Kenri Noogata (直方 賢理, Noogata Kenri) is a junior of Class 13, though he is not a member of the Thirteen Party.


Very little about Noogata's personality is known, but he bears the arrogance characteristic of the majority of Abnormals.[1]


Noogata's height is 190cm (6'3").[2] He wears a pair of black pants, wristbands, and bandages wrapped around his middle. He has brown eyes, black hair, and dark blue tattoos on both his shoulders.


Thirteen Party Arc

Medaka defeats three Abnormals

The Abnormal trio defeated.

After Nekomi Nabeshima defeats Myouga Unzen, Noogata confronts Medaka Kurokami along with his fellow members of Class 13, Garaharu Ushibuka and Royal Hirado, in the hopes that defeating her will enter them into the Thirteen Party. Noogata tells Medaka that as the newest member of the Flask Plan, she will be getting no rest from here on out, before all three of them attack her at once. Medaka defeats them all in an instant with no remarkable show of effort (she continues fixing her hair throughout the assault), only commenting that she held back on reflex.[3]

Kumagawa Incident Arc

After news of the Flask Plan's halt is spread throughout the academy (using Twitter), Noogata leaves the school with the majority of Class 13.[4] On August twenty-second, Noogata is among Medaka's former enemies who show up to cheer for her during the President's Battle.[5]

Bouquet Toss To The Future Arc

Noogata is among the students who confront Medaka at the beginning of the 100 Flowers Run, holding flower number seventy-one.[6] He and the others are all blown away by Medaka's Kurokami Final. Noogata thinks to himself that it was nice fighting with her, even if for a short time. All present wonder if Medaka thinks of their time together as good memories.[7] His message to Medaka is to beware assassins.[8]


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