The Jet Black Bride Arc (漆黒の花嫁衣裳編, Shikkoku no Hanayomeishou Hen)[1][2] is the fifth story arc of the Medaka Box series.

Arc Outline

Relieved from her duties as head of the Student Council, Medaka Kurokami enjoys her days as a normal student until she is informed of the start of the "Jet Black Wedding Feast", a battle royale between representatives of the seven branch families of the Kurokami Group for the right to become Medaka's husband and the successor to the main family. By having contestant Kamome Tsurubami relinquish his invitation to her, Medaka joins the competition determined to defeat her suitors and earn the right to keep living her life freely. Upon learning of her situation, Zenkichi Hitoyoshi and his new Student Council start looking for her. As the suitors are eliminated from the Feast, they stay behind to confront the Student Council, trying to prevent Zenkichi from reuniting with Medaka. Ultimately, Zenkichi catches up to Medaka, but is taken hostage, forcing Medaka to compete with her final three suitors in a word game of "Delete Shiritori". The game concludes with Medaka forcing the last suitor to say "surrender", ending the Jet Black Wedding Feast. Together with Zenkichi and her friends, Medaka returns to Hakoniwa Academy.

Invitation to a Feast of Death

Medaka's New Look

Medaka's new look.

Sporting a new outfit and hairstyle, Medaka runs wild around the school, decimating the various sports clubs. Several students confront Zenkichi in the Student Council office, asking him to do something about Medaka, all the while calling him such things as the "Devil President", the "Jersey President", and the "Harmonica President", a series of titles that lead Zenkichi to believe they hold no respect for him as the Student Council President. With a sigh, Zenkichi promises to talk with Medaka, but tells the students that they should be glad Medaka has finally become a kid like them. In the cafeteria, Medaka happily chows down, and asks Konomi Mera for more. Kuroudo Iizuka tells Mera he is surprised by Medaka's appetite, noting that she is eating more than Hansode Shiranui. Mera tells Iizuka that this is most likely Medaka's true appetite, as being a glutton while on top would not be proper, and mentions that, on a whim, Medaka decided to stop eating meat while she was president. Mera concludes that while she liked the stoic Medaka, she likes the released Medaka even more. Iizuka agrees that he prefers this side of her to her stoic self.

Tsurubami and Medaka discuss Fukurou

Tsurubami and Medaka discuss Fukurou.

Once full, Medaka turns her attention to Tsurubami. He explains that he was willing to wait because Najimi Ajimu requested he do so, but now that it is the third semester, he tells Medaka he came to meet her as Fukurou Tsurubami's hidden son. Medaka excitedly asks him if she can call him her little brother. Tsurubami is somewhat unnerved by Medaka's insistence that they treat each other as siblings, but refers to her as "Meda-nee" all the same. Listening, Mera and Iizuka both think Medaka sounds just like Maguro Kurokami. Tsurubami tells her he heard from Ajimu that she killed his father, and asks her whether that is the truth. Medaka confirms it, telling him that it was her fault the man she loved as a father died, and that the Tsurubami family went extinct. Tsurubami assures her that the Tsurubami family is not extinct, and asks her how the father he never knew died in a place he didn't know of. Medaka explains how she has seven suitors, of which his father was one. She further explains that each suitor was a member of a subfamily of the Kurokami family, and that they all fought three years ago in what is now called the Jet Black Wedding Feast for her hand. Fukurou managed to win, but was killed by an unknown entity; after that, the courting died down. After hearing of the Jet Black Wedding Feast, Tsurubami thanks Medaka, telling her he is relieved to hear what happened, as Ajimu had him imagining something else. Medaka suggests they talk more somewhere else, and makes to leave, calling out to Mera and Iizuka. She and Tsurubami are surprised by the arrival of Bukiko Udou, and Medaka is shocked to see the girl managed to brutally beat both Mera and Iizuka without her noticing.

Udou defeats Mera and Iizuka

Udou defeats Mera and Iizuka.

When Medaka notices her, Udou tosses Mera aside and introduces herself as a member of the Ge'hyoukai, and claims she has great news. Hearing that Udou is with the Ge'hyoukai, Medaka explains to Tsurubami that the title is short for Gekka Hyoujin Kai, and they are the sponsors of the Jet Black Wedding Feast. Udou claims that she knows nothing of what happened three years ago, but reveals that there will be a second Jet Black Wedding Feast held now that Medaka is sixteen, horrifying Medaka. Tsurubami asks Udou why the Ge'hyoukai are trying to marry Medaka to one of the six suitors who lost to his father three years ago, surprising Medaka that he spoke up. Udou tells him that all the original suitors are dead, and that new suitors from each family have been selected; she has in fact come for Tsurubami, not Medaka, to invite him to the Jet Black Wedding Feast, as a suitor and representative of the Tsurubami family. Accepting Udou's invitation, Tsurubami asks her why she is doing this. Udon goes on to explain that everything is for the growth of the Kurokami Group, and that once a suitor is selected, the marriage will take place immediately. She turns to Medaka and tells her that once the process of elimination is over, she will be expected to drop out of school, and that she should make no complaints. Medaka states that only the old her would have agreed with that. She then destroys the tip of Udou's spear with wind pressure, warning the other girl that she is filled with energy after having eaten meat for the first time in nine months. Medaka asks Tsurubami if he wants to marry her; Tsurubami vehemently denies it. Medaka takes his invitation and declares her intent to enter the Jet Black Wedding Feast and defeat all of her suitors. A shocked Udou asks her if she doesn't want to be happy; Medaka states her wish to be free, and that she is happy she can finally fight for herself, a declaration that causes both Mera and Iizuka to smile.

All Jokers

The All Jokers.

Before leaving, Udou tells Medaka and Tsurubami that they need to find four more people to join them. Carrying Mera on her back, Medaka apologizes to Tsurubami for getting him involved anyway. Carrying Iizuka on his back, Tsurubami asks Medaka who else they will get to fight with them, suggesting Zenkichi. She declines his suggestion, instead having four others in mind. She assembles a group composed of Misogi Kumagawa, Shiranui, Hanten Shiranui, and Ajimu, telling Tsurubami that she chose the strongest people she could think of. Kumagawa's promised reward is Medaka naked in just an apron, Shiranui's promised reward is a full Manchu Han Imperial Feast, Hanten's promised reward is a drinking bar, and Ajimu's promised reward is a waste of time.

