Bloody Seven (赤黒七並べ, Buraddi Sebun) is a card game created by the vice-chairman of the Election Management Committee, Tokemichi Choujabaru, at the request of Misogi Kumagawa.[1] The game was created to allow for a social event in which the Naked Apron Alliance and the Student Committee Chairmen could have fun together,[2] under the guise of a competition to decide whether or not the chairmen would join the Naked Apron Alliance.[3]

Game Play

Bloody Seven is a combination of the games Sevens and Othello,[4] but with some rules changed to make it more complex and to allow for more players. There are sixteen rules for Bloody Seven; all sixteen rules were thought up by Choujabaru.[1]

  1. After putting the seven's in a line, take turns placing cards next to other cards to match them in numerical order.[5]
  2. As long as the cards are in numerical order you can ignore the suit.[5]
  3. The ♥'s and 's are red, ♠'s and ♣'s are black. When you have two of the same colors surrounding (to the sides, top and bottom, or diagonal) another, opposite color card, the surrounded card changes color.[5]
  4. The game is a challenge between the and red team versus the and black team. The team with the most territory in the end wins.[6]
  5. As long as you place a card next to another in numerical order, it doesn't matter if you surround another card that turn.[6]
  6. Even if you can surround a card, you cannot place a card in a spot where it doesn't connect to another in numerical order.[6]
  7. Using up your cards is not part of the objectives of the game.[6]
  8. No jokers.[6]
  9. You must deal 2 decks. You must deal 96 cards
    (48 red cards to the red team, 48 black cards to the black team).[7]
  10. When four of the same numbers are on the board, you must throw away any cards with that number from your hand.[8]
  11. Passing is forbidden.[8]
  12. If you cannot put out a card, you are disqualified.[8]
  13. The cards of a disqualified player are disposed of.[8]
  14. When all the members of a team are disqualified, then the other team wins.[8]
  15. You cannot discuss among your teammates.[8]
  16. The player designated by the roulette will need to put out a card. It is possible for one to put out cards repeatedly.[9]


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