Medaka Kurokami (黒神 めだか, Kurokami Medaka) is the female protagonist of the series Medaka Box. A freshman of Class 13, she was the 98th and later 99th Student Council president of Hakoniwa Academy. She is a childhood friend of Zenkichi Hitoyoshi, who she strong-arms into joining the Student Council at the start of the series. After becoming the head of the Kurokami Group, Medaka also becomes the chairwoman of Hakoniwa Academy. She is the child of Kajiki Kurokami and Hato Tsurubami, and the younger sister of Kujira Kurokami and Maguro Kurokami.


Medaka is an excellent academic student, placing first in the national test. In addition to her academic achievements, she has excelled in various other areas, such as calligraphy and sports, and obtained seemingly inhuman results. However, she is somewhat lacking in practical knowledge, as no one expects her to have the need to understand subjects "below her". Before Mogana Kikaijima's intervention, she did not know what the Baseball Club was for, nor had she ever been to an amusement park. Zenkichi even once describes her as being "so smart she crossed back into stupid".

Medaka is known to look down on people, but despite this, she sees the good in everyone. She believes everyone who seems to be a bad person to have "strayed from the right path", and that they used to be good people. So far, she has always been right about this assumption, even if the people themselves don't know it. Her personality is one of helping others, and she is determined to finish any task placed in the suggestion box. For every task she completes, Medaka buys a vase with flowers. She one day hopes to have completed so many suggestions that she fills the entire academy with blooming flowers.

As noted by several characters, Medaka's personality is overwhelming: her approval rating is proof of her ability to convert people to her followers. This force of personality often manifests itself in Medaka's Proof of One's Worth (真骨頂, Shinkocchou), also known as her trump cards. However, this overwhelming force of presence only works on humans; animals can only sense her power, and not the personality that accompanies it. Medaka loves animals, but they are utterly terrified of her, leading her into bouts of depression when an animal rejects her.


Medaka has very long purple hair that reaches down to her waist and bangs that barely overlap her red eyes, as well as a semi-straight ahoge. She has a beautiful body and especially large breasts, which she has no scruples about showing off. Medaka's height is 166.2 cm (5'5), her weight is 56 kg (123.5 lbs), and her three measurements are B98-W59-H87,[1] making her bra size a J-cup in Japan. Medaka wears the uniform of the Student Council, black as opposed to the usual white. Her original uniform displays her impressive cleavage and has a shortened skirt, but after Hitomi Hitoyoshi arrives at the school, she modifies Medaka's uniform to cover her breasts and lengthens the skirt. During the battle to decide the academy's new Student Council, Medaka wears the Student Council's Battle Attire Red Model. During the Treasure Hunt orientation prepared for the Candidate Student Council, Medaka switches back to a uniform without Hitomi's modifications, thought it now includes two bands of material just above her breasts. With all versions of her black uniform, she wears a red ribbon in place of the usual tie. The red armband of the Student Council president is worn around her left arm. When dressed to break dance, Medaka wears a large cap, as well as baggy clothing in hip-hop fashion. After Medaka loses the election, she changes to a long-sleeved version of the standard women's uniform of Hakoniwa Academy, and gives up her armband.

At the start of the third semester, Medaka has Zenkichi cut her hair at shoulder-length, and puts the rest in a small ponytail. She now wears an open, light yellow jacket and a dark red shirt which shows her stomach. She also wears jeans and detached sleeves that match her shirt. After withdrawing from Hakoniwa Academy, Medaka changes back to the standard women's uniform. After taking over as the academy chairwoman, Medaka wears a dark vest with the academy insignia over a long-sleeved collared shirt. She ceases to tie up her hair and dons a small pair of glasses. Ten years later, Medaka wears a white suit with six buttons down the front. The suit has a dark section at the center and at the cuffs. She has regrown her hair, and her breasts have gotten bigger.

At age one, Medaka wore a light green dress with white wristbands. She had short hair that only reached her ears. At age two, Medaka wore a pink dress with a red ribbon at the collar. A few years later, she wore a pink, long-sleeved dress with a red collar, along with black socks and brown shoes. When she was a middle school student, Medaka wore the uniform of Hakobune Middle School. She initially had her hair done in two ponytails, though later changed to one single ponytail. When she entered Hakoniwa Academy, Medaka wore the standard women's uniform of Hakoniwa Academy, with her hair in two ponytails once again.


Zenkichi and Medaka as children

Medaka meets Zenkichi.

Medaka's biological mother died from a heart attack immediately after childbirth; members of the Kurokami Group coldly said Hato existed only to give birth to Medaka. Because of her abnormal abilities, she quickly matured, and soon was surpassing even adults in all fields. While her growth was initially viewed as fascinating, many professors would retire after seeing their lifelong efforts easily outdone by a little girl, and gradually started viewing her as unsettling instead. Because of this, Medaka began to wonder why she was even born. At the age of two, Medaka was sent to Hakoniwa General Hospital, which studied atypical children; it was a starting point for the Flask Plan. While waiting to get checked, Medaka ended up sitting beside a four-year-old Misogi Kumagawa. He was sorely unimpressed by what was going on, telling Medaka that people are born for no reason. As he was called in, Kumagawa left Medaka with the parting words that there was no point in being alive. These words left a strong impact on Medaka, and she lost interest in the world. Eventually, she grew bored with the constant examinations and tried to escape. Hiding from the hospital staff, she made her way into a nursery room for children of the doctors on call. Inside, she found only one other child, a two-year-old Zenkichi struggling with a toy puzzle. Not knowing how else to introduce herself, Medaka took the toy away from him and easily solved it herself. An impressed Zenkichi asked her to solve the rest of the puzzles in the room, which she accomplished without trouble, much to Zenkichi's delight. Medaka brushed him off, insisting that life has no meaning. When Zenkichi refuted her, she asked him for what reason she was born. He then pointed out how happy she had made him, and told her: "I'm sure you were born to make the people around you happy."[2] Medaka took these words to heart, and the two became friends from that point onwards.[3]

Zenkichi promises to stay by Medaka

Zenkichi promises to stay by Medaka.

Medaka was in fact so smitten with Zenkichi for saving her, that she immediately asked him to marry her, though he shot her down just as quickly, a rejection she took quite hard. This was her first and last rejection.[4] Zenkichi was the first person to deny Medaka anything so Medaka believed Zenkichi to be special. Subsequently, Medaka took Zenkichi hostage in the hospital nursery so that she could play with him. Hitomi tried to talk Medaka out of the "hostage" situation, but Medaka held her off with the promise of violence. For half a day, Medaka and Zenkichi played, but Zenkichi soon fell ill to high fever from exhaustion. At his bedside, Medaka tearfully apologized for forcing Zenkichi to go beyond his limits; even though she felt that their friendship was fate, still no one could keep up with her. Zenkichi took her hands and told her to stop crying. With a cheery smile, Zenkichi promised to catch up to Medaka even if they became separated or lost. Since then Medaka, believed there was no one special in the world, Zenkichi included, but that he was someone who stood beside her.[5]

The Kurokami siblings in their younger years

The Kurokami siblings in their younger years.

In her first year of primary school, Medaka was commissioned with looking after the class pet. However, neither rabbits nor carp would come near her. During the class trip to the zoo, not even the scariest animal would show itself in front of Medaka, all scared off by her overwhelming force of will.[6] Medaka took the first kiss of all her classmates, but when she and Zenkichi got to elementary school, he had her stop.[7] As a child, Medaka would spy on her sister Kujira with her brother Maguro when she would be having one of her temper tantrums. Medaka looked up to her sister for her stoicism, and would console her after her rages.[8] She and her brother often chased their sister around.[9]

Medaka preaches to Akune

Medaka preaches to Akune.

During her time at Hakobune Middle School, she was constantly attacked by Kouki Akune at the behest of then Student Council President Kumagawa. Medaka ignored the beatings and continued with her school life as usual. It was at this time that Medaka began to make a name for herself as the diamond in the rough that the destroyer couldn't destroy, and how she earned the nickname "Heyday" (全盛期, Zenseiki) in the seventh grade.[10] At the same time, Akune's own reputation began to decline, leading to Zenkichi gathering together the other "Anti-Akune" students to gang up on him. It was at this time that Medaka finally attacked, not Akune but her childhood friend, admonishing him for trying to bully someone weaker than him, as well as telling him to switch back to his old hair-style. She also told Akune that she would continue to take his beatings until he regained the heart of a good person. Though he refuted her analysis, this lead to Akune pledging himself to Medaka, and this event became the precursor to Medaka's confrontation with Kumagawa.[11]

Medaka defeats Kumagawa for the first time

Medaka defeats Kumagawa for the first time.

The situation with Kumagawa came to a head when he viciously attacked another friend of Medaka's, Najimi Ajimu. This drove Medaka into a rage, and into War God Mode for the first time.[12] Losing herself to her anger, she beat Kumagawa until he begged for her to stop. He left the school afterward.[13][14] Medaka was left emotionally scarred by these events, and she still regrets being unable to do anything for Kumagawa.[15] In her later years at middle school, she instructed her students at revision classes over the summer holidays. However, she only taught the students how to avoid confusing the graders, assuming that every student could get perfect marks by themselves.[16] Akune eventually confessed to Medaka, but she told him to give up, telling him that she couldn't answer his feelings, as she wouldn't belong to a single person.[17] Sometime during middle school, Medaka solved the Juggling Theorem, which earned her enough money to live alone, more in fact then she would ever spend in her life.[18] When asked by Zenkichi why she applied for Hakoniwa Academy, Medaka told him she wanted to learn what one plus one is.[19] Medaka and Kuudou Hinokage first met in April, when Medaka stopped him from finishing off a defeated delinquent.[20] Medaka and Hinokage ended up fighting for three days and nights, and afterward, they would begin fighting whenever they met. Medaka would always interrupt Hinokage's fights. Hinokage eventually asked Medaka why she kept stopping him. Medaka explained to Hinokage that, if he protected the victims and she protected the assailants, together they could protect everyone. Hinokage decided to retire, and asked Medaka if she wanted to become Student Council president.[21] Because Medaka was the only student who could find Hinokage, he recommended her as his successor as Student Council president.[22]


Student Council Executive Arc

Medaka addressing the student body

Medaka addressing the student body.

The series begins with Medaka addressing the student body as the newly elected Student Council President, asking all students to hand any of their problems into the suggestion box, the titular "Medaka Box".[23] After the opening ceremony, she drags Zenkichi from his class to the Student Council room, where she admonishes him for calling her by her title. As Zenkichi complains about her treatment of him, Medaka starts undressing, much to Zenkichi's chagrin. Medaka ignores Zenkichi's protests, seeing nothing wrong with undressing before her childhood friend. She tells him that while she has never found a job challenging, she wants Zenkichi to stay by her side. She then reads the suggestion box's first request: that the kendo hall be cleared of delinquents. Medaka and Zenkichi head over to the kendo hall (Medaka having changed into a kendo uniform), where they confront Mahibi Moji, the delinquents' leader who took the remaining 2% of the votes that Medaka didn't receive. Medaka easily disarms Moji, and later manages to take all of the delinquents' cigarettes when they try to surround her and Zenkichi. She then preaches to the Kendo Club, believing them all to have suffered some great tragedy to have become the delinquents they were, before promising that she will drill the way of the sword into them, so that they will never be led astray again.[24]

Medaka appears behind Hyuga

Medaka appears behind Hyūga.

The next day, Medaka cleans the entire kendo hall by herself, and tells Zenkichi off when he arrives late. Zenkichi chastises her for doing all this for complete strangers, to which Medaka responds she only feels happy when she is helping others. Zenkichi makes to leave, but is shocked to find that all the members of the Kendo Club have returned despite Medaka's harsh treatment.[25] Medaka is later approached by Hansode Shiranui while on her way to the recruitment meeting, who tells her that the one who left the request to clear the kendo hall was Habataki Hyūga, who possesses national level kendo skills, but has a bad personality and was violent all throughout middle school. Medaka tells her that it doesn't matter to her who sent in the request, to which Shiranui replies that she has a request of her own that she would like fulfilled.[26] Later, Medaka confronts Hyūga after he is beaten by Zenkichi. She reveals that Shiranui's request was "Please fix Hyūga's bad personality." Medaka then promises Hyūga that she will see to it that he never wants to do evil again. What she actually does is not shown, though Hyūga's scream is heard across campus.[27] A few days later, she tells Zenkichi her dream is to fill the school with flowers, one for each request she completes. When Zenkichi finally agrees to join the Student Council, an overjoyed Medaka hugs him, and assigns him the position of general affairs manager.[28]

Medaka chases Isahaya

Medaka chases Isahaya.

One week later, Medaka and Zenkichi (sporting his new look) attend to the request of Aria Ariake: her shoes have been vandalized, and a note saying "Quit the Athletics Club" was left in her locker. Understandably upset, Ariake asks the pair to find the culprit. While Medaka promises to expose the culprit in one day, Zenkichi is more skeptical, citing their lack of evidence. However, using her incredible abilities of deductive reasoning, Medaka managers to narrow down the range of suspects considerably.[29] It is Shiranui's information though that allows Zenkichi to track down Isagi Isahaya as the most likely suspect in the attack on Ariake. Medaka confronts the older girl directly about wether or not she vandalized Airake's shoes. Isahaya runs away, with Medaka following closely behind, and ultimately overtaking her by jumping over her head and landing in front. Medaka then asks her once again whether she is the culprit. When Isahaya rather poorly denies it, Medaka takes her word for it, much to the runner's surprise. She then leaves, also complimenting Isahaya on her running.[30] When Ariake comes to the Student Council room later to explain that the sneakers she was using to train with were replaced with new running shoes and a note saying "Sorry", Medaka misinterprets the action and believes the criminal has stolen Ariake's sneakers this time.[31]

Medaka in her dog outfit

Medaka in her dog outfit.

When the Student Council receives a request to find a lost puppy, Medaka orders Zenkichi to take care of it while she handles two other requests. When Zenkichi asks if it's okay for him to be working by himself, Medaka sadly reminds him that she has never been good with animals.[32] The next day, a worn Zenkichi reports in to Medakai that the puppy has grown up, and that he and Shiranui were unable to capture it. Medaka express her annoyance in seeing Zenkichi and Shiranui get along so well, and when Zenkichi tells her not to worry and just leave things to him and Shiranui, she becomes quite disturbed. After Zenkichi compliments Shiranui a bit more, Medaka decides to handle the request herself after all. To deal with her animal problem, Medaka dresses up in a dog outfit from the Drama Club, much to Zenkichi's chagrin. When he insists that he and Shiranui can handle the request, Medaka becomes more annoyed than ever, and goes forward anyway. When she reaches the dog, it becomes so terrified that it runs away and hides behind Zenkichi. Later, Medaka becomes depressed that she couldn't get the dog to like her, and Zenkichi's best efforts to cheer her up fail.[33]

Medaka awaiting her opponents

Medaka awaiting her opponents.

After Hisshuu Kanoya tells Zenkichi about his plan to attack Medaka, Medaka shows herself, revealing that she heard everything. She tells Zenkichi that she never expected to be loved by the people; as long as she loves people, that is enough. She then tells him not to do anything, as stomping down rebellions is the king's job.[34] She later holds a party in the Student Council room for her opponents, though she becomes annoyed when no one shows up (unaware that Zenkichi has already taken care of them).[35]

Medaka challenges the Judo Club

Medaka challenges the Judo Club.

After partially changing into a judo uniform, Medaka tells Zenkichi that they will be going to the Judo Club today. After Zenkich locks the door, closes the shades, and turns off the lights, he criticizes her for her lack of shame. She replies by asking how she can show off her body then, which only upsets Zenkichi more. She then tells him that they have received a request from Nekomi Nabeshima, the Judo Club's captain, to help her pick a successor. At the club, they are greeted by Nabeshima and Akune, with the latter kneeling before to Medaka to show his gratitude for what she did for him in the past. Medaka pulls him to his feet, telling him that if he wants to express his gratitude, he shouldn't bow to her to show it.[36] Medaka then challenges all the members of the Judo Club to show her their skills so she can determine who is worthy to take over. The first to accept is Betsuhei Jounan, who charges forward, only to be defeated instantly by Medaka.[37] When Nabeshima begins flirting with Zenkichi, Medaka is seen looking annoyed.[38]

Medaka explaining to Zenkichi why he has to fight

Medaka explains to Zenkichi why he has to fight.

As Zenkichi and Akune ready themselve for the match, Medaka tells Zenkichi that she won't tell him not to lose, but there's no way she will let him run away from a fight.[39] As the match begins Nabeshima comments on Akune's genius, and Medaka guesses that Nabeshima hates genuises. Nabeshima admits to it, and claims it is her mission to defeat geniuses with her hard work. Medaka wonders if this is why she became the foul king, to which Nabeshima only laughs. Nabeshima tells Medaka that she thinks the geniuses should be with the geniuses: she can have Akune and the Judo Club will take Zenkichi. Medaka tells her not to worry, as there is no such thing as a genius.[40] When Zenkichi comes close to losing, Medaka calls out to him, and with a cute face, tells him to win, otherwise she will cry. Zenkichi proclaims he never wants to hear about her crying, let alone see it, and surprises Akune with a two-handed topple, scoring a point off him and winning the match. As Nabeshima expresses her surprise, Medaka tells her that all there is is people trying hard, and that the two of them are no different. Nabeshima then tells Medaka that while Akune's judo looks very pretty, he has very nice handwriting as well.[41] She later approves Akune to join the Student Council. Medaka is seen picking up garbage outside the school when Zenkichi finds Akune in the Student Council room.[42]

Medaka's sleeveless uniform

Medaka's sleeveless uniform.

