An Abnormality (異常性, Abunōmaru), also known as a Skill (能力, Sukiru), is a super-human ability possessed by a rare number of humans, categorized by Hakoniwa Academy as Abnormals. More generally, an individual who possesses a skill is known as a Skill Holder (能力所有者, Sukiru Horudā).


An Abnormal is an individual possessing overwhelming capabilities such that the individual is unable to control that aspect of themselves and inherently seeks to master this power. An Abnormality is the specific, beyond human ability that an Abnormal possesses. Abnormalities manifest solely as internal powers, and rarely can be projected outside of the user's body. Oudo Miyakonojou is a notable exception to this rule. Abnormalities are often innate abilities, but are not necessarily present from birth, as it often takes a few years for an Abnormality to make itself evident.

List of Abnormalities

Abnormality Owner Description
Aero BikerAki JakagoA skill that manipulates oxygen.
AnalysisMaguro KurokamiThe ability to identify skills, abilities, and physical condition instantly.
Auto-PilotShigusa TakachihoAutomatic reflexes.
Color Of BeautyFude EzumachiA skill that manipulates color.
Dancing DangerKui YakeishiAllows the user to use famous swords that can only be wielded by specific people.
Devil StyleZenkichi HitoyoshiA skill that nullifies coincidence.
Erotic PierrotUsa HannyajiA skill that manipulates lust.
Error Message PlateSaki SukinasakiAllows the user to control others through cards attached to their foreheads.
FairnessTokemichi ChoujabaruMakes him completely impartial.
Gamble DogKae SakanoueA skill that manipulates miracles.
Killing ImpulseKei MunakataThe desire and instinctive knowledge of how to kill.
Model ZenkichiZenkichi HitoyoshiA skill that allows the user to perceive their own limits.
Mother's TaskHitomi HitoyoshiExact details unknown; seems to pertain to the knowledge of how to perform motherly tasks.
Parasite SeeingZenkichi Hitoyoshi
Najimi Ajimu
Grants the ability to see the world through others' eyes.
Quarter HazardTou KejukuriA skill that manipulates water volume.
Reading MindsMizou YukuhashiReceives electrical signals from machines and humans, essentially reading their minds.
RemodelingYouka NazeAllows her to change aspects of living or inanimate things in order to increase efficiency.
Spinning AnglerKamome TsurubamiThe rotation skill.
The EndMedaka KurokamiAllows her to learn and perfect any skill.
Theme SongKuudou HinokageUnbelievable speed, combined with the strength of Unknown Hero.
Unknown HeroKuudou HinokageGreat strength, so intimidating that it causes others to look away from him and forget his presence.
Unreasonable TaxationOudo MiyakonojouBy sending electromagnetic waves directly into someone's heart, Oudo can steal their Abnormality by force.
Weighted WordsOudo MiyakonojouAllows him to control electrical signals that interfere with the target's motor skills.
Zapping StudyIya RenpeiA skill that manipulates knowledge.

Unnamed Abnormalities

These Abnormalities have not yet been given an official name.

Abnormality Owner Description
UnknownHanten ShiranuiThe skill to make skills.
UnknownItami KogaThe desire to be abnormal.
UnknownOtome YunomaeAllows others to pierce into her body without harming her.
UnknownYamami TsurumisakiAllows him to melt metal with his hands.
UnknownYutori ChikuzenAllows her to manipulate her hair.


A Minus (過負荷, Mainasu) is a certain kind of Abnormality. While most Abnormals are considered Pluses (幸せ, Purasu) possessing positive abilities, some Abnormals become warped by their negative powers. These individuals and their skills are known as Minuses. Unlike Abnormals, who seek to master their abilities, Minuses have no such desire: their very abilities are obtained through further deterioration of their minds from hardship and trauma. Because a Minus is developed as a result of the individual's environment, Minus abilities often manifest outside of their owner's body, though the nature of this power is still deeply intertwined with a Minus's own deranged mind. Unlike other Abnormalities, Minus abilities cannot be researched or analyzed, as these abilities often defy both logic and physics.

List of Minuses

Minus Owner Description
All FictionMisogi KumagawaAllows him to deny aspects of reality; to make anything "nothing".
Book MakerMisogi KumagawaTurns the target into a Minus by bringing that person to Kumagawa's level.
EncounterGagamaru ChougasakiAllows him to push away all damage inflicted on him, be it physical, mental, or otherwise, elsewhere.
Five FocusAoki Aka
Najimi Ajimu
Implants or cures ailments of those scratched by the user's nails.
Ice FireKujira KurokamiAllows her to manipulate her body temperature to create both fire and ice.
OctopusKamome TsurubamiThe gravitation skill.
Raff-RafflesiaMukae EmukaeAllows her to corrode and dissolve anything she touches.
Real EaterHansode ShiranuiAllows her to eat and alter skills.
Scar DeadShibuki ShibushiAllows her to reopen wounds both physical and mental.
Sly WingShikiri MukuedaExact details unknown.

Unsorted Abnormalities

The following skills have not yet been identified as either Abnormalities or Minuses, having been displayed by the Not Equal Najimi Ajimu, who possess both Abnormal and Minus abilities. Ajimu does separate her abilities into subcategories however; she has so far used the classifications: Sword Skills, Martial Arts Skills, Magic Skills, Mental Skills, Biological Skills, Boss Skills, Gun Skills, Ninja Skills, and Protagonist Skills. She has also demonstrated several so far unsorted, miscellaneous skills. Medaka Kurokami later displays a set of Trample Skills, most likely copied from Ajimu.

