The Translation Project is the Medaka Box Wiki's ongoing project to translate the various names, abilities, techniques, etc. found in the Medaka Box Universe. As Medaka Box is a Japanese manga and the Medaka Box Wiki is an English language wiki, the use of translators are a focal point to the continuation of accuracy. This page lists all terms on the wiki currently requiring translation to kanji, romaji, or both.

Role of the Translation Project

  1. To determine the correct translation of character names, ability names, technique names, equipment names, and other general terms.
  2. To assure the correctness of all translations that are presented on the site. Looking up on Google Translator or similar translations tools is not translating. Please refrain from using such tools.
  3. To determine the outcome of contentious translations. If a translation is questioned at all, that should be brought up on the project talk page. In this way a translator can explain why the translation is used or conversation can take place for translations that are harder to classify. Users should ask their question and wait to be answered. If the user posting has no real understanding of translation, this is not the place to learn how to translate. Usage of the page should extend no more then to get the necessary translations done. Please refrain from badgering a translator for understanding on why a translation is translated a certain way.

Useful Sources

List of Needed Translations

Book Synopses (English)

We are currently lacking in English translations of the summaries provided with each volume and novel.

Volume Eight Extras