A month after her inauguration, Medaka interviews Kenna Yatsushiro on the nature of her request, after which she assigns Akune to take care of it. Zenkichi thinks she made a good call, stating that Akune should have no problem with the request. Medaka agrees with him, and states that itself is the biggest problem, leaving Zenkichi perplexed.[43] After Akune presents the letter he wrote for Yatsushiro to her, she questions what he is trying to say with his nice handwriting and fancy words. When Akune fails to respond, she tells him that he has disappointed her and that his work is over.[44] A week later, Yatsushiro gives her own letter to her crush, and Medaka congratulates Akune on a job well done, while her flower garden begins to extend outside of the Student Council room.[45]

Medaka modeling

Medaka modeling.

Medaka is approached by Kizashi Yuubaru, an artist who wants her to model for him. Medaka jumps at the chance to show off her body, and tells Yuubaru to draw to his heart's content. After Yuubaru decides that she has no merits towards the fine arts, she becomes depressed.[46] After seeing Zenkichi and Akune struggle to find new models, she suggests that the two of them try.[47] When Yuubaru declare Shiranui as his perfect model, Medaka becomes more depressed than ever, even becoming upset when she sees the group portrait Yuubaru drew as thanks, claiming that Shiranui stands out more than she does.[48]

Medaka address the assembled clubs

Medaka address the assembled clubs.

When an exhausted Akune expresses his amazement at Medaka's work ethnic, she tells him even she is beginning to feel fatigued. She complains that there are too many requests by clubs for funds, and that there is no fair way they can give money: if it were split up among all the clubs, there would be too little to do anything. When she tries to offer her own money, Zenkichi shoots her down. After hearing Akune's idea to turn the inter-club relay race into a competition to decide which clubs should get funding, Medaka decides that it is a good idea, but that it would be unfairly in the Athletics Club's favor.[49] Come Sunday, Medaka greets all of the assembled clubs, giving a somewhat Darwinist pep talk to inspire them to compete hard. After Zenkichi explains the rules, Medaka tells those assembled that she wants everyone to leave happy that they participated, so the Student Council will be taking part as well, and anyone who can score higher than them will recieve funding directly from Medaka's own pocket, three times the normal amount, no questions asked. She then declares the meet will begin, with the first event, water basketball.[50]

Medaka scores 20 points

Medaka scores twenty points.

Overhearing Nabeshima talking to Zenkichi and Akune, Medaka approaches her and tells Nabeshima that she hopes the two of them can have a good fight.[51] When the event begins, Medaka scores twenty points almost immediately by gathering all of the balls and throwing them in the basket together. She thinks to herself that because the throw was a three pointer, she should have gotten sixty points. After the first event ends, she tells Zenkichi there is no need to thank Shiranui, as the Swimming Club finished even before the Student Council did. Medaka tells the Swimming Club how she was able to complete the event, and then correctly identifies that the Swimming Club members did it by forcing all the air out of their lungs to make their bodies sink. She furiously tells them they could have drowned, and asks if they value their lives.[52]

Medaka preaches to the Swimming Club

Medaka preaches to the Swimming Club.

Waiting for the second event to start, Medaka is approached by Nabeshima, which asks why she isn't participating. Medaka responds that doing so wouldn't make it much of a team competition, and points out that Nabeshima is doing the same. When Kikaijima intrudes on their conversation to explain what the Swimming Club's dream is, Medaka makes no comment.[53] In the third event, eel catching, Medaka fails to catch a single eel because of her intimidator skill; the event was designed to give the Student Council a loss. At the end of the third event, the Student Council is in seventh place overall.[54] When Sotsu Tanegashima aggressively reminds Zenkichi and Akune that the Swimming Club will be earning three times the regular funds, Medaka appears behind Tanegashima and preaches to the Swimming Club that something horrible must have happened to them to turn them into such gold diggers.She then promises to reform the Swimming Club to the point that they will give all of their money to charity.[55]

Medaka vs. Kikaijima

Medaka vs. Kikaijima.

As the fourth event starts, the cavalry battle, Medaka is seen as the Student Council's lancer.[56] After Zenkichi tells Shiranui he loves her, Medaka punches him on the top of the head, telling him that she doesn't care who he says he loves, but he better not lose sight of his purpose as a member of the Student Council. Overhearing the Swimming Club's discussion, Medaka challenges them to fight head on, promising that she will teach them that there is something more important than money.[57] When Tanzaku Aso signals for the event to begin, Medaka and Kikaijima immediately lock hands. Medaka tells the Swimming Club that they really are something else, and that she really likes people like that. She goes on to explain that she called them money zombies because they have so little respect for their own lives. She begins to bear down on Kikaijimia, telling the other girl that she is not letting them off the hook for saying that money is more important than their lives. After Kikaijima explains the reasons behind the Swimming Club's obsession with money, Medaka is pushed down by the other girl's sudden burst of strength.

Medaka stands on water

Medaka "stands" on water.

Medaka lands on Zenkichi's discarded floater however, and chastises Kikaijima, telling her that even if their luck hits the depths of hell, that is still no reason to throw their lives away. She goes on to say they have just earned something very expensive: her wrath. She then jumps at Kikaijima, knocking her off balance. As the pair fall, she tells Kikaijima that a wallet can be picked up, but a lost life can never be replaced. She goes on to say with a cute face that, if they died, she would be sad, before kissing Kikaijima to prove that she loves her. They both fall into the water, but as Medaka managed to grab Kikajima's headband, the Student Council is now in first place. Medaka gets out of the water carrying Kikaijima, telling the Swimming Club that that match was something money can't buy, before handing Kikaijima off to Umumichi Yakushima. When Tanegashima confronts her, she tells him they don't need to change their lives, as long as they pursue money like normal people and without throwing their lives away, then that is enough. In fact, she thinks their dream of filling a pool with money is grand, and when they do it, call her so she can join them in swimming in it. She tells them that dead trees bear no fruit, and to take care of their precious teammate's life. She then walks away to join Zenkichi and Akune. She is shocked with everyone else when Nabeshima and the Judo Club are revealed to have won the competition, though she admits that Nabeshima's ploy was nicely done. Later, in the Student Council room, Medaka decides that the event was a success, though the upperclassmen were not pleased about the use of personal funds for a school function. She goes on to say that she has gotten a treasurer to prevent such a thing from happening again, and introduces Kikajima as the Student Council's new treasurer to Zenkichi and Akune. She tells them to get along with her, and that they are renting her out from the Swimming Club for $3.00 a day.[58]

Medaka and Akune find Zenkichi and Kikaijima in a compromising position

Medaka and Akune find Zenkichi and Kikaijima in a compromising position.

Walking in the halls with Akune after completing a request, Medaka agrees with Akune, telling him that you would never think that disasters of that level would happen so frequently; now, whatever happens, the Student Council will not be shocked. She admits though that the reason they could focus on what was going on around them was because they have people they can rely on to take care of the work while they were gone, and that they need to thank Zenkichi and Kikaijima. Medaka and Akune walk in to find Kikaijima on top of Zenkichi in the Student Council room, with Zenkichi trying to force her off of him. Both of them misunderstand what they are seeing and chastise him: Medaka tells him that when young, you tend to try things out, but he could at least pick the place he is going to do it; if he is going to do it in the Student Council room, he could at least lock the door.[59]

Onigase confronts Medaka

Onigase confronts Medaka

Medaka is spotted walking with the rest of the Student Council by Harigane Onigase of the Public Morals Committee, who confronts the Student Council in their office. After Zenkichi, Akune, and Kikaijima have all had their uniforms corrected, Medaka asks Onigase to leave, citing that none of them had any bad intentions. Onigase initially complies, before quickly returning, furiously exclaiming that Medaka's embarrassing uniform is the worst of them all. Medaka claims that her uniform isn't embarrassing at all, and that she has never been embarrassed about her splendid body. The two continue to argue, until Medaka finally declares that she just doesn't want to change her clothing, much to Onigase's shock. Medaka tells Akune that while she doesn't approve of Onigase use of physical force, she has no intention of going against her. She does claim that she doesn't think she is wrong though, stating that people aren't meant to protect rules; rules are meant to protect people.[60]

Medaka jumps into the pool fully dressed

Medaka jumps into the pool fully dressed.

Medaka is later seen at the outdoor pool with Zenkichi, both having been called out by Onigase. She laments the condition of the pool, before asking Onigase why she called them. Onigase claims to have received a request: an anonymous individual lost something in the pool, and wants it retrieved quickly before the water damages it. Though the request is obviously false, Medaka goes along with it anyway, jumping into the water still fully clothed. When Onigase questions why, Medaka tells her that even if it gets destroyed, it's just clothing. She asks Onigase what she should be looking for, only for Onigase to jump in the water herself, answering: "My good conscience. And thanks to you, I've found it." After they get out of the water, Medaka reveals she had seven spare sets of uniforms, much to Onigase's surprise. As Onigase worries what she will wear to school tomorrow with no spare uniform of her own, Medaka tells her not to worry, and lends her one of her own.[61]

Onigase, Zenkichi, and Medaka handcuffed together

Onigase, Zenkichi, and Medaka handcuffed together.

Medaka bumps into a handcuffed Zenkichi and Onigase, and misinterprets their situation as the two of them working together to form a bond between the Student Council and the Public Morals Committee. Zenkichi asks Medaka if she can pick the handcuff lock, which she agrees to. Medaka first handcuffs herself to Zenkichi, so as to see how the locking mechanism works. She then tries to pick the handcuffs, only to find the lock beyond her. As all three head to the Public Morals Committee's office, Medaka stops them several times to help other students. Medaka quickly notices the Mokkin Team in hiding and calls them out. The pair attack Onigase, believing her movements sealed due to the handcuffs. Onigase tells Zenkichi and Medaka to get behind her, as it is her job to protect them. Medaka smashes the Mokkin Team's metal bat, asking Onigase why they need to get behind her, as there is nothing for the enforcer to do. Onigase asks Medaka why the other girl couldn't just break the handcuffs, if she was capable of smashing a metal bat. Medaka then asks if it was okay to break them, prompting both Zenkichi and Onigase to slump in defeat.[62]

Unzen and Medaka meet

Medaka and Unzen meet at last.

Medaka, dressed in a band uniform and heading to the music room, runs into Shiranui. They discuss the Orchestra and its captain, before the conversation turns to the other members of the Student Council. When Shiranui asks who the vice-president will be, Medaka claims she wants Shiranui to take the position. Though Shiranui rebukes her, Medaka remains adamant that she wants a vice-president who can oppose her. The two then meet Onigase. When the three arrive at the music room, they find the members of the Orchestra scattered about in a comatose heap, with a bloodied Myouri Unzen standing in the center of the carnage. Medaka confronts Unzen about his brutal methods, asking why he had to go so far. Unzen explains his policy to her, and then attacks. She refuses to dodge his initial attack, and continues to refuse to dodge even when he attacks her again. After Unzen reiterates that he and Medaka can only be enemies, Medaka insists that they can still talk things out. She is stunned however when Unzen reveals that he has sent three members of the Public Morals Committee to take out the other members of the Student Council.[63]

Medaka stops Yobuko's chains

Medaka stops Yobuko's chains.

After hearing Unzen's declaration, Medaka is unimpressed, and leaves the situation in Shiranui's hands, before making to leave the music room. Unzen attacks her again, but she dodges by abandoning her band outfit. Starting a three minute countdown, Medaka rushes off to help the other members of the Student Concil.[64] As Rankaku Yoshinogari sneaks up on Kikaijima, Medaka clotheslines him, knocking them both out of a window. Despite Yoshinogari's struggle, Medaka manages to land them both safely. Running into Isahaya, she asks the older girl for her cleats, having destroyed her own shoes running at full speed. With the new pair of shoes and Yoshinogari's claws, Medaka scales the outside of the school, aiming for the third floor, though she overshoots it and arrives at the third floor.[65] As Kanraku Kunisaki raises his bike to strike Akune with it, Medaka appears on top of it, and chtazies the Enforcer for using the bike incorrectly. She then rides off, only to find her way blocked by a large group of Enforcers. She manages to cycle around them, avoiding them all.[66] As Fue Yobuko tires to attack Zenkichi with her chains, Medaka arrives in time to stop her, commenting that the Enforcers even had prepared a finishing tape for her.[67]

Medaka attacks Unzen

Medaka attacks Unzen.

In the Student Council office, Medaka demonstrates Unzen's revealed weapon, the super ball, to the others. Though they are skeptical at first, they are quickly convinced after seeing the super ball in action. When Unzen shows up at the office, Medaka questions his purpose for appearing. Hearing how they are similar, Medaka notes that it is more like they were two sides of the same coin, to which Unzen agrees. As Unzen explains his impression of Medaka's ideals, she listens without expression.[68] After he has finished, Medaka claims he is wrong on two points, the first being that she has never thought of herself as a saint. Before she states the second however, Medaka realizes that the super balls Unzen dropped earlier were actually filled with gunpowder, and cries out for everyone to evacuate. Laughing, Unzen asks Medaka what she will do. As Medaka tries to ask him to stop, Unzen cuts her off and detonates his bombs.[69] When the smoke clears, Medaka and the other members of the Student Council are revealed to be fine. Unzen realizes that Medaka, in the short time she had, threw water on some of the bombs, kicked some out the window, and then sheltered her fellow members in lockers. Unzen begins to laugh, but Medaka silences him, finally losing her temper and entering War God Mode. Medaka tells Unzen that she is no saint, and furiously declares her intent to destroy him. Though clearly intimidated, Unzen attacks her, at which Medaka strikes him in the chest with enough force to make him cough up blood. She expresses her pleasure that Unzen is wearing protective gear, as it means she can punch him more than once.[70]

Medaka's movements sealed

Medaka's movements sealed by Unzen.

Medaka's punch sends Unzen flying and into a wall. Medaka recommends he give up while she is still willing to let him go. When he refuses, she declares she will abandon any techniques and attack him like a wild animal, not a human being. As Unzen lunges at her again, she attacks once more, sending him flying into the Student Council office. She follows him, though she pauses when Zenkichi calls out to her. She apologizes, and tells the others they can hand in their armbands after she has finished. Once inside, Unzen attacks her with multiple super balls, though Medaka ignores dodging them in favor of attacking him. However, she finds her movements sealed, and Unzen reveals he actually filled the rooms with balls of steel string, thus tying her up. Though Unzen begins to gloat, Medaka tells him to shut up, and starts moving again, dragging the strings, and even the parts of the building they are attached to, with her.[71]

The Student Council stops Medaka's rampage

The Student Council stops Medaka's rampage.

Dragging pieces of the building behind her, Medaka advances on Unzen. Despite his insistence that she has failed to reform him, Medaka shows no signs of caring, instead drawing back her fist, and ominously telling him he doesn't have to reform, as he won't have a tomorrow. As Unzen comments that he is worried about her, she brushes him off, claiming that she won't bring misery to any one, and attacks. Before the punch connects though, the rest of the Student Council grab on to her, stopping her before she can finish. She tells them to let go of her if they don't want to get dragged into her problems, but they all refuse. Calmed, Medaka leaves War God Mode. Her senses restored, she asks Unzen if he would like to become her Vice-President. She is not put out when he refuses, and instead leaves to visit the hospital, citing that some of her bones are broken, and some of her organs are in the wrong places.[72] Zenkichi covers her in his jacket and gives her a piggyback as the Student Council walks off into the sunset.[73] Due to her injuries, Medaka is required to spend a few days in the hospital, ending her perfect attendance record.[74]

Thirteen Party Arc

The result of Medaka's dice test

The result of Medaka's dice test.

Medaka meets with Hakama Shiranui in his office, who thanks her for getting Unzen under control, and after briefly discussing his granddaughter, he asks Medaka if she would be willing to take Unzen's place in the Flask Plan.[75] Hakama goes on to identify Medaka as an Abnormal, and when she denies his assessment, he asks her to try an experiment with dice.[76] When Medaka rolls eight dice at once, they form into a tower, a result Medaka apologizes for. Hakama explains that the Flask Plan needs thirteen members, all of whom are chosen from Class 13, and while freshman are not usually allowed into the Flask Plan, Medaka's defeat of Unzen qualifies her to participate. Medaka turns him down however, claiming that she is only interested in helping others, and that she is of the camp that doesn't believe in geniuses. She then leaves.[77] Walking through the school, Medaka runs into Myouga Unzen, who instantly attacks her.[78]

Nabeshima saves Medaka

Nabeshima saves Medaka.

Medaka lies in a crater with a bloody head wound, motionless.[79] As Myouga prepares to leave though, Medaka rises to her feet, calling out to her in Myouga's own math language. Medaka states that there was no reason for Myouga to attack her, so there was no reason to dodge, which prompts Myouga to hit her again, cracking her ribs. Myouga attacks a third time, but Nabeshima trips Medaka up, causing the incoming attack to miss. The hallway erupts in cheers at the sight of the Foul King, leading Medaka to comment that Nabeshima is quite popular. Medaka is amazed when Nabeshima becomes furious, but quickly loses her admiration when Nabeshima tosses her her uniform.[80] As the students watching Nabeshima punch Myouga believe she is fouling, Medaka comments that the punch is technically not a foul, though modern Judo does not use punches.[81]

Medaka defeats three Abnormals

Medaka defeats three Abnormals.