Headed Towards War

The gathered suitors

The gathered suitors.

Later, the All Jokers meet Udou on the aircraft carrier Black, the greatest piece in her collection, and the stage for the second Jet Black Wedding Feast. Udou explains they need to be on the sea because it is a neutral zone. They follow Udou into the ship, with Medaka explaining to her teammates about her situation. Kumagawa notes that Medaka is very popular, though Medaka tells him she would marry him tomorrow if he asked. Passing through a door, Medaka nearly steps on Kairai Kugurugi, though she manages to avoid him. Kairai sits up and apologizes; after Tsurubami accuses him of being a pervert, he accepts the label as a compliment, and reveals the other suitors waiting behind him are perverts as well. Shinkirou Kotobuki introduces himself as pervert number two, and claims his favorite kind of girl is an eight-year-old girl. Genjitsu Momozono introduces himself as pervert number three, and claims he prefers the two-dimensional world to the three-dimensional world. Sakugo Nienami introduces himself as pervert number four, and claims he likes a girl covered in blood. Kariteru Kanaino introduces himself as pervert number five, and claims he likes girls with glasses, and thinks all girls should wear glasses. Gizou Yuzuriha introduces himself as pervert number zero, and states that if there is no bread, panties will also work.

Medaka stopped by the All Jokers

Medaka stopped by the All Jokers.

After hearing her suitors introduce themselves, Medaka tries to laugh their perversion off, though she is clearly disgusted; Tsurubami tells her not to force herself. Kumagawa notes he sees a resemblance between Medaka, Tsurubami, and their relatives, though Medaka and Tsurubami both deny it, Medaka claiming she likes being looked at, but not stripping, and Tsurubami claiming he only likes a girl's shoes as much as a normal person, though their socks are a different matter. Listening to Medaka, Kairai tells her to insult them as much as she likes, but reminds her that she will be marrying one of them. He then tells her that once they are married, he will have her step on him every morning. Shinkirou expresses his belief that Medaka will give birth to a wonderful little girl. Genjitsu expresses his belief that Medaka will make a great two-dimensional object if pressed. Sakugo excitedly mumbles about blood. Kariteru expresses his belief that Medaka will look good even in fake glasses. Gizou wonders whether breakfast will be bread or panties. Kairai taunts Medaka about the death of Fukurou Tsurubami; before she can lunge at him, Udou gets between them, stating that taunting is not allowed. She then explains that the second Jet Black Wedding Feast is a six versus six elimination battle; the first team with six victories wins. She goes on to state that if Tsurubami's team wins, then Medaka's ties to her suitors will be cut, while if the Sub-House Joint Team (Udou accidentally begins to call them the Pervert Team) wins, a final round to decide everything will be planned. Kairai asks Gizou what order they should go in, who only smiles. After hearing the rules, Medaka prepares to fight her suitors by herself, revealing that she only picked the other team members by their ability not to die. Tsurubami is shocked to hear that Medaka planned to fight alone from the start, but understands her reasoning for inviting only teammates with the best chances of surviving. Medaka starts to tell the others what they should say to Zenkichi if something happens, but is stopped by Shiranui, Kumagawa, and Ajimu, who tell her they intend to fight no matter what she says; Ajimu states that she will fight first.

The suitors in their pajamas

The true suitors.

Kairai is the first to battle Ajimu, stating he will defeat her in five seconds. Shinkirou is the second to battle Ajimu, stating that he will remove three limiters to fight her. Genjitsu is the third to battle Ajimu, believing he had a 97% chance of winning. Sakugo is the fourth to battle Ajimu, telling her she will regret not losing before she had to fight him. Kariteru is the fifth to battle Ajimu, claiming he had prepared "that" for the occasion should he need to fight. Gizou is the last to battle Ajimu, making another pun concerning panties before he does so. However, Ajimu defeats all six of the suitors using six hundred of her skills, and one more to count up how many she did use. She rather flippantly remarks that, with only six hundred, it wouldn't have been strange if either side had won. Kumagawa is less surprised than the others by Ajimu's easy defeat of the six suitors, having seen what she is capable of fully powered before. The same cannot be said of Medaka, who feels as if she should bow down and apologize. Ajimu shyly claims she only meant to use four hundred and fifty-nine skills, but that reality isn't kind. She then confronts Udou, demanding that she introduce the real suitors, as the six she just defeated were merely doubles. Tsurubami is surprised by the revelation that the six she just defeated are actually only doubles, and asks Ajimu if it is true. Udou admits that the six men were only doubles, and apologizes for tricking the group. Medaka asks Ajimu if she stepped in so she wouldn't have to fight a pointless battle; Ajimu replies that she just wanted to troll Medaka. Udou reveals however that doubles were not used to test the outsiders' strength. Pressed by Ajimu, Udou admits that all the real suitors actually overslept. The real suitors then make their appearance, all of them still in their pajamas. Medaka is shocked to see that the real suitors are all women, while Tsurubami is even more shocked to hear the reason for the doubles was that the actual suitors all slept in. Kumagawa points out that, with six victories for Tsurubami's team, the Jet Black Wedding Feast is technically already over. Udou is put out by how easily Kumagawa brushes off the real suitors, and wonders how they will respond. Namanie Nienami readies her sword to attack, but she is stopped by another of the suitors, who states that they just need to defeat the doubles as well. Kumagawa actually dissuades a suitor from continuing the fight, a success that surprises Tsurubami. Hearing the plan for the continuation of the Jet Black Wedding Feast, Ajimu points out that there is still little reason for Medaka to agree to participate. One suitor however offers to reveal the identity of Fukurou's murderer, stunning Tsurubami and Medaka. Shiranui advises her to decline the offer. Medaka accepts even so, surprising the others, and causing Tsurubami to remark that Medaka views Fukurou as more of a father than Tsurubami himself. The smallest suitor then seals the All Jokers into a set of cards, taking them hostage to ensure Medaka's cooperation.

