The Kurokami Medaka's Successor Arc (黒神めだかの後継者編, Kurokami Medaka no Kōkeisha Hen)[1] is the fourth story arc of the Medaka Box series.

Arc Outline

Najimi Ajimu introduces the Not Equals to the Student Council, making it clear her intent to restart the Flask Plan once Medaka Kurokami graduates. Medaka and her Student Council, now with Misogi Kumagawa in its rankings, attempt to stop the plan's revival by training five middle school students to become their successors. However, Ajimu reveals one of the new recruits is actually a member of the Not Equals; though the Student Council ultimately discovers that all five are Not Equals, as well as Normal girls. Medaka arranges for the interns to go on a Treasure Hunt as part of their training, though the original members of the Student Council are soon roped in to participate as well. With the exception of Zenkichi Hitoyoshi, all of them make it through the Treasure Hunt, and with teamwork, manage to defeat Medaka, with Mogana Kikaijima claiming the prize. Upon discovering that Zenkichi never made it past the first trial however, Medaka turns her back on him. Ajimu then reveals that her true plan was to break the bond between Medaka and Zenkichi; Zenkichi was the only Normal who could stay by Medaka's side, but with the introduction of the interns, Zenkichi has lost his value in her eyes. Ajimu offers to make Zenkichi a "main character" so that he can defeat Medaka and earn her respect…by becoming the new test subject for the Flask Plan. Zenkichi agrees and decides to oppose Medaka. The Flask Plan is ultimately successful, and Zenkichi defeats Medaka in the presidential election. As her last act as president, Medaka sanctifies the Flask Plan. However, the victorious Ajimu tries to commit suicide, only to be stopped by Medaka. Medaka reveals that Ajimu always wanted the Flask Plan to fail, as she had never found anything impossible in her infinite existence. Medaka reforms Ajimu, promising her that she will never let her die; therefore, Ajimu's death will become the impossibility she has been seeking. Kumagawa's seal fades away, Ajimu is accepted as a freshman of Class 13, and Medaka hands the president's armband over to Zenkichi. She then kisses him, telling him she has fallen for him.

Najimi Ajimu and the Flask Plan's Revival

After the defeat of Kumagawa, Hakoniwa Academy returns to being peaceful. The minuses have settled down and are starting to become normal students. Zenkichi relaxes, believing that their fight is over. Kumagawa corrects him and asks that he contact the other remaining fighters they know in order to face the "two Minuses that rivaled Kumagawa." Akune thought that the two were Shibushi and Gagamaru but that is now proven false. Kumagawa reveals to the Council that these Not Equals were sealed up by his Book Maker. Kumagawa wonders what they are scheming but Najimi, who just teleported there, tells them that they aren't scheming at all. Seeing Kumagawa and Zenkichi getting alone, Najimi hugs both of them with a happy, teary face. Kumagawa is shocked by this warm-hearted gesture but Zenkichi is unfazed. Using Parasite Seeing, Zenkichi saw that Najimi viewed everyone as pieces of disposable trash that fit into the background. Najimi introduces herself and Hanten Shiranui. Zenkichi believes Hanten is the Shiranui House's Something. Najimi also reveals that she is immortal and was the founder of Hakoniwa Academy. Fired up, Zenkichi states that they will defeat her in any fight but Najimi states she does not want to fight. She believes that fighting against Medaka is hopeless no matter how many skills she have because Medaka is the Main Character; thus, undefeatable. Najimi stands and says she will instead wait until Medaka graduates from Hakoniwa and continue the Flask Plan.She leaves saying that this final boss is beyond their league. When the entire Council gathers, Kumagawa asks if Medaka would like to go back to the Daily Life Arc and continue her peaceful ways. Medaka unfurls her fan, and says that they will fight Najimi and finally defeat the Flask Plan once in for all.

Later on, Medaka planned a Junior High enrollment meeting. Zenkichi and Akune find a large crowd gathered at the school's field. Kikaijima informs them that 632 Junior High kids showed up. They saw a few middle school legendary students as well. Medaka begins to go onto the stage to wipe a few of the way to get the strongest students. Kumagawa volunteers to do this and, using his incredibly strong Minus, crushes the hearts of 627 students, leaving the five strongest behind. Back in the council room, Zenkichi and the others are debating whether they should find more children for the next generation of the Student Council. Najimi teleports on top of Zenkichi surprisingly, and says that they should teach the five that were chosen. She came to commend their efforts on their near perfect plan - if each generation raised the next to defeat the Flask Plan, Najimi's plans will be ruined. But she reveals that she implanted a spy within the five and that, if they do not choose carefully who to teach, they could be raising the next head of the Flask Plan.

Each Council Member sets out to interview each Candidate. Kikaijima interviews Kikitsu and finds out that she is perfect in her records because she wants to challenge every game out there. Kikaijima tells her that all her talent does not mean anything at this school. Akune interviews Wanizuka and finds out that she is a big fan of the "Destroyer" Akune from years ago. Wanizuka is sicken by Akune's defanged strength but Akune tells her that strength means nothing. Kumagawa interviews Takarabe who seem to be a cheerful, model student kind of girl. Kumagawa saw through her fake smile and reveals that she is someone who sees others as stepping stones and despises others. Kumagawa tells her that words mean nothing at this school. Zenkichi interviews Tsugiha and sighs in relief since she looks like the most normal out of the Candidates. It turns out, Tsugiha is crazy. Zenkichi tells her about his situation about how it is like to be turned from Normal to Abnormal. He ends with saying that Scenarios mean nothing at this school. Medaka interviews Kibougaoka and finds out she is a robot that is looking to learn more about heart. Medaka smiles, saying that heart, indeed, means the most in the school. After the interviews, the Student Council gather and each of them say each girl was unlikely to be a Not Equal. Medaka decides not to shut down the Candidate program since there might be at least one person in that group that thinks about the future. On the gym rooftop, Ajimu recalls memories of the school. Behind her, Takarabe and all of the other Candidates smile, saying that their cover as Not Equals were not blown. Takarabe also adds that she wants to "introduce herself" to Kumagawa later and Najimi allows her.

