The Judo Club (柔道部, Judo Bu) is one of Hakoniwa Academy's several student organizations.


The Judo Club is one of the academy's competitive fighting teams, specializing in the practice of judo. The team is quite skilled, having made it to nationals in singles matches.[1] There does not seem to be an official method for the club's captain to decide on his or her successor, as Nekomi Nabeshima requested the Student Council's help in choosing who would become the new captain.[2]


Judo Hall

Judo Hall

The Judo Club is based in the academy's Judo Hall, a spacious building with room for the numerous members to spar and practice.[3]

Notable Members



Pilot Chapter

Pilot Judo Club

The Judo Club in the Pilot

In the pilot chapter, the Judo Club has fallen on hard times, possessing only four members, due to the captain's preference to "fun judo" rather than "excellent judo".[4] When Medaka Kurokami tries to reform the club, all four members resign due to the harshness of her training.[5] However, after watching Zenkichi Hitoyoshi perform valiantly in a Judo match, their passion for Judo is rekindled, and the club members return to competition.[6]

Notable Members in the Pilot



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