Kei Munakata (宗像 形, Munakata Kei) is a senior of Class 13 and a former member of the Flask Plan's Thirteen Party. His project name is Last Carpet (枯れた樹海, Rasuto Kāpetto). He is the older brother of Koi Munakata.


Munakata acts calm and reserved most of the time, but due to his Abnormality constantly has the urge to kill people.[1] However, he does not kill without reason; rather, all reasons are good enough for him to kill someone.[2] Despite this, he knows killing is wrong, and learnt how to use a vast and diverse arsenal of hidden weapons as a way to keep people at a distance so he would not hurt them. However, this way of life was a lonely one, so Munakata joined the Flask Plan to try and make friends. After his defeat at the hands of Zenkichi Hitoyoshi, he finally makes a friend.[3] Munakata cares deeply for his friendship with Zenkichi, joining the Loser Team to help him,[4] and later preparing to kill Misogi Kumagawa for Zenkichi's sake.[5] Youka Naze considers Munakata the Abnormal closest to being a Minus, however, Kumagawa disagrees, and instead believes Munakata is the furthest from being a Minus, as he does not smile in the face of hardship.[6]


Munakata has long, spiky blue hair tied in a small ponytail at the back, and blue eyes. He wears the standard men's uniform of Hakoniwa Academy. When dressed casually, Munakata wears a jacket with several pockets over a tight shirt, with dark pants. Munakata is nearly always seen with a calm, blank expression on his face. Ten years later, Munakata wears a Japanese exorcist's outfit.


When walking through a city at a young age, Munakata first realized how fragile human lives are.[7] Upon joining the Flask Plan, Munakata was taught hidden weapon usage by Maguro Kurokami.[8] However, Munakata demonstrated no aptitude with weaponry.[9] At some point in time, Munakata created Naze's blade-proof tights at her request.[10]


Thirteen Party Arc

Hakama and six members of the Thirteen Party

Munakata and five other members of the Thirteen Party.

After Medaka Kurokami leaves Hakama Shiranui's office, Munakata and five other members of the Thirteen Party make their presence known. Questioned by Hakama of his opinion of Medaka, Munakata states he is unimpressed, pointing out that she didn't notice any of them, though he admits he was surprised by the results of the dice test.[11] As Hakama details the history of the Flask Plan, culminating with his belief that the project has reached the final step with the present incarnation of the Thirteen Party, Munakata listens on without comment.[12]

Munakata attacks Medaka

Munakata attacks Medaka.

On the second floor, Munakata awaits the Student Council.[13] When the Student Council arrives on the second floor, Munakata orders them to close the door so as not disrupt the room's fragile environment. Munakata introduces himself, then asks them to move on as he is busy watering the plants, and is not the fighting type. As Medaka turns, he attacks her from behind with a sword. She manages to dodge, surprising Munakata, who states he had heard she couldn't move reflexively. He then reveals himself as a hidden weapons user, and the killing type. After hearing how Sanou Tsushima and Unou Tsushima describe him, he corrects them, claiming that he has plenty of reasons for killing; they just aren't the reasons normal people have.[14] When Maguro shows up, Munakata remembers him as the one who taught him how to use hidden weapons, turning him from a fearful killer into a repulsive killer.[15] As Zenkichi prepares to fight him, Munakata readies his weapons, and states the two of them could have been friends. For that reason, he will kill Zenkichi.[16]

Zenkichi versus Munakata

Munakata versus Zenkichi.

Munakata offers Zenkichi a sword, though he actually intends to slash the younger boy when he moves within range. Zenkichi does not take the bait. Munakata attacks, only for his sword to be knocked out of his hands. He draws multiple swords and attacks again, only to be methodically disarmed by Zenkichi. He tries again with a pair of sledgehammers, only for Zenkichi to stop this attack as well. Having decided how best to kill Zenkichi, Munakata reveals a spiked staff, which he claims will make up for his poor movements, and cannot be blocked. However, Zenkichi stops the attack with his shirt, and knees Munakata in the chest, knocking him to the ground. Munakata takes out two guns, a Smith & Wesson 44 Magnum, and a Desert Eagle.[17] Munakata takes aim with his guns, only for them to be kicked away by Zenkichi. He is amazed to see Zenkichi charged with the guns pointing at him, and is more amazed when Zenkichi disassembles them. Munakata pulls out a large number of guns, but they are kicked away before he can use them. He and Zenkichi begin rapidly struggling in close quarters.[18][19] Munakata tosses a pair of grenades at Zenkichi, though he does not expect them to be effective either. Seeing Zenkichi kick them into a pond, Munakata pulls out a rocket launcher. Zenkichi kicks it away though, surprising Munakata by avoiding both the trigger and the gun powder. With his weapons gone, Munakata's speed increases drastically, and he attacks Zenkichi from behind with his bare hands. He is kicked in the head by Zenkichi, and knocked to the ground.[20] Munakata impales Zenkichi in the back with five swords. He rises to his feet, and chides Zenkichi for dropping his guard, claiming he hasn't even used half of his hidden weapons yet.[21]