Training the Next Generation: Kumagawa's Tough Job

The next morning, Kumagawa is walking normally around the halls when he is stopped by Takarabe. Takarabe asked Kumagawa for just one favor - she wants him to see her panties. Kumagawa is overjoyed and accepts. Takarabe mutters why he doesn't find this strange. Takarabe shows him her stripped panties and asks how do they look. As Kumagawa was about to compliment them, Kikitsu stabs him in the back then Wanizuka fires a sniper round at Kumagawa's head. Kumagawa, shocked by this sudden hostility, tries to get out of the line of fire but Tsugiha tasers him and throws sulfuric acid on him. Kumagawa tries to jump out the window in order to find water to wash the acid off but a flying Kibougaoka stops him, saying that jumping off the building is prohibited. Kumagawa says flying on school grounds might also be prohibited soon. She kicks him down a flight of stairs. In the end, Takarabe is tasked to torture the immobilized Kumagawa. Medaka and Shiranui later find a wounded and badly beaten Kumagawa next to the stairs and ask if he needs a name. Kumagawa says he can stand by himself. The Candidates are walking along a hallway, laughing about how incredibly weak Kumagawa was. Wanizuka thinks that Kumagawa might come for revenge. Takarabe assures them that no one would ever come back after one of her torture sessions; besides, she adds, Kumagawa cannot do anything without All Fiction. Kibougaoka realizes that Najimi kept a eye on Kumagawa before he recieved All Fiction. Just then, a bandaged Kumagawa appears. Kumagawa says that he came back to punish the Candidates for their ill behavior and to reeducate them. The Candidates take out their weapons and ask if he could do anything without All Fiction. Suddenly, Kumagawa pins all of them to the walls and floors with his nails. He corrects Takarabe, saying that he would not rely on such a little trick like All Fiction. He feels somewhat sorry for humiliating Takarabe again by nailing her skirt up and showing her panties. Takarabe breaks free from her nail bondage by ripping off her skirt. Kumagawa throws Takarabe his jacket, saying that he does not want to further embarass her. Takarabe steps on the jacket as a shoe cleaning rag. Kumagawa smiles saying his good will is usually trampled on anyway. Because Kumagawa can see any weakness, Takarabe tries to blind him by throwing his jacket and attacking quickly. Kumagawa instantaneously pins her to a standing halt. He says that the jacket was not to cover his eyes, but to relieve Takarabe's eyes because she could not endure seeing him. Kumagawa gives Takarabe one last chance to say sorry but she does not give in. As Kumagawa was about to give the finishing attack, the other Candidates broke free and surrendered their weapons and their hostility. Kumagawa turns his heels and walks off, saying that he still cannot win at anything.

When Kumagawa is outside, Najimi stops him, saying that he did win - as a guy that saw a girl's panties. Najimi reveals that the Candidates are all Not Equals, but also are all Normals. Najimi leaves saying that there is no such thing as a enemy and the ones that are enemies are just like Kumagawa. The next morning Takarabe gives back Kumagawa jacket; she cleaned it for him. She adds that giving her his victory was very cool.

The Treasure Hunt: To The Victor Belong The Spoils

Second Trial: Reading Showdown, the Reverse Sphinx

After solving the first trial, everyone except Kouki Akune and Zenkichi Hitoyoshi arrives at the base of the Clock Tower. Inside the first floor, the Library Committee Chairwoman Yabumi Junnichou awaits them. She reveals that all the other Chairmen have gathered in the clock tower to test the Student Council and the Candidates. She says they must past the trial the chairmen will give them and starting her own trial the "Reading Showdown." In this trial, each contestant will be given the opportunity to give one question to Juunichou, betting a item of theirs on the line. The questions must be based on a book or piece of literature. If Juunichou answers correctly they lose that item but can make a new question if they bet another item. If Juunichou answers incorrectly, the entire group passes the trial. As each Candidate comes up and asks a question, Juunichou shows her vast knowledge and answers all correctly. Eventually the Candidates were stripped down to their underwear since they bet their clothes. Suishou Kibougaoka states that both Misogi Kumagawa and Mogana Kikaijima were crazy enough to bet their clothes which they lost because Kikaijima give easy questions and Kumagawa cheated by not even knowing the answers to his own questions. Shori Wanizuka notices the book Ima Takarabe has and asks to bet everything they have and have lost on one question. Kumagawa notices this was a good blitzkrieg strategy. Wanizuka reveals that the book was a manga, and asks if a manga was ok. Juunichou accepts the manga, saying that even the people who are well versed in literature read manga. Wanitsuka asks what printing number was on the book she has in her hand. Since the printing number changes depending on the book one sees, this question made Juunichou think. She answers "4" since the most current books are that number. It proved incorrect since Takarabe borrowed the book from Kumagawa, who got one of the first books. Juunichou accepts the defeat and passed them from the 2nd trial.

Third Trials: Four Continuous Showdowns on the Boards, Casting Boat & Vote the Unpopular, the Friendship Break-Up Election

After the second trial, the combined team of Student Council and Candidate members split up at the double stairway with one side labeled "S" and the other, "C." Mogana Kikaijima,Tsugiha Yojirou, and Kiki Kikitsu encounters Myouri Unzen and his version of the third trial. After Kiki stops Kikijima from stripping and appeasing Unzen, she asks what does the "S" stand for which was sleep.

In the center of a very large room, Kouki Akune, Kumagawa, Shori Wanizuka, and Ima Takarabe find Tachiarai sleeping warmly. She wakes up and welcomes the tiral goers, complimenting Akune's looks before digging her head into her pillow and brainstorm a challenge for the "S" third trial. Akune comments that Tachiarai is extremely lazy however she is a top-of-the-line genius which Kumagawa adds, " If Medaka was a iron wall that repels anyone, Tachiarai is a soft pillow that bounces everything off." Tachiarai explains a little about Ostracism, an ancient election system used by Athens, and says that the "S" third trial will be like that by having each of the members vote who is the most hated and leave the trial without them.

She creates a voting box with the rules taped to it and notices that Akune has found out a way to beat the trial. Akune pretends to fall back to anger Wanizuka while Takarabe and Kumagawa become a team as well. A few of the Electional Committee staffs were mixed about how this would be helpful to this trial, however Tachiarai finds that Akune's plan to be ingenious. He created two teams of "hate- hate." Wanizuka and Akune will vote for each other and the other two will as well. Thus, they will all be tied, allowing all of them to pass. The team proceeded as planned and all four of them passed the "S" third trial. Afterwards Takarabe picks up Kumagawa's paper that read " Takarabe Ima, because she has a two faced personality" and asks if this was a fabrication.