Miscellaneous Skills

Abnormality Description
Alibi BlockAllows her to appear in any location she so wants, be it physical or metaphysical.
Count UpThe ability to count large numbers of items. Ajimu uses it to count all the skills she uses.
Dead LockGrants Ajimu immortality.
Door To DoorAn ability which allows Ajimu to bring herself and others into the dream world, where they appear at different stages in their lives. While Ajimu can enter the dream world freely on her own, she must first kiss others to send them there.
Give Up-DownAn ability which allows Ajimu to cling to high ceilings (even upside down).
Hundred GauntletsA skill that reverses causality.
Lip ServiceBy kissing someone, Ajimu is capable of switching their current ability with another that she possesses.
Life ZeroAllows her to nullify any skill she desires.
Mirror JuvenileAn ability which tampers with a person's sense of perception, allowing Ajimu to appear to them however she wishes.
Standing OvationAllows her to negate the effect of Parasite Seeing.

Sword Skills

Abnormality Description
Ad Hoc AttackExtra attack skill.
Air JigsawAir cutting skill.
A Lot Of HandSlashing simultaneous omni-directional skill.
Amateur ArmorArmor cutting skill.
Anti-Creator SoulSculpting skill.
Atomic NumberAtom cutting skill.
Bad ByeSword taking damage instead of the wielder skill.
Bat Only ChampionshipExperience point renunciation skill.
Battle CheckGetting information after a cut skill.
Black BledBloody sword skill.
Blind ThrusterWeapon barrage skill.
Born To BeatBreaking the bone without cutting the flesh skill.
Changing WeaponSwitching weapons skill.
Child ControlRemote control skill.
Chopping VikingFinely chopping skill.
ClaymoreSword becomes jelly skill.
Craft SpeechSword whisperer skill.
Critical KitTransforming scrapes to fatal wounds skill.
Cut TestHealing right after getting cut skill.
Damocles SwordOn guard skill.
Dark SizingBased on how many times hit the sword's shape will change skill.
Dead Or I Love YouBecoming one with the sword skill.
Death MesSeppuku skill.
Death ThrowSunder the target skill.
Double BladeSword combination skill.
Dynamite SmileAn explosion after the cut skill.
ExsenseNerve cutting skill.
Faux GuardMaking the sword into a barrier skill.
Frog BlogCertain destruction with tremendous power skill.
Full SwordMaking the sword giant skill.
Genocide RuleMurder sword skill.
Get TargetAccuracy increase skill.
Ghost BladeResidual sword image skill.
Ghost CutterChanging any sword to a spiritual sword skill.
Go Bad LogicRotting sword cuts skill.
Hard Break ShotWeakening a cut opponent skill.
Hard Full CountSealing the opponent's skills after three hits skill.
Head EdgeChanging the length of the blade skill.
Heat ShockBoiling the target's blood skill.
Hi-Fi SpeedFast fighting skill.
High Blade RevolverChanging six swords to bullets skill.
Hyper Dash WitSaying a cool phrase after cutting powers you up skill.
Ideally JusticeFinal hit skill.
Ignorance HiltIf you touch the blade you gain health skill.
Kill LogRecord a cut target skill.
Kiss And CryTaking what is to come skill.
Leg WalkerSwift draw skill.
Life ScarsInjuries worsen exponentially skill.
Lightening BladeSword of light skill.
Limited FootBeheading skill.
Lost BladeMaking the blade invisible skill.
Making Space DebrisStar cutting skill.
Master's TabooCutting with the third hand skill.
Meaning NetworkCutting a concept skill.
Meta JunctionBreak into pieces skill.
Most LoveTransferring damage to one's loved ones skill.
Must CutWhen cut you power up skill.
My SwordTurning the body into a sword skill.
Natural ProtectionNatural posture skill.
Near RedeathNo matter how many times cut one does not die skill.
No MotionCutting without cutting skill.
Not SelectionChanging any object into a sword skill.
One's NecroRemoving openings skill.
Parallel StepCutting the sense of balance skill.
Pass ShieldPass through barriers skill.
PlatformCutting with a sheathed sword skill.
Prism PrisonMaking a cage with a sword skill.
Prize GoalIntoxication by sword skill.
Rapier DystopiaVanishing weapon skill.
Reasonable HandyDeal moderate damage skill.
ReceptorTaking a real drawn sword skill.
Recovery ChorusSword repair skill.
Red Ice CreamSword screaming skill.
Relation BreakPincer attack skill.
Remote LightRemote sword control skill.
Rental TicketUsing a sword owner's technique skill.
Rolling DesireStealing the cut opponent's wishes.
Saint UpGrowing the sword skill.
Sample FumbleCutting a pattern skill.
Sentimental MotivationRiding emotions on the sword skill.
Shadow OutThe shadow cutting skill.
Sharp GlideSword pressure throwing skill.
Shoulder SwordDual wield skill.
Sore DealTurning a cut opponent into a sword skill.
Steel WoodWooden sword skill.
Strange StoneTurning a cut opponent to stone skill.
Sword LooksSword purification skill.
Sword ManPersonifying the sword skill.
Sword RainSwords raining from high in the sky skill.
Sword SongCutting with sound skill.
Trick SwordSword curving skill.
TricolorDiscoloring sword skill.
Turn OverStrike with the back of the sword skill.
TutoriaTeaching how to use a sword skill.
Twin RunnerTwo cuts with one swing skill.
Two Weigh One HandShuriken skill.
Value LivesDestroying everything besides life forms skill.
Very Best FlashThe longer the sword is not swung, the stronger it gets skill.
Water Jet MesCutting only what you want to cut skill.
Weight RestaurantChanging the sword's weight skill.