Zenkichi and Munakata clasp hands

Munakata and Zenkichi clasp hands.

Munakata stands over the fallen Zenkichi, and chides the Student Council for believing their loved ones wouldn't die.[22] As Medaka sobs, he tells her her sensitivity makes him want to kill her. He accuses Maguro of being responsible for Zenkichi's death, as Maguro wrote up the draft for the current Flask Plan. He is shocked when Zenkichi rises to his feet.[23] Munakata tells Zenkichi to give up; but when Zenkichi accuses him of not wanting to kill, Munakata loses his temper and draws all his remaining weapons.[24] He is surprised by the strength of Zenkichi's kick, but is not impressed, not seeing how the kick alone will defeat him. Munakata is caught unawares as the weapons Zenkichi kicked into the ceiling earlier fall down, deeply wounding him. He expresses his disbelief that Zenkichi thought so far ahead, and accuses Zenkichi of being too scared.[25] He collapses, his blades scattered around him.[26] When the Tsushima twins suggest that Munakata has been faking his Abnormality, Munakata refutes them. Rising into a sitting position, he explains that his desire to kill is real, but that he loves people, so he keeps them away by pretending to be a murderer. He admits that it was lonely living like that however, so he joined the Flask Plan to make friends. He then tells Zenkichi he feels he could get along with him, and asks the younger boy if he wants to be friends with him. Zenkichi states that, after risking their lives in battle, they are already friends. Zenkichi offers Munakata his hand, who takes it.[27]

Munakata cuts the Loser Team free

Munakata cuts the Loser Team free.

As Zenkichi tells the Student Council they have to regroup outside the Flask Plan labs, Munakata arrives along with Myouri Unzen, Harigane Onigase, Nekomi Nabeshima, and Myouga Unzen, and Shigusa Takachiho to provide support.[28][29] Munakata assures the Student Council that, while he may not be much help, he will do his best.[30] Munakata tells Sanou that only Unzen and the Plus Six can use the elevator.[31] When the Plus Six arrive, Munakata draws a sword. He tells Gunki Itoshima that he has not betrayed anyone, but has chosen to stand in the light.[32] Munakata tells Unzen he should be in the drama club. Together, the Loser Team prepares to fight the Plus Six.[33] Munakata and the others are quickly captured by Yutori Chikuzen's hair; however, Takachiho escapes and distracts her along enough for Munakata to cut them all free. He then pulls out his guns and opens fire on the Plus Six. He is shocked to see them unharmed.[34] While Medaka and company prepare to descend to the thirteenth floor, Munakata and the others are still fighting the Plus Six. Munakata fights Shoko Kamimine with a handgun and his rocket launcher.[35] Later, he, along with the rest of the Loser Team and the Plus Six, is defeated by Kumagawa.[36]

Kumagawa Incident Arc

Munakata lies defeated as Kumagawa gloats.[37][38] Following the battle, he is sent to the hospital along with the rest of Kumagawa's victims. Instead of external wounds, those who got pierced through with the giant screws took severe mental damage.[39] On August twenty-second, Munakata is among Medaka's former enemies who show up to cheer for her during the President's Battle.[40][41]

Kurokami Medaka's Successor Arc

When Zenkichi decides to oppose Medaka, Munakata sides with Zenkichi. After Zenichi is defeated by Medaka, Munakata arrives with Naze and announces to everyone present that Zenkichi has support in opposing Medaka. He then takes Zenichi off to the infirmary.

Munakata later pretends to leave school in order to spy on Kumagawa. As Kumagawa decides to make a third party to oppose both sides, Munakata decides to put a stop to Kumagawa as he would be getting and Zenichi's way and would hinder him. They both proceed to battle. It is revealed that Munakata and Zenichi spent time together over the summer.