Fourth Trial: The Palace of Pain, Perfect Melancholy

After Kumagawa and Takarabe split up from Kouki Akune and Shori Wanizuka, they end up at the room where Aoki Aka lays in wait. Already having administered her "punishment" to Kiki Kikitsu and Tsugiha Yojirou, she introduces herself and states the name of the challenge; "Palace of Pain: The Perfect Melancholy". The game involves matching cards. She spreads out 2 decks, including 2 jokers, over a table then explains the rules of the game. Takarabe, deciding to prove her worth, decides to try her hand at it. After her defeat Kumagawa steps in to take the punishment (a Summer fever). Kumagawa, now knowing the trick to the game, decides to step in. Aoki advises him against it, but he brushes her off. As soon as the games starts, Kumagawa summons his screws to keep all of the cards in place, stating that she's been switching cards to fool her opponents. As the game goes on, Kumagawa begins to take the upper-hand, and Aoki figures out that each screw is marked to identify same-set playing cards. She requests that he changes it back and the game resumes.

Near the end, it becomes apparent that Aoki will win and she requests that Kumagawa gives up. Kumagawa smiles, stating that the jokers haven't been drawn yet (drawing the jokers automatically switches the points of you and your opponent). Aoki, startled by this, starts to focus on locating the jokers. However by the time only 8 cards remained on the table, she has not found any. Aoki froze in fear as she saw that she has a 1/3 chance of going in nothing but an apron. She tries to appease him by offer to heal the ailments and even beg forgiveness. However Kumagawa refuses all her attempts and graciously allows her to wear her nurse cap with her naked apron tomorrow. Before Aoki made her move, Takarabe saves her by begging Kumagawa to stop. After the trial, Aoki warns the young girls to not get close to the Student Council as she cannot heal wounds in the heart. Afterwards, Kumagawa gave back the two Jokers he stole when Aoki attacked his arm. As the group leaves, she is bothered by how everything fell into Kumagawa's "calculations."

Fifth Trial: Cook Hunter and the Cuisine Artisan, Super Cook Practice

Kikaijima and Kibougaoka dash though the clock tower trials. Because of Kikaijima's echo-location and Kibougaoka's receptors, they manage to past the many traps and the other trials. They both reach the 10th floor where they meet the Diet Education Committee's dual chairmen: Konomi Mera and Kuroudo Iizuka. Iizuka cancelled out Kikaijima's echo-location with a reverse cancelling sound. Mera opens up a door behind her, showing a vast wall of different ingredients and supplies, then she gives them their challenge - to make a dish that will make her say "it's delicious."

Kibougaoka requests that she teams up with Kikaijima for just one dish instead of both of them doing seperate meals - Mera agrees. Kibougaoka said that she does not need to cook but she does have a database of recipes and can analyze the ingredient quality. They both decided to make a italian cuisine since Mera studied in Italy so she might like the fimilar taste. Kibougaoka asks Iizuka what happens to the ingredients they dont use and he replies that they will all be thrown out. Upon hearing this, Kibougaoka changes the course to be Chinese Cuisine. She lays on a table a large feast of many different dishes. Iizuka becomes angry saying that this 100 meal course is too much. Kibougaoka says she did not want to waste life. Iizuka disagrees and says that dishes aren't memorial services for the eaten. Kibougaoka reveals that her Chinese Cuisine is the Manchu Han Imperial Feast. She ends with saying that since she has no Life or Heart, she wants to respect those aspects that are in all living things. Without eating, Mera passes the team, stating that what Kibougaoka has done was delicious.

Iizuka asks how are they going to finish the feast, but Kikaijima calls Kumagawa, Takarabe, Tsugiha, and Kikitsu up to eat with them. Kibougaoka asks them to eat as much as possible since their smiles is her lifesource.

Eighth Trial: Cats and Dogs

Before entering another trial, Akune Kouki tells Wanitsuka to be cautious of the last two chairmen; Megusuno and Tsue Kamimutsuro, especially Kamimutsuro since she is the Karate Club President. Akune opens the door and finds they are in a spacious room with lots of cats inside. A black cat on the chair begins to "speak" that this is the 8th trial "Cats and Dogs." The contestants must gather all cats in the room inside the large cage in the room. Kamimutsuro (speaking through the cat) also adds that they must handle the cats gently as well.

Wanitsuka attempted the trial without Akune due to his reluctance to help her and failed quickly. She finds that keeping the cats inside the cat impossible since every-time the door opened, cats would race out of the cage. Kamimutsuro gives a hint that each cat has a taste of who it wants to be next to or the kind of environment it wants. Wanitsuka, rejuvenated by this hint, turns to Akune for assistance. Akune ignores the hint and tells Wanitsuka that the hint is just to throw them off and proceeds roll over the cage. By putting the side of the door on the top, they can prevent cats from getting out since they cannot fly. When they put all the the cats inside, Kamimutsuro unexpectedly jumps out and kicks Wanitsuka into the cage with Akune. Kamimutsuro looks down and smiles, stating the "Dog" part of the trial will now commence.

The "Dog Fight" trial will be a fight between the two contestants with a time limit of 5 minutes. Whoever wins will be the one who gets out of the cage and proceed to the next trial. Wanitsuka yells back saying this trial is too savage. Kamimutsuro, angered, tells her that martial arts isn't more savage than any other sport. She flips the cage back on its proper side and releases the cats. Akune warns Wanitsuka to not follow the cats, since Kamimutsuro has strength that can be pared with Kurokami Medaka. Wanitsuka, gleefully, asks Akune to purposely lose for her however she will renounce her prize. As the trial starts, Akune comes in and strongly slams her into the ground. Shocking Wanitsuka, Akune says that while he is kind to weak people, Wanitsuka is just being greedily and stubborn. Akune asks that the cage be opened since he "clearly" won however Wanitsuka stands back up with determination. She asks if Akune will hold back or not and Akune reply that there is nothing more magnificent than being surpassed by your own disciples. Wanitsuka, satisfied, throws off her clothes revealing to Kamimutsuro that her martial arts was the true savage martial arts, Combat Sambo.

Wanitsuka goes for the legs however Akune counters by holding her waist and attempts to use Tawara Gaeshi on her however Wanitsuka spins in midair and frees herself. Akune then comes in and back mounts her, grabbing her sarashi and pulls on it (a stranglehold). Wanitsuka helps Akune rip off her sarashi, exposing her upper chest.Wanitsuka proceeds to sit on Akune, using a triangular strangle with her legs. Akune already predicted this and spins her so her back is on the floor and slips out, saying that she is 1,000 years too early to hold him between the legs using that pin. Wanitsuka, realizing that her childish wims have to end, says that if she wins, she will become Akune's bride. Akune says in return if he wins, she becomes his disciple.