When Myouga gets behind Nabeshima, Medaka looks concerned.[82] Thinking Nabeshima is in trouble, Medaka moves to try and help her, only for Yakushima to hold her back. He tells her she has no right to help as she was the one who got Nabeshima into the situation in the first place, but that she need not worry.[83] When Nabeshima drops with a full point back flip, Medaka comments that it would have been a foul in an official match because Nabeshima grabbed the same shoulder and elbow. Yakushima asks Medaka if Myouga just called Nabeshima a cheater. When Medaka questions if he has deciphered Myouga's language, he replied in the negative, claiming that every one of Nabeshima's opponents have said that at some point.[84] Afterwards, Medaka talks with Nabeshima, who tells the younger girl that it would have been better if she had fought, as Medaka could have defeated Myouga without hurting her. Medaka remembers her past fights when she entered War God Mode, and thanks Nabeshima for her advice before leaving. As she sets about tying her hair in a braid, Medaka decides she will have to look into the Flask Plan as the Student Council President.[85] She is confronted by Garaharu Ushibuka, Royal Hirado, and Kenri Noogata, all of Class 13. Though they attack her simultaneously, Medaka defeats them all in an instant with no remarkable show of effort (she continues fixing her hair throughout the assault), only commenting that she held back on reflex. Realizing she has been holding back for too long, Medaka decides to seek help from her brother.[86]

Medaka's smile after meeting other Abnormals

Medaka's smile after meeting other Abnormals.

Medaka appears behind Oudo Miyakonojou, mimicking his pose. She approaches Zenkichi, asking him why he is bowing. Before she can reach however, Oudo orders her to prostrate herself before him, forcing her to slam her head into the ground, as punishment for daring to mimic him. He asks if she knows who he is, to which Medaka replies that she recognizes him as one of the Abnormals from the chairman's office. When Oudo declares his love for her, Medaka blushes in surprise. After his kiss is interrupted by Zenkichi, Oudo hands Medaka a letter specifying a time and place for them to have a date. As he leaves, he tells Medaka that she wasn't born for others, but was born specifically for him.[87] Afterwards, Medaka and Zenkichi discuss what they each have learnt. Medaka thanks Zenkichi for helping her out, then declares she will reform Oudo with a smile on her face. When Zenkichi points out that she is smiling, she is surprised, having not realized she was doing so. After pulling on her cheeks for a little bit, she tells Zenkichi that to get stronger, she intends to visit her brother.[88]

Medaka and Zenkichi ready to train

Medaka and Zenkichi ready to train.

Medaka and Zenkichi arrive at the Ghost Babel to meet Maguro.[89] Medaka is horrified by Maguro's greeting, but puts on a smile and tells him he should come home more often, citing that their parents are worried about him. Maguro hugs her, an action that sends her into War God Mode. She then punches her brother into a wall. With Zenkichi's encouragement, she tries several times to ask for Maguro's help. She is shocked when Maguro easily evaluates her current physical condition.[90] Resolved, Medaka asks her brother to train her, stating that she is only strong enough to protect her friends, while she wants to be strong enough to protect strangers and even her enemies as well. Medaka is stunned when she sees Maguro's scars. Maguro tells Medaka he will train her, but he will not tell her anything about the Flask Plan. After hearing what the training will entail, Medaka remains firm in her conviction, and promises that she will reform Maguro as well.[91] When Zenkichi consents to train as well, Medaka is seen smiling. Maguro offers the pair two training courses. Option A will be hell, and won't guarantee that they will get any stronger. Option B will put them to sleep, and then they will wake up stronger. Both pick Option A without hesitation. Twelve hours later, it is six in the morning on July 15th.[92]

Medaka declares she will destroy the Flask Plan

Medaka declares she will destroy the Flask Plan.

Medaka arrives with Zenkichi to confront Oudo on the top of the clock tower. She remarks that he is surprisingly romantic, but that she did not have the time to pretty herself up for him. She states that she came as the Student Council President, and demands Oudo tell her all he knows of the Flask Plan. Both she and Zenkichi are able to resist when Oudo orders them to kneel, and continue to do so when he orders them to prostrate themselves. As Oudo prepares to use physical force to make Medaka submit, Zenkichi jumps between them.[93] After Zenkichi kicks Oudo off the clock tower, Medaka tells him he should not be going wild in such a place. She and Zenkichi are stunned to see Oudo standing on the side of the tower. She and Zenkichi listen with steadily growing horror as Oudo describes the Flask Plan, and how the entire student body will be turned into guinea pigs once the process is complete. After Oudo leaves, Medaka expresses her disgust that such a project has been going on at the academy, and declares to Zenkichi that the two of them are going to destroy the Flask Plan that day.[94]

Medaka's outfit for invading the Flask Plan

Medaka's outfit for invading the Flask Plan.

At the Student Council office, Medaka and Zenkichi find the suggestion box overflowing with complaints about Class 13. The two discuss how Class 13 is disrupting the school for the other students, and Medaka notes that the Abnormals do not even follow the basic rules. Changing into a new outfit, she tells Zenkichi that they are heading to the Flask Plan labs now. Zenkichi questions whether they should get Akune and Kikaijima, to which Medaka replies in the negative, stating that those two won't be good for a physical fight. Medaka and Zenkichi arrive at the entrance to the Flask Plan labs, the Door of Rejection, guarded by Sanou Tsushima and Unou Tsushima. The twins inform them about the rules of the door, though Medaka is unimpressed, and easily passes through. She stops to tell Zenkichi that, as a Leo, he should take the lead today. She then moves on.[95] Akune later explains to Zenkichi that this was her way of telling him what number code to enter (Zenkichi's birth date).[96]

Medaka listens

Medaka listens to Kikaijima's shout.

The Student Council comes to another door, which the Tsushima twins identify as an elevator. However, Medaka chooses to forego the elevator in favor of the stairs, wanting to see as much of the Flask Plan as possible.[97] As they make their way, Medaka realizes that they are walking in circles. She asks Kikaijima to use the same method she used when the two of them were in an amusement park maze.[98] Using Kikaijima's shout, Medaka is able to discern the layout of the maze through sonar.[99] When Shigusa Takachiho appears, Medaka is the only one unaffected. She recognizes him from the chairman's office, as the one who was trying to provoke her. After he steals her hair tie and glasses, Medaka discards her lab coat in preparation to fight him.[100]

Medaka uses the Bunshin technique

Medaka uses the Bunshin technique.

Medaka accepts Takachiho's challenge, and takes a stance. She is unable to dodge Takachiho's flying knee to the face, but shrugs off the attack. She then purposefully takes his kick to steal his flash drive, even though the blow knocks her to the ground. She proclaims herself the victor, but is unable to stop Takachiho from taking back his flash drive. Despite this, Medaka smiles, pleased to meet someone on the same level as her. Medaka launches a barrage of Unzen's super balls at Takachiho, but he is still able to dodge them all. However, this allows Medaka to identify his Abnormality as automatic reflexes. She is surprised though, when Takachiho reveals he has figured out her Abnormality as well.[101] As Takachiho brags that he has figured out Medaka's ability, she remarks that she'll be embarrassed if he has. At Zenkichi's suggestion, Medaka tries to surpass Takachiho's reflexes with the Bunshin technique. This proves ineffective however, and Takachiho breaks her arm. Zenkichi makes to join her side, but she orders him to stay back, insisting that the fight is one on one. She then reveals that she purposefully let Takachiho break her arm so that she could steal his flash drive. Takachiho then labels Medaka's ability as zero reflex; in that she has no reflexes at all. He declares himself superior to Medaka, and then reveals that the flash drive she stole was just a fake. Medaka declares that she will prove that reflexes are not the best, and removes her shoes and socks. She begins bouncing up and down to throw off Takachiho's timing, then attacks him when he blinks, a move she calls Kurokami Phantom. Medaka is heavily wounded by the strain put on her body, and she accidentally destroys the flash drive in the attack. She proclaims her victory, then collapses, remaining still even as the bloodied Takachiho rises to his feet.[102]

Medaka and Takachiho's touching session

Medaka and Takachiho's touching session.

As Takachiho stands, Medaka rises as well, deciding that their fight is actually a tie. Takachiho demands that they continue, declaring that he and Medaka both want to "talk" to each other with their fists. Medaka complies, and the two begin trading blows. Combining his reflexes with judgment, Takachiho is able to dodge Medaka's finishing blow. Ecstatic, he laughs out loud, only to be silenced as Medaka drops him with a kick to the head. She remarks that her foot struck out on reflex, revealing that she has learned to turn her reflexes on as well as off. As Medaka walks away, she offers to fight him again the next door, an offer Takachiho jokingly refuses. After Medaka defeats Takachiho, Kikaijima runs to her side, and begins patching her up with a first aid kit. The Student Council then head down to the next floor.[103]

Medaka declares that Zenkichi is the guy she likes

Medaka declares that Zenkichi is the guy she likes.

Medaka is surprised when the Student Council reaches the second floor, a large biotope.[104] She is further surprised when Kei Munakata tells them he will not try to stop them. She turns away, only for Munakata to try and cut her head off. She barely dodges, losing the end of her hair instead.[105] After hearing Munakata's Abnormality is his superhuman desire to kill, she claims she will fight him. Maguro stops her however, by grabbing her breasts. This action sends her into War God Mode, and she sends Maguro flying with a punch. Maguro tells Medaka to stay in War God Mode to speed her recovery, and forbids her from fighting.[106] When Maguro decides Zenkichi will be the one to fight Munakata, Medaka tries to object, but Maguro rebukes her, reminding her that Zenkichi managed to remain by her side for thirteen years.[107] When Maguro comments that Zenkichi is as stubborn as she is, Medaka replies that he is even more stubborn.[108] Medaka watches silently as Zenkichi deflects Munakata's swords.[109] She listens on as Maguro explains Munakata's level of aptitude with weapons.[110] She asks Maguro if he intentionally chose Munakata as Zenkichi's opponent because he was an amateur with weapons. When Munakata reveals a spiked staff, Medaka comments that that is not a hidden weapon.[111] As Maguro and Akune discuss how Zenkichi's style is most suited for street fighting, Medaka comments that if it were a street fight, Takachiho would not have let her take off her shoes. She listens on quietly as Maguro explains that Zenkichi is a Normal, and still very capable. Medaka reiterates how Zenkichi stuck by her side for thirteen years, even when he said he didn't want. She finishes by declaring that Zenkichi is the guy she likes.[112] Medaka looks a bit put out when Zenkichi knocks down Munakata. She starts to say that something is off, when Zenkichi is impaled by Munakata. As he collapses, a horrified Medaka screams his name.[113] Seeing Zenkichi impaled, Medaka exits War God Mode and drops to her knees. She begins to sob.[114] She is relieved when Zenkichi rises to his feet, and begins joyfully repeating his name.[115] After Zenkichi asks her for encouragement, she cries: "Go get him Tiger!!"[116] She stands by after Munakata is defeated.[117] Medaka stands by as Munakata explains his Abnormality, and his actions to control it.[118] She is appalled when she realizes that Maguro was unaware of Munakata's pacifism. She watches Maguro bandage Zenkichi.[119]

Kikaijima and Medaka search through the Flask Plan

Medaka and Kikaijima search through the Flask Plan.

The Student Council heads down to the third floor, a zoo. Delighted that the animals are not afraid of her, Medaka insists that they go look at the animals, though becomes put out when Kikaijima refuses. Medaka and Kikaijima begin fighting.[120][121] Medaka denies fighting with Kikaijima. She tells Zenkichi not to worry about Akune, and suggests they worry about themselves instead.[122] Searching through the Flask Plan archives, Medaka asks Kikaijima if she said anything. Kikaijima answers in the negative, and asks if Medaka is not hearing Zenkichi argue with the Tsushima twins. Kikaijima remarks that Zenkichi can get along with anyone, to which Medaka agrees. When Kikaijima comments that is must be difficult having such an overly affectionate brother, Medaka answers that he is always all over her is because he is giving her enough love for two sisters.[123]

Medaka defeated by Koga

Medaka defeated by Koga.

Medaka kicks through a wall into Naze's lab, demanding if this is the place from which she has been hearing the name "Kujira Kurokami". Upon seeing her sister, Medaka is delighted.[124] Medaka asks her sister if she is really her enemy.[125] Medaka then punches Naze in the head, knocking her down and stealing her syringe. Seeing Maguro on the ground, Medaka asks Naze what kind of poison is in the syringe. Medaka listens to Naze's explanation of the "Normalize Liquid".[126] Medaka tells Naze that she looked up to her because of her stoicism, but remarks that, in the past, Naze would never try to make others unhappy as well. She then demands that Naze hand over the antidote. After Naze agrees on the condition that Medaka becomes a guinea pig herself, Medaka agrees, and injects herself. She comments that the process does hurt, then collapses.[127] She rises in time to block Itami Koga's attack, and knocks the other girl back with an open palm strike. Naze tosses Medaka another syringe, claiming it is the antidote. Though Akune warns her that it is most likely a trap, Medaka injects herself anyway, telling him that she'll never doubt someone she likes. She then collapses again. She shakily rises soon after, but with all of her memories gone.[128] Medaka, without her memories, calls Akune "Toshima".[129] Though she does not know what is going on, Medaka recognizes that Koga is trying to hurt her, and states her intent to defend herself. Medaka moves to attack Koga, but is easily defeated.[130] Naze and Koga then leave with the unconscious Medaka in tow.[131] Medaka is tied to a bed on the thirteenth floor, her wounds healed and her memories still erased.[132] An unconscious Medaka is bound to a chair as Oudo looks her over.[133]

Medaka II with Naze and Koga

Medaka II with Naze and Koga.

Medaka regains consciousness, and insists she goes where "he" is.[134] She arrives on the twelfth floor with Naze and Koga, stating that the actions she has been doing up until now were foolish, and christening herself Medaka Kurokami II.[135] When Zenkichi calls her "Medaka" again, she reiterates that she is Medaka II. She goes on to declare that she is not the same person the Student Council knew; she has woken up from the thirteen year nightmare of thinking she was born for others. She then tells the Student Council that from now on, they will support the Flask Plan, and she will be joining the Thirteen Party. Medaka II states that she was born to make herself complete and that if the other students die, they should feel honored that they died for such a cause. When the Student Council refuses to go along with her, she dismisses all three of them. Medaka II hands herself over to the care of Thirteen Party, and tells Oudo she will marry him if it is to her benefit.[136] When the Student Council moves to stop her, Medaka II uses Oudo's Weighted Words to send them to their knees. As Maguro calls out to her, she corrects him about her name, and asks where he is hiding. When she tells him there is nothing of her old self left, Maguro asks her why she is crying. Medaka II is surprised to find the tears, and is caught off guard and attacked by Zenkichi. As Zenkichi prepares to fight her, she insists that she isn't crying; she just has something in her eye.[137]

Zenkichi hugs Medaka II

Zenkichi hugs Medaka II.

Annoyed that her tears won't stop, Medaka II tries to remember what happened between her and Zenkichi thirteen years ago. She engages in a ferocious battle of kicks with Zenkichi. She attacks relentlessly, first with a kick to the throat, and then with a barrage of syringes. She grows confused as she finds she can't fight Zenkichi seriously. As their battle continues, she keeps trying to remember.[138] Distracted by her reminiscing, Medaka II takes a clean hit form Zenkichi. As they keep struggling, Medaka II continues to think back to her childhood.[139][140] Finally remembering when Zenkichi gave her her purpose in life, Medaka II stops dodging his attacks. Now crying from both eyes, she smiles at Zenkichi.[141] Medaka II is happy to have remembered her past with Zenkichi. She then breaks the bindings holding her arms, and declares to Zenkichi that the reason he gave her thirteen years ago is no longer necessary, her brainwashing holding against the memories. Medaka II punches him in the throat knocking him to the ground. She then straddles Zenkichi and wraps her hands around his throat, preparing to kill in order to stop her tears. Medaka II asks him if he remembers what he told her thirteen years ago, he replies that he doesn't, but that she is probably talking about when he told her she was born to bring happiness to others. She is surprised that he remembers, though Zenkichi reiterates that he doesn't; just that he has always believed Medaka was that kind of person. The memories from thirteen years ago run through Medaka II's head, and she cries out. Grabbing her temples, she tries to use Oudo's electromagnetic waves to brainwash herself back to normal. Zenkichi grabs her hands and tells her to stop, stating that he doesn't want her to destroy herself trying to go back to normal. Zenkichi then pulls her into a hug, telling her that if she wants to make others happy, she needs to be sure to make herself happy first. Medaka II calms down, and her tears stops. Medaka II abruptly leaves Zenkichi's embrace and rises to her feet. He addresses her as Medaka II, and she tells him to call her Medaka. She apologizes to Zenkichi for getting him into a bad spot. He waves the apology, and asks her why she was born. Medaka answers that she was born to make others, and herself, happy. Medaka prepares to face Oudo, promising that she will shut the Flask Plan down, and will make him happy as well.[142]

Medaka versus Oudo

Medaka versus Oudo.

