Below is a list of the assorted merchandise produced in relation to the Medaka Box series.



Several companies produce toys and other related merchandise, though the main companies releasing Medaka Box products are Movic co., Ltd., Cospa, Inc., and Bandai Co., Ltd., the latter of which is well known in Japan for producing toys for every acclaimed Weekly Shōnen Jump title.


Published by Shueisha.

Manga Volumes

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Light Novels


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Medaka Box

Medaka Box Abnormal

Sentai Filmworks




By Bandai

Manufactured by Bandai Co., Ltd.

By Broccoli

Manufactured by Broccoli Co., Ltd.

By Bushiroad

Manufactured by Bushiroad Inc.

By CM's Corporation

Manufactured by CM's Corporation.

By Cospa

Manufactured by Cospa, Inc.

By Gainax

Manufactured by Gainax.

By Hobby Japan

Manufactured by HobbyJAPAN CO.

By Hobby Stock

Manufactured by Hobby Stock.

By Lana

Manufactured by Lana Co., Ltd.

By Max Factory

Manufactured by Max Factory.

By Megahouse

Manufactured by Megahouse Co., Ltd.

By Movic

Manufactured by Movic Co., Ltd.


Manufactured by Sega Corporation.

By Shueisha

Manufactured by Shueisha.

By Wave

Manufactured by Wave.

By Yanoman Corporation

Manufactured by Mann and Co., Ltd