Wanitsuka feints Akune and grabs his head in between the legs and spins him to the ground and then lock his legs with a Heel Hook. Akune escapes and uses a move he develops from experiences against a Minus, Special and Plus, the " Ashi Garami." Kamimutsuro stops the match immediately since she saw that Wanitsuka was about to get injured from Akune's foul move. Akune stands up, compliments Wanitsuka on her strength, and says that they both will make it out of the cage because from Judo's point of view, Akune lost due to his foul move and Wanitsuka lost because Akune beat her. Wanitsuka accepts the disciple position and , together with Akune, proceeds to the next trial.

Last Trial: Magical Adventure, Magical Beast Extermination

After meeting up with Kumagama's team, Akune tells everyone that "the Witch" Megusuno , chairman of the Beautification Committee, is waiting at the 8th trial. When they arrived, Megusuno was mildly surprised that they made it pass the previous challenges. She then proceeds to sweep the floor clean, and draws a magical circle. After a nonsensical chant and a dead silence, Akune's team is bewildered. Kumagawa laughs at her craziness but Megusuno just laughs and says that her magical beast Cerberus is invisible to the naked eye. The 8th trial starts and the Student Council must find a way to "destroy" the magical beast.

Shori Wanizuka steps up first and uses machine guns to destroy the area in front of Megusuno, saying it is now "dead." Megusuno counters this by saying Cerberus is extremely fast and dodged all her bullets. Mogana Kikaijima steps up and unleashes a sonic attack that damages the room. Megusuno then states that Cerberus barked a wave that canceled her voice attack. Next, Misogi Kumagawa has everyone imagine that he is wielding a magical beast slaying sword. When he charges at Megusuno, the sword breaks. Megusuno says that Kumagawa was close to victory however he could not imagine winning against the beast due to his Minus train of thought. Akune tells his team that they should not use serious methods to this childish trial and only a crazy idiot can pass this trial. Just as he finishes, Tsugiha Yojirou busts through the door with a cape and wand.

Megusuno tries to go on the offence, saying that Cerberus is going to attack with all three heads but Tsugiha stops her, saying that Cerberus can only use two heads to attack at a time. Tsugiha's vast knowledge of myths and monsters outplays Megusuno who has been made to edit her plan. Megusuno says that her Cerberus is a special kind of Cerberus. Tsugiha, however, incorporates that description and believes that the Cerberus there is a long lost puppy called Rapis. Tsugiha picks up rubble and approaches Megusuno to break the pumpkin head that "possessed" her. Megusuno warns her that her pumpkin head is special, Tsugiha yells that she should stop with her wild and crazy delusions. Just as Tsugiha breaks the mask, Megusuno slides under the mask just before the rubble broke into it. Being called Kobayashi, Megusuno realizes she shouldn't mess with crazy Tsugiha. After that, the shaken Megusuno acknowledges that they all passed the 8th trial.

Bonus Stage: Meda Trial

After the last tiral with Megusuno, everyone walks joyfully toward the roof. Kuwagawa suggests that they should all do a Janken game to see who will win the Treasure Hunt out of the eight that survived. When he says that he would gladly give up winning to anyone who wants to since he could have not gotten to the last level without them. The others reassure him that he was very useful to them surviving the trials as well. Kumagawa becomes flattered saying that no one has ever said that to him - and that no one will ever say that to him again. In a blink of a eye, he subdues everyone in the hallway, pinning them with his nails. He leaves with a cheerful wave, saying he will never forget their "sacrifice." Everyone is shocked speechless. Akune tells everyone to calm down and remove the nails gently. He fears they would not make it in time. When the group catches up on the roof, they see Medaka standing over a defeated and dazed Kumagawa. Medaka welcomes everyone to the Meda Trials. Akune asks why is Kumagawa on the floor and Medaka says that he was punished for making fun of the name. Medaka also explains that the Meda Trials are only a optional game - if the group does not want to do it, she will give them the treasure but she will disqualify anyone who loses the game. The entire group decides to do the extra challange. Najimi comes up the clock tower with a goalpost in hand. She laughs at how Medaka can order a nonpartial nonhuman like her to do her biddings. Akune notices that one of Najimi's hands was released from a seal. Najimi says that, as Kumagawa gains happiness, her seals will continue to slowly crumble.

Akune chooses to kick first. Medaka immediately changes to Altered God Mode. Akune charges in and does a Tornado Heel Kick, but Medaka's Kurokami Phantom blocks it at the nick of time. Medaka says she is limited to three Kurokami Phantoms a day in Altered God Mode. Najimi is reassured by Akune's actions that her plans will continue smoothly. Wanizuka steps up next. Akune gives her advice to only look at the ball til she kicks since the ball curves by itself. Wanizuka kicks and completely misses the goal. Kikitsu realizes how to win so she takes off her goggles and steps up. She charges, but passes it to Kibougaoka instead. Kibougaoka passes it to Takarabe, then onto Tsugiha. Tsugiha kicks but Medaka uses Kurokami Phantom again and shoots it into the air. Medaka commends the Student Council Candidates for not just thinking about themselves but each other as well. Kikitsu says that the match isn't over since the ball is still in the air. Wanizuka comes up and will use her head to headbutt it into the goal since she already used her "kick." Medaka prepares for another Kurokami Phantom but she falls to the ground. Kikitsu knew that she could not have beaten Kumagawa without it. Wanizuka completely falls short on the ball because of her bad depht preception, The ball lands in front of Kikaijima and she looks around for approval to kick. Everyone nods and smiles. She kicks it normally and wins the Meda Trials. The other chairmen gather at the roof as well to see the victors. Medaka hands Kikaijima a treasure chest with a letter that says "The adventure was the prize!" She also hands Kikaijima a check for 800 million yen which Kikaijima rejects to take. In the midst of the cheer and joy, Unzen asks where is Zenkichi? Back the beginning, Zenkichi is still trying to figure out the first puzzle. Medaka tries to comfort Zenkichi but Zenkichi pushes her off, saying that he just needs a little more time. Medaka punches Zenkichi on the head and leaves, telling him to clean up the mess at the clock tower. Kikaijima is shaken, seeing the conflict and Medaka's vacant eyes make it seem like the adventure til now was meaningless.

The Devil's Temptation: Don't You Want to be a Main Character?