Medaka declares her intent to rid the school of the Flask Plan.[143] She follows Oudo down to the thirteenth floor, and is offered painkillers by Naze. Medaka refuses, prompting Naze to ask her if she has learnt to doubt people. Medaka replies in the negative, and tells Naze she still believes the two of them will one day be able to see eye to eye. Upon reaching the thirteenth floor, Medaka wonders at all the computers. Hearing Yukuhashi's explanation, she points out that if she stops Oudo, it would also put a stop to the Flask Plan. She listens on as Oudo describes the merits of the Flask Plan. Medaka objects to the project because of the necessary deaths of the student body; Oudo offers her one last chance to join them, telling her to find a way to complete the Flask Plan so that the students need not be sacrificed. Medaka declines, and tells the remaining members of the Thirteen Party that it is impossible to create a perfect human, describing the "nightmare" of a complete person she has met before (Kumagawa). Medaka does not answer Koga's anger.[144] She is surprised when Oudo attacks Koga, and is caught off guard when Oudo sends her flying with a kick.[145] Rising from the wreckage, Medaka asks Oudo if he still considers himself human. Oudo answers in the affirmative, and Medaka elbows him in the stomach, declaring that in that case, she has no problem with being a beast.[146] Medaka seemingly enters War God Mode, though her hair turns black instead of white. She tells the crumpled Oudo not to get back up, as some of his organs ruptured from her hit. Oudo rises and punches her, an attack she fails to completely dodge.[147] Oudo kicks her arm, breaking it, though Medaka recovers with Koga's healing ability, and counterattacks. When Oudo asks if she is even human, she repeats that she is a beast.[148]

Medaka declares the Student Council victorious

Medaka declares the Student Council victorious.

From Naze's explanation, it is revealed that Medaka has actually assumed Altered God Mode, an improved version of War God Mode, and that her Abnormality, The End, allows her to master any other skill.[149] Listening to her siblings' analysis, Medaka refutes them, reiterating that she is just a beast in human form. Seeing Oudo smiling, Medaka offers herself up for his Unreasonable Taxation, but warns him that her Abnormality is more than a human can withstand. She holds steady as Oudo attacks her.[150][151] Medaka glares at Oudo as he backs away from her in horror. He accuses Medaka of trying to cast her Abnormality on him, and calls her a beast. Medaka asks Oudo if that is all he has to say; Oudo gives in and concedes defeat. Medaka again asks him if that is all he has to say; Oudo promises to make sure Koga and Yukuhashi survive. Medaka again asks him if that is all he has to say; Oudo swears never to use his Abnormalities again, nor will he do anything bad. Medaka again asks him if that is all he has to say; Oudo breaks down and asks her what more she wants. Medaka asks for an apology. Oudo is surprised, then bows his head and apologizes. Satisfied, Medaka forgives him, and declares that the Student Council's work is done. Erasing the data from the Flask Plan computers, Medaka gets annoyed, and asks Akune if it wouldn't be easier to just destroy all the machines instead. Afterwards, Medaka enters the code needed to call down the elevator. Once everyone is inside, she asks for Oudo's help in stopping the Loser Team and the Plus Six, to which Oudo agrees. Upon reaching the first floor, Medaka is horrified to find the defeated Loser Team and Plus Six.[152][153] She is further horrified to find that the perpetrator is none other than her greatest failure, Kumagawa himself.[154]

Kumagawa Incident Arc

Medaka supports Zenkichi

Medaka supports Zenkichi.

Medaka is disgusted by Kumagawa's lies.[155][156] Seeing Zenkichi trembling, Medaka wraps an arm around his shoulders, and tells Naze that Kumagawa is the former Student Council president of their middle school. She goes on to say that his approval rate dropped to zero percent, but that after a couple of months, Kumagawa was able to bring it up.[157] As he taunts her friends, Medaka asks Kumagawa if he has anything to say to her. Kumagawa says he doesn't but then asks her the way to the chairman's office, explaining that he just transferred to Hakoniwa Academy today, and is lost. Medaka agrees to tell him if he leaves immediately, but is stopped by Oudo, who desires to avenge his fallen comrades. Kumagawa apologizes that he cannot understand his feelings, but tries to make up for it by stabbing himself in the head with one of his screws, horrifying Medaka. Kumagawa then makes his own way to the chairman's office, but not before wishing Medaka luck as a former Student Council president. Naze talks to Medaka about him, pointing out that he is wearing the uniform of Suisou Academy, but notes that the school closed the previous month. Medaka confirms that he has been bouncing around schools for the past three years. She is surprised to see that Nabeshima is alright.[158] Above ground, Medaka watches as Zenkichi phones Shiranui to warn her about Kumagawa. Seeing Zenkichi get cut off, she remarks that Shiranui's condescending attitude is just why Zenkichi should not feel thankful to her. Medaka then notes that Shiranui is the same as Kumagawa.[159]

Medaka's new look

Medaka's new uniform.

Medaka participates in the dismantling of the Flask Plan Labs.[160] Later, in the Student Council's office, Medaka warns Kikaijima against taking anything Kumagawa says seriously. She theorizes that the board of directors intends to create a brand new class centered around Kumagawa. Zenkichi remarks that it is rare for Medaka to make the first move, though Medaka argues that if Kumagawa has already arrived, she is already reacting too late. Asked by Kikaijima what happened in middle school, Medaka promises to explain everything once Akune arrives. She is unfazed by the arrival of Akune with Hitomi.[161] Medaka greets Hitomi, explaining to the others that Hitomi worked at the hospital Medaka visited as a child. Medaka is unable to react as Hitomi instantly modifies her uniform to be less revealing. As Zenkichi complains about his mother, Medaka makes no reaction, despite living by herself. She apologizes to Hitomi for Zenkichi's injuries sustained after his fight with Munakata. The two women discuss Kumagawa, and when Hitomi tells Medaka she might have opened Pandora's Box by stopping the Flask Plan, Medaka promises her she will meet the challenge with her suggestion box.[162] Medaka arrives at the Ghost Babel with Akune and Kikaijima, where she finds Mukae Emukae attacking her siblings. After Emukae retreats, the Kurokami siblings and the Student Council sit down to discuss how to counter Kumagawa. When Maguro asks after Zenkichi, Medaka tells him that Zenkichi is trying to escape his mother.[163] When Maguro expresses his concern on hearing Zenkichi is on his own, Medaka questions his worry.[164] Medaka later joins with the rest of the Student Council, Naze, Koga, and Hitomi to discuss how they should handle the Minuses.[165] Medaka recommends they call Hinokage, having remembered him due to Zenkichi's explanation of Emukae's abilities; Hinokage would never rot away. As Zenkichi describes Hinokage to the others, Medaka looks thoughtful.[166]

Medaka asks Hinokage for help

Medaka asks Hinokage for help.

Medaka and Naze leave together to find Hinokage. Naze questions why she has to come with Medaka, only to be annoyed by Medaka's behavior. Arriving at Class 13's senior classroom, Medaka directs Naze on how to find Hinokage.[167] When Hinokage becomes visible, Medaka admits she thought he and Naze were similar. After catching up with Hinokage, she bows and asks for his help.[168] Hinokage refuses; after he leaves, Medaka blames herself, believing (correctly) that Hinokage has gone to challenge Kumagawa on his own.[169] Medaka tells Naze about Hinokage's Abnormality. Medaka feels that its sad that he has protected the school for so long, yet is not thanked for all that he has done. Naze asks why she is not happy about Hinokage fighting Kumagawa, as Medaka came to ask for his help anyway. Medaka tells Naze that, if strength was all that was needed to beat Kumagawa, she would have dealt with Kumagawa in middle school.[170] Medaka and Naze continue to wait for Hinokage. Medaka tells Naze that they will forget Hinokage if they leave the room. Medaka calmly insists that they must wait for Hinokage to return safely, but Naze sees that she is worrying, and her tightly clenched fists are bleeding. Medaka is relieved at Hinokage's return. She tells him she will fight Class -13 with the help of everyone else.[171] Medaka and Naze return, to find everyone has already forgotten about Hinokage.[172] Hinokage tells her trying to fight Class -13 with her current group is suicide.[173] She stays quiet as the others discuss Class -13. Bowing, she asks Hinokage to do something about the group's current weakness. Medaka agrees to Hinokage's Devilize Training camp.[174]

Student Council's Battle Attire Red Model

The Student Council's Battle Attire Red Model.

One week later, at the end of the semester, Medaka makes a speech to the student body, but is interrupted by Kumagawa.[175] She demands he get off the stage, but Kumagawa calls for her impeachment. Seeing his signatures are all from Class -13, Medaka scolds him for his show of a student majority. She is horrified to realize Kumagawa is aiming to become Student Council president.[176] Medaka realizes Shiranui is the reason Kumagawa knows the school's rules so well.[177] Trying to decipher Kumagawa's objective, Medaka realizes he wants to call Class 13 to the school. However she manages to turn the situation around, by forcing Kumagawa to try and overthrow her with a Student Council battle.[178] After Medaka declares a Student Council battle with Kumagawa, the Student Council meet with their allies to decide what to do. Medaka banters with her sister, before asking Hinokage what will happen with the Devilize Training.[179][180] After discussing their options, the group decides to throw the General Affairs Manager's Battle, and use the two weeks to complete the Devilize Training. Medaka is uncomfortable with the strategy, and decides for a more straightforward approach after being encouraged by Zenkichi.[181] On July twenty-fifth, Medaka and the other ladies change in the Student Council office. They discuss whether Zenkichi will be alright; when Zenkichi shows up, Medaka asks him if his training was successful. Arriving at the meeting place, they are surprised to find Kumagawa is the only one present. Medaka quickly loses her temper with Kumagawa. They are interrupted by Tokemichi Choujabaru before their argument can get physical.[182] Medaka notes that even if the school is on the line, someone as fair as Choujabaru will still grant Class -13 a victory if they earn it. At Choujabaru's insistence, Medaka agrees to the terms of the battle, including any possible fatalities.[183]

The Student Council defends Koga

The Student Council defends Koga.

Choujabaru leads the Student Council and Kumagawa to the Viper's Den, a pit on the school grounds.[184] Choujabaru explains the nature of the battlefield, and the rules of the match, much to Medaka's consternation.[185] As Zenkichi prepares to begin, Medaka theorizes who has been training under, but states what is important is what he has learned. She is surprised to see Zenkichi take the lead.[186] She and the others see though Naze's ruse.[187] Medaka questions Naze on how Zenkichi conquered his fears; Naze explains he only worked around them.[188] Medaka and Naze discuss the mechanics behind the Minus Nullify System.[189] Medaka is shocked when Kumagawa surrenders, and warns Zenkichi to be careful.[190] As Kumagawa continues to attack, Medaka tells Choujabaru to stop the fight. Choujabaru refuses, and Kumagawa explains that, since the match is over, the Election Management Committee has no authority to stop him. Medaka makes to jump down, but is stopped by Hitomi, who tells her the impact would drop the netting to the bottom of the pit.[191] Medaka is horrified when Kumagawa blinds Zenkichi.[192] Medaka asks Naze if there is anything Zenkichi can do. When Naze asks why Medaka never told her about Kumagawa's All Fiction, Medaka states it was not an ability he had in middle school.[193][194] She admits that, for the sake of breaking Zenkichi, Kumagawa will make the impossible possible.[195] Medaka is surprised when Zenkichi rejects Kumagawa. After Zenkichi tells her he had a fun school life, Medaka tells him to stop talking as if he is going to die.[196] Medaka goes berserk, entering War God Mode, and the Election Management Committee tries to restrain her.[197] After Kumagawa regains consciousness, Medaka rages at him for killing Zenkichi.[198] When Zenkichi awakens, a tearful Medaka hugs him.[199] Medaka is horrified to learn that the other Minuses are attacking the rest of the Student Council during their training.[200] The Student Council arrive in the parking lot head to the parking lot to help their allies. They find them with worse injuries than Zenkichi; they treat the others at Naze's lab before sending them to the hospital. Afterward, Medaka, Zenkichi, Hitomi, Naze, and Koga meet to decide what they will do next. Medaka laments that there is no one who can replace Akune or Kikaijima.[201] Still in the meeting room, Medaka receives a phone call from Shiranui, telling her that Kumagawa is trying to recruit her sister. She initially decides to leave it up to Naze, but is convinced by Shiranui and Zenkichi to intervene.[202] She and the others defend Koga from an attack by Class -13. Medaka calls Naze and asks her sister to remain her ally.[203]

Medaka smashes a window with Kumagawa's head

Medaka smashes a window with Kumagawa's head.

Medaka expresses her distress that Naze wants to fight in the Secretary's Battle.[204] She is surprised that a noncombatant wants to fight.[205] On the first of August, the opposing Student Councils meet for the Secretary's Battle. Choujabaru insists that Medaka and Kumagawa be handcuffed together to keep either of them from causing trouble.[206] The group moves to the stage of the battle, a freezer in the school's canteen.[207] Medaka is surprised by Kumagawa's offer of Class -13's surrender if Shibuki Shibushi loses.[208] She is concerned to see Shibushi make the first move.[209] Medaka watches as Naze fights. She asks Kumagawa if he truly intends to withdraw if Shibushi loses. She is unmoved by Kumagawa's crocodile tears.[210] Medaka is unsurprised to hear the true nature of Shibushi's Minus.[211] She is horrified when Naze falls to her knees.[212] Medaka uses Kumagawa's head to break open the freezer's window, using the opportunity to encourage her sister.[213] Medaka is amazed by Naze's Minus.[214][215] She is surprised when Kumagawa tells Shibushi it is alright to lose, and is further shocked as Shibushi's fully powered Scar Dead damages even the spectators.[216] Medaka thinks to herself that Naze is obviously enjoying her victory.[217] She tells Zenkichi not to worry about her sister.[218] Medaka runs to congratulate Naze as she steps out of the freezer, and the sisters share a high-five.[219] She asks Kumagawa if he intends to keep his promise. To her surprise, he does so. As the Minuses make to leave, Koga asks Medaka if she is really fine with letting Kumagawa go. She reminds Medaka that she has always sought to help both her allies and her enemies, and wonders if she can make even Kumagawa happy.[220] Medaka stops Kumagawa, declaring that she will make him happy,[221] and thanks Koga for her encouragement. As Kumagawa insists that he will keep his promise, Naze offers to make her battle a loss. Medaka asks if it is alright; Naze tells her she is satisfied with looking cool in front of her sister.[222]

Medaka takes Emukae's hand

Medaka takes Emukae's hand.

On August eighth, the opposing Student Councils meet at the academy's botanical garden for the Treasurer's Battle. When Zenkichi volunteers as a sub-player, Medaka tries to take his place, but is refused.[223] Medaka is appalled to hear the rules of the match.[224] Hitomi stops Medaka from trying to interfere.[225][226] The nonparticipants watch the battle on several computer screens. Medaka admits she is worried about Zenkichi, but thinks Hitomi is doing fine.[227] After Kumagawa finishes explaining their mutual history at Hakobune Middle School, Medaka asks both her friends and her enemies if she really has to save him.[228] Medaka is shocked by the giant plant Emukae summons to fight.[229] She is relieved to see Zenkichi reform Emukae.[230] Medaka is horrified to discover Kumagawa has removed the keyholes from the bracelets, just as the clocks run down.[231] Medaka watches as the monitors display Emukae covering the explosion with her body. She is impressed by Emukae's guts.[232] She explains to Naze that Kumagawa loves his comrades, and Emuake's rejection is therefore very shocking.[233] In the garden, Medaka takes Emukae's hand as she is wheeled into an ambulance. In response to Zenkichi's declaration that he wants to eat Emuake's miso soup every day, Medaka laughs and tells him to create a happy family.[234] At the Ghost Babel, Medaka brings Maguro up to speed with the election battles. Despite the difficulties, she remains confident that the two groups can come to understand one another. When Maguro hugs both her and Naze, the sisters send him flying, Medaka in Altered God Mode.[235] Hearing that both Akune and Kikaijima are out of the hospital, Medaka asks about Hinokage.[236]

Medaka receives redirected damage

Medaka receives redirected damage.

On August fifteenth, Medaka prepares to face Gagamaru Chougasaki in the Vice-President's Battle, not having found anyone else to participate. She is stopped by the arrival of Hinokage.[237] Medaka and Hinokage greet each other with a handshake, Medaka stating her pleasure at being able to fight alongside Hinokage.[238] The group moves to an under construction building for the Vice-President's Battle, "Dropping Mad Dog".[239] Awed by his speed, Medaka is told by Hinokage to watch closely.[240] Watching, all members of the Student Council think Hinokage's victory is assured.[241] Questioned by Naze, Medaka admits the difference between Hinokage's speed and her Kurokami Phantom is vast.[242] She explains that with Kurokami Phantom, both her speed and power are increased.[243] She is horrified to see the building collapse,[244] but is relieved to see Hinokage survived, and even managed to keep himself from being disqualified.[245] Chougasaki redirects the damage from Hinokage's attacks to Medaka. Though every bone in her body is broken, Medaka refuses to fall,[246] though Zenkichi supports her.[247] As the student body arrives to cheer for Hinokage, Medaka takes it as proof of Hinokage's popularity for protecting the school for two years.[248] Medaka approaches the victorious Hinokage, congratulating him.[249] Medaka stands back as Hitomi tends to Hinokage. She remains silent as the student body boos Class -13.[250] With Kumagawa's arrival, Medaka confronts him, stating she is ready to face his heart.[251]

Medaka hit with Book Maker

Medaka hit with Book Maker.