Zenkichi's new Student Council

Zenkichi's new Student Council.

In the Student Council office, Zenkichi is informed by his new general affairs manager Kudaki Torai that Medaka, Ajimu, Hanten, Shiranui, Kumagawa, and Tsurubami have been missing for the past seven days. She begins to move on to another topic, but Zenkichi cuts her off. Labeling the six as the academy's top troublemakers, Zenkichi decides the Student Council will go find them, despite Torai's protests. She rebukes him, stating that doing so would be a violation of the students' trust in him; Zenkichi tells her that he will not be violating anyone's expectations: "I am always beside Medaka-chan." has been his manifest all his life. Zenkichi's new Student Council is revealed, including Shori Wanizuka as the new secretary, Mukae Emukae as the new treasurer, and Youka Naze as the new vice-president.

Hakoniwa Academy's 100th Student Council in Action

The Student Council surrounds Namanie

The Student Council surrounds Nienami.

Arriving on the aircraft carrier Black by helicopter, the Student Council discover the ship deserted. Naze expresses her annoyance that Zenkichi doubts she brought them to the right place, citing what she had to go through with Maguro to find out about the Jet Black Wedding Feast, as well as get the helicopter. A flashback shows that Naze decided to be the Vice-President when Zenkichi approached her about finding new members for the Student Council. Emukae promises Zenkichi they will not abandon Medaka, and he gratefully asks her to be his friend forever, which makes her blush. Watching Zenkichi and Emukae interact, Naze thinks that both of them are idiots. Worrying that they have lost their lead, Wanizuka wonders how she will face the other candidates who helped her in the past; Zenkichi reminds her that they just went back to middle school. Torai again expresses her unwillingness to leave the school, and tells Zenkichi to stop using formalities with her. Zenkichi tells her that while he did come to foil the suitors, he is also concerned about the All Jokers, noting that they all share a weakness that could be used to capture them. He begins to elaborate, but then knocks Torai to the ground, as the helicopter splits in half. Naze is horrified, demanding to know what her brother will do to her when he finds out. As Nienami steps forward, Wanizuka is shocked that she was able to cut the helicopter from such distance. Zenkichi is surprised to see one of the suitors is a girl. He tells Torai to hide, then orders the others to use formation thirty-two. The Student Council surrounds Nienami, Zenkichi telling her that she is too dangerous for any of them to fight one on one.

Torai strikes Namanie

Torai strikes Nienami.

Nienami decides to go for the strongest, and attacks Naze. Naze thanks her for the compliment, and creates two swords, one of fire, and the other of ice. She is surprised when Nienami manages to cut through them, but thinks to herself that the attack isn't too fast to dodge. Though Naze dodges Nienami's attack, Zenkichi warns his master that Nienami managed to cut her true target; the entire ship. Zenkichi is horrified, noting that they are sliding towards her. Emukae wails as she falls, complaining that her skirt is going up. As Nienami approaches, Wanizuka realizes she purposely maneuvered them into one location where she could cut them all down at once. As Nienami approaches, Zenkichi apologizes to her; she tells him there is no point in trying to save his life. However, he reveals he was apologizing for misleading her about the Student Council's strength; Nienami is shocked to find Torai behind her. Interested, she asks for their names. After the other members introduce themselves, Torai delivers a crippling blow to Nienami's middle, knocking her to the ground. Zenkichi compliments Torai on her footwork, who tells him she is still getting the hang of it, and again tells him to drop the formalities. Emukae confirms that the ship empty, and Wanizuka suggests they leave, pointing out that the ship will soon sink. Zenkichi asks Emukae to help him carry Namanei, but Nienami shakily rises to her feet, coughing up blood, and declares that she will tell them the second stage of the Jet Black Wedding Feast if they can defeat her. Torai is amazed, claiming her attack should have immobilized Namanei. Zenkichi orders the others to retreat, declaring that after giving his name, the President must fight one on one.

Altered God Mode, Model Zenkichi

Altered God Mode, Model Zenkichi.

As he faces down Nienami, Zenkichi introduces himself again, this time adding that he is Medaka's childhood friend, while Nienami adds that she is Medaka's fifth suitor. Torai asks Naze if he will be alright, citing that someone needs to be three times the dan of a kendo practitioner to fight a sword wielder barehanded. Naze tells her that if she were using Kendo, Zenkichi would win. Nienami attacks, chanting "Ruki", and goes for Zenkichi's legs. When he dodges, she grabs his jacket and swings at his head, though he escapes her again by sacrificing his jacket. Watching Zenkichi face Nienami, Wanizuka remarks that Zenkichi is as fast as usual, but that Nienami definitely isn't using kendo. Nienami labels her sword style, and tells Zenkichi that she had no say in becoming Medaka's suitor. Despite this, and that she thinks Medaka an idiot, Nienami claims it would have been wonderful to enter the Kurokami family. Seeing what she is capable of, Zenkichi removes his glasses, and states he will defeat her with his special swords, as his hair turns black. When Zenkichi's hair changes color, Naze explains to Torai his glasses are normal glasses, but as a result of his training with Ajimu and his exposure to Shiranui's Real Eater, he has developed his own Altered God Mode, Model Zenkichi.

Zenkichi bites Namanie

Zenkichi bites Nienami.