Watching the conflict, Najimi smiles as she "kids" that she put the five Normals under Medaka in order to push Zenkichi out of her heart. Behind, Emukae, Maguro, Kujira, Munakata, and Shiranui stand posed. They say good luck to her and she teleports down to Zenkichi. Zenkichi sees Najimi and blames everything that has happened onto her. Najimi tells him that he has been holding back Medaka all this time and even made her cry instead of protecting her. On the rooftop, Maguro remembers how he pushed the responsiblity of Medaka onto him and regrets laying such a heavy burden on young Zenkichi. Najimi offers him a place in Medaka's heart as someone special - as the person who beats her. Zenkichi believes that Najimi is asking him to be the last boss. Najimi adds that all the people who are closests to Medaka are her enemies. She also corrects him, saying that she wants to make him the Main Character. Zenkichi is confused because Najimi said in the past that a Main Character only shows up every thousand years but Najimi offers a solution to that: the Flask Plan. Zenkichi thinks for ten seconds, remembering all the things he has with Medaka and, finally, agrees to Najimi's proposal. Zenkichi leaves saying that he might destory the Flask Plan as well since it would be useless to him after everything is over. Ajimu teleports back on the roof with the good news. Kurokami Kujira does not believe Zenkichi can win against Medaka in a Main Character battle because Medaka is obviously more "hero" than Zenkichi. Najimi reassures her by saying that Medaka has a major flaw - she killed her own father. Kujira and Maguro are stunned and says she is wrong because they all saw their father leaving for work that morning alive and well. Najimi says it is a different father. She also adds that murder family is as despicle as cannibalism to Main Characters.

Zenkichi walks straight into the council room while all the girls are changing. Ignoring their screams, Zenkich walks striaght up to Medaka and tells her she is wrong. Medaka is overjoyed by his rebellion and is happy that she can fight him. Zenkichi, shocked, tries to leave with just that and says that he will continue his duties as a General Affairs Manager as normal but Medaka slams his head against the floor. She says that he cannot leave normally after just challenging her. Medaka reveals her new form - Forbidden God Mode to face against Zenkichi. In the aftermath, Zenkichi lays beaten badly. Everyone in the room is shocked by such a beating. Akune and Kumagawa asks if Zenkichi wanted to stop facing Medaka now that he has seen her strength. At this time, the Candidates also reveal to Akune and Kumgawa (again) that they are Not Equals and that Zenkichi was tricked by Najimi. As Zenkichi was about to say that he was tricked, he punched himself in the punch in order to keep his pride. Kei Munakata and Kujira comes to pick Zenkichi up. Akune is surprised that Zenkichi has allies against Medaka. As Munakata leave with Zenkichi, he tells Akune and Kumagawa that they, people who were saved by Medaka, will never understand Zenkichi's feelings as Medaka's sacrifice. Zenkichi wakes up in the infirmary and finds Kamome Tsurubami along side of him.

The Battle of Insanity: Munakata vs. Kumagawa

As Zenkichi is having a wonderful conversation with Tsurubami, Najimi tells Zenkichi's allies about "Lonely Birthday" Kamome Tsurubami and how interesting he is. In the damaged council room, Kikaijima stares aimlessly. Kumagawa, out investigating Emukae's involvement with Zenkichi, sees Kikaijima and asks why she hasn't gone home yet. Kikaijima asks Kumagawa on advice; about what she can do to fix the problems. Kumagawa says I don't know. Kumagawa however gives her a suggestion though - to make a third force that will distract both sides in order for negotiations to take place. Kumagawa assures her that he will be an ally if she does make that third force. Kikaijima is flattered and says she might fall in love with him if he says any more. Munakata shows up unexpectly. He was ordered to keep watch of Kumagawa to prevent him from obstructive the fight between Zenkichi and Medaka from Najimi. Munakata says that he does not hate Kumagawa - so Munakata must kill him. Kumagawa says it isn't his fault and pulls out his nails.

Back with Zenkichi and Tsurubami, Zenkichi believes Munakata and Kumagawa should theoritically get along since they have almost the same personality. Kumagawa and Munakata fights in the hallways, throwing weapons around and causing lots of damage. Kikaijima tries to stop both of them using a sonic attack but Munakata slices the air in half. Kumagawa is avoiding attacking Munakata because he knows that Munakata hates killing so he would go easier on someone who isn't resisting. Munakata throws a boomerang at Kumagawa. Kumagawa almost dodges but sees that the boomerang would hit Kikaijima if he moves so he takes the hit. Munakata then turns to Kikaijima to kill her as well since she implanted the idea of a third force to Kumagawa. Munakata shoots at Kikaijima but Kumagawa uses his body to protect her. As he falls, he apologizes for grabbing her breast when they first met. On his last breathes, Kumagawa says that Munakata is far from a Minus's personality - no matter the struggle, pain, or hopelessness, Minuses always smile. Both of them take off their jackets, for the final showdown. As they count, they both spring into action, but Munakata lands the first blow right into Kumagawa's neck, killing him instantly. Kikaijima tries to do CPR to resuscitate but to no avail. Munakata says that Kumagawa did not go down in vain - Munakata has lost his desire to kill people and his very Abnormality. He plans to go to the police to tell them what he has done but Wanizuka stops him. Wanizuka takes off her eyepatch, revealing a reversed, strange eye, and calls Munakata her brother. Wanizuka and the other Candidates reveal that they will not side with Medaka nor Najimi, but with the third force. Munakata says that the third force will be weak now that Kumagawa is dead, but Kumagawa suddenly gets up, revealing his All Fiction has returned to him. Munakata quickly leaves. Kumagawa beings his third force and names it the Naked Apron Alliance.

Zenkichi Hitoyoshi and the True Flask Plan

That evening, Najimi holds her Anshin Meeting at Ghost Babel. Zenkichi, who just arrived, is surprised to see Maguro and Kujira at the meeting. They reassure him that this was their decision they made. Emukae is also there to give her full support and to hope to name their first child. When Zenkichi sees Shiranui, he smiles. Shiranui blushes and says that Zenkichi is useless without her. Najimi review the situation and how there is three forces now that Kumagawa regained his All Fiction. Zenkichi believes that they are all distracted by Kumagawa and should focus on the fearsome combo of Akune and Medaka. Back at the clock tower, Akune expresses to Medaka that he wants to join Zenkichi's side because this is the first time Zenkichi has decided for himself. Medaka hugs Akune and gives him encouragement, saying that he has now graduated to become a real man. Left alone, Medaka sits byself and sighs. Suddenly, Tsurubami appears behind her and finishes her sentence on how it feels to be lonely. Medaka quickly kicks him but Tsurubami catches her heel in his mouth. Medaka uses her other foot but Tsurubami grabs with heels with his mouth. Medaka unleashes her new form: Hybrid God Mode. Tsurubami is impressed but he says that she cannot leave now that his top is spinning.