On August twenty-second, the Student Council and Class -13 gather for the final battle.[252] Medaka is shocked when Shiranui declares that Kumagawa will represent Class -13.[253] Medaka agrees to Shiranui's terms.[254] After Kumagawa picks the Human card, Medaka is allowed to make the rules. She ordains the entirety of the academy grounds as the field, no time limit, and that the loser is only so if they believe they have lost. She offers her hand to Kumagawa, who uses the chance to attack her. Medaka blocks his attack and grins, stating she feels as though she has been waiting three hundred million years for this day.[255] Medaka's and Kumagawa's frantic battle carries them outside and up the clock tower, where Medaka knocks Kumagawa back down with a punch to the face. Landing on the same rooftop as Kumagawa, Medaka insists that fighting Kumagawa is fun.[256] Kumagawa challenges her to take his original Minus, Book Maker, head on, explaining that doing so will bring her down to the same level as him. Medaka accepts, and is speared through the chest with an elongated screw. Her hair turning white, she says she gives up using the same speech brackets as Kumagawa. She then takes back her words, speaking normally, revealing that she has not broken. Rising, she tells Kumagawa she does not want to antagonize him.[257] Despite his Book Maker proving ineffective, Kumagawa refuses to surrender, and punches Medaka. The two begin punching one another, until both fall to their knees.[258] Medaka is told not to lose by an assembly of her former enemies.[259] With their cheering, Medaka rises to her feet.[260] Medaka tells Kumagawa she has to win, for both her allies and her enemies. Still on his knees, Kumagawa wonders if he might one day come to Medaka's aid when she is in trouble. Medaka tells him he can, and delivers one last punch to his face.[261] Medaka stands over the fallen Kumagawa, as the Book Maker screw in her chest disintegrates.[262][263] Her friends run to congratulate her on her victory.[264] As Kumagawa and the Minuses make to leave, Medaka informs Choujabaru that she will be making Kumagawa her vice-president. Offering Kumagawa the armband, she tells him that, had he met Zenkichi as a child, he would have been given a reason to live just like she was. She is pleased when Kumagawa accepts.[265]

Kurokami Medaka's Successor Arc

After Najimi gives her declaration of surrender to the Student Council. She understands what this means, as Najimi should be considered the very first enemy instead of the first enemy. When Kumagawa asks Medaka if she will accept Najimi's surrender and live peacefully for the next three years, Medaka says that is a silly question since she has been fighting since day one. Medaka decrees that, they have destroyed the past by taking down the underground lab, protected the present by defeating class -13, and now they must make the future by fighting Najimi, and Medaka already has a secret plan. [266]

Medaka hosts the Student Council Sponsored Inspection Meet where 632 middle schoolers that plan to go to Hakoniwa will come. Medaka arrives with Kumagawa after the rest of the Student Council eyeballs the crowd of students. Zenkichi asks Medaka if it's okay that Kumagawa is wearing his old uniform, but she says she does not mind since it's black. Medaka picks up the microphone and planned to drive away the uninteresting half of the crowd. Kumagawa stops her and volunteers to carry out this cruel selection process. [267] Seeing that Kumgawa's method brought down most of the crowd, Medaka opens her mouth agape in shock. Before Kumgawa can do a lot more damage, Medaka kicks him, and holds him by the collar, asking if he was a idiot. Kumagawa tells Medaka that he held back, and points into the crowd. Still not believing anyone could withstand his Minus, Medaka turns and sees that 5 of the students in the crowd are untouched.[268]

The Student Council each interview one of the five untouched middle school students. Medaka interviewed Suishou Kibougaoka. Kibougaoka informs Medaka that she is a robot that wanted to learn about "heart" at Hakoniwa. Medaka smiles, and tells her that heart means the most at the school. After the interviews are over, the Student Council met back up at the council room and share any hints of who might the secret Not Equal in the group of middle school students. Each of the council members, including Medaka, agree that their interviewed middle school student is trustworthy. Seeing that they all cannot seem to find the hidden Not Equal, Akune presents the option of just shutting down the program but Medaka rejects it, seeing that four innocent people would be hurt from that - if there is at least one good person in those five, then the program has to go on to protect their feelings.[269] The next day, Medaka and Shiranui find a broken and beaten Kumagawa near the staircase. Medaka offers her hand for him to stand, but he refuses.[270]

The five middle school students are allowed to take freshmen classes and attend Hakoniwa. In addition to this, they all must attend a once a month project hosted by Medaka herself. One week after the new students were selected, Medaka hosts the very first one.[271] Medaka stands before them in bloomers, and tells them that they are not training to be her successor since they are not required to join the council once they are done, and that they can learn however they want. Medaka asks them to do one favor - to not become like her. Medaka dislikes her own preachy tone and puts down the mic to informally declar the first project - Treasure Hunt. Kiki Kikitsu asks Medaka what the treasure is like, and Medaka commends her for readiness. However, Medaka does not to reveal anything. Eager to make the student's curious, tells them that the treasure is extraordinarily splendid. Kikitsu, still not motivated, asks for Medaka's President armband if she finds the treasure first. Medaka laughs loudly, and agrees. Zenkichi protests at first, since a student council member will surely lose one of their armbands in the treasure hunt, but Medaka tells them they are participating in the hunt as well. Medaka asks each of the Student Council members for what they want as a extra prize for finding the treasure. When Akune accepts the idea of a duel with Medaka as a prize, Medaka smiles. Akune hesitates on the idea, but Medaka stops him, asking him if he ever wanted to win against her. She tells him that, until Nabeshima asked for Akune to be in the Student Council, Medaka never thought about letting Akune in. She looks down on Akune, telling him to ponder what she said. Medaka hands everyone a map to start with. The map holds a puzzle that they must solve to get the next clue. Medaka tells everyone that the difficulty of the puzzle is B, and if they don't solve it in 5 minutes, it's okay to go home. [272]

To Medaka's surprise, Nabeshima showed up on the field, offering to help since Medaka helped her juniors once. Once Kikitsu solves it, Medaka says that a code is just a code, but the true question is what to do after they solve it.[273] When Kikitsu tells her friends to come a long to the next stage, Medaka says that is the correct answer, as cooperation will be needed in the hunt. Medaka is impressed by the game lover Kikitsu's answer, remember that Maguro once said that current games are based on teamwork. Medaka also sees that the current Student Council would not work together as well because they each have their own interests. When Kikitsu offers the current Student Council to cooperate to the next stage, Medaka watches and observes their answer. When the prideful pair of Akune and Zenkichi are the only ones that are left behind, Medaka says that her intentions for this game was to reveal each person's character.[274] When Akune finally gets the answer to the riddle, Medaka points out his fear of conflict. Medaka asks Nabeshima on who she thinks will win the race, to which Nabeshima's answer is Akune. Medaka asks her why she values Akune so much. After recieving her answer, Medaka asks her another question - who is she really, which reveals that it is actually Najimi in disguise. [275]

Najimi asks her how she realized Najimi was using one of her skills. Medaka says it was simple - to ask everyone she knows "who are you" at the right timing. Najimi commends Medaka's tactic, and asks Medaka to call her Anshin'in, to which Medaka refuses since their peace is just temporary, depending on Najimi's whim. Najimi asks to talk somewhere else, where Zenkichi cannot hear them. Medaka pulls off her skimpy bloomer outfit revealing her student council uniform, saying that they should both talk their hearts out as women.[276] Medaka and Najimi both move to the hot spring bath on the 6th underground floor of the clock tower to talk further. When asked by Najimi if she really went through that joke of a training camp. Medaka did not want to leave it half finished, so she finished it in two days. When Najimi shows interest in Medaka's next mode "Forsaken God Mode," Medaka remains quiet. Hearing that most of the 600 that attended the Inspection Meet were Not Equals, Medaka widens her eyes, but keeps silent. Najimi asks Medaka if she wanted to end the program with the possibility that she is raising Not Equals. Medaka vehemently rejects that idea, saying she finds teaching, raising, and leading them is a thing worth doing. Medaka asks Najimi how many people is she, and is shocked by the reply of 7,000 - and even more stunned by the second answer of 700,000,000. Najimi tells Medaka that her dream of making everyone happy is impossible. Medaka already knows that, but that is why she strives for it. Medaka slumps back into the bath. When Najimi comforts Medaka about a mutual understanding, Medaka says that Kikitsu once said the same thing, so she might be the Not Equal of the group. When Najimi grinned, Medaka tells her that she is not stupid, and she already knows all five of the middle schoolers are Not Equals. [277] Medaka realized once she saw that they all cooperated way too easily. Medaka asks why Najimi didn't pick people who weren't friends, to which Najimi says that Kumagawa picked them based on his selection process. Medaka asks again how many of the 600 were Not Equals which Najimi answered with 60.[278]

Jet Black Bride Arc

Medaka's New Look

Medaka's new look.

After the election, Medaka asks Zenkichi to cut her hair. Zenkichi asks her what she intends to do from now on; Medaka tells him she doesn't know, but she is excited all the same.[279] After becoming Vice-President, Naze approaches Medaka, meaning to apologize, but can't work up the nerve. Medaka recognizes what she is trying to do anyway, and gives her a hug, asking her not to worry about it and to call her Medaka-chan.[280] Medaka is sought out by Emuake, who wants to ask her advice as to whether she should join the Student Council. Medaka tells her, rather than worry about regretting something, Emukae should rather enjoy the satisfaction that comes with doing something.[281] Sporting a new outfit and hairstyle, Medaka runs wild around the school, decimating the various sports clubs.[282]

Tsurubami and Medaka discuss Fukurou

Tsurubami and Medaka discuss Fukurou.

Later, in the cafeteria, she happily chows down, and asks Konomi Mera for more. Once full, she turns her attention to Kamome Tsurubami. After he reveals himself as Fukurou Tsurubami's hidden son, Medaka excitedly asks him if she can call him her little brother. Tsurubami tells her he heard from Ajimu that she killed his father, and asks her whether that is the truth. Medaka confirms it, telling him that it was her fault the man she loved as a father died, and that the Tsurubami family went extinct. Questioned by Tsurubami for the details, Medaka explains how she has seven suitors, of which his father was one. She further explains that each suitor was a member of a subfamily of the Kurokami family, and that they all fought three years ago in what is now called the Jet Black Wedding Feast for her hand. Fukurou managed to win, but was killed by an unknown entity; after that, the courting died down. Medaka suggests they talk more somewhere else, and makes to leave, calling out to Mera and Kuroudo Iizuka.[283] She and Tsurubami are surprised by the arrival of Bukiko Udou, and Medaka is shocked to see the girl managed to brutally beat both Mera and Iizuka without her noticing. Hearing that Udou is with the Ge'hyoukai, Medaka explains to Tsurubami that the title is short for Gekka Hyoujin Kai, and they are the sponsors of the Jet Black Wedding Feast. Medaka is horrified to hear that the Ge'hyoukai are planning a second Jet Black Wedding Feast. When Tsurubami points out the flaws of such a plan, Medaka is surprised that he spoke up. Medaka is further stunned to hear that all the original suitors are dead, and that new suitors from each family have been selected; Udou has in fact come for Tsurubami, not Medaka, to invite him to the Jet Black Wedding Feast. When Udou tells Medaka she should have no complaints, Medaka states that only the old her would have agreed with that. She then destroys the tip of Udou's spear with wind pressure, warning the other girl that she is filled with energy after having eaten meat for the first time in nine months. Medaka asks Tsurubami if he wants to marry her; Tsurubami vehemently denies it. Medaka takes his invitation and declares her intent to enter the Jet Black Wedding Feast and defeat all of her suitors. Medaka states her wish to be free, and that she is happy she can finally fight for herself.[284]

Medaka stopped by the All Jokers

Medaka stopped by the All Jokers.

Carrying Mera on her back, Medaka apologizes to Tsurubami for getting him involved anyway. She declines his suggestion that ask Zenkichi for help, instead having four others in mind. She assembles a group composed of Kumagawa, Shiranui, Hanten Shiranui, and Ajimu, telling Tsurubami that she chose the strongest people she could think of.[285] Later, the All Jokers meet Udou on the aircraft carrier Black, the stage for the second Jet Black Wedding Feast. They follow Udou into the ship, with Medaka explaining to her teammates about her situation. Passing through a door, Medaka nearly steps on Kairai Kugurugi, though she manages to avoid him.[286] After hearing her suitors introduce themselves, Medaka tries to laugh their perversion off, though she is clearly disgusted. When Kumagawa notes he sees a resemblance, Medaka denies it, claiming she likes being looked at, but not stripping. As Kairai taunts her about the death of Fukurou, Medaka moves toward him, only to be stopped by Udou. After hearing the rules, Medaka prepares to fight her suitors by herself, revealing that she only picked the other team members by their ability not to die. She starts to tell them what they should say to Zenkichi if something happens, but is stopped by Shiranui, Kumagawa, and Ajimu, who tell her they intend to fight no matter what she says.[287] Medaka is surprised by Ajimu's easy defeat of the six suitors, and the revelation that the six she just defeated are actually only doubles. Medaka asks Ajimu if she stepped in so she wouldn't have to fight a pointless battle; Ajimu replies that she just wanted to troll Medaka.[288] Medaka is even more shocked to see that the real suitors are all women.[289] She makes no comment as the suitors declare their intent to defeat the doubles as well.[290] Listening on as her comrades and the suitors go back and forth, Medaka is shocked when the smallest suitor reveals she knows the identity of Fukurou's murderer, and promises to tell all if Medaka agrees to continue the Jet Black Wedding Feast. Shiranui advises her to decline the offer, but Medaka accepts even so. She is shocked when the smallest suitor seals the All Jokers into a set of cards.[291]

Medaka chained up

Medaka chained up.

At the Black Bunker, the Kurokami base in the South Pole, a ragged Medaka is seen chained up, with six lit candles burning on her arms. She tells Udou she doesn't need to increase the temperature, as the South Pole is extremely comfortable.[292] Hearing from Udou that Zenkichi is coming, Medaka produces a large smile and blushes, saying that he is an idiot for neglecting his duties and coming to save her. Questioned by Udou as to whether Zenkichi might be coming to save her because he loves her, Medaka reveals that Zenkichi rejected her back when they were kids.[293] Medaka admits that it was her first and last rejection, but that Zenkichi let her stay as his friend because he is a nice guy. Noticing Udou shaking, Medaka asks her what is so funny, though admits that it is weird for a girl to propose immediately after being treated kindly.[294] With her own blood, Medaka writes a coded message that she leaves in her cell for the Student Council to find, revealing the next location of the Jet Black Wedding Feast.[295]

Medaka and Zenkichi reunite

Medaka and Zenkichi reunite.

On Kuromaku Island, Medaka, Udou, and the remaining suitors prepare to leave for the moon. She makes a play on words concerning Ge'hyoukai, annoying Udou. In answer to Udou's pessimism, Medaka claims she sees a future where she returns to Hakoniwa Academy with everyone.[296] Medaka studies Udou's rocket, Black Light, in silence. At Udou's questioning, Medaka admits that she has been purposefully distancing herself from Zenkichi so that she may learn to stand without out him. Even so, she tells Udou that her efforts are futile, as Zenkichi will catch up with her no matter what.[297] When a jet plane crashes into Udou's rocket, Medaka smiles in satisfaction.[298] As Zenkichi greets her, Medaka forces down her smile and removes her spacesuit, before chastising him for coming after her (though without her usual vigor). The two friends lock arms, and Medaka tells Zenkichi that while she can do anything on her own, she prefers to do things with others. Medaka is surprised when Zenkichi proposes to her.[299] Medaka smiles widely, accepting his proposal, but tells Zenkichi she proposed first, and reminds him that she loves him the most. Before the pair can celebrate though, Udou runs Zenkichi through with her spear. Zenkichi, coughing blood, tries to tell Medaka this is not her fault, thanking her for relying on him, and giving her a last message to pass on to Shiranui. Before Medaka can run to him, Momo Momozono seals the dying Zenkichi into a card to prevent any type of revival.[300] The Student Council moves to attack Udou, but Medaka stops them. Though Kudaki Torai scorns Medaka's detachment, Medaka stands firm, even as tears pour down her face. Momozono offers a deal in tandem with a hostage exchange: moving the Jet Black Wedding Feast to its final round. Medaka asks which suitor will face her, to which Momozono answers that the final round will be a four way battle between all of them. Despite the odds being against her, Medaka accepts the deal, and demands that her remaining three suitors name themselves.[301]

Medaka leaves the table

Medaka leaves the table.

The group makes their way to another area to start the final round. Momozono asks Medaka which two of the four available hostages she wants released. Medaka requests Ajimu and Hanten, feeling as though Momozono wanted her to chose Shiranui and Tsurubami. Ajimu tells Medaka that Momozono wanted her to choose them, since they were already close to escaping themselves, causing Medaka to ask if Ajimu cannot just thank her. As Ajimu prepares to end everything, Medaka stops her, stating that she desires to fight for Zenkichi's sake. Ajimu chastises her for giving in to her emotions, but acquiesces. Medaka stands opposite the three suitors as the rules of the game are laid out. Medaka adds the rule that each player must submit their syllable in exactly an hour, or they are disqualified. Momozono adds one final stipulation in order to prevent any violence after the game ends. If Medaka wins, Momozono shall cut out her tongue (and her style). If Momozono wins, Medaka must gouge out her own eyes, a demand that noticeably disturbs Medaka.[302] Composing herself, Medaka does not answer Momozono's taunts.[303] Drawing an ace of spades from Udou, it is determined that Medaka will go first. The four each take a seat at a table as the game starts. Medaka chooses to leave the room however, promising to return in time for her turn.[304] Medaka returns at the right time, and submits her word. Accused by Namanie Nienami of cheating, Medaka has Udou join her outside. The game goes forward without a hitch, each player putting forward a word at each hour. As Medaka prepares to leave once more, Sui Kanaino expresses her distaste for Medaka's actions. Medaka is stopped by Torai, who is also upset by Medaka's tactics, and asks if she intends to win shamefully. Medaka declares that she will not fight a fight that shames her friends; that has never changed.[305]

Medaka laughs

Medaka laughs.