Using his arms alone, Zenkichi cuts through Nienami's top, revealing that he will use a two sword style to defeat her. Nienami dodges his next attack however, and declares if he will use a two sword style, she will use her seven sword style. She reveals six short swords hidden beneath her skirt, and then stabs three through each arm. Zenkichi questions her sanity, and asks if she can feel pain at all. Nienami tells Zenkichi it doesn't hurt at all, and asks him why he is chasing Medaka, sarcastically telling him not to say he will be the one to marry Medaka. Questioned by Nienami, Zenkichi states that he will be the one to marry Medaka. He remembers when he cut Medaka's hair; in the Student Council office, Zenkichi asks her what she intends to do from now on. Medaka tells him she doesn't know, but she is excited all the same. In the present, Zenkichi charges Nienami, declaring that he is fighting for Medaka's tomorrow. Nienami cuts his arms; Zenkichi tells her he will use his legs, only to find they have been slashed as well. Nienami tells him that even with his legs, he still has three less swords than she does, and turns away. Torai asks Naze if they shouldn't intervene, who tells her that Zenkichi isn't done yet. Zenkichi retaliates by biting Nienami's shoulder, declaring his twenty-eight swords (his teeth) will trump her seven. Nienami shrieks in pain, and tearfully asks Zenkichi to stop. He does so, and puts his glasses back on as his hair returns to its normal color. He then orders her to tell them where Medaka is, labeling himself as the weakest member of the Student Council. Nienami tells him that out of the six suitors, she was the first to be defeated, thus why she was left on the ship. She then tells them the second location, but warns them of the evil of the Kurokami family.

Suitors on a Plane

The suitors in the Black Bunker

The Suitors in the Black Bunker.

At the Black Bunker, the Kurokami base in the South Pole, Udou is seen in a winter coat, remarking on how cold it is. She asks a ragged and chained Medaka is she should raise the temperature; when Medaka declines, a smiling Udou tells her not to push herself too hard, as the wedding feast has just begun. Udou tells Medaka to behave and in return, Udou will keep her companions safe, including the new ones coming to rescue her. Udou adds that they will be captured immediately, of course. Hearing from Udou that Zenkichi is coming, Medaka produces a large smile and blushes, saying that he is an idiot for neglecting his duties and coming to save her. Udou is confused by Medaka's happy face despite her reprimands for Zenkichi. Udou reviews in her head all the information the Ge'hyoukai has gathered about Zenkichi, and wonders if Medaka has fallen in love. Shaking the feeling off, she checks with Medaka, asking her whether Zenkichi might be coming to save her because he loves her. Medaka shocks Udou by revealing that Zenkichi had already rejected her back when they were kids. Medaka was in fact so smitten with Zenkichi for saving her, that she immediately asked him to marry her, though having just met her, Zenkichi refused her just as quickly, a rejection she took quite hard. Medaka admits that it was her first and last rejection, but that Zenkichi let her stay as his friend because he is a nice guy. Noticing Udou shaking, Medaka asks her what is so funny, though admits that it is weird for a girl to propose immediately after being treated kindly. Hearing Medaka's story, Udou panics, though she hides this from Medaka. Worried that Medaka will soon realize she is in love with Zenkichi, Udou decides that the two must be kept from meeting. She approaches the suitors, telling them that they will be moving to the third stage, only to find one suitor absent. Asking where the woman is, Udou is told that she has gone "plane crashing".

Sui on a jet wing

Kanaino on the jet wing.

Naze flies a jet to the South Pole, informing the Student Council they will be there in one hour, and remarking that the South Pole is remarkably close when traveling at supersonic speed. In the back seat, Zenkichi, Nienami, and the rest of the Student Council are cramped together. Zenkichi asks Naze if there is anything she can do about this, who tells him not to complain as she borrowed the jet from her brother after washing his back while wearing a school swimsuit. Nienami asks why they brought her along, as she has already told them the location of the second stage. She is surprised to hear from Torai that she will be used as a bargaining chip. Looking out the window, Wanizuka asks Zenkichi how high and how fast the plane is going. After he answers, she remarks that their plan to take the plane was useless, as Kanaino crawls along the wing. Zenkichi asks Nienami if the girl on the wing is a suitor; Nienami replies in the affirmative, and tells him they will definitely crash as not even she could defeat the other suitor. Zenkichi laments that they have no way to fight back, only to be stunned as Naze exits the jet to confront her, freezing her feet to the wing. He explains to Torai that Naze can manipulate her body temperature. As he questions Kanaino's posture, Nienami tells Zenkichi it is necessary to keep a low stance to avoid being blown off. Naze tells the suitor that she cannot crash it because it was a major pain to get it from her brother in the first place. Kanaino rushes her, aiming for her legs. Naze dodges by jumping, horrifying the Student Council, who expect her to be blown away by the wind pressure. However, no such thing happens, and Naze kicks Kanaino in the chin, knocking her back. Naze tells Kanaino that she cut the engines earlier so the plane is going at a constant speed. Hearing that Naze cut the engines, Zenkichi remarks that Naze is as prepared as usual. Naze tells Kanaino that she should get up now that the plane is stable, but Kanaino replies by stating her low stance is part of her style, and introduces herself as Medaka's sixth suitor. Naze introduces herself and readies to fight.

Naze's delight at misfortune

Naze's delight at misfortune.

Torai asks what Kanaino is doing, referring to her as four eyes, prompting Zenkichi to remind her that she is a four eyes as well. Wanizuka reminds him that he is a four eyes himself, and Zenkichi calls her an eye patch. Wanizuka goes on to explain Kanaino's stance, pointing out that her vulnerable middle is protected. Emukae asks Zenkichi if Naze will be alright; Zenkichi says Naze will be fine, and admits she is more fit to be Student Council President than he is. Naze cloaks herself in her Ice Tank, and freezes Kanaino to the plane's wing while she is distracted by the armor. Kanaino mocks Naze's naivety, and melts the ice. She then throws several rocks at Naze, shattering her armor. Declaring that the members of the Kurokami house have no need to understand the powers of the branch houses, Kanaino throws another rock at Naze. Torai tells Naze to dodge, but Naze resolves to let it hit her so as to figure out the trick. The Student Council is horrified when wounds erupt over Naze's body, though Naze immediately seals the cuts with ice. Emukae questions if Kanaino has an ability similar to Shibushi's Scar Dead. Naze is surprised to find that the wounds are not deep. Naze launches her Aienkien at Kanaino, though Kanaino splashes it with water, dousing the flames. Kanaino lauds Naze's flashy powers, but tells her that she won't be able to figure her out with the peaceful mindset of the main family. Emukae tries to rationalize how Kanaino doused Naze's flames with water, but Torai refutes her, pointing out how little water Kanaino used. Kanaino tells Naze that the branch families will introduce new blood into the Kurokami family, slyly insulting Nienami in the process. Listening to Kanaino, Naze agrees that the Kurokami family is too peaceful; Kanaino asks if she is despairing at her misfortune. Naze reveals a masochistic smile, stating that such misfortune is wonderful. The others (except for Nienami) are appalled. Claiming she has not been this happy since the Flask Plan, Naze recreates her Ice Tank and charges Kanaino. She shrugs off Kanaino's rocks, and then throws her Himekuri at her, forcing Kanaino to dodge. Naze then reveals that Kanaino is a Kanji User, and goes on to explain her style, as well as how to counter it. Kanaino congratulates Naze on figuring out her style. Dropping her kama from her mouth, she declares her kanji will now be reaching the difficult level.