Somewhere in school, Kumagawa is holding a meeting with the Naked Apron Alliance. He outlines the Shinsengumi Plan they will follow in order to end the conflict. Kumagawa says that they do not have to win, they just have to obstruct the fighting as much as possible, and that their goal is to end everything with a smile on everyone's face. Back at Ghost Babel, Najimi asks Zenkichi to decide on a skills he wants as a Main Character. She reveals that Hanten Shiranui has the power to make skills. When Zenkichi tells her what he wants, Najimi calls him insane. Maguro and Kujira left the meeting early in order to check up on Medaka since Maguro has a bad feeling that Medaka might be in danger. Back at the clock tower, Tsurubami stands over a wounded Medaka. Medaka laughs a bit and goes into War God Mode without anger. Meanwhile, Najimi sits on her invisible chair and ponders on Zenkichi's request. She calls him a disrespectful brat that will tarnish the ideas of the predecessor Main Characters. However, she states, its the people that ignore the predecessors that make the world go round. She bows to him in respect and then kisses him. She also kisses Emukae in order to send both of them to the dream world. In that world, Zenkichi and Emukae are dressed in their middle school clothes and reveal that Najimi from the present is the girl that visited Zenkichi when he almost died. Najimi gives them the task to defeat her. Maguro and Kujira finally end up at the clock tower to see a wounded Medaka standing over a beaten Tsurubami. Tsurubami tells them to send the following information to Najimi - that Medaka is even stronger without her allies. Medaka laughs saying that she is useless without friends and then strikes Tsurubami with Five Forks to heal him. Kujira is shocked that Medaka could learn a skill only by hearing about it from others. Maguro and Kujira are shocked by Medaka's supreme power and fear that no one can beat her now. After everyone but Tsurubami left, Najimi teleports to him to ask for the situation. She reveals that Tsurubami is the step-brother to Medaka and Medaka killed his father. Inside the dream world, Zenkichi and Emukae are having a hard time beating Najimi, but Najimi asks them what does it really mean to "win." Zenkichi sits down and thinks about this. After a while, Zenkichi realizes that he's been doing everything he's done because he actually wants to date Medaka and goes insane as his self image as an aloof disinterested person is broken. Emukae snaps him out of it by telling him that its normal for a person to be in love. Najimi congratulates him and says that this bad battle manga will now be a bad romance manga. In the end, Kumagawa tells Kikaijima his plan to make an alliance with the Chairmen.

The Love Comedy Starts: Aiming for 100% Approval

When school is finally starting again, all of the students are talking about the conflict between Zenkichi and Medaka. There are many reactions, but the Student Council went its business like it usually does. Medaka asks Zenkichi if he has given up on beating her but Zenkichi smiles and says that he will beat her one day. Zenkichi runs out feeling happy now that his mind is free. Tsurubami appears and tells Zenkichi that he should watch his steps now that the third force is watching them closely. Zenkichi tells him that he has already decided to beat Medaka at the next student council election and become the next president. Najimi teleports to them to tell them that she changed this manga to a romance manga because even the worse Main Characters can win the girl in these types. Najimi tells him that she will take care of quicken the election process. She adds that mangas that extend themselves too long are awful so she will end this one before the anime begins.

Najimi composes a proposal to the school board to move the elections to December instead of April. She visits Shiranui at the cafeteria to give her the papers to give back to Hakama Shiranui. Shiranui asks if Zenkichi can win the election and Najimi believes so. She believes that the Underdog Effect will help him. She also quotes that during last year's election, only 50% of the student body voted. She also says that Medaka only holds the Specials during the next election and there were people ,like Shiranui, that voted for Medaka because of Zenkichi. Shiranui gets up to turn in the papers, but Najimi stops her to ask if this is really okay - to further Zenkichi's plan to make Medaka his girlfriend. Najimi offers to give a harem ending, but Shiranui laughs, saying that Najimi understands nothing - unlike justice, love does not have to win. In an abandoned Class 13 classroom, Kumagawa has gathered all the chairmen. Aoki Aka asks why Kumagawa gathered them and Kumagawa replies by throwing nails at all of them and asking all of them to die. Unzen blocks the nails with his string and is about to launch his counterattack when Kumagawa knocks off his actions as a test of strength. In order to gain the help of the Chairmen, Kumagawa challenges all of them to a game of Bloody Seven.

Bloody Seven: The Naked Apron Alliance vs. the Committee Chairmen

When Kumagawa proposes a game of Bloody Seven, Unzen calls Kumagawa a decieveful person so no one would want to play with him. Kumagawa reassures him that Choujabaru was the one who made the game. Choujabaru explains that Kumagawa wanted him to make a enjoyable game. Kumagawa explains the rules and gives the role of wheel spinner to Choujabaru for fairness. Kamimutsuro suspects that Kumagawa might use All Fiction to cheat, but Nekoshima shows up and says that she will keep a eye on Kumagawa. Konomi asks what is being wagered on the game. Kumagawa stakes the people of the Naked Apron Alliance and their help in the Chairmen committees if they lose. If they win, the Chairmen will join the Naked Apron Alliance. And so, with Fue Yobuko and Konomi Mera sitting out, the game commences.