At Momozono's order that she should sit, Medaka questions whether the other can give her demands.[306] She does sit, and listens on as Momozono explains the truth behind Fukurou's death, his relation to her mother, and the second Jet Black Wedding Feast.[307] She is surprised when Momozono continues with the game in mid-explanation.[308] As Momozono calls Medaka out on her plan, Medaka questions her, and after hearing more, expresses relief, claiming her victory is assured now that Momozono has seen through. The two continue with the game, burning through several hours. As the conclusion approaches however, Medaka remains smiling, confident in her victory.[309][310] Medaka puts forth her next word, leaving her with four syllables left to use.[311] Medaka remains calm as Momozono reveals her true plan; to force the suitor to end with "surrender" by manipulating the entire audience not to use the necessary syllables.[312] Medaka explains herself, revealing that she never believed Momozono would submit even if she did lose the game; instead, Medaka worked to defeat her in a psychological battle. She admits she has nothing less to play however, and that if Momozono continues, she can still win. Medaka smiles as Momozono tearfully surrenders.[313] Using the Five Forks, Medaka heals Zenkichi, but in the face of his depression, chooses not to comfort him. Together with the Student Council and the All Jokers (and Nienami), Medaka returns to Hakoniwa Academy.[314]

Unknown Shiranui Arc

Medaka and Kikaijima with Kiyoterae

Medaka and Kikaijima with Kiyoterae.

Sometime after the school festival, Medaka and Kikaijima attend a Kiyoterae concert. Afterwards, the pair meet up with the group in their dressing room. Medaka thanks Kiyoterae for inviting them, then asks them what a song is.[315] Medaka questions why her singing lacks passion, and is surprised by Saki Sukinasaki's answer.[316]

Medaka vs Akune and Nabeshima

Medaka vs Akune and Nabeshima.

Walking to school, Medaka rebuffs Zenkichi's advances, telling him to keep his distance.[317] She later challenges Akune and Nabeshima to a two-on-one Judo match. The match ends in a tie, and as the three towel off, Medaka expresses her excitement at marrying Zenkichi after graduation. Medaka asks Akune if he heard about Zenkichi's proposal from Shiranui; however, he does not know who she is talking about. Nabeshima tells him Medaka must be talking about the chairman. When Medaka insists she is referring to his granddaughter though, both Nabeshima and Akune claim not to know who she is talking about. Medaka speaks to several students, to find none of them remember Shiranui, though Hirado directs her to visit Ajimu in the Tea Room. Ajimu still remembers Shiranui, and she and Medaka discuss why no one else does. Ajimu reveals that Kumagawa has used his All Fiction, and has already tracked him down and forced him to talk. Kumagawa questions why Medaka cares about Shiranui, who tells him she has begun to like Shiranui and would hate it if she disappeared. Kumagawa tells Medaka he used his All Fiction to erase all memories and records of Shiranui at her own request. Ajimu then explains to Medaka how Shiranui was actually Medaka's double, assigned to Hakoniwa Academy to support Medaka from the shadows. Hearing that her own father withdrew Shiranui from the school, Medaka becomes more and more upset, worrying about seeing Zenkichi's face when he tells her that he does not know who Shiranui is. Zenkichi arrives at the Tea Room looking for Shiranui, and a relieved Medaka tearfully hugs him. Ajimu explains that she intends to meet with Shiranui, and offers to bring Medaka and Zenkichi with her.[318]

Medaka punches Obi

Medaka punches Obi.

Ajimu drives Medaka, Zenkichi, and Kumagawa to meet Shiranui in a jeep. After she makes an emergency stop, Medaka is surprised to see Kairai lying on the road, and questions his presence.[319] Medaka is disturbed when Ajimu uses another one hundred skills to defeat Kairai.[320] Due to the terrain, the group abandons the jeep and advances on foot. Medaka asks after her suitors; hearing that Momozono is still depressed concerning her loss, Medaka asks Kairai to tell her that she will take Momozono on at any time. The group eventually comes to a three way branch in the path. As Medaka ponders which route choose, Kumagawa questions what she plans to do about Shiranui. Medaka asks him if he has given up on defeating her. Hearing his answer, she smiles and proceeds down the correct path.[321] Medaka and the others are surprised by the appearance of the Gate Guardians "Doppelgangers".[322] Medaka fights her doppelganger.[323] She is shown grinning at the difficulty her opponent gives her. At Zenkichi's prompting, the members of the group switch opponents; Medaka defeats Zenkichi's doppelganger. Medaka is surprised to see that the doppelgangers were just illusions and clothes. Obi arrives to congratulate the group and introduce herself. She asks how Medaka solved the earlier puzzle. After Medaka explains her solution, Obi bows in respect. Obi introduces the next game - tag. She starts counting down but Medaka punches her instead, saying that there is no need to play the game if the demon is defeated. Obi acknowledges Medaka's answer as correct and lets the group inside the village. Arriving at the gate of the mansion, Obi gives Medaka the final test: predict what the final question is, in ten seconds. Medaka thinks for a moment, then explains out how Shiranui would not use a cheap trick, but would try to make fun out of Medaka's predicament. Medaka believes there is no question, and her answer is for Obi not to screw with her. Obi reveals that Medaka is correct, and questions whether or not Medaka is human. The group enters, to find an expressionless Shiranui in a dress.[324]

Medaka escapes with both friend and foe

Medaka escapes with both friend and foe.

In response to Shiranui's cold greeting, Medaka makes a dirty joke, and demands refreshments.[325][326] After listening to Zenkichi and Shiranui, Medaka asks the other girl why she tried to erase everyone's memories before leaving. Medaka goes on to say that if Shiranui's true feelings are that she desired to be pursued, then they will work towards that.[327] Medaka listens as Shiranui expresses her true feelings concerning her stay at Hakoniwa Academy.[328][329] Medaka is surprised by the arrival of Iihiko Shishime.[330][331] When Zenkichi attacks Iihiko in a rage, Medaka yells for him to stop. She screams for him to defend himself, only for Iihiko to crush him with his palm. Medaka panics that Zenkichi has been obliterated, but Ajimu reassures her, and Zenkichi is shown wounded but alive.[332] After Kumagawa is defeated as well, Ajimu once again tells Medaka to run. At Medaka's insistence and Obi's pushing, Ajimu reveals her history with Iihiko, then orders Medaka to run. Medaka acquiesces, and creates four clones of herself to evacuate everyone in the room, promising Ajimu that she will come back to help her.[333] As Medaka hurries to the jeep, Shiranui regains consciousness, and tells her that as long as she is with the group, Iihiko will continue to come after them. Medaka does not understand her, but reassures her that Ajimu is buying them time…only to find Iihiko waiting for them in the jeep.[334]

Medaka vs. Iihiko

Medaka vs. Iihiko.

Ignoring Shiranui's pleas to run, Medaka enters Altered God Mode, and attempts to use Kurokami Phantom on Iihiko, only for him to easily bypass her. As Iihiko reaches for Zenkichi, Medaka demands to know if he means to use Zenkichi's body as a weapon; Iihiko reveals he intends to use Zenkichi's glasses instead. Medaka furiously tells him not to mess with her, only for Iihiko to strike her arm. Medaka uses the opportunity to lock herself around Iihiko's arm, but drops off in surprise when she finds her arm has not healed immediately as it should have. Shiranui explains to Medaka that things damaged by Iihiko do not heal,[335] and that her wounded arm will never recover. Medaka attacks with her wounded arm anyway, spinning her body to use it. Iihiko retaliates by breaking her torso, and begins to brutally beat her.[336] Medaka stops his attack with her good arm, and thanks Shiranui for all that she has done for her. Iihiko prepares to finish her, but is interrupted by a wave of electricity; Medaka is surprised to find Oudo her savior.[337] She is furthered surprised to find the rest of the Thirteen Party's Front Six are with him.[338] After Iihiko is knocked down, Medaka begins to question Oudo, only to be cut off as Iihiko rises to his feet. When Iihiko is knocked off the mountain by an armored truck, Medaka joins the others in making their escape. Medaka is horrified when Shiranui jumps off however,[339] and calls out to her as the truck leaves her behind.[340] Medaka struggles with Takachiho, demanding they let her go back for Shiranui and Ajimu. She is silenced by Hanten however, who promises to explain everything.[341]

Hanten hits Medaka

Hanten hits Medaka.

In the clock tower, Hanten offers Medaka a drink from the bar she gave him after the Jet Black Wedding Feast. Medaka does not reply, but instead hypothesizes that, as Ajimu's double, Hanten is not a real Not Equal at all. In the face of Hanten's nonchalance, Medaka loses her temper, confronting him on knowing Iihiko was in the village, but not warning Ajimu. Hanten changes the subject, and tells Medaka's she should first thank him for bringing the Front Six to help her. Medaka apologizes and thanks him. After Hanten labels Medaka responsible for Ajimu's death, she asks after the identity of Iihiko. Hearing that Iihiko was once a hero, Medaka finds it hard to believe. She goes on to ask about the nature of the Shiranui Village. Listening to Hanten, she correctly deduces that Iihiko has survived for five thousand years through a line of Shiranui doubles, though she asks for what reason the village has kept him alive.[342] Despite all of Hanten's pessimism however, Medaka declares that she will never give up. She states that if she can beat Iihiko before the day is over, she can relieve Shiranui of her job. Hanten punches her on the head in response. Medaka counters his arguments, stating that Ajimu fought against "impossibility" all her life - Ajimu died so that she could stand back up and defeat Iihiko.[343] Medaka is surprised by the appearance of Tsurubami and Nienami. Tsurubami posits that, were Medaka to learn a style, she might stand a chance against Iihiko.[344] He then offers to take Medaka to the creator of the styles: Fukurou.[345]

Medaka in her mother's kimono

Medaka in her mother's kimono.

Taking a train and then renting bikes, Medaka, Tsurubami, and Nienami travel towards Medaka's home. She reveals to the others that her father owns the entire town, and that the family has a total of five hundred such homes throughout the world.[346] With the appearance of Kajiki, an embarrassed Medaka tries to pass him off as merely a resident. Inside, Medaka changes into a kimono to meet the house's dress code, complaining that she would rather wear western clothing. She immediately confronts her father concerning the whereabouts of Fukurou; at his request, she explains the situation with Iihiko. She also introduces Tsurubami as Fukurou's son. Medaka is surprised to hear that Shiranui's next role will be to serve as Fukurou's double, but is dismayed when Kajiki refuses to tell her where he is. With the arrival of Nashi Kurokami, Medaka greets her step-mother; though she is somewhat confused at hearing she is wearing a memento kimono. When her father remains uncooperative, Medaka declares her intent to take over the Kurokami Group. When Kajiki points out she will lose the freedom she obtained by winning the Jet Black Wedding Feast, Medaka replies that she is free to throw away her freedom if she wants to.[347]

Medaka's group realize they have turned into children

Medaka's group realize they have turned into children.

Medaka and the others return to the academy to collect Zenkichi and Kumagawa. She asks them to come, and is pleased when both state they have not been broken by Iihiko. Medaka explains the plan: they will find Fukurou, take custody of Shiranui, learn a style, and defeat Iihiko when he comes. She then reveals that Fukurou is hiding out at the ruins of Hakoniwa General Hospital.[348] The group boards a train to reach Hakoniwa General Hospital. Wearing a white wig, Nienami imitates Ajimu, a tasteless joke that causes the others to collapse. After dealing with Nienami, the remaining four sit down to discuss how to counter Iihiko. Medaka reveals that none of the skills she mastered with The End were effective against Iihiko, but that a style will work because words can reach Iihiko. She reiterates that she was the one who killed Fukurou, and asks the others why they believe Momozono's story from the Jet Black Wedding Feast. Medaka questions why Fukurou developed the styles in the first place: an ability that could possibly defeat Iihiko, and then request the next Iihiko (Shiranui) as his double.[349] Using bicycles to complete the journey, the group arrives at the hospital ruins.[350][351] Making their way through the hospital ruins, Medaka tells Zenkichi not to call the hospital eerie, as it is the place where they first met. Medaka leads the way, telling Tsurubami not to worry about meeting his father, and stating that while she cannot learn a style with her The End, she will do whatever necessary to defeat Iihiko. Along with the rest, she is shocked to discover they have turned into children. Arranging her hair back into her present style, Medaka explains that they have gotten younger as they have been walking, and also points out that their injuries from Iihiko have healed. She decides that whatever this new style is, it could hold a clue to defeating Iihiko.[352]

Medaka uses Altered God Mode as a child

Medaka uses Altered God Mode as a child.

As the group discusses their predicament, Zenkichi asks Medaka why Nienami is with them, who is unable to give him an answer. Medaka starts to review what has happened, believing that their age is reversing geometrically. Medaka notes that she cannot use the skills she gained in Hakoniwa Academy because her child body hasn't reached that point yet. However, she can still use Altered God Mode. Eased that she still has some power, Medaka tells everyone to wait while she takes a few steps forward. Zenkichi protests, but Medaka says that standing around won't accomplish anything. Medaka makes her way forward, becoming almost zero years old, before using her Echo Counter Cannon. As Medaka collapses due to her child body, she returns to her age from middle school. Medaka runs to the end of the hallway, telling everyone to follow. When she reaches the end of the hallway, she finds a cellphone.[353] Medaka is horrified to find Joutou Kotobuki has snuck up behind the others, reducing them to babies. Medaka starts to charge in anger, but Zenkichi stops her with his baby sounds. While Kotobuki is busy with Zenkichi, Medaka escapes into an air vent, knowing that Kotobuki cannot chase her, since leaving the babies would return them to normal.[354] Medaka, in the vent, is surprised that Kotobuki's cellphone transferred infrasonic sounds, which breaks the law of physics. She curses Kotobuki for making her retreat, but promises to defeat Kotobuki and make it look like taking candy from a baby.[355] Inside the vent, Medaka breathes a sigh of relief as Kotobuki's gunfire ends, having learnt to catch bullets in her mouth from Shoko Kamimine. Out of weapons and ideas, Medaka prepares to fire a rubber band at Kotobuki, but her age suddenly drops as Kotobuki starts singing again. Medaka backs farther into the vent to prevent further reverse aging. Medaka goes into War God Mode and returns to her normal age, though she is frustrated that she had to use this mode even when she came to learn a style.[356] Medaka traverses the vent to underneath Kotobuki, punches through the floor, and jumps out behind her.[357] As Medaka is about to attack Kotobuki, she finds the babies are strapped to Kotobuki like a suit of armor. Medaka pulls back, cursing Kotobuki. Medaka relaxes, and starts to sing the song she heard at Kiyoterae's concert. With her eyes closed, Medaka gracefully dodges Kotobuki's gunfire and slides closer to Kotobuki.[358]

Yuzuriha stops Medaka's attacks

Yuzuriha stops Medaka's attacks.

When Medaka finally reaches contact distance, she kicks Kotobuki, sending a vibration that only harms her target and not the babies. As Kotobuki drops, Medaka tells her to sleep. With Kotobuki defeated, the members of the group are restored to their normal ages, including their wounds. Kakegae Yuzuriha appears behind the group, expressing her slight surprise that Kotobuki lost. Medaka tells everyone else to go on ahead while she stays to fight her former suitor. Zenkichi objects, but Medaka reminds him that their goal is to save Shiranui first and foremost. Reluctantly, Zenkichi and the others leave. As Yuzuriha walks past Medaka, she tells her that the fight has already begun. Medaka turns around to head butt Yuzuriha, but is stopped when Yuzuriha predicts her movement. Medaka raises her leg to kick her, but is stopped again. Medaka is awestruck, remembering that Tsurubami also used this technique against Zenkichi and herself as well. Trying to distract Yuzuriha with that speech, Medaka tries to advance again, but is stopped before she can move. Medaka backs off, but Yuzuriha attacks and uses Medaka's momentum to push her through the wall. Medaka says that Yuzuriha might be even stronger than her number one suitor Mogura Kugurugi. Medaka pauses, and asks Yuzuriha if she was the one who lost at the Jet Black Wedding Feast without doing anything, trying to provoke her. Yuzuriha laughs and tries to attack, but Medaka appears under her legs, trips her, and sits on top of her to prevent her movements. Medaka acknowledges Yuzuriha as stronger than the strongest suitor, but questions if not using her style is a good fighting strategy. Yuzuriha says her job is not to defeat Medaka, but to restrain her. Yuzuriha uses her legs and chokes Medaka. Medaka is confused to see that the character on Yuzuriha's tongue has changed.[359]

  • Kurokami Phantom vs. Iihiko
  • Kurokami Phantom vs. Iihiko
  • Kurokami Phantom vs. Iihiko
  • Kurokami Phantom vs. Iihiko

Medaka, still being strangled with Yuzuriha's legs, jokes about people being able to see Yuzuriha's exposed panties if they came in. Medaka smashes Yuzuriha's face with her hips, knocking the other girl out. Thinking she has won, Medaka rises and prepares to head for Fukurou. However, another Yuzuriha appears at the doorway, telling her not to be hasty after only beating her once. Yuzuriha reveals her style as the Eight Hundred Lies User, and states that Medaka must defeat all of her copies to get to Fukurou. Medaka laughs and says that she has defeated 1,500 people at tug-of-war already. Yuzuriha agrees, and reveals she has added "a lie to a lie", for a grand total of 640,000 copies, each waiting in and around the hospital. Medaka begins to say she once fought a force equivalent to 700 million people, before trailing off bleakly.[360] After Iihiko arrives at Fukurou's office, Medaka climbs in through the window and challenges him to a rematch, having just defeated the 640,000 Yuzuriha copies.[361] Noticing Fukurou's corpse, Medaka cuts of Tsurubami as he tries to explain, stating she was already aware of Fukurou's true nature, and laments that she could not save him. As Iihiko begins to move, Medaka attacks first with a punch. However, the attack is reflected back and "broken", and Medaka's knuckles are destroyed. Accepting that attacking in anger will not work, Medaka demand that Iihiko give up on Shiranui if her next attack is successful. Iihiko asks if she will give up on Shiranui if she fails, to which Medaka answers in the negative. An amused Iihiko agrees, and Medaka prepares her strongest Kurokami Phantom. However, the attack fails, and Medaka collapses. Iihiko explains that he reflected her strongest attack back on her; Medaka's heart will never beat again.[362]

Medaka rises from death

Medaka rises from death.