Martial Arts Skills

Abnormality Description
180 DefenseUnderstanding through experience skill.
AccountabilityCounter skill.
Ad-Balloon AttackImpossible to counterattack skill.
Aim CoreAiming skill.
Alternate RegulationFair play skill.
AuranizerThe ability to see aura skill.
Bashing PassionSpirit punching skill.
Before MorningWhole body attack skill.
Beginner's Hard LuckMake defense impossible skill.
Best BoutBring out enemy's full power skill.
Cheer FightersFlying skill.
Clever HeadbuttHeadbutt skill.
Condition Bon BonSet rules for the fight skill.
Counter SnipeFight back skill.
Crash PainNo pain skill.
Credit DamageMake damage into debt skill.
Critical FiveStealing the opponent's senses skill.
Damage HarnessDeliberately receive damage skill.
Dancing EscapeEmergency evacuation skill.
Death SwimmingWater fighting skill.
Deep RopeAnaerobic exercise skill.
Disk Bury CodeUnderstanding strategy skill.
Doctor AgainstIgnore physics skill.
Double FlowerChanging dominant hand skill.
Dressing DamageLeaving after-effect skill.
Exciting MemoryUse all previous opponent's techniques skill.
Eye CodeSee all of the opponent skill.
Fake HandFeint skill.
Future PracticeTraining loan skill.
Hand Shake TruceDraw avoidance skill.
Heart ControlControlling the heart beat skill.
Heel And ToeSpecialized footwork skill.
Hit MakerCombo skill.
Hitting SongPunching song skill.
Hue Match PointReleasing the limiter skill.
Hu-LipRelax skill.
Hurdle AccelShifting power skill.
I Can CancelCancel an attack that has happened before skill.
I Fall DownKinetic vision improvement skill.
IllegalTechnique sealing skill.
IntervalPower charge skill.
Invisible LampInvisible hit skill.
Iron Maiden RaceToughness skill.
Just MeatExpressing feelings with fists skill.
Kill Me BlowPenetrating fist skill.
Like Love LawCaress skill.
LockdownDowning ban skill.
Mad SensorOpponent appears to be moving slowly skill.
Miracle ReflectionFluke reproduction skill.
Miss Anger StandImpossible to predict hit skill.
Missile To PauseStopping movement skill.
MistakerPrecision strike skill.
Monitor Checker FlagRemoving blind spot skill.
Morphing GhostShow only your best moves skill.
Mosquito GateIt won't hurt but it will itch when hit skill.
My InflationThe stronger the enemy is, the stronger the user is skill.
NobleImpossible to miss skill.
No Look ShootFighting without sight skill.
Non-Stop HouseTurbulent strike skill.
No Risk No Return High Touch High EndDoubling power by abandoning rewards skill.
Omit HeartSecond wind skill.
Pangaea CrusherContinent crushing skill.
Patch TestInflict pain without damage skill.
Peek Out FoolExceeding limits skill.
Perspective RevengerRevenge skill.
Physical DefragBody optimization skill.
Pinhole ShotVital strike skill.
Plot FightPredict the opponent's moves skill.
Pyramid KnuckleGaining power from your opponent skill.
Receive DockingsMaking a skill secret skill.
Reject LoserWill not receive a rematch skill.
Reverse CoverDamage canceling skill.
Route SelectionInstant movement skill.
Running BackTaking the backside skill.
Running SystemOnce hit will not be hit again skill.
Rush HourIncrease fighting spirit skill
Sailor SameTaking the same damage as the target skill.
Satellite CampCommanding view skill.
Science DefenseStrengthening nerves skill.
See You DamageSubstitute skill.
Service AceFirst move skill.
Short ShortThe battle won't drag on skill.
Silent NinjaMake attack sounds vanish skill.
Simple DecideConclusion skill.
Slice KnuckleCutting with the fists skill.
Spin-Off SetRotation skill.
Stand Distant BlowFar hit skill.
Stoic ProIncreasing fighting will with each hit skill.
Style Keep OutSurprise attack skill.
Suicide ActionChange defense power to offense power skill.
Thousand LegsStep technique skill.
Three ForceTriple experience boost skill.
Traffic SeriousToo much trouble skill.
Triple NecroticTake extra damage and return three times damage skill.
Trust BattleForced duel skill.
UsableSwitch techniques skill.
Very Short RangeUnderstanding distance skill.
Wall PosterWalk on walls skill.
Weight ControlDistribute body weight skill.
WinderAir battle skill.

