Hato Tsurubami (鶴喰 鳩, Tsurubami Hato), later Hato Kurokami (黒神 鳩, Kurokami Hato), was one of Kajiki Kurokami's seven suitors, and later one of his seven wives. She was the mother of Medaka Kurokami and the older sister of Fukurou Tsurubami.


Hato treated her occupation as a nurse as if she was on a battlefield. She was equally harsh to both her coworkers and her patients, but was devoted to helping the sick. Hansode Shiranui postulates that, had she not died, she would have ultimately destroyed Hakoniwa General Hospital herself. When she became a nurse, Hato read the "Nightingale's Vow", which seems to have influenced her treatment style. In many respects, Hato is similar to her daughter Medaka.[1] Hato was the embodiment of every ideal, though because of this, she despised all the vices of human nature.[2] Because other people turned away from her, Hato came to hold a very cynical worldview, coming to see how acts of malice could do more good than acts of kindness. Hato did not hold a high opinion of her brother, but she did appreciate him introducing her to Kajiki, who she fell in love with.[3] However, the one act Hato never doubted nor never regretted was giving birth to her daughter.[4]


Hato's face was very similar to her daughter's. She had brown eyes and somewhat messy, light green hair that reached the back of her neck. Hato most often wore her white nurse uniform. She also wore kimonos.


Kajiki and Hato's wedding

Kajiki and Hato's wedding.

Hato worked at Hakoniwa General Hospital as a nurse.[5] She was a workaholic, working for as long as one hundred hours without sleep, and donating money to medical research. She demanded much from her subordinates, treating them like slaves, and was so harsh on her patients one escaped the hospital to get away from her rehabilitation method. Upon hearing this, Hato was simply pleased that he could walk on his own.[6] Roughly twenty years prior to the beginning of the series, Fukurou introduced his sister to Kajiki.[7] Hato was the representative of the Tsurubami family, and one of the suitors for Kajiki's hand in marriage. However, Kajiki married all seven of his suitors.[8] Hato donated all her part of the Kurokami money to medical funding.[9] Fifteen years prior to the start of the series, Hato gave birth to Medaka. Though it was a normal delivery, after hearing Medaka's first cries, Hato had a heart attack and died.[10] Hato worked throughout her pregnancy, foregoing maternity leave, and most agreed that she died from overwork.[11]


Unknown Shiranui Arc

Medaka meets Hato

Medaka meets Hato.

Hato meets the deceased Medaka in the classroom created in her heart by Najimi Ajimu. Hato greets her daughter with a bouquet of flowers, and tells her she does not need to fight anymore. Sitting down, Hato explains to her daughter how her own life went, and how her worldview was shaped by the realization that acts of cruelty could do more good than acts of kindness. She suggests that Medaka give up and accept her death.[12] Hearing Medaka's answer, Hato tells her that she will really die the next time. After Medaka leaves, Hato states that the one thing she never doubted or regretted was giving birth to her daughter, and she was so happy to have done so.[13]

Bouquet Toss To The Future Arc

Hato is named as one of Medaka's opponents in the 100 Flowers Run. Being deceased, Nashi Kurokami holds flower number thirty-six in her place.[14] Her message to Medaka is that she is glad she gave birth to her.[15]


  • The members of the Tsurubami family are named after birds. Hato can mean pigeon or dove. The Tsuru in Tsurubami can mean crane or stork.
  • Her nickname, the White-Gowned Devil, in Japanese is 白衣の悪魔 (Hakui no Akuma).


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