Kikaijima starts out as the first one to put down a card, but she resigns since she had no card to put down. Nekoshima checks Kumagawa's hands and finds that he has all A's and K's; the worse possible hand. Of course, Kumagawa is use to playing games with such odds. Unzen smiles with his hand of straight A thorugh 6 of hearts and a 8. Unzen sees how Choujabaru's abnormality of fairness has afffected his hand that was made from an Abnormal's luck ( since Unzen had an Diamond instead of all Hearts). As the game continues, the Chairmen start to have fun and are focusing keenly on the game. Unzen asks what will Kumagawa make them do if the Chairmen lose. Kumagawa proposes that all female Chairmen go to school wearing their underwear exposed. Kumagawa is immediately punched by the Chairmen. Going through the game, many people start to resign. When the wheel choses Kumagawa to play a card, Nekoshima anticipates Kumagawa to have an awesome strategy that would allow him to turn the tables,however he resigns peacefully. The game continues and the only people that did not retire yet are Unzen and Tsugiha. At this point, Aoki notices the numbers and odds are against them - since most of the Naked Apron Alliance dropped out earlier in the game, the wheel chose more Chairmen than normal and that also depleted their hands of playable cards. Kumagawa says that this was not his plan and Kikaijima apologizes for making such a game since she supposedly got rid of her gambling habits. Unzen smiles saying that he will win since he only had one card, a playable card. As he was about to put it down, he notices that the rules did not make people who played all their cards the winners; even if someone plays all their cards, they still count as players, and so be disqualified. The Naked Apron Alliance smile as their victory seem certain. Unzen calls Yobuko over to sit on her lap and tells the Alliance that they can do whatever they want - they are allowed to because Unzen and the others are Chairmen. The wheel picked Tsugiha to play next and since she did not have a playable card, the Naked Apron Alliance lost. As the Alliance is split apart,Kikaijima approachs Kumagawa and says they have just won. Kumagawa gives a ominous answer that it might not end in just losing next time.

This So Called Springtime of Youth

Hakoniwa hosts its annual festival and Medaka starts the celebration with a speech. Afterwards at the Council Booth, Medaka is visited by Oudo Miyakonojou. He has come back brief to check the school. He is surprised by, not only Abnormals, but also Minuses enjoying school life and participated with other students. He is happy that Medaka actually made Hakoniwa into a real school. Miyakonojou asks if Medaka is alright with just helping the school. Medaka says that she just turned 16 and wants to enjoy her springtime of youth a little longer. Medaka reveals that she has many suitors as well. Miyakonojou leaves and on his way, he passes by three mysterious girls: Jyuujika Hachiningatake, Saki Sukinasaki, and Zomeki Furousan.

The main event has started at the school field. Medaka challanges the entire student body in a giant tug of war against her. After a little struggle, Medaka manges to life the entire student body up and drags them along with ease. Najimi is shocked by such colossal strength. The only person that hanged onto the rope the entire time was Zenkichi. The three girls have arrived and sees that Hakoniwa is a regular school - a farm for raising humans.

Later on, Medaka starts her 2nd Orientation with the Candidate Council - a video game tournament. Although the game looks boring, Medaka has spent lots of money on making it. At the start of the game, there is a 10 hour long introduction video. Kikitsu breaks her controller in frustration in how long it is. Medaka gives them the mobile verison of the game that doesn't have the video. They find out that many of the options require money to use. When they open the game, they find that it is a Shoot'em Up fighter plane game with weird, decisions about friendship choices every so often. Each option lead to a bad end and, after a while of play the game, the Candidate Council fall onto the floor in depression from the bad ends. Medaka adds that not even she can beat it, but she wants the Candidates to do what she cannot do. As Medaka leaves, Kibougaoka stops her and asks if it's really ok to do what no one else can do. Medaka confirms it and tells her to not hold back on being yourself. Kibougaoka then starts to hack the console in order to make the game beatable. Medaka is happy that Kibougaoka has stopped holding back like what she did during the Treasure Hunt and Bloody Seven game. Kibougaoka feared that the rest of her middle school friends will hate her for holding back, but they hug her tearfully, saying they were sorry for holding her back. Kikaijima asks if this was all planned, but Medaka sighs relief. At the council room, Akune and Zenkichi interview the three musical stars that arrived. Sukinasaki sees a open spot after their performance and asks the Student Council for a favor. Outside, Aoki Aka asks Najimi if she sent those three here. Najimi says no and that them being here shows that Zenkichi's new skill has awakened.

Zenkichi and Akune goes and tell Medaka that the three stars want to do a band battle against the Student Council. Akune says that even one of those stars alone can fill a stadium 10 times over, but Medaka says she just randomly picked the stars. Althought Medaka orginally rejects the idea of the band battle, she agrees after Akune clarifies that the stars are challenging them. Medaka dresses and prepares to play the drums. When she starts, the rest of the Council is surprised by such powerful and rhythmic beats she plays, but they also noticed that her playing does not move them emotionally. Zenkichi points out that the little mistakes in music gave depth in the songs but Medaka is too perfect to play enjoyable songs. Zenkichi goes up to her and asks that she leave the event to him. Medaka wants to stand out, but Zenkichi says that she will get in the way. Medaka smiles in giddiness since Zenkichi never talked to her like that before. She entrusts the event to him but warns him that, if he loses, she will bend all his bones like wood. Zenkichi smiles and says it's Devil Fine. Zenkichi calls over Kikaijima and tells her that she will need to do vocals and become the main character.

The Cultural Festival officially begins. Wearing normal clothes is allowed only on this day, and it's also the day when Enforcers are off duty. While resting, Furousan asks if the high school life makes Sukinasaki nostalgic. Saki reveals that she does not remember her high school life. Sukinasaki is unhappy that they are all sharing a tiny stage in this school so she wants to show them off as a great performance for the fans. Furousan respects Sukinasaki's mentality for dealing with the real world and servicing her fans as well. As people gather around the stage, Munakata, Maguro, Emukae, Shiranui, Kujira, and Koga converse within themselves. Munakata blatantly says that Medaka is Asexual, pointing to the fact that, even though Miyakonojou brainwashed her, Medaka still did not show love towards him. Kujira also states Medaka has Messiah Complex. At the back of the crowd, Najimi joins Medaka for a conversation. Najimi asks Medaka why she is dressed like a street thug. Medaka says that she will breakdance on the stage if Zenkichi fails the Band Battle. The Band Battle starts and Kiyoterae show up on the stage with classical instruments. The crowd is very confused. Jyuujika sings a piano sound through her vocals while Furousan plays the Cello, and Sukinasaki plays the Tuba. The crowd cheers loudly for them - even Medaka says that she cannot replicate this performance. Sukinasaki ends the performance by accidentally throwing off her shirt, exposing her naked upper torso.