Magic Skills

Abnormality Description
Acht Acht DessinExplosion governing skill.
Active TalkActivity governing skill.
Alcohol SandSand governing skill.
Angle Of OperaAngle governing skill.
Animal UserAnimal governing skill.
Average Crying NightConstellation governing skill.
Battle SmellScent governing skill.
Big Name DreamerDream governing skill.
Blood Bus StopEntrance/Exit governing skill.
Bolt LegLightning governing skill.
Choke BoardWall governing skill.
Cinderella SyndromeAsh governing skill.
Dark ElbowDarkness governing skill.
Death To SkySky governing skill.
Deathtrian DeckPath governing skill.
Death Voice NavigationDirection governing skill.
Deep SinkDepth governing skill.
Delicate DeleteWeakness governing skill.
Drink RangeDistance governing skill.
Dry SaunaHumidity governing skill.
Easy ChorusSong governing skill.
Emergence CopperCopper governing skill.
Emotional TurningReflection governing skill.
Emperor StoneStone governing skill.
Exhibition MatchFire governing skill.
Fantasy IllusionIllusion governing skill.
Flower BadFlower governing skill.
Free For HoleHole governing skill.
Gemini ImpressionStamp governing skill.
Golden CloudGold governing skill.
GravitoGravity governing skill.
Grip ChaosWave governing skill.
Ground SoundSound governing skill.
Hand Ring BerserkerRampage governing skill.
Hang Up JewelGem governing skill.
Hard Luck StorePoison governing skill.
Hospital GenomeIllness governing skill.
Heaven Is Not HeavenEarth governing skill.
Hyper String TheoryThread governing skill.
Key WorldKey governing skill.
Leopard EyeEvil Eye governing skill.
Lonely AutumnAutumn governing skill.
Magical LifeMagic governing skill.
Magma StonePyroclastic flow governing skill.
Magnet StreamerMagnet governing skill.
Maniac CurtainCloth governing skill.
Meteor NeckMeteor governing skill.
Mirror EffectMirror governing skill.
Mist SisterFog governing skill.
Monster RedBlood governing skill.
Most ImpactSize governing skill.
Mother Mars ShipMars governing skill.
Muscle CollectionGerm governing skill.
My Sea ChipSea governing skill.
My SpeedSpeed governing skill.
Nearby See-ThroughSpirit governing skill.
Neck Ring HoldRing governing skill.
Nine PlutoPluto governing skill.
Nitrogen BreathNitrogen governing skill.
Noisy Summer BeetleSummer governing skill.
North BreathVoice governing skill.
Number FootNumber governing skill.
Nutrino ComplianceNutrition governing skill.
Ouroboros ConnectCalamity governing skill.
OverreactionChemical reaction governing skill.
Painter ContestPicture governing skill.
Pendulum HeartVibration governing skill.
Play SmokeSmoke governing skill.
Polardigm ShiftPolaris governing skill.
Prime FootPrime governing skill.
Rainbow LampColor governing skill.
ReadabilityLetter governing skill.
Reading MagicIncantation governing skill.
RiverseRiver governing skill.
Sabotage BeamLight governing skill.
Secret ResearchInformation governing skill.
Selfish RequesterPrayer governing skill.
Sensational HairWeather governing skill.
Shadow StepShadow governing skill.
Skin ForestForest governing skill.
Sky TrueVacuum governing skill.
Slow LineLine governing skill.
Silver OpinionSilver governing skill.
Spring GrocerySpring governing skill.
StereogramRoughness governing skill.
Strong StoryStrength governing skill.
Sun SloshingSun governing skill.
Swamp GirlSwamp governing skill.
TektiteGlass governing skill.
Time OutNight governing skill.
Treasure TastingFlavor governing skill.
Turning PointPoint governing skill.
Unfixed FutureFuture governing skill.
Vinyl House SurvivalHouse governing skill.
WallpaperBarrier governing skill.
Water Body SlamWater governing skill.
Window GazeWindow governing skill.
Window ShockingWind governing skill.
Winter GeneralistWinter governing skill.
Wise Man CollectionKnowledge governing skill.

Mental Skills

Abnormality Description
About DarkPessimism skill.
Angry UmbrellaUnable to get angry skill.
AntiqueCrawling sensation skill.
Anti SuccessSuccess avoidance skill.
Arrow BlowAcquittal skill.
Barter ButterflyIndulgence skill.
Because ProblemPush worries upon others skill.
Body BlastUnhappiness skill.
Boneless FarmRemove bones skill.
Building Consensus BlockCorruption skill.
Candle ServiceExtort apologies skill.
Closed Clean RoomFastidiousness skill.
Cold ChainAddiction skill.
Cross FreuleinCharm skill.
Crystal EdgeBecome hated by everyone skill.
Custom NineGrant a bad habit skill.
Cyclotrombe l'oeilSwindle skill.
Death SmileReally fake smile skill.
Death Tear FriendTear up skill.
Different TalentPretend you're someone else skill.
DislikeHate what you like skill.
Don't You Trust MeReligious faith skill.
Double MindCan't escape from being lost skill.
Dream GhostGhost seeing skill.
Dry ChildDry up skill.
Excuse LoveFlattery skill.
Feeling MixerFeelings reversal skill.
Focus AnxietyImpatience skill.
Friendly Neighbor GreenJealousy skill.
Gate OutSpread others' secrets skill.
General PropagandaPersuasion skill.
Hard SymbolIntolerance skill.
Heart Disk CrushCrazy admirer skill.
Heart LungAnxiety skill.
Hit Man's IdentityKilling intent skill.
Homesick HouseCrush fighting spirit skill.
Hostibility ZombieSpoil others skill.
Humachine ErrorUnable to think skill.
HystericordComplex skill.
I'm CrimeMake your opponent think they committed crimes skill.
Impossible RepeaterGive up stealing skill.
In No ChestRegret skill.
Killer Be QuietMake words nonexistent skill.
Leading RightLeading guide skill.
Life Game PressureGreat pressure skill.
Limit OverInertia skill.
Lonely Wedding PartyLoneliness skill.
Lovely HateLove skill.
Low Pride SpeechPride skill.
Lunatic MannerForce good manners skill.
Midnight NeurosisCurse skill.
Mind BrokenProfanity skill.
Modern PhobiaBad cultural practice skill.
Monkey WalkRegression skill.
Morphing BlameJoint liability skill.
Name Kate The MachinegunHypnosis skill.
Nearly InsomniaBecome unable to sleep skill.
Niche LeadingSuspicion skill.
Nonsense DictionaryNonsense skill.
Nothing SistersDebauchery skill.
Ocean De'JavuDe'javu skill.
Old Cold WhipDeprive of knowledge skill.
One Of ThemGet cocky skill.
Out Of SimulationGrant bad taste skill.
Own GoalInstigate suicide skill.
Painting BloodSense of defeat skill.
Paper DriverLeave your body behind skill.
ParanoizaForced fetish skill.
Past PromiseFabricate a memory skill.
Peek-A-BooMisinterpretation skill.
Placebo ProcessDisagreement skill.
Pray Have HopeDespair skill.
Principle CapriccioCompetition skill.
PropagationProvocation skill.
PygmalionTurn into doll skill.
Qualia QualityMake consciousness nonexistent skill.
Rabid FoxForced empathy skill.
Resistance AgeMake others want to betray people skill.
Runaway Three SixFleeing skill.
Self Protector"I am cute" skill.
Sense Of WonderfulDisturb every sense skill.
Set Years FreestyleDisappearance skill.
Seven DoubtDoubt skill.
Shining ShiningEverything is embarrassing skill.
Sinking TimeDisgust skill.
Six To OneLow intelligence skill.
Sorry DestroySugar coating skill.
Spell CheckerDyslexia skill.
StakeholderInterest skill.
Super WhisperMake them begin to hear insults skill.
Suspect NeuronSuperstition skill.
This Cool BeautyDisturbance skill.
TrackingCreate false trauma skill.
Triple TerribleFear skill.
Trust BestBelieve you had a golden age skill.
Ultimate NarcissismNarcissism skill.
Very HungryFeeling of hunger skill.
Witches Animal ForcesAbnormal field of vision skill.
Wonderful Frog Make LittleLook down on skill.
You May BeMere consolation skill.