Kanaino defeated

Naze defeats Kanaino.

Still watching the fight, Zenkichi worries upon hearing Kanaino is a style user like Tsurubami, and thinks that the scenario is worse than he could have imagined. Naze asks Kanaino to move over on the wing and "not go wild"; Kanaino responds by bucking about, using her abilities to rock the plane and throw Naze off. She explains the trick to the shocked Student Council, but is interrupted by an attack from Naze. Torai explains she used the law of convection. Seeing the others don't understand, she tells them that Naze flew. Naze attempts a punch, but Kanaino redirects it. Listening to Kanaino, Zenkichi remarks that her abilities are nearly limitless. Kanaino then goes on the offensive, throwing multiple scythes at Naze, all of which make contact. Naze freezes her wounds, but is still left with multiple scythes sticking out of her. Kanaino tells Naze that she lost when she no longer needed to hide her abilities; she promises to keep them all alive however, stating that she likes them. Questioned by Naze, Kanaino explains the current Jet Black Wedding Feast is to obtain Medaka's blood, and adds that those who cut their ties to the Kurokami name should not interfere. Hearing the true purpose of the Jet Black Wedding Feast, the others are stunned into silence, though when Nienami acts surprised as well, Zenkichi calls her out on it. Naze remembers her interactions with her younger sister: after becoming vice-president, Naze approaches Medaka, meaning to apologize, but can't work up the nerve. Medaka recognizes what she is trying to do anyway, and gives her a hug, asking her not to worry about it and to call her Medaka-chan. Naze rallies, and tells Kanaino that no one can marry Medaka that she doesn't approve of. Kanaino asks if killing her would make her worthy of marrying Medaka. Turning to the Student Council, Naze warns them that the plane is going to crash. Kanaino tells Naze she did well to last so long, only to find herself frozen to the wing again. She is shocked when the ice won't melt, and is shocked again to hear that the ice is comprised of frozen gasoline, having leaked out from Naze's earlier attack. Kanaino tries to remember the kanji for gasoline, but Naze unfreezes the gasoline for her. The strong smell of the gasoline causes Kanaino to stand up, where she is struck down by Naze, who correctly predicted Kanaino could not manipulate kanji while standing.

Battle at the South Pole

Kugurugi dismantling a plane

Kugurugi dismantling the plane.

After crashing landing, the Student Council makes their way towards the Black Bunker. Torai and Wanizuka cheerfully point out the base to Zenkichi, who is somewhat put out by how energetic they are. Emukae almost falls due to the blinding snow, but Zenkichi catches her. Zenkichi offers to hold her hand and Emukae blushes at the thought. However, she remembers that Zenkichi is in love with Medaka and declines Zenkichi's hand. At the Black Bunker, the group finds the suitors' abandoned drinks. As Nienami and Kanaino begin to fight, Zenkichi asks them to get along. Finding a cell, Zenkichi determines Medaka was held there by identifying her scent, and asks Emukae to gather everyone at the cell. Studying the floor, Zenkichi finds a note from Medaka, written in blood. Wanizuka wonders if they should call up Kiki Kikitsu back in Japan. However, she is shocked when Zenkichi reveals he has solved the riddle already. Kanaino and Nienami are both surprised by how shocked Wanizuka is by Zenkichi's deduction skills, while Zenkichi is disappointed to find how little Wanizuka thinks of his abilities. Emukae is not surprised when Zenkichi quickly solves Medaka's riddle, thinking to herself that her own abilities would improve in order to save Zenkichi. She thinks about how she said that love is above everything else, but that she is still in love with Zenkichi. Thinking of herself as just a Minus, she ponders her reason for joining the Student Council. As they head back to the plane, Zenkichi promises to explain the riddle to Torai en route, only to find the jet disassembled by Mogura Kugurugi. Naze is furious, though unimpressed by Kugurugi's grandstanding. Kanaino reveals that she is the strongest suitor, and that it took all the other suitors together to defeat her. She agrees to help the Student Council fight, citing that she wants to leave the South Pole as well. Zenkichi prepares to fight Kugurugi himself, but is knocked out by one of Naze's needles. Naze suggests that Emukae fight next, despite Kanaino's protests. Emukae agrees, thinking to herself that her words to Zenkichi weren't a lie, even if she is jealous of Medaka. Telling herself to laugh, she approaches Kugurugi. Confronted by Emukae, Kugurugi takes out a pair of screwdrivers and promises to send her to hell.

Emukae cuts her hair

Emukae cuts her hair.

Zenkichi recovers from Naze's anesthetic, and is greeted by Naze, who tells him the fight is about to end. Emukae finds her Minus ineffective against Kugurugi, and is quickly worn out. Kugurugi demeans Emukae's Minus, claiming it will have no effect on her and lauding her status as a suitor. Questioned why she hasn't interfered, Naze is shown to be in a bad way, and explains that the others did try to help Emukae, but were forced back. Kanaino recommends to Zenkichi that he go back to sleep, stating that the battle will be over soon. Nienami tells Zenkichi he should let Emukae fight alone, throwing his earlier words back at him. Zenkichi activates Alternate God Mode, Model Zenkichi, and charges Kugurugi, only to be easily repelled. Kugurugi tells the Student Council to give up; Emukae refuses to surrender, telling Kugurugi that she is not wrong, and that she will uncover the suitor's style. Emukae and the others are horrified to learn however that Kugurugi has yet to use her style; Kanaino comments that perhaps the Student Council's hearts have been broken. Remembering when she discussed joining the Student Council with Medaka, who told her, rather than worry about regretting something, Emukae should rather enjoy the satisfaction that comes with doing something, Emukae affirms her resolve, and cuts her hair. Holding her knives properly, she declares that she will force Kugurugi to use her style. Kanaino wonders if she is trying to make herself lighter, but Nienami tells Kanaino that the other girl did it for a very simple reason. Confessing her feelings to Zenkichi, Emukae makes a desperate last charge against Kugurugi – only to be fatally injured by the other girl's screwdrivers. As she falls, Emukae laments her uselessness, only to be caught by Kumagawa, who makes her injuries nothing with All Fiction. He tells Emukae he is disappointed in her – as a Minus – but that he doesn't dislike her naivety.