Medaka finds herself in her middle school classroom, much to her confusion. Greeted by her mother, Medaka refuses her bouquet, and makes to leave and return to her friends. Hato stops her, explaining how her attempts to help in life only pushed people away, reminding Medaka of when she lost the election. Though Medaka admits she does not know much of the world, she is certain of one thing: she loves people. She states that, as long as she has that feeling, she will not stop questioning the world. Medaka leaves, saying she wants to die as a human rather than as a monster, and, if possible, with a cute smile on her face. Back in the real world, Medaka rises to her feet, despite the severe injuries to her body. She apologizes to Iihiko for falling asleep, and assumes a forward posture as she prepares her final attack. Assuring Shiranui she wants to be friends with her, she tells Iihiko to accept her all as she enters End God Mode.[363] Medaka launches herself at Iihiko, creating a clone in front of her actual body to create a slipstream, taking the restraints off the power of her Kurokami Phantom.[364] Though Iihiko dodges her initial charge,[365] Medaka curves her attack and strikes him from behind, dropping Iihiko. She explains her attack, and declares the battle a draw. Medaka is surprised when Shiranui hugs her, but before she can return the gesture, she is stabbed through the stomach; Iihiko has possessed Shiranui.[366] Medaka collapses from the wound.[367] Medaka manages to protect her friends as Iihiko destroys the hospital. In fury, she tries to use Kurokami Final again, only to be stopped by Iihiko. Medaka latches onto him and refuses to let go, even after Iihiko attacks her friends. She remains steadfast even as Iihiko beats her.[368][369] Eventually though, Medaka does let go.[370][371][372] After Zenkichi and Shiranui immobilize Iihiko through their combined efforts, Medaka encourages Zenkichi to name himself.[373]

Medaka returns to Hakoniwa Academy

Medaka returns to Hakoniwa Academy.

Medaka interrupts Shiranui's tears, cutting her hair back to its previous length. She explains that Iihiko's damage became reversible with his defeat, and she healed everyone with the Five Forks. Shiranui's thank you is interrupted by Kumagawa's phone. He hands it over to Medaka; Udou is calling from Kuromaku Island. Udou explains that the moon is falling towards Earth.[374] The phone is passed to Momozono, who further explains to Medaka why the moon is falling. Medaka asks her to prepare a rocket, and tells her friends she will stop the moon. She thanks Kumagawa when he knocks the others out, and bids him farewell after a short talk. By herself, Medaka begins to panic, but is calmed by Iihiko. Deciding that she lived a full life, Medaka faces the oncoming moon with a smile. Afterward, both Medaka and the moon disappear; Medaka does not return.[375] At the end of the academic year, Kumagawa speaks for the graduating class at the Hakoniwa Academy graduation ceremony. As everyone claps at the end of Kumagawa's speech, the doors to the gymnasium slowly open. Medaka enters, stating that it was a good speech, and apologizing for her lateness. Citing her adventures in the past months, she tells Kumagawa that he won their bet.[376] Medaka joins his friends for a group photo after the ceremony ends.[377]

Bouquet Toss To The Future Arc

Medaka uppercuts Zenkichi

Medaka uppercuts Zenkichi.

Medaka hands in her withdrawal notice to Hakama.[378] Medaka finishes cleaning her classroom when Zenkichi comes to see her. She tells him she wanted to wear the proper uniform once before leaving. She excitedly tells Zenkichi about her future work for the Kurokami Group, then asks him if he is packed yet, fully expecting him to accompany her.[379] Medaka is shocked when he refuses her. She says good-bye to Zenkichi, then leaves to cry in private. As she exits, she asks Zenkichi to hold a farewell party so she can say good-bye to everyone else.[380] Following a series of puzzles from Zenkichi, Medaka arrives at the clock tower to find him waiting for her. She correctly deduces that the puzzles were simply to buy time. She listens on as Zenkichi explains her farewell party: a battle against one hundred of Hakoniwa's strongest, the 100 Flower Run.[381] Medaka is thrilled to hear what she will have to do. Asking about the rules, she learns that guests from outside the academy have been invited, and that she will have ninety minutes to finish. She and Zenkichi stare each other down for the first fight. Medaka admits that there is a part of her that wants to stay at the academy, and knocks Zenkichi down with a swift uppercut. Taking his flower, she runs off. Carrying a duffel bag over her shoulder, Medaka heads to the nearest building, to find over twenty students awaiting her. Introduced by Hyūga as the small fry characters army, Medaka insists there are no small fry characters at Hakoniwa. Entering End God Mode, she readies her Kurokami Final.[382]

Chairwoman Medaka defeats three freshmen

Chairwoman Medaka defeats three freshmen.

Using Kurokami Final, Medaka blows the assembled students away.[383] Medaka cuts her hair and takes tally of her flowers. She decides to move on to the strong, easy to find opponents early.[384] In Class 13's homeroom, Medaka finds the entire Thirteen Party, her brother subbing in for Unzen. She smiles at the prospect of fighting them all at once. Moving on to the Ghost Babel, Medaka fights Class -13 students Chougsaki and Shibushi. She next finds the Student Committee Chairman. She is unsurprised to see Choujabaru subbing for Kiruko Tachiarai, noting that Tachiarai hates her. Changing her uniform, she charges.[385] In the chairman's office, Medaka meets several members of the academy faculty and her own family. After speaking with her father and step-mother, Medaka tells them to rise; the adults insist they do not need to stand to fight with a child. Afterward, a worn Medaka estimates she has fifty-eight flowers, but notes she has used up half her time. She runs into the entire Shiranui family, as well as Iihiko.[386] Medaka uses her various God Modes to defeat Iihiko and the Shiranui doubles, as well as ninety-nine trample skills against Kairai. After Medaka defeats Kairai, Gizou Yuzuriha pulls down her skirt; Medaka sends him flying with a kick. In the face of Shiranui's Real Eater, Medaka asks the other girl to enjoy her youth for her, before running off with the Shiranui family's flowers. She comes across Nabeshima, who hands over her flower without a fight.[387] In the library, Medaka finds the Language Users. Medaka speaks briefly with Tsurubami, who tells her he will find himself before supporting her.[388] In the Student Council office, Medaka is surprised to see members from several generations of the Student Council present, as well as her sister, who she has already fought. Asking after Kumagawa, Kikaijima explains he wanted to fight her alone. Medaka relishes the prospect of fighting all of them.[389] In the Public Morals Committee's office, Medaka finally meets Unzen, as well as several other Enforcers. She is surprised when Unzen introduces his sister as his successor, who is now speaking (haltingly) in proper language. The group attacks her all at once, led by Unzen.[390] Medaka confronts Kumagawa on the top of the clock tower, noting that it is just like him to be waiting at the starting place, and telling him she still needs two more flowers.[391] After Kumagawa reveals that the card with each flower she has collected is made of two parts, Medaka is surprised to discover what each flower includes.[392] Medaka is overwhelmed by everyone's messages, but composes herself and prepares to fight Kumagawa. Thinking that Zenkichi managed to surpass her in the end, she charges forward with a smile.[393] Come April of the new school year, Medaka returns to Hakoniwa Academy as the new academy chairwoman, having taken over the position from her father's double, Hakama.[394] Confronted by three new freshman, Medaka defeats them instantly, and welcomes them to Hakoniwa Academy.[395]

Epilogue Arc

Sometime after the battle at the Hakoniwa General Hospital, Medaka sends Sukinasaki an email thanking her for teaching her how to sing.[396]

Medaka charges Zenkichi

Medaka charges Zenkichi.

Ten years later, on the anniversary of Ajimu's disappearance, Medaka calls her friends to a reunion at Hakoniwa Academy. She leaves a message for Zenkichi, telling him to meet her in her office once everyone arrives.[397] When Zenkichi comes, Medaka is sleeping on the floor, surrounded by dogs.[398] Waking, Medaka greets Zenkichi.[399] The dogs begin clambering over her, which Medaka finds funny. It is revealed that The End, and all the skills Medaka learned with it, have faded away. After freeing herself from the dogs, Medaka explains to Zenkichi that she has finished her "Moonsault Plan", a project to restore the moon. She explains she wants children born after the moon's destruction to see it, as well as both Ajimu and Kumagawa, so that they know she is still well. She reassures Zenkichi that both are alive, and shows him their messages from the 100 Flowers Run. Medaka explains that she has kept all the messages over the past ten years, storing them in the suggestion box. After she admits that the reconstruction of the moon will take several years, Zenkichi challenges Medaka to a duel, with the condition that she marry him if he wins. Medaka is delighted, and accepts, telling him that if she wins, he will have to marry her.[400] Medaka charges Zenkichi, promising that she will never say goodbye to him again.[401]


Advanced Growth Rate: Medaka is incredibly gifted. By the time she was six months old, she had matured much more than her older siblings, progressing through infancy at an accelerated rate. Nobody was capable of teaching her anything because she could perfectly; learn, memorize, recall, understand, master, and utilize anything and any skill by experiencing or observing it once, within seconds. She has a limitless capacity for learning and growth.

Superhuman Physiology: Medaka naturally possesses superhuman: adaptability, agility, balance, coordination, dexterity, durability, endurance, flexibility, reflexes, senses, speed, and strength. Although she rarely uses it, she possess an ability called body supremacy; she is capable of near complete, precise control of the movements and functions of all her muscles, bones, flesh, blood, organs, nerves, hair, and veins, and she can control them with both conscious and/or subconscious command. This makes her immune to forced motor control by others and allows her to adjust or improve body functions. Inhuman feats include: balancing on a small arm water wing, destroying a school building while constricted by tiny wires, and quickly moving three members of the Student Council into lockers in seconds before a giant explosion occurred.

  • Intimidator/Alpha Presence (動物避け, Doubutsuyoke): Medaka's raw power, which humans perceive as either as a supernatural charisma and eloquence which inspires them to follow her, or as an overwhelming fearful aura that forces them to obey her. This raw power when sensed by animals inspires only pure terror. Thus, although Medaka adores animals, they in turn are frightened to death of her and will avoid contact at all costs.
  • Animal Gathering (動物寄せ, Doubutusyose): By age twenty-six, Medaka seems to have gained the ability to attract rather than repel animals, as seen when she is surrounded by dogs of many sizes and breeds in her office.[402]
  • Revised Echolocation Cannon Echo Counter Cannon (声帯砲改 声対砲, Seitaihouaratame Seitaihou): Medaka's version of Iizuka's technique.[403] A powerful shout, it vibrates on a reverse phase that cancels out other sounds.[404]

Combat Expert: Medaka is a Red Belt in Judo and is highly skilled in Kendo (even thought she just "tried her hand" at it). Using only the basics of what is taught, she could do the Replication Technique (stepping forwards and backwards so fast that she creates clones of herself) and steal things out of peoples hands without anyone noticing (bare hand disarm). Medaka has also learned to catch bullets in her mouth as a form of self-defense.[405] Zenkichi has commented that she is best in mid-air.

  • Kurokami Rolling Savate (黒神ローリングソバット, Kurokami Rōringu Sobatto): Medaka performs a Savate style reverse figure kick to the opponent's face.[406]
  • Kurokami Lariat (黒神ラリアット, Kurokami Rariatto): Medaka strikes her opponent's neck with the inside of her outstretched arm.[407]
  • Kurokami Climb (黒神クライム, Kurokami Kuraimu): Using Yoshinogari's claws and Isahaya's spikes, Medaka can scale building walls as high as the fifth floor. Medaka doesn't seem to have much control over her momentum however, as she reached the fifth floor while only intending to climb to the third. This may have been because she was in a hurry however.[408]
  • Kurokami Dancing (黒神ダンシング, Kurokami Danshingu): Using Kunisaki's bicycle, Medaka can quickly maneuver around multiple people, even while moving up a staircase. Because of how quickly she moves, Medaka needs to tie up her hair before beginning.[409]
  • Kurokami Reflect (黒神リフレクト, Kurokami Refurekuto): Borrowing Unzen's Super Balls, Medaka unleashes a barrage of attacks from several angles at amazing speed. However, Medaka claims that the angles are completely random, as she lacks Unzen's calculation abilities, at least for the quantity of balls she uses to attack. The actual effectiveness of this attack is unknown, as her opponent, Takachiho, was able to dodge every single ball.
  • Kurokami Open Blow (黒神オープンブロー, Kurokami Ōpun Burō): In War God Mode, Medaka charges forward and attacks with a palm strike. The hit packs enough force to knock back Tsurubami, and caused him to spit up blood.[410]
  • Kurokami Hip Attack (黒神ヒップアタック, Kurokami Hippu Atakku): While her body is being restrained, Medaka lifts herself with her stomach muscles, then drops herself on her opponent's chest with enough force to make them cough up blood. Medaka labels this as a "girly" attack.[411]
Kurokami Phantom

Kurokami Phantom

  • Kurokami Phantom (黒神ファントム, Kurokami Fantomu): One of Medaka's signature moves, she first jumps up and down, dragging out the noise so that the sound of her feet tapping on the floor isn't heard until after her feet have left the floor again. Once the sound lag is at its fullest, Medaka blows forward, producing a sonic boom that destroys everything in her front of and behind her. Because she moves faster than the eye can see, the opponent won't be able to react until after she has already hit them. Takachiho, so far the only person she has used it on, theorizes that she is faster then light, but Medaka claims that she just speed forward when he blinked. The aim of Kurokami Phantom is to forcefully break through the sound barrier.[412]
    • Kurokami Phantom: Proper Version (黒神ファントム ちゃんとした版, Kurokami Fantomu Chantoshitahan): After witnessing Hinokage's Theme Song, Medaka becomes capable of using Kurokami Phantom without any physical strain or damage. However, to use the Proper Version, Medaka must be in Altered God Mode and can only use it three times in one day. The aim of the Proper Version is to, instead of break the sound barrier, work with it in order to create a less self-harmful attack.[412]
    • Kurokami Final (黒神ファイナル, Kurokami Fainaru): Kurokami Phantom's final form, only usable after Medaka enters End God Mode, wherein her blood flow is greatly enhanced through the use of vibrations. To use this technique, Medaka first creates a shadow clone in front of her in order to break the sound barrier without losing any of her own speed or power. Afterwards, she follows the slip stream created by the clone.[413] Kurokami Final utilizes blind spots; Medaka hides within her opponent's shadow while optimizing her speed. In the case of Iihiko, who dodged the attack, Medaka made a U-turn and attacked him from behind.[414]


The End (完成, Ji Endo): Medaka is capable of learning Abnormalities and completely mastering them, to the extent that she can use them to one hundred and twenty percent of their capability, becoming more skilled with them than even their original owners. This ability allows her to learn any skill quickly, from simple skills like baseball to the impossible feats performed by the members of the Thirteen Party. Medaka has learned super ball usage from Unzen, Auto-Pilot (automatic movement) from Takachiho, hidden weapon techniques from Munakata, accelerated healing from Koga, syringe usage from Naze, Reading Minds (the ability to receive electrical waves) from Yukuhashi, and Weighted Words (the ability to send electrical waves) from Oudo. As her Abnormality has developed, Medaka can now learn abilities based off of information or word-of-mouth and can now copy Minuses, successfully learning Five Forks from only a secondhand description. Throughout her time at Hakoniwa, Medaka has also managed to learn Encounter, Scar Dead, Ice Fire, Unknown Hero, Mother's Task, Book Maker, All Fiction, and a portion of Ajimu's quadrillion skills,[415] of which she has demonstrated one hundred Trample Skills.[416] However, The End does have its limits. While Medaka can learn skills that exceed her physical capabilities, she cannot copy the physical capabilities of the original skill holder. Medaka is unable to stop herself from learning an Abnormality when she experiences it. She is also unable to learn styles.[417]

  • Observation (観察, Kansatsu): Very similar to Maguro's Analysis, it is the method through which The End copies other abilities. In Altered God Mode it is "perfected" and allows her to see the processes of actions broken down to allow easier observation and copying.