Biological Skills

Abnormality Description
Acid PanicMelt with stomach acid skill.
Aqua BreathBreathe through gills skill.
Battle LungerLung capacity skill.
Big MouthTurn body into mouth skill.
Body FaceIncrease number of faces skill.
Boy MeatsMuscle enlargement skill.
Brain BreakBrainwashing skill.
Brocken PhenomenonMake an angel's halo skill.
Bubbly Bitty LifeBreathe bubbles skill.
Butterfly PassButterfly scale skill.
Calorie Off BaseAlimentation is unnecessary skill.
Can't Be Cat EarGrow cat ears skill.
Caterpillar RootCaterpillar skill.
Caterpillar WaistTurn into a snake skill.
Chameleon Of FolkloreCamouflage skill.
Chicken CrownGrow a crest skill.
Crab ScissorsTurn both arms into scissors skill.
CryptobiosisterCryptobiosis skill.
Designer's DrugIntracerebral drug skill.
Diamond EyesCompound eye skill.
Doping MoleGo underground skill.
Do Ti La Sol FamilyForm a herd skill.
Double StandardDivide skill.
Dry And ShellerCreate a shell skill.
Eat SweetEat anything skill.
Exciting One-Side GameLengthen bones skill.
Eye Eye Eye Eye Eye Eye Eye EyeIncrease number of eyes skill.
Family SampleExoskeleton skill.
Fat MarkerIncrease and decrease fat skill.
Feather ComplexGrow wings skill.
Fighting FangLengthen fangs skill.
Fishing MeatballThe lower part of your body is like a fish skill.
Forever FragranceOlfactory development skill.
Fourth ParasiteParasite skill.
Funeral SynchronicityAssimilation skill.
Fur Coat HealthPelt skill.
Giraffe NeckLengthen neck skill.
Guide SensorSynesthesia skill.
Grotesque ClawsetLengthen claws skill.
Hand Leg WalkIncrease number of legs skill.
Handy TerritoryDemarcation skill.
Hazard LampAposematic coloration skill.
Hell's CarelessBecome a virus skill.
Highly Screw TroubleTurn body into drill skill.
Hungry DressShedding skill.
Immovable AttackerBloat skill.
Infunity HeartIncrease number of hearts skill.
Insect FeatherGrow bug wings skill.
Inside HormoneManipulate intestines skill.
Inter HornGrow a horn skill.
Ivy LoveMake ivy grow skill.
Jelly BoneSoft body skill.
Joint PuzzleMake a proboscis skill.
Knocking Old BridgeGrow a beak skill.
Ladies And GentlemenChange gender skill.
Looking ShotGlare skill.
Lost OmfalosIncrease number of navels skill.
Luck Dislike MeFruit skill.
Lunch MateErode living creatures skill.
Mantis CoreMake fingers sickle-shaped skill.
Meat LiquidLiquefaction skill.
Meat TailGrow a tail skill.
Mechanical LifeTurn body mechanical skill.
Medical BloodMake serum skill.
Memory NoteMemory skill.
Metamor StairTwo stage metamorphosis skill.
Me Zebra Bull EyeBecome striped skill.
Monster BenefitIncrease hunting instinct skill.
Must JuiceSpit mucous skill.
NewcomerChange age skill.
NormalizeTurn into a human skill.
OboeIntimidation skill.
Octopus DinnerTentacle skill.
Plan NariaIncrease number of brains skill.
Poison FlameBreathe deadly poison skill.
Powder PeacePollen skill.
Problematica StreamTurn into a fossil skill.
Quin SentenceTalk to animal skill.
Rear BreathMake suckers skill.
RehabililateCreate an antibiotic skill.
Romance GreatHair hardening skill.
Roomer CocoonCocoon skill.
Separate EfficiencyAutotomy skill.
Separate ParadeBody decomposition skill.
Sinking ManupilatorIncrease number of arms skill.
Skin NeedleGrow spines skill.
Slash NihilismGrow fins skill.
Small Smart ScrapBreathe the nine different breaths skill.
Smash TeacherMastication skill.
Spiral NeedleGrow needles skill.
Star BloodSuck blood skill.
Sticky LineProduce sticky string skill.
Strike BeastTurn into a giant monster skill.
Swallow DrunkerSwallow whole skill.
Swim InkCreate webbing skill.
Talk FireBreathe fire skill.
Tongue CrawlyIncrease number of tongues skill.
Torino Scale EyeballTurn skin into fish scales skill.
Turtle Drill WheelsCarapace skill.
Under RootTake root skill.
Watchdog Food TimerBiological clock skill.
Wild DietWild intuition skill.