Kumagawa defeats Kugurugi

Kumagawa defeats Kugurugi.

Zenkichi expresses his surprise at seeing Kumagawa. Ignoring Kumagawa's sudden appearance, Naze asks him for help, promising to wear a naked apron in return. Kumagawa responds by revealing that his new fetish is "hand-bra jeans", arousing a very lackluster response from Naze. Overhearing Kumagawa describe his new fetish, Kugurugi outlines the attraction of hand-bra jeans to him, then demands to know why he has not been moved to the third location. Kumagawa blatantly lies, ignoring the question, while the others are unimpressed. Though the other suitors encourage her not to take Kumagawa lightly, Kugurugi rudely rebuffs them and charges in, blowing off Kumagawa's arm with her attack. Kumagawa easily recovers with All Fiction and counters, only for his screw to disintegrate, as Kugurugi explains her style. She then forces Kumagawa to the ground, and ignites the ice around him as she does so. Pinned, Kumagawa tells Emukae she needs to finish her confession and hear Zenkichi's reply. Torai is disturbed to hear Kumagawa only saved Emukae so she could be rejected by Zenkichi. Zenkichi calls Emukae over, and asks Nienami if he can borrow one of her swords. Deciding to make a grand gesture, Zenkichi drives the sword into his stomach, horrifying everyone except for Kumagawa. Standing tall, Zenkichi tells Emukae that he will always love Medaka, and cannot reciprocate her feelings. Hearing Zenkichi's rejection, Emukae wonders if can still be happy with this, before breaking into tears and thanking Zenkichi, telling him she is happy to love him. Kanaino is unimpressed by the scene, though she is surprised to see Nienami moved to tears. From the ground, Kumagawa laments that he has lost again, apparently wanting Emukae to shift her feelings to him after being rejected. Kugurugi herself finds the scene hilarious, but becomes annoyed by Kumagawa's behavior. Drawing her screwdrivers, she moves to finish him off; only to be struck in the back by Kumagawa's Book Maker. Kumagawa reveals himself to have been truly angered by her treatment of his underclassman; as she finds her style failing her, Kugurugi tearfully begs for forgiveness, only to collapse as Kumagawa refuses her mercy.

Kuromaku Island

Kuromaku Island.

After the battle, Kumagawa tends to everyone's injuries using All Fiction, but apologizes to Zenkichi for not being "complete" enough to heal his seppuku wounds. He is unable to restore Emukae's hair as well, leading Naze to theorize he cannot erase strong emotional attachments. She asks Kumagawa for an explanation of what happened at the aircraft carrier Black, while Nienami and Kanaino watch over Kugurugi as she fixes the plane in return for Kumagawa removing his Book Maker seal. Wanizuka is shocked to hear Ajimu has been sealed, but listens on as Zenkichi explains the weakness of the All Jokers, stating that they all share a bad habit of not dodging their opponent's first attack, and therefore can be subdued with a "One Hit KO" strategy. Kumagawa states his belief that Ajimu will escape from her seal soon, as soon as she grows tired of it. He goes on to explain that he escaped from his own seal, and waited for the Student Council as the South Pole so they could all continue delaying the preliminary rounds. Kumagawa tells Zenkichi that he should solve the riddle quickly since the jet repairs will take a while. Zenkichi asks Kumagawa why he was so late to the fight; Kumagawa admits he wanted to hear Emukae's confession first, much to Zenkichi's annoyance. He then goes on to explain Medaka's coded message, revealing it secretly contains the names of several students of Hakoniwa Academy. Each name correlates to a day of the week – the only day missing is Monday, indicating that the Student Council needs to head to the moon. On Kuromaku Island, Medaka, Udou, and the remaining suitors prepare to leave for the moon. She makes a play on words concerning Ge'hyoukai, annoying Udou. In answer to Udou's pessimism, Medaka claims she sees a future where she returns to Hakoniwa Academy with everyone.

The Sea? The Ice? To The Moon!

Zenkichi promises to stay by Medaka

Zenkichi promises to stay by Medaka.

A flashback: after her marriage proposal was rejected, Medaka took Zenkichi hostage in the Hakoniwa General Hospital nursery so that she could play with him. Hitomi tried to talk Medaka out of the "hostage" situation, but Medaka held her off with the promise of violence, while Zenkichi looked on in confusion. Medaka's demands for juice and snacks had the staff of the hospital scrambling in confusion, but Hitomi claimed she could continue to negotiate, and, if needed to, use force to get Zenkichi back. The director of hospital, Fukurou, stopped her, saying that she had work to do. Fukurou continued to tell everyone to let them be so that Medaka could learn that there were no "special" people in the world. Zenkichi was the first person to deny Medaka anything so Medaka believed Zenkichi to be special. For half a day, Medaka and Zenkichi played, but Zenkichi soon fell ill to high fever from exhaustion. At his bedside, Medaka tearfully apologized for forcing Zenkichi to go beyond his limits; even though she felt that their friendship was fate, still no one could keep up with her. Hitomi silently watched over them from the door. Zenkichi took Medaka's hands and told her to stop crying. With a cheery smile, Zenkichi promised to catch up to Medaka even if they became separated or lost. Since then Medaka, believed there was no one special in the world, Zenkichi included, but that he was someone who stood beside her.

The Student Council arrives

The Student Council Arrives.