Copied Trample Skills

Archaism Repertory (戦踏開祭, Arukaizumu Repōtorī): Declaration of war skill.[416]

Contact For You (快踏二番, Kontakuto Fō Yū): Concede the first move skill.[416]

Double Take-Off (二踏立て, Daburu Teiku Ofu): Rocket start skill.[416]

Snake Warp (踏み立て伏せ, Suneiku Wāpu): Crawling forward skill.[416]

Crossing (踏切, Kurosshingu): Blockade skill.[416]

Scores Of Finger (握戦苦踏, Sukoazu Obu Fingā): Grip strength skill.[416]

Hot Step Jump (鉄踏鉄火, Hotto Suteppu Janpu): Strike the iron while it's hot skill.[416]

Goal Out (踏々到着, Gōru Auto): Abandon sense of accomplishment skill.[416]

Bowling Strike (秘踏発見, Bōringu Sutoraiku): Heat up hot springs skill.[416]

Hi-Kick (踏みん症, Hāi Kikku): Awakening skill.[416] This skill is noted for having a good name.[418]

White Norma (白刃踏むべし, Howaito Noruma): Stand on the edge of the blade skill.[416]

Statistic Stand (踏傾学, Sutatisutiku Sutando): Create slope skill.[416]

Long Long Ago Toe (踏の難し, Rongu Rongu Agou Tou): Suddenly ramp up difficulty skill.[416]

Afraid Of Heel (踏まずの扉, Afureido Obu Hīru): Stand on tiptoes skill.[416]

Less Coat (愛踏の衣, Resu Kōto): Bearing worry skill.[416]

Remake Abacus (踏み込み算盤, Rimeiku Abakasu): Study skill.[416]

Twice Theoric (踏一倍論, Towaisu Seorikku): Alter theory skill.[416]

Coloring Gallery (色系踏, Karāringu Gyararī): Gradation skill.[416]

Spoilers Quiz (無踏, Supoirāsu Kuizu): Don't get spoiled rotten skill.[416]

Let's Bomber (爆弾踏過, Rettsu Bonbā): Pop skill.[416]

Horse Pedaling (足踏の両輪, Hōsu Pedaringu): Horseback riding skill.[416]

Kingdom At Random (不自然踏多, Kingudamu Atto Randamu): Randomness skill.[416]

Clearance Condition (それを踏まえて, Kuriaransu Kondishon): Clarify prerequisites skill.[416]

Return Arch (踏ん反り帰り, Ritān āchi): Neck bridge skill.[416]

Not No Reason (勘を覆うて効踏定まる, Notto Nō Rīzun): Block intuition skill.[416]

That Chair (雑踏椅子, Zatto Chea): Make all creation sit down skill.[416]

Naturanizer (踏か不踏か, Nachuranaizā): Mathematic inequality skill.[416]

Transfer Trapping (浮き足踏む, Toransufā Torappingu): Midair triangle jump skill.[416]

Clean Bench Press (圧踏的存在, Kurīn Benchi Puresu): Overpower surroundings skill.[416]

Wax Slip (十二月の踏蝋長し, Wakkusu Surippu): Wax transformation skill.[416]

Slide Slice (自由による滑踏, Suraido Suraisu): Double bind skill.[416]

Winding Work (踏んだり踏んだり, Waindingu Wāku): Create wine skill.[416]

July Cartridge (踏みつき症候群, Jurai Kātorijji): Positioning skill.[416]

One Two Three (火踏み, Wan Tsū Surī): Stamp out fires skill.[416]

Ice Crisis (踏結砕き, Aisu Kuraishisu): Break ice skill.[416]

Premium Reception (注文殺踏, Puremiamu Resepushon): Not reject incoming technique skill.[416]

In Blow Time (踏鞴吹き, In Burou Taimu): Calm after a typhoon skill.[416]

Thundering Commercial (更刻踏, Sandaringu Komāsharu): Leave footprints at will skill.[416]

Peaky Hectopascal (病よりも高く踏みよりも深い, Pīkī Hekutopasukaru): Violent fluctuation skill.[416]

Stone Sand Paper (硬踏紙問, Sutōn Sando Pēpā): Play rock-paper-scissors with feet skill.[416]

On Off Flash (消踏時間・輝床時間, On Ofu Furasshu): Flickering skill.[416]

Not Only Three Two But Also Four (三尺下がって二の轍を踏まず, Notto Onrī Surī Tsū Batto ōrusō Fō): Don’t make the same mistakes twice skill.[416]

Searchlight Scoop (地中電踏, Sāchiraito Sukoppu): Lightning rod skill.[416]

Tremendous Mist (土気色の発煙踏, Toremendasu Misuto): Dust skill.[416]

More Than Group (一踏襲断, Moa Zan Gurūpu): The more the targets, the more your power increases skill.[416]

Mortal Triangle (第三勢力の対踏, Mōtaru Toraianguru): Turn 1v1 into a three-way dead-lock skill.[416] It is questionable how this skill would even work.[419]

Rising From Rice Cake (持ち持ち踏み, Raijingu Furomu Raisu Kēki): Break balance skill.[416]

Appraising Item (鑑定家の値踏み, Apureijingu Aitemu): Counting skill.[416]

Fourth Second (第四秒踏, Fōsu Sekando): Four second rule skill.[416] It is speculated that this skill is somehow related to the four second rules in the sport, Futsal.[420]

Inter Route (踏み間奏, Intā Rūto): Truce skill.[416]

Backing Standing Peace (踏みは袋に立ちは鞘, Bakkingu Sutandingu Pīsu): Armament renunciation skill.[416]

Mirroring Topics (逆図を踏む, Mirāringu Topikkusu): Turn upside-down skill.[416]

Hard Boiled Water (煮え滾る踏踏, Hādo Boirudo Wōtā): Manipulate boiling point skill.[416]

Thirty-Eighty (三転八踏, Sāti Eiti): Rolling skill.[416]

Breath Of Period (禁踏点, Buresu Obu Piriodo): Breather skill.[416]

Heavy Risk Deep Taker (深淵を除いて薄情を踏む思い, Hebī Risuku Dīpu Teikā): Know dangers before they happen but in return you can't avoid them skill.[416]

Walking Underway (一本道の踏み外し, Wōkingu Andāwei): Read the line skill.[416]

Cobalt Selection (青だけ踏み, Kobaruto Serekushon): Circle jumping skill.[416]

Spacey Pass (幽体高踏, Supeishi Pasu): Silent passing skill.[416]

O.S.O. (休養地から身を踏じる or 休養地から身を投じる, ō Esu ō): Safe zone withdrawal skill.[416]

Eating Alive (舞踏喰い, ītingu Araibu): Eating while dancing skill.[416]

Magnet Sonnet (唯我踏, Magunetto Sonetto): Inspire fellow soldiers skill.[416]

New Continue (踏ん切りを続ける, Nyū Kontinyū): Determined resolution skill.[416]

Telencephalon Uncover (怒り脳震踏に発する or 怒り脳震盪に発する, Terensefaron Ankabā): Driven by righteous indignation skill.[416]

Agree Mental (踏む踏む, Agurī Mentaru): Agreement skill.[416]

Guidance (踏々とお説教, Gaidansu): Scolding skill.[416]

Fielding Hobby (守身に没踏, Fīrudingu Hobī): Block attacks coming from yourself skill.[416]

My Standard Damage (常踏苦, Mai Sutandādo Damēji): Damage doesn't heal skill.[416] Nisio Isin questions if Medaka learned this skill from the battle with Iihiko.[421]

Margin Meter (悠々踏生, Mājin Mētā): Margin abandonment skill.[416]

Born Foot Pitching (思わぬ失踏, Bōn Futto Picchingu): Let your guard down skill.[416]

Centimeter Area (わずか1センチの踏ん張り, Senchimētoru Eria): Battle formation skill.[416]

Profile Vernier (哨戒乱踏, Purofīru Nogisu): Patrolling skill.[416]

Snowing Setter (雪駄這ったの大踏み回り, Sunouingu Settā): Pinning technique skill.[416]

Silhoueight (八踏身, Shirueito): Silhouette skill.[416]

Roof On Roof On Roof (百尺完踏一歩を進む, Rūfu On Rūfu On Rūfu): Be creative skill.[416]

Everyrun Break (踏破, Eburiran Bureiku): Create openings skill.[416]

Sugar Score (価格坐踏, Shugā Sukoa): Cut prices skill.[416]

Diorama Hand Art (逆立ちしたって無理な芸踏, Jiorama Hando āto): Handstand skill.[416]

Entitle Relaxation (踏みのしみじみ, Entaitoru Rirakuzēshon): Massage skill.[416]

Optional Socks (足し踏み程度, Opushonaru Sokkusu): Plus alpha (and them some) skill.[416]

Dead Man Under Boots (踏下の鬼となる, Deddo Man Andā Būtsu): Suspended animation skill.[416]

Arithmetic Series (踏み石飛ばし, Arisumetikku Shirīzu): Arithmetic progression skill.[416]

Apostrophe Shaker (散踏違い, Aposutorofi Sheikā): No miscalculations skill.[416]

On The Me (踏頂, On Za Mī): Stand on top of your own head skill.[416] Based on Nisio Isin's comment of "!?", this skill may be particularly surprising to witness.[422]

Appointment Table (蹴踏な準備, Apointomento Tēburu): Go first skill.[416]

Closing Envelope (踏開封の封踏, Kurōjingu Enberōpu): Hide message skill.[416]

Many Hole Basket (鬼にも悪魔にも踏まれず, Menī Hōru Basuketto): Divine protection from evil skill.[416]

Accidental Act (実行を綾踏む, Akushidentaru Akuto): Lower dynamism skill.[416]

Without Build (拝み倒し踏み倒し, Wizuauto Birudo): Demolish building skill.[416]

Mixing Console Sole (静踏派, Mikishingu Konsōru Sōru): Create sound of footsteps skill.[416]

No-Step Buster (足の踏み場もない, Nonsuteppu Basutā): Don't move from that spot skill.[416]

No Glove (手踏を脱す, Nō Gurōbu): Your specialty skill.[416]

Sworder (銃踏理不尽, Sōdoru): Use swords and guns at the same time skill.[416]

From Earth To Cosmos (天文地踏, Furomu āsu Tou Kosumo): Rule the universe skill.[416]

Pioneer Flag (全人類未踏, Paioni Furaggu): Create new universe skill.[416]

Infunite Charity (死に一踏を減ずる, Infunitto Chariti): Taking extenuating circumstances into consideration skill.[416]

Captain Knee (健踏を祈る, Kyaputen Nī): Encourage opponent skill.[416]

Love-Like Stair (恋踏, Rabu Raiku Sutea): Go up and down stepladders skill.[416]

Completer (完踏勝利, Konpurītā): Go on until the very end skill.[416]

Perfect Tap Dance (揃い踏み, Pāfekuto Tappu Dansu): Complete skill.[416]

Proof Of One's Worth

Medaka preaches to the Kendo Club

Preaching to the Lesser Mortals

  • #1 Preaching To The Lesser Mortals (上から目線性善説, Uekara Mesen Seizensetsu): Medaka's most well known trump card, she preaches to "pitiful" people who need help. She says out loud her views about them, saying they can be saved and that something horrible must have happened in their pasts for them to have fallen so far in life.
Medaka's Strict Girl-Cute Girl Switch

Strict Girl/Cute Girl Switch

  • #2 Strict Girl/Cute Girl Switch (ツンデレ, Tsundere): Medaka's second trump card, she changes abruptly from her usual personality to a softer attitude, adapting her expression and mannerisms to appear more cute. She has used this ability as an encouragement for Zenkichi and Kikaijima.
Medaka kisses Kikaijima

Overflowing Love

  • #3 Over Flowing Love (行き過ぎ愛情表現, Ikisugi Aijouhyougen): Medaka's third trump card; she used it so much in class that almost everyone lost their first kiss to her until Zenkichi put a stop to it when they started elementary school. When using this ability, Medaka first makes her face look cute and then gives a kiss to the other person showing that they are loved. The only people in Hakoniwa Academy Medaka used this on are Kikaijima and Zenkichi.
War God Mode

War God Mode

  • #4 War God Mode (乱神モード, Ranshin Mōdo): Medaka's fourth trump card; when Medaka is enraged, she goes into War God Mode. When in War God Mode, she loses her sense of humanity and goes berserk, while her hair turns a lighter shade of purple (fluorescent red in the anime). Medaka's presence becomes so ominous and evil that even Abnormals can be unnerved by it. Her physical strength and healing rate both increase drastically, allowing her to deal out devastating attacks while shrugging off horrific injuries. Medaka only assumes War God Mode when her friends are threatened, and even then, only when she is under heavy emotional stress. Amusingly, Medaka will also assume War God Mode when being harassed by Maguro. During her fight with Tsurubami, Medaka gains the ability to enter War God Mode at will, without losing herself to her anger. Because Medaka does not hear words when she is in War God Mode, she becomes immune to the effects of styles when she assumes this state.[423]
Altered God Mode

Altered God Mode

  • #4.2 Altered God Mode (改神モード, Kaishin Mōdo): Altered God Mode is an upgraded version of War God Mode that Medaka achieved by mastering the numerous Abnormalities of the Thirteen Party and attempting to brainwash herself with Oudo's Weighted Words.[424] Unlike War God Mode, she retains her thought process, doesn't go berserk, her hair turns black instead of light purple, and her eyes grow a darker shade of red. In this mode, Medaka is able to control everything about herself, and is capable of overwhelming Oudo and resisting his Unreasonable Taxation. In Altered God Mode, Medaka is also able to use an improved version of Kurokami Phantom that utilizes the speed and power of Hinokage's Theme Song. Though Medaka has mastered this new form, she will still revert to War God Mode if angered enough. Altered God Mode falls under the classification of martial arts, rather than as one of Medaka's skills.[425]
Forsaken God Mode

Forsaken God Mode

  • #4.3 Forsaken God Mode (廃神モード, Haishin Mōdo): Created to serve a similar purpose as Kumagawa's Book Maker, Forsaken God Mode makes Medaka weaker than her opponent. No matter how weak her opponent is, Medaka will be weaker than they are; she labels it as an ability that allows her to forget about strength and skills and just go all out. Forsaken God Mode was developed as a byproduct after Medaka's fight against the Minus. With it, Medaka can intentionally make herself weaker so as to better understand people who are weaker than she is. But the aspect of understanding her opponent doesn't exist due to her complete lack of empathy. In this form, Medaka's hair turns completely white, and her eyes become a lighter shade of red.
Hybrid God Mode

Hybrid God Mode

  • #4.4 Hybrid God Mode (混神モード, Konshin Mōdo): A combination of Forsaken God Mode and Altered God Mode, Medaka labels this form as "matching strength with weakness". The exact capabilities of this mode are unknown; however, it was useless against Tsurubami's style. In this form, the left side of Medaka's hair turns black, while the right side becomes white. Her right eye also turns a lighter shade of red.
End God Mode

End God Mode

  • #4.5 End God Mode (終神モード, Shuushin Mōdo): In this form, Medaka's hair turns black and increases in volume drastically.[426] With her increased blood flow, Medaka is able to move at supersonic speeds and create shadow clones in front of her.[427] These clones have enough speed to break the sound barrier, creating a slip stream to remove the obstructions to Medaka's power.[428]


Language User: (言葉使い, Kotoba Tsukai): After fighting the Eight Hundred Lies User Yuzuriha, Medaka has grasped the basics of a style. She is able to read her opponent's feelings to counter appropriately, thought at present the best she can do is throw a punch. Though the most basic of the basics, Medaka's punch is now recognized as an attack by Iihiko.[429] By using sound ("words") to vibrate and stimulate her muscles, Medaka can pump blood through her body even without a heartbeat, allowing her to continue moving even with a stopped heart. This state is only temporary however, and is a last resort. As a side effect, Medaka's skin convulses, repelling physical contact.[430] The vibrations also cause her entire body to act as a heart, increasing both her blood flow and physical skill beyond that of an average human.[431]

Appearances in Other Media

J-Stars Victory VS

Medaka appears as a playable character in the video game J-Stars Victory VS. In the game's story mode she appears as one of the tournament's examiners, serving as the first boss.

Medaka's Challenge


  • The members of the Kurokami family are named after marine creatures. Medaka means ricefish, a popular pet in Japan.
  • When translated from kanji, Kurokami (黒神) means Black God.
  • When translated from kanji, The End means Perfection/Completeness Accomplished.
  • When translated from kanji, War God Mode can mean Perses Mode.
  • When translated from kanji, Altered God Mode can mean Mars Mode.
  • All of Medaka's copied trample skills include the kanji for "trample".
  • Medaka was voted the sixth most popular character in the series in the third popularity poll with 522 votes.
  • Medaka was voted the second most popular character in the series in the second popularity poll with 992 votes.
  • Medaka was voted the most popular character in the series in the first popularity poll with 832 votes.


  • (To Myouri Unzen) "There was no reason for me to get attacked by you. And therefore, there was no reason to dodge."[432]
  • (To Misogi Kumagawa) "Those who win are not strong. It is those who lose and crawl back up who are strong!"[433]
  • (To Oudo Miyakonojou) "…I've just had my birthday. I am now sixteen years old. It has been decided that when I am twenty years old, I will succeed as the president of the Kurokami Group. That means I have only four years left. When that time comes I will probably be a different person from now. So for a little longer please let me be myself. I really enjoy this very much, this so called springtime of youth."[434]
  • (To Bukiko Udou) "Before I can be happy I wish to be free. I am so happy, because, for the first time I can fight for myself."[435]
  • (To Hato Tsurubami) "Every time I see people, I know people. I grew to admire people. I love people. As long as this feeling stays within me, instead of stating how the world goes, I want to question how the world goes."[436]


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