Boss Skills

Abnormality Description
Another Announce!Go to the underworld skill.
Archery PickingSteal others' experience points skill.
Area FreeClairvoyance skill.
Auto FumbleMake no mistakes skill.
Baby PlanetCreate a universe skill.
Beautiful Last SceneSelf-destruct skill.
Boiled EyeLay eggs skill.
Burst BustBecome big-breasted skill.
Chirality TestDouble skill.
Circus And CircusCharisma skill.
Cold GameFinish the game skill.
Complete JungleAll of creation skill.
Cool From Zero CoolSubdue nothingness skill.
Cross UtopiaSummon shrine skill.
Dark HoleControl black hole skill.
Dark MeisterControl dark matter skill.
Death MeetingContinue fighting even if you die skill.
Deathst MomentIf you are seen they die skill.
Deep PocketCapacity skill.
Defense LayerForm a barrier skill.
Dime PenaltyPass divine punishment skill.
Drawing Off CourseConjure materials skill.
Dying MessageLeave a will skill.
Eight Hundred TrueProphecy skill.
Ero-Guro MirageTurn into a ghost skill.
Escape GoatScapegoat skill.
Eternal Eternal LifePermanent world skill.
Everything LostControl heart skill.
Every Time Slip Everyday DreamTime travel skill.
Exception PleaseCreate an exception skill.
FafrotskiesGive life skill.
Feel RetakerDo a retake skill.
Free ClimbingManipulate parameters skill.
Friendly WorldMake your enemies your allies skill.
Full Name MysteriousNaming rights skill.
Full Name NotoriousSteal names skill.
God EyeInterfere with the narrative skill.
Grap EmptyDistort space skill.
Have A Break BreathEnd the war skill.
Hesitate PalaceCreate a maze skill.
Humor ContrastBe stronger than the enemy skill.
Husky Voice DimensionCross dimensions skill.
I BanishAnnihilation skill.
Infunity QuestControl the infinite skill.
Initialize HistoryChange history skill.
Illegal AlchemySynthesize life skill.
Income SupportStop aging skill.
Innocent RemodelRemodel humans skill.
Intelligent StartWorld creation skill.
Isolate Average SpaceManipulate probability skill.
King MappingManipulate coordinates skill.
Know How VacuumAbsorb others skill.
Last Final OperationBurn life skill.
Last MurderBoth sides kill each other skill.
Left LegsVanish from memories skill.
Listen By ChanceEnhanced hearing skill.
Lost PasswordTurn enemy back to level one skill.
ManpowerSimply strong skill.
Manual MemoryKnow every answer skill.
Marching BadControl the dead skill.
Marionette ExerciseControl human bodies skill.
Metastasis From Head To TailTake over bodies skill.
Most Large HolderMass propagation skill.
Murder MathematicWin against stronger people skill.
My AlternativeMake a backup skill.
Next HonestWords become reality skill.
OccupercentFortune telling skill.
Past InterventionSummon a person of great importance skill.
Portable SoulAbsorb souls skill.
Potential HitDraw out potential skill.
Present For YouBestow weak points skill.
Promotion WarsStart a war skill.
Repeater KitschRevival skill.
Reset QuestionRestart from the beginning skill.
Rob CurtainSkill robbery skill.
Rule MakeCreate laws skill.
Second Life In JailBe reborn skill.
Sequenced CatastrophyInvalidate fate skill.
Shadow InfluenceThought infection skill.
Shining Backlight EnemyShining halo skill.
Sitting WinnerFight while sitting skill.
SkillfulMaster skills skill.
Sleeping ShellSealing skill.
Spec OverBecome God skill.
Stage AdvantageChoose the stage skill.
Start PlayConfusion of cause and effect skill.
Step By StepManipulate macroevolution skill.
Stronghold In MysteryBuild a base skill.
Success SucceedFertilization skill.
Surprise ArmyDirecting troops skill.
Time BunnyManipulate time skill.
Tired PlayBecome the Devil skill.
Transport PlanControl fate skill.
Tuning CharacterCreate a personality skill.
Undead GeniusImmortality skill.
UnskilledDon't use skills skill.
Weak PointlessWeak point erasure skill.
Welcome HellSummon Hell skill.
Worst Dream IsDeclare it's only a dream skill.
Zero Sum RealPower over life and death skill.

