The Article Improvement Project is the Medaka Box Wiki's ongoing project to improve the overall quality of articles by adding references, more information, or other missing or needed items. A list of articles that need improvement is provided, with specific areas in need of improvement identified. All users should familiarize themselves with the Medaka Box Wiki's policies before contributing.

Note: The Kurokami Medaka's Successor Arc and relevant chapter articles (93 to 140) are presently in need of completion/cleaning. We are aware, and are working to remedy this. The Article Improvement Project lists articles outside of this group that are in need of improvement.

Role of the Article Improvement Project

  1. To add missing information.
  2. To expand on and/or rewrite unclear information.
  3. To add correct references, properly placed.
  4. To combine duplicate references.
  5. To correct spelling and grammar.
  6. To tidy article formatting.

List of Articles to be Improved

General Articles

Character Articles

Please note that all character articles are lacking information in the Kurokami Medaka's Successor Arc subsection of the Plot section. This list covers character articles that are lacking in other areas, as shown.

Quotes Sections

The Medaka Box Wiki has very little in the was of quotes at present. Additions are welcome. Please remember however, as the Manual of Style states:

The quotes section is for relevant quotes that showcase the character's personality or personal feelings. Not for random words that anyone could have said in the same situation. Also, while there is cussing in Medaka Box, it is only necessary to use it in the quotes section in use with relevant quotes. Adding non-relevant quotes with random cuss words and or just putting down random cuss words that may have been said is not acceptable.

The primary source for quotes should be the manga, as translated by CXC Scans. The secondary source should be the anime, though this should only be for quotes exclusive to that medium (Episode 12 and Episode 24).


Any suggestions for the Article Improvement Project, be it other articles to be improved, or changes for the project itself, should be left on the project talk page.