Medaka studies Udou's rocket, Black Light, in silence. At Udou's questioning, Medaka admits that she has been purposefully distancing herself from Zenkichi so that she may learn to stand without out him. Even so, she tells Udou that her efforts are futile, as Zenkichi will catch up with her no matter what. Udou loses her temper and demands to know how Zenkichi will catch them in space…just as a jet crashes into her rocket. After crashing into Udou's rocket with the Student Council's jet, Zenkichi and his group emerge almost entirely unscathed. Parodying Buzz Armstrong's famous moon landing quote, Zenkichi smiles and calls this a small step for man, but a giant step for all of them, though Naze comments that it is more like a catastrophe. Udou is shocked to see Zenkichi, and horrified that her 1 trillion, 700 billion yen (21 billion U.S. dollars) rocket has been destroyed. Zenkichi takes off his winter suit, and cheerful greets Medaka as if they are meeting by coincidence. Medaka forces down her smile and removes her spacesuit, before chastising him for coming after her (though without her usual vigor). Udou is disturbed by Medaka's reaction to Zenkichi's arrival, but tries to remain calm. The two friends lock arms, Zenkichi asking if she has found herself yet. Medaka tells Zenkichi that while she can do anything on her own, she prefers to do things with others. Zenkichi agrees to participate in the Jet Black Wedding Feast, if Medaka listens to his request. Zenkichi tells her that she can deny him if she wants, but asks her to marry him after the battle is over.

Udou spears Zenkichi

Udou spears Zenkichi.

The Student Council waits in shocked awe to hear Medaka's answer to Zenkichi's proposal. Medaka smiles widely, accepting his proposal, but tells Zenkichi she proposed first, and reminds him that she loves him the most. Zenkichi, stunned by this development, begins to say he can die…before Udou runs him through with her spear, horrifying the Hakoniwa students. Sweating profusely, Udou blames Zenkichi, claiming he forced her hand by coming to the Jet Black Wedding Feast, and remarks that this event is similar to what happened three years ago. Zenkichi, coughing blood, tries to tell Medaka this is not her fault, thanking her for relying on him, and giving her a last message to pass on to Shiranui. Before Medaka can run to him, Momo Momozono seals the dying Zenkichi into a card to prevent any type of revival. Still sealed within Momozono's card, Ajimu idles in her dream classroom, remarking that quite the unbelievable child and style were born while she was under the effects of Book Maker. Seeing there is nothing she or Kumagawa can do for Zenkichi, she decides to enjoy the seal a little longer. However, she remembers her training with Zenkichi in preparation for the election, and chooses to find a way out after all.

The last three Suitors battle ready

The last three suitors battle ready.

Udou tells those assembled to wait until the rocket can be prepared, only to be confronted by the entirety of the Student Council. Medaka stops them from acting rashly however. Though Torai scorns Medaka's detachment, Medaka stands firm, even as tears pour down her face. Kumagawa tells Torai to think of Medaka's feelings, and reminds her that they can still revive Zenkichi if they can recover his body. Momozono points out that even the Student Council have taken hostages. Nienami wonders why the other suitor is acting as though she cares. Kanaino suspects Momozono is doing so because she is planning something; Kugurugi looks thoughtful. Momozono offers a deal for a release of the hostages, on the condition that the Jet Black Wedding Feast move to the final round. Momozono hints that the moon base has a practical purpose for the next trial. When asked which suitor would face Medaka, Momozono answers that the final round will be a four way battle between all of them. Naze comments that a four way battle is still unacceptable. She is annoyed when Medaka accepts immediately anyway. Medaka demands that her reaming three suitors name themselves; shedding their spacesuits, they do so, and the final round of the second Jet Black Wedding Feast begins as an anxious Udou looks on. Momozono reveals the name of the game: "Delete Shiritori", a word chopping game.

A Furious Word Game - The Final Round!

Ajimu and Hanten freed

Ajimu and Hanten freed.

The group makes their way to another area to start the final round. Momozono asks Medaka which two of the four available hostages she wants released. Medaka requests Ajimu and Hanten, feeling as though Momozono wanted her to chose Shiranui and Tsurubami. Ajimu tells Medaka that Momozono wanted her to choose them, since they were already close to escaping themselves, causing Medaka to ask if Ajimu cannot just thank her. As Ajimu prepares to end everything, Medaka stops her, stating that she desires to fight for Zenkichi's sake. Ajimu chastises her for giving in to her emotions, but acquiesces. Momozono and the other two suitors stand together in the new area, opposite Medaka, as the rules of the game are laid out. Medaka adds the rule that each player must submit their syllable in exactly an hour, or they are disqualified. Momozono adds one final stipulation in order to prevent any violence after the game ends. If Medaka wins, Momozono shall cut out her tongue (and her style). If Momozono wins, Medaka must gouge out her own eyes. Momozono then begins the game with the syllable "Ri".

Udou offering cards

Udou offering cards.

Momozono stands before the other two suitors as the game begins. Composing herself, Medaka does not answer Momozono's taunts. Wanizuka, in her duty as secretary, records the game's rules onto a tablet. To determine the order of turns in the game, Udou holds out four cards the players to select. Drawing a three of clubs from Udou, it is determined that Kotobuki will go third. Drawing a four of diamonds from Udou, it is determined that Momozono will go fourth. Drawing a two of hearts from Udou, it is determined that Yuzuriha will go second. Drawing an ace of spades from Udou, it is determined that Medaka will go first. Seeing Medaka draw an ace, Naze remarks that she has good luck as usual.The four each take a seat at a table as the game starts. Wanizuka and Torai talk about what strategies could make winning easier; though Wanizuka's suggestions earn her chastisement from both Ajimu and Naze, though Naze admits that Wanizuka's suggested strategy has some merit. Kumagawa comments on possible strategies, pointing out that Momozono's position allows her to attack Medaka directly, while Ajimu wonders what Medaka will do.

Medaka leaves the table

Medaka leaves the table.