As the battle is underway Munakata is attacked by a sound cannon fired by Kikajima and simply cuts through it. He reveals that during the Student Council battle he was stuck in the hospital, filled with bitter feelings. As the battle wages on Munakata deals fatal blows to Kumawaga with a bladed boomerang, shots fired from a gun aimed at Kikaijima, and a stab to the throat with his bare hands, killing Kumagawa. Afterwards he learns that the Candidate Student Council, including his little sister, plan on forming a third party. Kumawaga revives and reveals he has All Fiction once again. Munakata leaves in order to inform the others. Kumawaga states after he leaves that no one can catch him once he moves at full speed, and that Munakata has actually grown stronger than him.

Unknown Shiranui Arc

Munakata cuts Iihiko

Munakata cuts Iihiko.

Walking to school with Zenkichi, Munakata is informed of the events of the Jet Black Wedding Feast. Hearing that Zenkichi and Medaka are now engaged, he advises Zenkichi talk to Medaka and sort things out properly. He is surprised when Medaka rebuffs Zenkichi's advances.[42] At the Shiranui Village, the Thirteen Party's Front Six are introduced by Oudo Miyakonojou.[43] Stating that he does not need a reason to kill him, Munakata attacks Iihiko Shishime with his blades.[44] Munakata stands back as Oudo converses with Medaka.[45] When Iihiko is knocked off the mountain by an armored truck, Munakata joins the others in making their escape.[46][47] As Zenkichi hovers near death, Munakata's voice is one of the many that gives him encouragement.[48] He is also one of the people he remembers before preparing to fight Iihiko Shishime.[49] At the end of the academic year, Munakata is among the graduating students present at the Hakoniwa Academy graduation ceremony.[50]

Bouquet Toss To The Future Arc

The entirety of the Thirteen Party await Medaka in Class 13's homeroom, to challenge her as part of the 100 Flowers Run.[51] His message to Medaka is a thank you.[52]

Epilogue Arc

Ten years later, Munakata has succeeded as head of the Munakata family, and now fights demons.[53]


  • Munakata's hidden weapons.
  • Munakata's katana.
  • Munakata's hammers.
  • Munakata's spiked staff.
  • Munakata's Smith & Wesson 44 Magnum and Desert Eagle.
  • Munakata's grenades.
  • Munakata's rocket launcher.
  • Munakata's boomerang.
  • Munakata gets serious.

Hidden Weapons Specialist: Trained by Maguro,[54] Munakata is a hidden weapons specialist, capable of hiding numerous weapons concealed within his clothing,[55] even weapons that have much bigger dimensions than his body.[56] However, Munakata is not particularly talented with using any of these weapons, and instead focuses on overwhelming his opponents rather than taking them out with any kind of finesse. However, he is aware of which of his weapons are best depending on the situation, and after feeling out his opponent, can choose the best weapon with which to defeat them.[57] After being defeated by Kumagawa, Munakata spent his time training, and has improved to the extent that he can cut through sound with a sword.[58]


Superhuman Speed: Munakata carries so much weaponry on his person, that it actually slows him down; as he uses up more of his weapons, he becomes much faster.[59] After Munakata drops all his weapons, his maximum speed surpasses even Kumagawa himself.[60]


Killing Impulse (殺人衝動, Satsujin Shōdō): Munakata's Abnormality is his instinctive desire to kill.[61] Before being a weapons specialist, he is a killer,[62] and it is the very intensity of his urges that drives him to isolation.[63] His Abnormality is more similar to that of a Minus,[64] but because of his personality, he has retained his humanity and has not fallen to madness.[63] His instinctual ability as a killer is so great that he is capable of inflicting fatal injuries with his bare hands.[65] However, as a killing expert Munakata is also quite adept at not killing people.[66] Even if Munakata himself is in danger of being killed, he can dodge the blow of impact to survive.[67] After finally killing someone for the first time, Munakata discovers murder to be boring, and has lost both his desire to kill, and subsequently, his Abnormality.[68]

Differences Between Anime and Manga

In the anime, Munakata is seen standing with five other members of the Thirteen Party atop the clock tower while Medaka is hospitalized.[69]


  • When translated from kanji, Last Carpet means A Sea of Dead Trees.
  • Munakata was voted the ninth most popular character in the series in the third popularity poll with 483 votes.
  • Munakata was voted the fifth most popular character in the series in the second popularity poll with 807 votes.
  • Munakata was voted the third most popular character in the series in the first popularity poll with 323 votes.


  • (Catchphrase) "So I'll kill you."[70]


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