Gun Skills

Abnormality Description
Amateur AmazingNo matter how much you shoot you will never hit skill.
Attack LineBarrage skill.
Automatic AngelAutomatic pistol.
Body ShellA bullet that won't penetrate skill.
Cannon I CanReckless skill.
Clinical PassBulletproof nullifier skill.
Cold ThrillingGun barrel cooling skill.
Colorful MetalPaint bullet skill.
Crash PaletteMushrooming skill.
Curving BowlerBullet trajectory manipulation skill.
Duto DodgeBullet evading skill.
Dying ThroughIgnoring the shelter skill.
Eccentric TalkUnlimited bullets skill.
Electric HitStun gun skill.
End PaperShots graze vital spots skill.
Extreme CornerCorner shot skill.
Fancy GorgeousMuzzle flash skill.
Fiction PowderPaper gun skill.
Final Six SenseCheck remaining bullets skill.
First Class GunmanQuick draw skill.
Flying FallHitting bullets with bullets skill.
Freeze Your NeckMaking opponent freeze when a gun is pointed towards them skill.
Freshing AerialGas gun skill.
Front FireFlamethrower skill.
Growing AnimalMorph one's body into a gun skill.
Guilty StreamStray bullet skill.
Gun ChaseTracking bullet skill.
GunfightStand back-to-back, take ten steps, turn around and shoot skill.
Gun HitterShooting the opponent's gun skill.
Gunman's CutSawed-off skill.
Gunsmith's TakeFirearms refining skill.
Gun Visible ColorInvisible gun skill.
Hawk IcefallShooting out your eye skill.
Heavy Baby SongTranquilizing gun skill.
High Risk UnicornWarning shot skill.
Holding My DaughterShooting with one hand skill.
Honeycomb MagnumShotgun skill.
Hot Line OverLaser gun skill.
Ill Match BarrelLengthen gun barrel skill.
Innocent PistolUnderwater gun skill.
Iron Strawberry JamJam inducement skill.
Just Meet PointUltra precise shooting skill.
Lady GuitaristBullet replenishing skill.
Left Head RightTwo handguns skill.
Lighting BeamFlash grenade skill.
Living ThroughObjective gun skill.
Love Call TriggerOverhaul skill.
Matching CrashAirgun skill.
Mathematic SituationIgnore air resistance skill.
Monthly AttackThree point burst skill.
MouthShooting with your mouth skill.
Moving ShotQuickshot skill.
Nice BallCatch the bullet skill.
No Look ShotShoot blindfolded skill.
Oneside HorizonHorizontal shooting skill.
One Two BirdSaving on bullets skill.
Palette SlaveTurning those who are shot into slaves skill.
Parallel AngleZero distance shooting skill.
Peaceful HappyBayonet drill skill.
Pistol ClosetHidden gun skill.
Pistol TreatmentHealing gunshot wounds skill.
Pretty SmokeSmoke bomb skill.
Professional HibitBullet nullifier skill.
Regulation Controln-way bullet skill.
Rescue HandNo recoil skill.
Reserve ManagementSpare bullet skill.
Rifling LifeRifling manipulation skill.
Rifling LighterLighter skill.
Risky SecuritySafety device skill.
Robbing BirdGun stealing skill.
Rolling IdolRevolver skill.
Safety TubeHuman cannon skill.
Scar HoleBullet hole skill.
Selfish UmpireManipulate collision detection skill.
Service CounterCounter snipe skill.
Sequence SensorAuto sniping skill.
Shooting SkyBlank shot skill.
Slapstick BattleAcrobatic shooting skill.
Slowly Gun ActionRaise firing hammer skill.
Sniper's FootprintShooting with your leg skill.
Soft CreatureRubber bullet skill.
Sound ArtistSilencer skill.
Speed MapBullet speed adjustment skill.
Spirit SeriesRapid fire skill.
Star FireMaking stars into bullet skill.
Stylish GloryTracer bullet skill.
Take Over SizeChange caliber freely skill.
Thank You Very BurstAccidental gun discharge skill.
Tragic ReportGun sight skill.
Trampoline BoundReflective shot skill.
Trigger PeaceTo make the opponent pull the trigger skill.
Triple RifleShooting three times at once skill.
Try And TryTrial shooting skill.
Two Line ChaosRandom shooting skill.
Upper Shooting GameAnti-aircraft gun skill.
Untouchable Machine GunMachine gun skill.
Water PaletteWater gun skill.
Weather GunRain bullets from the sky skill.
World Globe TourUnlimited range skill.
Zero MarkCloseup skill.

Ninja Skills

Abnormality Description
About SnookerGun grip skill.
Autumn WhistleHiding in leaves skill.
Bad BallSmoke ball skill.
Bitter MiserableKunai skill.
Butterfly SpyEspionage skill.
Chiffon NeedleHidden needle skill.
Coin LaundryMetal element skill.
Collateral SlotScroll skill.
Cyclone Chain Tie-UpChain-sickle skill.
Defending ChanceWood element skill.
Dessert VichyssoiseWater element skill.
Dog SongNinja dog skill.
Dummy Annex Frog BathFrog skill.
Eat Ball RationRation pill skill.
Empty CicadaCicada skill.
Floor StroopHidden sword skill.
Frontier OffsideMove through treetops skill.
Glamorous OddsFemale ninja skill.
Goal-In FileGrappling hook skill.
Hammer SherbetEarth element skill.
Hard QuestionTorture skill.
Headache GirlHood skill.
Heart QuestionTorture resistance skill.
Hometown StealFugitive ninja skill.
Hurricane ArrowBlowgun skill.
Inner LinkChain mail skill.
Jigsaw MemoryUnforgotten skill.
Knapsack KiteLarge kite skill.
Last RodSword cane skill.
Marron FlameFire element skill.
Masked SampleDisguise skill.
Miscast PolarisFive color light skill.
Near ShieldTatami flip skill.
Needs PaperClone skill.
Omit AspiteIron fan skill.
Pattern WarmerWaiting in the ceiling skill.
Perfect HouseNinja mansion skill.
Recycle PaperCloak of invisibility skill.
Roaring AventureSecret door skill.
Sandwich Thin DreamNinja sword skill.
Scat IncidentClaw skill.
Sewing DelicacyShadow sewing skill.
Shocking CorduroyTrap skill.
Silent SteeringStealthy step skill.
Spikey SpicyCaltrop skill.
Strange WoodBody replacement skill.
Surface PoisonHidden poison skill.
Surprise PocketHidden door skill.
Torino ScaleAssassination skill.
Water SpiderWater spider skill.