Medaka chooses to leave the room, promising to return in time for her turn. Her actions surprise everyone, and annoy Momozono. Angered by Medaka's behavior, Momozono makes an offer of alliance to the other two suitors. Emukae is appalled, while Naze grows concerned. Medaka returns at the right time, and submits her word. Accused by Nienami of cheating, Medaka has Udou join her outside. As Medaka continues to leave each time after her turn, Kumagawa and Ajimu wonder at what her plan is. The game goes forward without a hitch, each player putting forward a word at each hour. As Medaka prepares to leave the room once more, Kanaino expresses her distaste for Medaka's actions. Despite Kanaino's complaints, Udou admits that Medaka is doing noting in violation of the rules, and therefore cannot stop her. Medaka is stopped by Torai, who is also upset by Medaka's tactics, and asks if she intends to win shamefully. Kumagawa wonders why Torai is so adamant about challenging Medaka; Ajimu theorizes that she probably a supporter of the old Medaka. Medaka declares that she will not fight a fight that shames her friends; that has never changed. Fed up with Medaka, Momozono tells her to sit down, promising to tell her about Fukurou.

Meeting of the minds

Meeting of the minds.

At Hakoniwa Academy, Kajiki Kurokami meets with Maguro and Hakama Shiranui to discuss the second Jet Black Wedding Feast, Kajiki having ordered Maguro not to interfere. He makes mention of breaking through the schemes of the Ge'hyoukai, the branch families, and "him", and admits that, while he is sulking that Medaka seems to care more about Fukurou than himself, he has always been her only true father. Hakama questions why Medaka loves Fukurou as a father, though Maguro tells him he is looking at the question from the wrong end. He then explains that Kajiki married all seven suitors when he came off age, a revelation that shocks Hakama. Kajiki displays no embarrassment, and instead claims that seven wives were not enough. He goes on to say that excessive love is characteristic of the Kurokami family, pointing out both Maguro and Medaka as examples. Listening to his father, Maguro mentions that there is one person who is trying to accept all of Medaka's love, to which Kajiki makes no comment. Maguro then reveals the mothers of himself and his sisters.

Momozono calls Medaka out

Momozono calls Medaka out.

Back on Kuromaku Island, Momozono finishes explaining Medaka's relation to Fukurou. Hearing that Fukurou was Medaka's uncle, Wanizuka realizes that makes Tsurubami her cousin. Momozono finally reveals that he was killed by the overseer of the first Black Wedding Feast. She then goes on to explain that the Language Users, the deaths of the original suitors, and the second Jet Black Wedding Feast were all a part of Fukurou's designs. Having heard Momozono's explanation, Nienami acts surprised, even though she should already have been aware of everything said. Ajimu and Kumagawa wonder at how Fukurou could have orchestrated all that has happened after his death. Momozono pauses in mid-explanation however to continue the game. Wanizuka is stunned to find it is indeed already her turn; distracted by her explanation, the other suitors missed their turns, and now both are disqualified, leaving only Medaka and Momozono playing. Momozono admits that, while the suitors are grateful to Fukurou for teaching them their styles, they are all still competing to become a part of the Kurokami family. Momozono then calls Medaka out on her plan, revealing that she realized the time constraint was to provide time for the hostages to free themselves. As Momozono calls Medaka out on her plan, Medaka questions her, and after hearing more, expresses relief, claiming her victory is assured now that Momozono has seen through. Momozono assumes she is bluffing, and the two continue, burning through several hours. As the conclusion approaches however, Momozono suddenly has an epiphany, and is horrified as she realizes the true extent of Medaka's plan. Medaka remains smiling, confident in her victory.

Emukae argues for Medaka

Emukae argues for Medaka.

Naze is confused by Momozono's sudden discomfort. As the game nears its climax, Nienami is completely confused about who is winning. Kumagawa comments on the nature of Shiritori; what makes the game so hard - the players need to keep every syllable in their head, with the winner being the person with the best memory. Ajimu, displeased with everyone else not keeping up, asks Wanizuka to bring up the records for the game so far. Wanizuka does not have the record, so Ajimu produces them on the tablet from her own memory. As the audience discusses each player's standing, Emukae reasons that Medaka still has a chance to win if she uses all her remaining syllables in one go. Naze points out that there is only a single word left for Medaka to use, and it will allow Momozono to win. Kumagawa notices that Kousan ends with N, which is illegal in Shiritori. Udou however shoots down Torai's attempts at discrediting Momozono's seemingly assured victory. Kanaino notes that Momozono used a particularly nasty method to attain victory. Medaka puts forth her next word, leaving her with four syllables left to use. Wanizuka is the first to notice that Momozono has to say "surrender" to win the game. Hearing that Momozono has to say "surrender" to win the game, Kugurugi points out that there are other forms of the word she can use, and even if she does say surrender, the word's meaning shouldn't matter. Clearly frustrated, Momozono reveals Medaka's true plan; to force her to end with "surrender" by manipulating the entire audience not to use the necessary syllables. Momozono realizes that Medaka could have won easily, seeing that her technique overshadows even her own. She demands to know why Medaka gave her the chance to find out her plans and win. Medaka explains herself, revealing that she never believed Momozono would submit even if she did lose the game; instead, Medaka worked to defeat her in a psychological battle. Explanations finished, Kumagawa asks Torai if she is satisfied with Medaka. Torai looks away and blushes, answering that this is the Medaka she admires. Medaka admits she has nothing left to play however, and that if Momozono continues, she can still win. Aware that she has been outplayed, Momozono tearfully surrenders.

Jet Black Arc Aftermath

The Hakoniwa Students going home.

At Hakoniwa Academy, Maguro informs Hakama and Kajiki that the Jet Black Wedding Feast has ended. Hearing of Medaka's victory, Hakama remarks that it is a natural outcome for a member of Hakoniwa Academy. Kajiki comments that it is quite a surprise that Medaka won in a psychological battle. Kajiki assures Maguro that this is certainly a good thing, for both Medaka, and for what he has planned for her tomorrow. Zenkichi awakens, having been healed by Medaka with the Five Forks. Zenkichi is depressed that he could not be any help to her, only for Medaka to dismiss his depression with a smile. Zenkichi smiles as well, and, together with the Student Council and the All Jokers (and Nienami), returns to Hakoniwa Academy.


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