The Election Management Committee (選挙管理委員会, Senkyo Kanri Iinkai) is one of Hakoniwa Academy's several student organizations.


Unlike the Student Council or the Public Morals Committee, the Election Management Committee work in the shadows, and seek to be forgotten once the election is over. They preside over the election of Hakoniwa Academy's Student Council president, as well any challenges made to the president during his or her time in office.[1] The Election Management Committee is split into twenty-six groups, each labeled with a letter.[2]


In order to better carry out an election challenge, the Election Management Committee uses several items borrowed from the Public Morals Committee, including the newest model of handcuffs,[3] as well as the time bomb bracelet "Sleeping Beauty" (いばら姫, Surīpingu Byūtiī),[4] built from the same explosives used by Myouri Unzen.[5]


Members of the Election Management Committee wear black robes as opposed to the usual uniform. They also keep their heads completely covered, enforcing their ideal of being forgotten. The only part of their uniforms that mark them as students of Hakoniwa Academy is the academy symbol on the front of their robes.


The Election Management Committee have no known location all their own, though it can be assumed they have their own office within the academy just as the Student Council does.

Notable Members



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