Protagonist Skills

Abnormality Description
Angel StyleProtagonist revision skill.
Angry StabilityRage skill.
Animal WhisperUnderstanding the hearts of animals skill.
Antiknock RouteWill power skill.
Appetizer PartyVictory skill.
Belly Buddy BodyPartner skill.
Best NineClose call skill.
Careless ScythePure skill.
Chairman JuniorLineage skill.
CharismileUnifying force skill.
Counter CrimeRebellious spirit skill.
Dessin Full HouseHeart throb skill.
Disappear DesireUnselfish skill.
Duty SignSympathy skill.
Egotistic Key LifeNon-lethal skill.
Enemy SeedRival skill.
Family ReportFamily skill.
FreeksFreedom skill.
Fresh NostalgiaSad past skill.
Friendship MarginFriendship skill.
Fuzzy Justice Parade RearJustice skill.
Get Two LicenseNakama skill.
Give DownDon't give up skill.
Gloomy Garter TossBonds skill.
Happy EndConclusion skill.
Heart Break Sea SenseIntuition skill.
Hide RegularUncooperative skill.
Hopeful Letter CaseTrust skill.
Humor StepFunny skill.
Killer AttackSpecial move skill.
Liquor FashionStylish skill.
Missile PheromonePopularity skill.
Next InflationExcess skill.
Nice Guy PavilionGood will skill.
No Side ThrowForgiveness skill.
Not GuiltyDream skill.
Pretty Coacher's RuleCharm skill.
Pursus LovelyLove skill.
Recovery MinceAstounding resilience skill.
RevelatorGrowth skill.
Revenge AppealVengeance skill.
Rhetoric ParasolCatch phrase skill.
Skeleton Three CardComedian skill.
Speedy PainEffort skill.
Ultra Fair BallFair and square skill.
VerygudaMission skill.
Visual WarWeakness skill.
Warning AnthologyRomance skill.
Your EcstasyGentleness skill.
Zero Base CondenserLuck skill.

Trample Skills

Abnormality Description
Accidental ActLower dynamism skill.
Afraid Of HeelStand on tiptoes skill.
Agree MentalAgreement skill.
Apostrophe ShakerNo miscalculations skill.
Appointment TableGo first skill.
Appraising ItemCounting skill.
Archaism RepertoryDeclaration of war skill.
Arithmetic SeriesArithmetic progression skill.
Backing Standing PeaceArmament renunciation skill.
Born Foot PitchingLet your guard down skill.
Bowling StrikeHeat up hot springs skill.
Breath Of PeriodBreather skill.
Captain KneeEncourage opponent skill.
Centimeter AreaBattle formation skill.
Clean Bench PressOverpower surroundings skill.
Clearance ConditionClarify prerequisites skill.
Closing EnvelopeHide message skill.
Cobalt SelectionCircle jumping skill.
Coloring GalleryGradation skill.
CompleterGo on until the very end skill.
Contact For YouConcede the first move skill.
CrossingBlockade skill.
Dead Man Under BootsSuspended animation skill.
Diorama Hand ArtHandstand skill.
Double Take-OffRocket start skill.
Eating AliveEating while dancing skill.
Entitle RelaxationMassage skill.
Everyrun BreakCreate openings skill.
Fielding HobbyBlock attacks coming from yourself skill.
Fourth SecondFour second rule skill.
From Earth To CosmosRule the universe skill.
Goal OutAbandon sense of accomplishment skill.
GuidanceScolding skill.
Hard Boiled WaterManipulate boiling point skill.
Heavy Risk Deep TakerKnow dangers before they happen but in return you can't avoid them skill.
Hi-KickAwakening skill.
Horse PedalingHorseback riding skill.
Hot Step JumpStrike the iron while it's hot skill.
Ice CrisisBreak ice skill.
In Blow TimeCalm after a typhoon skill.
Infunite CharityTaking extenuating circumstances into consideration skill.
Inter RouteTruce skill.
July CartridgePositioning skill.
Kingdom At RandomRandomness skill.
Less CoatBearing worry skill.
Let's BomberPop skill.
Long Long Ago ToeSuddenly ramp up difficulty skill.
Love-Like StairGo up and down stepladders skill.
Magnet SonnetInspire fellow soldiers skill.
Many Hole BasketDivine protection from evil skill.
Margin MeterMargin abandonment skill.
Mirroring TopicsTurn upside-down skill.
Mixing Console SoleCreate sound of footsteps skill.
More Than GroupThe more the targets, the more your power increases skill.
Mortal TriangleTurn 1v1 into a three-way dead-lock skill.
My Standard DamageDamage taken doesn't heal skill.
NaturanizerMathematic inequality skill.
New ContinueDetermined resolution skill.
No GloveYour specialty skill.
No-Step BusterDon't move from that spot skill.
Not Only Three Two But Also FourDon’t make the same mistakes twice skill.
Not No ReasonBlock intuition skill.
O.S.O.Safe zone withdrawal skill.
One Two ThreeStamp out fires skill.
On Off FlashFlickering skill.
On The MeStand on top of your own head skill.
Optional SocksPlus alpha (and them some) skill.
Peaky HectopascalViolent fluctuation skill.
Perfect Tap DanceComplete skill.
Pioneer FlagCreate new universe skill.
Premium ReceptionNot reject incoming technique skill.
Profile VernierPatrolling skill.
Remake AbacusStudy skill.
Return ArchNeck bridge skill.
Rising From Rice CakeBreak balance skill.
Roof On Roof On RoofBe creative skill.
Scores Of FingerGrip strength skill.
Searchlight ScoopLightning rod skill.
SilhoueightSilhouette skill.
Slide SliceDouble bind skill.
Snake WarpCrawling forward skill.
Snowing SetterPinning technique skill.
Spacey PassSilent passing skill.
Spoilers QuizDon't get spoiled rotten skill.
Statistic StandCreate slope skill.
Stone Sand PaperPlay rock-paper-scissors with feet skill.
Sugar ScoreCut prices skill.
SworderUse swords and guns at the same time skill.
Telencephalon UncoverDriven by righteous indignation skill.
That ChairMake all creation sit down skill.
Thirty-EightyRolling skill.
Thundering CommercialLeave footprints at will skill.
Transfer TrappingMidair triangle jump skill.
Tremendous MistDust skill.
Twice TheoricAlter theory skill.
Walking UnderwayRead the line skill.
Wax SlipWax transformation skill.
White NormaStand on the edge of the blade skill.
Winding WorkCreate wine skill.
Without BuildDemolish building skill.

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