Hakoniwa General Hospital (箱庭病院, Hakoniwa Byouin) is a hospital affiliated with the Flask Plan. The hospital studied atypical children and tested to see what their exceptional abilities were best suited for.[1]


It is unknown how long the hospital was operational, but it had already been established thirteen years prior to the start of the series.[1] The hospital was affiliated with the Flask Plan, though what role it played exactly is unknown.[2] Roughly ten years prior to the start of the series, the hospital was reduced to rubble by its last two patients, Shibuki Shibushi and Gagamaru Chougasaki.[3] The hospital is later rebuilt, one of its new focuses being regenerative medicine.[4]


The hospital was divided into seven wards: the First Abnormal Ward, the Second Abnormal Ward, the Third Abnormal Ward, the Abnormal Pediatric Ward, the Extreme Abnormal Ward, the Abnormality Studies Ward, and the Abnormality Analysis Ward.[5]

Notable Staff



Notable Patients



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