At Kiyoterae's break room, Sukinasaki broods over how embarassed she is. Akune comes in and asks Furousan a favor since he wants to get a little serious. At the back of the stage, Kikaijima is shaking with nervousiness. Kikaijima blames Zenkichi and Medaka for their conflict and making her sing. Zenkichi tells her to shout her feelings to everyone - to Medaka, if she really feels that way. Kikaijima gives the mike back to Zenkichi and says that she does not need a mike to talk to her friends. Kikaijima appears on the stage in her swimsuit and shouts that Medaka is an idiot, that she never listens. Slowly, everyone claps, and then cheer for her, showing their respect for Kikaijima who talked to Medaka like that. Medaka smiles and says to Kikaijima that she will listen to her and her heart completely tonight. Akune comes out with Furousan's doubleneck guitar and plays a powerful song. Furousan says that the guitar is overjoyed now that it can play real music. Medaka tells Najimi that she is proud to have earned Akune's affection for some time. Zenkichi comes out and plays the Harmonica. Najimi believes that Zenkichi is the maestro for the group, bringing out the full potential out of others. She also adds that Medaka could copy Zenkichi's ability to encourage his friends, but Medaka, while crying, says it might be difficult. At the council's breakroom, the Kiyoterae visits them, commending them for their hard work. They add that the crowd wants a encore, but Akune says they should decide the winner of this Band Battle. Sukinasaki says that, as long as everyone enjoys life, they are all winners. Kiyoterae and the Student Council get on the stage together and performed. At the end, a poster is shown, stating the date of the Seiyasai - the time of Chirstmas celebration, and the election.

The Grand Finale at the Seiyasai

Medaka beings her 3rd Orientation for the Candidates - Table Top Roleplaying Game with Tsugiha as the host of the game. Medaka looks upon the Candidate Council and feels proud that they might have taught her more than she has taught them. After that orientation, Medaka congradulates them and tells them of their final orientation - to beat Medaka in the election and end the Flask Plan. After the candidates leave, Kikaijima wonders why Najimi wants to create a perfect human in the first place. Medaka laughs and says that she might be doing it because it's impossible. Midway in her sentence, Medaka realizes Najimi's true intentions. She curses her stupidness. Medaka says that she must defeat Najimi soon.

Over at the headquarters of the Election Committee, Kumagawa presses Tachiarai to let him be in the part of the election. Tachiarai says that Seniors can't be a President candidate. Zenkichi comes in and puts his registration into Tachiarai's mouth. Kumagawa asks him why he doesn't confess to Medaka now. Zenkichi says he needs to be a better man, worthy of Medaka. Kumagawa asks what if Medaka died tomorrow? Will Zenkichi spend the rest of his life with a grave? He adds that making a girl wait is the worse thing Zenkichi could do. Zenkichi says that he wants to make Medaka happy. Kumagawa says that, in a relationship, he isn't suppose to make her happy, they are suppose to make each other happy. With so much weakness and fear, Kumagawa adds, Zenkichi has become a Minus just like him. Kumagawa welcomes Zenkichi to Class Minus 13 and says that the water here is shallow. Zenkichi kicks Kumgawa and then leaves, thanking him. Finally, Seiyasai is here and, on the main stage, the Suggestion Box will be used as a ballot box.

At the main stage, Tichiarai is seen standing. The entire student body showed up to see this once in a life time event. Tichiarai welcomes everyone and has the President candidates each do a short speech. The first is the Candidate Council. Takarabe pleasingly says that this Academy is the worst of Japan; with all the fights, injured students, elitist students, and aloof teachers, how can it not be the worse. The Candidate Council want to abolish the elected system of presidency and push for a representative republic reform. Zenkichi is next to give his speech and he follows up on the idea that this school is the worse. He believes that it is wrong for the student body to have Medaka fight all their battles for them - Medaka's enemies weren't the people she fought against, but the people who stood behind her asking for help. Zenkichi asks everyone to shoulder their burdens so that they can defeat Medaka and let her live in peace. Medaka is next. Medaka comes up, stares at Najimi, and says that, although she would proudly let the others take over the presidency, she cannot do that. She wants to be responsible for everything that has happen and will happen to the other candidates and that she is born to help strangers. As the speechs are over, the student body come up and put their ballots into the suggestion box. Kujira asks Najimi about Zenkichi's skill that is supposely going to defeat Medaka. Najimi reveals that his skill , Devil Style, is merely meant to cancel out coincidences - the biggest aspect of a Main Character. Tachiarai announces that the tallying is done.

After a brief moment of tension, Tachiarai shows the graph of the election. Zenkichi recieved 62% of the votes, the Candidate Council recieved 36%, and Medaka recieved 2%. Everyone is shocked. Medaka body is shaking from losing for the first time. She tries to give Zenkichi her uniform but falls down. Medaka offers Zenkichi the armband of the president while still on the ground. In the crowd, Maguro believes that the reason Medaka lost is because she has become too unhuman to be able to relate to everyone else. Najimi says that he's deduction has no love in it. She believes that the student body wanted to free Medaka from her burden after hearing Zenkichi's speech. Medaka asks Zenkichi what reason was she born for. Zenkichi considers confessing to her now but he tells her that he does not know and that she should spend her time finding what is her purpose. After all, saying that she was born for the sake of strangers is wrong - the entire student body does not see Medaka as a stranger anymore. Medaka, realizing this, gives out her last order as president; she will devise the Flask Plan, and give Maguro and Kujira authority over it to prevent any bad exprimentations as well. She says that such a plan that created a person like Zenkichi isn't bad. She bows down to Zenkichi and accepts her lost. Kujira congradulations Najimi on her success in everything that has happened. She laughs solemly and says she merely gambled on him. She points a finger gun to her head, and says she has lived a uselessly long life. As she was about to kill herself, Medaka used Kurokami Phantom to instantly come up to Najimi and stops her. Medaka lives a trail of destroyed property behind her. Medaka says loudly that Najimi's disesase is Simulated Reality - the belief that she is living in a fictional world, like a manga. Tsurubami explains this and says that people with this disease usually get out of it by failing. Medaka adds that there was so many hints to her problem - the personalitys of her Not Equal proxies, the games, and Najimi's talk about breaking the 4th wall. Medaka also reveals that Najimi created the Flask Plan in order to fail, to disconfirm her disease. Outraged, the entire student body yells that this world is not a manga. Najimi says that she will kill herself to end her boredom. Medaka punches Najimi in the head. Medaka sees Najimi as nothing more than a baby and that she shouldn't involve Zenkichi into this. Medaka promises to stop Najimi from killing herself and that suicide shall be her impossibility. She writes the desciptions of Najimi on her fan and put it in front of her, telling her she shall start over as a 1st Year as Medaka will teach her of reality. Medaka tells her that life is epic. As the last Bookmaker Seal disappears, Najimi crys, accepting that the impossibility to end her life is her purpose for life. Medaka gives the armband to Zenkichi and then kisses him, saying that she has fallen for him.


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