kanji, Non Fiction means Imaginary Lying Demon. "Imaginary," in this case, is meant as "imaginary number".
  • Kumagawa's speech when written in brackets is based on a pun. Kakko tsukeru, when written as かっこつける, means "to put brackets on a sentence". When written as 格好つける, it means "to show off" or to try to look cool. Therefore, when Kumagawa speaks with brackets, he is trying to be cool.
  • Kumagawa was voted the most popular character in the series in the third popularity poll with 2824 votes.
  • Kumagawa was voted the most popular character in the series in the second popularity poll with 3854 votes.
  • Kumagawa was voted the tenth most popular character in the series in the first popularity poll with 185 votes.


  • (To Najimi Ajimu) "I want to beat them. Even though I'm not cool, or strong, or just, or beautiful, or cute, or pretty, I want to beat the cool, strong, just, beautiful, cute, and pretty people. Even though I wasn't blessed with talent, even though I'm stupid and have a bad personality, have bad grades, am misguided and am a good for nothing, I want to beat the talented, smart, likeable, overachieving people. I want to beat those with friends when I can't have friends. I want to beat the people who work hard when I can't work hard. I want to beat the the victorious people when I can't win. I want to beat the happy people when I'm miserable. Even if I'm hated, even if I'm despised, even if I'm useless, I want to prove that I'm better than the main characters!"[256]
  • (Thinking about Medaka Kurokami) "I really despised you, now and long ago. While I loved you, now and long ago. More than Hitomi-sensei, whom I admired. More than Anshin'in, whom I obeyed. More than my father, more than my mother, I loved you. From the moment I met you, back then. I tried real hard to grab your essence."[257]
  • (To Aoki Aka) 「With thrill and risk, I sharpen my nerves. I'm someone who would bet even under the worst circumstances.」[258]
  • (To Kei Munakata) 「Do you think it's cool not to smile? If you go through life like that though, you wouldn't notice. You can't be close to being a Minus like that. Even if things don't go the way you want them to. Even if you lose. Even if you don't win. Even if you look like an idiot. Even if you're walked on. Even if you're kicked. Even if you're sad. Even if you're bitter. Even if you're tired of it all. Even if it hurts. Even if it's hard. Even if you're weak. Even if you aren't right. Even if you're humble. Through all of that, we Minus always laugh.」[259]


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